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Full text of "The Baltimore directory for ... [serial]; containing the names, occupations, and places of abode of the citizens, .."

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George Washington Flowers 
Memorial Collection 








'^? ^a-<^ 




i V i\ 

« -^ -^ <^<«f^ 



AV .V > 


/ /O^ ^'^^ 






FOR 1810, 

.\:0/£5, OCCUPj^TIOJVS akd re^idenceh 


Inhabitants^ Alphabetically Arranged ; 





Within the City and Precincts. 








(>, DOBBIN AND ML^lPH\^P^^n^ 


( n ) 

O^ Do nncWs -wharf f the E. sideof Frederick-»t. 

dock. ^ 

Orange, or Lavch/s-alley, runs E. and W. 

fromMrs. O'Donnell'sN. Gay-st. to'llolliday-st. 

between East and Fish-sts. 

Patter son-st. runs S. from no. 65 Pratt st. to 
tide water, and near Spear's-wharf. 

Paca-st. runs N. and S. troni near the semi- 
nary to German-st. between Eutaw and Green- 
sts.'W P. 

Pcarlst. runs ^. and S. from opposite Saint 
Mary's College toGermanst. between Green-st. 
and the eommons, VV. P. 

Pearl-st. back of the Court-house (meadow) 
runs ]S. and S. from Bath to jSew Church- st. 
between N. Calvert and Holliday sts. 

Peace-alley, runs E. and W. from Hanover 
to S.Charles-st. between Conway and Camden- 

Pratt-st. runs E and W. from S. Paca-st. to 
the lower bridge, intercepted by Ellicott's, Hol- 
lingsworth's, Cheapside and County docks, (be- 
tween Camden and Lombard-sts.) 

Primrose-aUey, runs E. and W. from nos. 41 
and 39 S. Charles to Light-st. between Ruxton 
lane and French alley. 

Public alley, runs N. and S. from no. 129 
Baltimore st. to Jacob Small's lumber yard, 
between Ellicott's and Hollingsworth's-docks. 

Rogers-alley, runs E. and W. from the Me- 
chanic's Bank N. Calvert st. to Saint Paurs-lane 
between Baltimore and Chatham-sts. 

Ross-st. N. W. from the upper end of Eutaw- 
st. and North side of the Seminary toMorris-st. 

^v. p. 

Ruxton lane, runs E. and W. from nos. 41 
and 39 S. Charles to Light-st. between Primrose 
•alley and Pratt-st. 

( 1« ) 

Saratoga-st. runs nearly E. and W. from N. 
Charles to Green -st. W. P. between Mulberry- 
st. and Waggon -alley. 

Sharp St. runs N. and S. from Baltimore to 
Hill -St. between Liberty, Howard and Hano- 
ver sts. 

So Uh-st. runs N. and S. from nos. 85| and 
87 Baltimore-st. to Bo wley's wharf, between 
Calvert and Gay-sts. 

Second t,t. runs £. and W. from Sonth-^t no. 
29, to Market-space, between Baltimore and 

South-Lane^ runs N. and S. from Mr. Stump's 
w^arehouse to Barre st between Light and 
Charles-sts. Head of the Basin. 

St. PaiiVs-lane^ runs IN. and S. from Pleasant 
to Baltimore-st. between IN. Calvert, Courtland 
and Charles sts. 

St. Patrick's- row, runs N. and S. from Wa- 
ter to Pi att-st. and opposite Cumberland-row, 
between Concord and S. Frederick-sts. 

Short-alley J W. P. runs N. and S. from pre- 
cincts market to Saratoga-st. 

Smith's alley, runs 1^. and S. from Water-st. 
at Mr. Keliy's down to HoUingsworth's dock 
between S. Calvert-st. and Public-alley. 

Smith\s -wharf, runs N. and S. from the E, 
side of Gay-st. dock, between Spear and Bu- 
chanan's -vvharves. 

S p ear'' s-'.vharf, the west side of Gay-st. dock, 
runs N. and S. from Pratt-st. to the Basin, be- 
tween Smith's-wharf and Patterson-st. 

Strau'biirry alley, runs Is. andS. from Frank- 
lin to Saratoga-st. between Howard andEutaw-. 

Swan-st. or Horse-market, runs E. and W. 
from Market-space to the Falls. 

( 13 ) 

Sugar^alleij, runsE. and W. from Henry to 
Goodnian-st. between Warren and jNIontgome- 
ly-sts. F. H. 

Tripolct's-alleif, runs N. and S. from Balti- 
more to Second-st. between Scath and Gay-sts. 

Vulcan-alley, runs E. and W. from Vulcan 
Avenue to jN. Liberty-st. between King Tam- 
many and Coucwago-sts. 

Warren- St. runs E. and \V. from Henry to 
Forrest-st. between Sugur-alicy and the com- 
mons, F H. 

Wardcn-st. runs >«. and S. from the Fish- 
market to Water-st. between I'tlarkct-epace and 
the Falls. 

Watcr-st. runs in a serpentine mar.ner from 
nos. 17 and ,19 Light-st. to Peters's-Biidge, be- 
tween Bank, Second-street and Lovely-lane on 
the IS. and Pratt-st. on the S. 

Welcome-alley, runs E.-and W. from S. Eu- 
taw-st. to the Basin, between Barre and Lec-sts. 

Whishcy-alley, runs E. and W. from S. How- 
ard to Paca-st. between Pratt and Eombard-sts. 

Wilks-alley, runs E. and W. from the Post- 
office Saint PauFs-lane to M'Clelien's-alley, be- 
tween Baltimore and Chatham-sts. 

Wood'St. runs E. and W. from Bowley's 
wharf to Franklin-lane ditto. 

York-st. runs E. and W. from Christopher 
Hughes's to Goodman-st. between Lee and Hill 


Aisquith-st. runs N. and S. from the Harford 
road to Pitt-st. between Friendship-st. and Har 
ford run. 

( 14 ) 

Alhemarlc-st. runs N. and S. from Ploughman 
to Little York- St. between Granby, Still-house- 
St. and the Fails. , 

Bridge-st. runs W. and N. E. from Griffith's 
Bridge, to its intersection with North-st. at Cle- 
ment Macatee's Tavern, and from thence is cal- 
led Harford road. 

Britton-st. runs nearly E. andW. from For- 
rest St. near the Hay Scales to Gallows Hill, be- 
tween Bridge-st. extended and the Yoi k road. 

Dake-bt. runs E. and W. from Hariord run 
to the Falls, between Queen and King Georgc- 

Dulany-st, commonly called Philadelphia road 
begins at the wqw stone bridge, Harford run, 
and extends to Alarket-st. F. P. betvveen Hamp- 
stead Hdl-st. and Smith ditto. 

]N. B. The S. side of this street is considered 
F. P. 'and the north O. T. 

East-st. runs N. and S. from French to Gough- 
st. between Forrest and CJnion-sts. 

Excter-st. runs N. and S. from Great-York 
to W. Wilk-st. between Lloyd and Granby-sts. 

Friendship st' runs IN. and S. betvv'een Liber- 
ty and Aisquith-sts. 

Forrest St. runs N. and S. from the Peniten- 
tiary to Cough's road, between East-st. and the 
Joppa road. 

Front st, runs nearly N. and S. in a serpen- 
tine mai.ner from Lo\v-st, at Dr. Stewart's to 
Pionghman-st. between the Falls and High-st. 

Frcnck-st. runs S. W. and N. E. from Char- 
les Williams's near the footbridge, to Forrest 
St. near the Hay-scaics, between the Falls and 
North St. 

Gough-st. or road, runs E. and W. from 
Samuel Long's house corner of Union and Bridge 

( lo ) 

sts. into the country between Bridge and Low 

Granhy-st. runs N. and S. from Great- York 
to its intersection with W. Wi!k-st. between 
Albemarle and Exeter- sts. 

Green~i>t. runs nearly N. and S. from French 
to Pitt-st. between High and Potler-sts. 

Great 'York -St. runs E. and W. from Bal- 
timore-st. bridge to the Ilarford-run, between 
Saiisbuiyand Pitt-sts. 

ILnivrd-st. runs N. and S. along the W. side 
of Harford-run, intersecting with W. \ViIk-st. 
at the stone bridge, and foiming the western 
boundjiry between city and point. 

Ilam&tead-hUl-st. runs E. and W. from Ham- 
stead-hill to Harford-rmi;, between Pitt and Du- 

Iligh-st. runs N. and S. from French to Great 
York-st. between Front and Green-sts. 

Jones-st. runs nearly N. and S. from French 
to Bridge-st. between the Falls and High-st. 

King 'Geo7^ge'i>t. runs E. and W. from Pe- 
ters's bridge to the Karford run, between Duke. 
Ploui?hman and Salisbury-sts. 

Little- York-st. runs E. and W. from Har'ord- 
run to the Fails, between W. Wilk and Pj-ince- 
sts. back of Trinity Church. 
^Lloijd-st, runs N. and S. from Great- York to 
King George St. between Exeter andHari'ord- 

^ Lowest, runs E. and W. from Front to Union 
between Budge and Pitt-sts. 

Liherty-st. N. and S. from Pitt to Gough's- 
roa(T3etvveen Potter and Aisquith-sts. 

MEldcrry-st. runs E. and \V. from Aisquith 
to Gieen St. between Pitt ;ind Low-sis 

Norilust.ryis E. and W. from High st. to its 

^K ^ ^ 

( 16 } 

intersection with Bridge-st. at Clement Macatee's 

Poitcr-sL runs N. and S. from Pitt to Gougii, 
between Green and Liberty-sts. 

PrinQe-d. runs E. -.lud W. from Harford-run 
to the Falls, between Little-York and Queen-sts. 

President'St. runs S. from Queen -st. near the 
lower bridge to the Basin, between the Fails and 

Pitt-st. runs E. and W. From the falls to Har 
iordrun, between Great- York and Low-sts. 

N. B. from the bridge it takes the name of 
:: tended. 

Ploughman-st. runs E. and W. from the Falls 
to Granby-st. between Great- York and King 

Quccn-st. runs E. and W. from the lower 
bridge to Exeter-st. between Duke and Prince 

SaUshKTy-sf. runs E. and W. from Harford- 
rmi to Granby-st. between Great-York and 
King George-sis. 

St ill-} 10 us est. runs nearly N. and S, from 
Pioughmani"^o King-George-st, between the 
Fal^s and ^bemarle-st. 

Temj)le-cme?f runs IS. and S.from Pitt,toGreat- 
York-st. between High-st. and Harfrd-run- 

Union-st, runs neviY]y'N. and S. from French 
to Potter-st. between Green and East-sts. theS. 
part begins at Nicholas Gorsuclrs Tavern, Bridge 
st. and is only 30 feet wide ; the ISI. 60, and runs 
from Bridge to French-st. 

Wolf -St. runs IS . and S. from Duke to Prince 
st. between Exeter and Harford-sts. 
- York-road begins at the intersection of Brit- 
ton, Forrest and Freneh-sts. near the hay scales. 


( i^ ) 


Allisanna-st. runs E. and W. from Washing- 
ton-st. to the Water, between Lancaster au(J 

Ann-st. runs]S. and S. from the Philadelphia 
road to Captain INIezick's wharf, between Happy 
and Argyle-alleys. 

Apple-cilleij , runs N. and S. from Shakespear 
st. to Ilamstead-hiil, between IVlarket and 

Argyle.-nlJe.y, runs N. and S. from Wilk to 
E. Luncaster-st. between ^Jarket and Ann-sts. 

Bond-st. runs N. and S. from Dulany to Fell 
st. between Strawberry and Apple-alleys. 

Burke-st, runs N. and S. from Mr. Patterson's 
rope walk to the water, between Harris's Creek 
and F. P. E. P. 

Ba7ik-st. runs E. and W. from Harford-run 
to Burke-st. between Gough and Wilk-sts. 

Carolinast. runs N. and S. from Hamstead 
hill-st. to the water, between Petticoat and Straw- 
berry alleys. 

Eden-st. runs N. and S. from Hamstead 
hill st. to W. Wilk-st. between^Iarford-run 
and Petticoat-alley. 

Fleet-at. runs E. and W. from the water to 
the commons, between Allisannaand Wilk sts. 

Fell St. runs E. and W. from Market ta 
Bond-st. between Shakespear-st. and the water. 

Fountain-st. runs E. and W. from Washing- 
ton-st. to the hills, between Fleet- st. and the 

Gcrman-st. runs E, and W. from Harford- 

( 18 ) 

run to Washington-st. between Gough and Smith- 

George-st. runs nearly E. and W". from De 
Rochhrune's -wharf to Market-st. between E. 
Lancaster-st. and the water. 

Gough St. runs E. and W. from the foot-bridge 
Harford-run to Market-st. betw een German and 

Happij alley, runs N. and S. from E. Lancas- 
ter-st. to Piiiladelphiaroadj betweeen Wolfe and 

Lancaster-st. E. and W. i'rom water to water, . 
between Shakespear and Allisanna-sts. 

Market-st. runs N. and S. from Dulany-st. 
to County-wharf, between Apple and Argyle-al- 

N. B. Market-st. divides Lancaster, Allisan- 
na, Fleet, Wilkes and Bank-sts. into N. and S. 

Petticoat-alley, runs N. and S. from the water 
to Dulany-st. between Eden and Carolina-sts. 

Pitt-st. runs nearly S. E. and N. W. from 
George-st. to Waters's-wharf. 

Philpot-st. runs W. and S. E. from Thames to 
Point-st. between Queen-st. and the v*^ater. 

Point'St. runs N. and S. from Isaac Sutton's 
to Queen-st. between Wills-st. and Patterson's- 

Queen-st. runs E. and W^. parallel with Phil- 
pot-st, from Thames to Point-st. 

Shakespear-st. runs E. and W^. from Mar- 
ket to Bond-st. between Fell and Lancaster-sts. 

Strawberry-alley. runsN. and S. from Dula- 
ny to AUisanna-st. between Bond and Carolina- 
sts. ' 

Star-alley, runs N. and S. from E. Wilk to 
E. Fleet- St between Wolfe and Washing- 

( 19 ) 

Smith-st. runs E. aud W. from Harford -run 
to Washington-st. between German and Dulany- 

Thames-st. runs E. and W. from Bond to 
Phi Spot st. 

IVaMngton-st. runs N. and S. from the low- 
er end i>l' E. AlUsanna ty) E. Wilk-st. between 
Wolf and Fountain-sts. 

Wolfe-st. runs nearly >J. and S. from the Phi- 
ladelphia road to its intersection with Pitt st. 
lower end of Fell's Point between Happy -alley 
and the water. 

Wilk-st. runs E. and W. from Granby to 
Washing^ton St. between Fleet and Bank sts. 

jV. B. That part olWdk-st to theW. of Har> 
ford-run is considered in Old Town. 

Wills-st. runs. N. and S. fromPhilpot to Queen- 
st. between Point and Thames-sts, 



Abraham, captain Woodward, near the sugar house 

Harriss-creek. E. P. 
Abraham, Daniel, rigger 37 W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Abrams, Jacob, turner, S. Gay-st. 35. 
Ackerman, Philip, blacksmith, N. Howard near Frank- 

lin-st. dwel. do 
Ackerman, Greorge, grocer, High-st. no. 9. O. T. 
Acklin, James, cordw. Waggon-alley 74. 
Ackworth, Stephen, teacher, Bond near Gough-st F. P. 
Adams, William, nail manufacturer, N. Howard near 

Adams and Hamilton, grocers, corner of Waggon-al- 
ley and Morth-Rt 
Adams, James, waterman, Busy-alley near Forrest-st. 

F. H. 
Adams, John, cordwainer, no. 9 W^ater-st near Light. 
Adams, Jacob, mercht. dwel. corner of Fayette and N. 

Adams, Betsy, Petticoat-alley. F. P. 
Adams, captain Alexander, Market-st. E. S. 96 F. P, 
\dreon, Christian, tailor, South-st. no. 1. dwel. Plea- 

sant-st Chapel hill. 
Adreon, George, carp. Potter-st. O. T. 
Agnew, William, N. Eutaw-st. 
Agnew, Andrew, mercht. N. Howard-st 35, 
Ahl Mr. E. Allisanna-st. 50 F. P. 
Ahl, K. J. bricklayer, Marble -alley. 

( 22 ) 

Aiken, George, jeweller, Baltimore-st. no. 72. 

Aikiijs. Benjanan. lab. Frenchman's-alley. 

Aisquitli, John, Justke of the Peace, corner of Bank-st. 

and Public-alley. 
Aisquith, Mrs widow, no. 74 Pitt-st. O. T. 
Aitken, Andrew, druggist, no. 2 South-st. 
Albers, Solomon G. no. 75 JVrElderry's-wharf. 
Albright, Jno, biickmaker, Georgetown-road. W. P. 
Albert, Jacob, merchant, dwel. Dutch-alley near Eu- 

Alcock, William J. merchant, 4 9N. Howard-st. 
Al'.ock, Sarah, Long-alley. W. P. 
Alcock, Elizabeth, teacher, no. 132 Baltimore-st. 
Alden, captain Benjamin, 9 Shakepear-st. F. P. 
AklricJge and Crow, drygood store, no. 19 Baltimore-st. 
Alexunder, Isabella, widow, Suint PauPii-lane. 
Alexander, Elijah, bricklayer, Hunover-st. on F. H. 
Alexander, Ashton, M D. Ecist-st near the Court house. 
Alexander, Hannah, corner of Fleet and Wolf-sts. F. P. 
Alfred. John, plaisterer, no. 4 Union-st. O. T. 
Alhausen, John Ernst, cordw. Hill near Hanover-st F.H 
Alhausen, Wm. Justus, do. do. do. 

Almeda, captain Joseph, Duke-st. near the run. O. T. 
Alricks Harmanus, gentleman, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Alsfelt, Jno. glass manufacturer Su!J:ar-alley F. H. 
Alter, Barbiira, widow, Lombard near Eutaw-st. 
Alter, Adam, house carp. N. Eutaw-st. 
Alter, Christian, carp, corner of S. Howard-st. and 

Altfather. Henry, brewer. Waggon -alley 44. 
All Jno. feed store, Forrest-st. opposite the Hay scales. 
Allbright, Philip, currier, no. 58 Cumberland-row. 
AUburn. Fredk. gardincr, Busy-alley F. H. 
AUegre, J. B. A mercht. opposite no. 42 Water-st. 
Allen, Hugh coppersmith, 44 S. Calvert-st. dwel, O- 

rangeor Lavely's-alley 
Allen, Robert D.' bricklayer, Liberty-st. O. T. 
Allen, Mrs. widow, Britton-st. O. T. 
Allen, Barnes, Waterman, Bond-st. near Gough F. P. 

( 23 ) 

Allen, John, optician and mathemat. instrumt. maker, 

Fell-st. no. 26. F. P. ^ 

Allen, Owen, clerk Mechanic's Bank 94 N. Libeity-st 
Allen, Thomas coidvvainer, S. Howard-st nearly oppo- 
site Cider-alley. 
Allen, Nathan, (col. man) N. Euta\v-st. 
Allen, Samuel, painter, Waggon-alley 74. 
Allender, Joseph, M. D. Fell-st. 31 F. P. 
Allinder, John, inn-keeper, 20 Cominerce-st 
Allison, Mrs. Mary, N. Gay-st 
Allison, Amos, drygood store, 123 Baltimore-st. dvvel. 

next 70 Pralt-st. 
Allstan, James, mcrcht- counting-house 75 Smith's- 

Alhvord, Sarah, widow, Wolfe no. 108 F. P. 
Amey, Henry, blacksmith, Bultimore-st. extended W.P. 
American and Commercial Daily Advertiser office no. 

31 S. Gay-st. 
Ames, Daniel, mariner, Happy-alley near Dulany-st. 

W P. 
Amour, Jno. fcol. man) hair-dresser 34. Market-space- 
Amons, Joseph, mahogany sawyer, 17 Hit;h-bt. O. T. 
Amos, Jno. hatter no. 39 Bridp^e-st O. T' 
Anastaze, Mrs. (col. wom ) 66 Grcen-st O. T. 
Anderson Mary, no. 33 High-st O T- 
Anderson, John, labourer, no. 45 Green-st O. T. 
Anderson, Henry, dray-man, Green between North and 

Anderson, John, rigger, no. 40 W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Anderson, Nicholas, Boarding-house, no. J 3. Bond-st. 
Anderson, capt Tiiomas, no. 66 Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Andrews, Nathaniel, no. 15 Front-st. O T 
Anspach, Frederick, gentleman, no 29 Lexuigton-st. 
Anspach, Adam, cook shop, Public alley, near Ellicott's 

Anson, Anthony, boat-builder, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Anthony, Benjamin, mariner, no. 67 Pttticoat alley, 

F. Point. _ 
Appleby, Margaret, milliner, no. 1 1 Bridge-st. O. T. 

( 24 ) 

Appletons Sc Co. wholesale dry good merchants, no. 16 
S. Calvert-st. 

Appleton, Richard, perfumer and ornamental hair ma- 
ker, no. 53 Bdltimore-st. 

Appleman, Conrad, whip manufacturer 67| N. How- 

Appold, Andrew, hack-driver. Sharp near Conway-st. 

Aaron, John, pedlar, East near North-st. O. T. 

Arcambal, Lewis, French consul, dwelling and office N. 
E. corner of Albem.srle and King George-st. O. T. 

Arbach, Lawrence, cordwainer, Conway-st. 

Armat, Christopher & Co dry good store, Baltimore- 
st. No. 111. 

Armitage, Benjamin, grocer, Cheapside No. 10. 

Armitage, Francis, S. Eutaw-st, opposite brick-yards. 

Armitage, William, carter. Sharp near Hill-st. 

Armitage, Joseph, cooper. Peace Alley. 

Armitage, Daniel, mariner, Happy Alley, near Dula- 
ny-st. F. P. 

Armour Sc Jenkins, saddlers, South-st, No. 52. 

Armstrong, John, painter, back of No. 67, W. Wilk- 
st.'F. P. 

Armstrong, James, cordwainer, Bond-st. No. 179. F. P. 

Armstrong, Thomas, liquor store, Montgomery-st. F. 

Armstrong, James, bricklayer, Franklin-st. 

Armstrong, William, at the iron casting foundeiy, dwel. 
Forrest-st. F. H. 

Armstrong, Thomas, grocer. County Wharf, no. 5. 

Armstrong, James, Junr. merchant, no. 24, Cheapside, 
dwel. no. — Calvert-st. extended. 

Armsti^ong, James, merchant, S. E. corner of W^ter- 
st. and St. Patrick's row. 

Arnold, Benjamin, house carpenter, N. Eutaw-st. op- 
posite brick-yards. 

Arnold, Thomas, (col. man) 82, S. Charles-st. 

Arnest, Caleb, gentleman, no. 18, N. Frederick-st. 

Arquit, Eli, shipwright, no. 69 E. AUisanna-st, F. P. 

Arthur, Mrs. widow, no. 23 Chatham-st. 

( 25 ) 

Ash, John, carpenter, no. 46, Green-st. O. T. 
Ashbaw, Francis, Innkeeper, Front or Short-st. near 

the bridge, O. T. 
Ashcraft, Thomas, ship carpenter, Fountain-st. F. P. 
Asher, John, cordwainer, Cai*olina-st. F. P. 
Ashman, William, shoe store, no 229 Buliimore-st. 
Ashmore, John, cordwainer, no. 20 North-st. O. T. 
Ash well, Mury, widow, comb manufactory, no. 42 N. 

Askey, John, rigger, no. 60 E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Askey, William, ship carp. no. 63 E- Fleet-st. F. P. 
Askey, Joseph, ship carp. no. 22 Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Askey, David, cordwainer, no. 130, corner of Wilk and 

Wolfe-streets, F. P. 
Assailly, Mrs. widow, Green-st. W. P. 
Asatmoly Room^ N E. corner of East and Holliday-sts. 
Athoe, capt. Mary, Church, L. no. 30 Ann-st. F. P. 
Atkinson, Isaac, grocer, corner of E. Aiiisanna-st. and 

Aigyle alley, F. P. 
Atkinson, George, hat manufacturer, no. 21 Fell-st 

F. Point. 
Atkinson, Joshua, house carpenter, no. 73 E. Fleet-st. 

F. Point. 
Atkinson, captain William, Temple alley, O. T. 
Atkinson, Isaac, merchant, dwel. Bridge-st. extended, 

O. Town. 
Atkinson, Mary, grocer, Forrest-st. F. Hill. 
Atkinson, Isaac, mercht. County Wharf, S. Calvert-st. 
Atkinson, Ann, Mary watch maker, no. 33, Market- 
space, E. S. 
Atkinson, Angclo, boot and shoe manufactory, no. 18^. 

Attelsbm-ger, Elizabeth, New lane, W. P. 
Atterbury, Lewis, wholesale dry good merch. no. 3, S. 

Attwood, captain, no. 28 Shakesnear-st. F. P. 
Augustine, Henry, letter carrier, Lombard near Eutaw- 

Auld, James, tailor, S. W. comer of Pratt-st. and 

Dugan's V/harf. 

( 26 ) 

Austen, Martha, widow, no. 78 Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Avisse, Charles, perfumer and hair dresser, no. 39 N. 


Bacon, James, Gentleman, no. 3 Baltimore-st. 

Bacon, John, M. D. No. 5, Conowago-st. 

Bacon, Edward, blacksmith. Strawberry-alley. 

Bachtold, Daniel, mariner, no. 17, W.Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Bacqui, Mrs confectioner, no. 101 N. Howard-st. 

Bagwell, Thomas, sailmaker, Carolina near Fleet-st. 
Fells Point. 

Bailey, Betsey, (col. woman,) laundress, Paca-st. W. P. 

Bailey, Margaret, widow Paca near Lexington-st. do. 

Bailey, Elisha, T. paver, upper end of Eutaw-st. do. 

Bailey, George, do. do. do. 

Bailey, Evan, grocer, S. Charles, near Camden-st. 

Bailey, Thomas, Esq. Justice of the peace, office Bank- 
st dwelling. Great York-st. O. T. 

Baily, George, druggist, no. 254, Baltimore-st. 

Baily, James, do. no. 68, do. 

Bailie, John, trunk and harness maker. Gallows Hill. 

Baker, James, surveyor, no. 49, Jones\s-st. O. To-wn. 

Baker, John, waterman, no. 187 Bond-st. F. P. 

Baker, Benjamin, ship joiner, no. 5 8 Ann-st. do. 

Baker, Charles, do. dwel. no. 9 Thames-st. shop 
Despaux's wheirf. 

Baker, Jonn, ship carpenter, no. 1 1 Happy -alley, F. P. 

Baker, Mary, grocer, no. 121 N. Howard-st. 

Baker, Samuel, M. D. no. 30 Light-st. 

Baker, Henry, biscuit baker, no 62 Cumberland-row. 

Baker, Revd Christian, L. D. D. Second street, next 
the church. 

Baker, Eliza, widow, Hawk-st. 

Baker, Jacob, innkeeper, Baltimore-st. extended. 

Baker, George S. dry good store, S. W. corner of Bal- 
timore and Light-st. 

Baker, William and Sons, dry good store, no. 99 Balti- 

Baker, AYilliam Junr. dwel. no, 99 Baltimore-st. 

( 27 ) 

Baker, Thomas B. dwel. East-st. 
Baker, John, stone-cutter, Mulberry-st 
Ball, William, jeweller, no. 60 Baltimore-st. 
Ballard and Hall, merehants, no. 6 Bowley's wharf. 
Ballina, Joseph, snuft' and cigar manufacturer, no. 29 

INIarkei si)ace, K. S. 
Balderston, Ely, merchant, no. 51 County wharf, dwol. 

Front St. near the Baptist Mec^lnq: House, O. T. 
Balderston, Isaiah, wire manufacturer, no- 50. Front- 

St. O. T. 
Balderston, Hugh and Jonathan, wire manufacturers, 

Hanover St. opposite the Indian Queen Tavern. 
Balderston, Jonathan, dwel. Forrest ianc, near Conowa- 

go street. 
Baldwin, Abraham, cordwainer, no. 61 Wolfe-st, F. P. 
Baltimore Circulating JJbrary, no. 69, N. Howard-st- 

corner of Waggon alley. 
— — . and Frederick Town Turnpike road office, 

no. 6 N. Liberty-st. 
— — — — College ^ cornerof King Tammany-st. andM'- 

Clellan's alley. 
— — — Circus, King George-st, between Granby and 
Exeter sts. kept by Messrs. Pepin and Bre- 
Bank of no. 154 N. E. corner of Baltimore- 
st. and St. Paul's lane. 

Evening Po^t, Office no. 39 N. E. corner of 

Water and South-sts. 

Fire Insurance Office, no. 12 South-st. 

Theatre, Hollidc.y near East-st. 

• ^ Insurance Comjianifs Office, S. E. corner of 

Water and South sts. 

. General Disfiensary, no. 5 Conowaga-st. 

Water Comfianifs Office, no. 15, South-st. 

— and York-Toum Turnpike Road Cojyipany's 

Office, no. 6, N. Calve rt-st. 
Baltzell, Wm. Sc Jacob, dry good store, 242, corner of 

Liberty and Baltimore-sts. dwel. German-lune. 
Baltzell, Thos. dry good store, Baliimore.-st. 201, dwel. 

( 23 ) 

Baltzell, Charles, dry good store, Baltimore-st. 199. 
Baner, Henry, N. Liberty-st. 71, corner of Waggon- 
Bannerman, Mrs. widow, engraver, Baltimore-st. 130. 
Bandell, Marg. widow, Bond-st. 51, F. P- 
Bandell, George, siipt. of sweeps, Petticoat-alley 42, F. P. 
Bange, George Sc F. merchts. 55, N. Howard-st. 
Bankard, Peter, butche''; Conway near sharp st. 
Banks, Geo. at the mail stage office, dwel. Fayettc-st, 24. 
Bankson, Jno. Esq. 53, S. Charles-st. 
Bantz, Jno. whip and glue manufy. Fish st 
Baptiste, Jno. rigger, Argyle-Alley, 50, F P. 
Baptiste, Jno. (tol. man.) 80, S. Charles-st. 
Barbine, capt. Charles Goodman-st. F. H. 
Bare, Jacob, mercht. dwel. 42, Green-st. store Forrest- 

6t. O. T. 
Barckman, David, mariner, 52, Camden-st. 
Barekman, Cathe. widow, Camden-st. 
Barckman, Andrew, tailor, Fayette-st. 24. 
Barclay & MKean, merchts. Baltimore-st. between 69, 

and 7 1 . 
Barcroft, Jonas, shingle dresser, Pratt-st. 93. 
Barge, Andrew, gentleman, Pratt-st next 5 5. 

Barker, Wm. Rhip rarp. E Allioanna-at 80, F. P. 

Barker, Joseph, labovn-er, High-st. 1 67, O T 

Barker, Julia Ann, confectr. K. George near Granby-st. 

O. T. 
Barling, Sarah, widow, Green-st. near Granby-st. O. T. 
Barling, V/m. maihier, Green-st. O. T. 
Barlow, Elizabeth, Argyle alley, F. P. 
Barnabeu, Jno B. Esq. Span, consul, 25, S. Howard-st. 
Barnaby, Elias, cordwainer, Water-st. 34. 
Barnard, Mrs. Priscilla, widow, Fell-st. 24, F. P. 
Barnes, Whitley, carp. Grtmby-st 55, O. T. 
Barnes, Mrs. Lloyd st. O T. 
Barnes, Henry, baker, Bond-st. 149, F. P. 
Barnes, Saml. printer and bookseller, corner of Fell and 

Market-sts. 1, dwel. corner of Bond and Shakespear- 

sts. F. P. 
Barnes, William P. Innkeeper, Fells-st. no. 45- F. P. 

( 29 ) . 

Barnes, Levin P. merchant taylor, 48 South-st. 
Barnes, Mrs. boarding house, corner of Lexington and 

^ Earns, Ford carter, Montgomery-st. F. II. 

Burnet, Thomas, boarding house, Ann st. no. 10, F. P^. 
> Barney Commodore Joshua, 13 S. Charles-st. 
* Barney, John H. Fountidn inn Light-st. 

Barney, James, (col. man) carter, Mulberry-st. 

Barre, Elizabeth, Chamberlain's-alley 

Barret, Mrs. Hooks-town road, W. P. 

Barret, Mary, widow, Camden near Charles-st. 

Barriere, David, gold and silversmith, 41 Bond-st. F. P. 

Barrickman, Anthony, hardware store, 17 Bridge-sc 

O T. 
Barrickman, Joseph, shopkeeper, Plarford-road, E. P., 
Barroll, and Ricaud, merchants, corner of Pratt-st. and 

Franklin lane, F. P. 
Barron, John, jun. lumber merchant, dwel. Wolfe-st. 

yard De Rochbrune's-wharf F. P. 
Barry, John W. house carpenter Green near German stw 

W. P. 
Barry. Benjamin, brickmaker, corner of Sharp and Lee^ 

sts. F. H. 
Barry, Robert, merchant, dwel. 12 N. Gay-st. 
Barry, Standish, mercht. dwel. 20 N. Gay-st. store N- 

W. corner of Baltimore and Frederick-sts. 
Barry, Richard, mercht. dwel. Green-st. 116 0. T. 
Barry, Elizabeth, widow, 53 N. Gay-st. near Griffith's 

Barry, Thomas, captain, York-st. F. H. 
Barry, lyaurence, drayman. Sardtoga-st. 
Barry, Levalant, 2d. teller. Bank of Baltimore dwej.* 

Bridge St. 29, O. T. 
Barton,, drayman, Duke-st. O. T. 
Barton, Peter, painter and glazier. French-st. O. T. 
Barton, Nicholas, carp. 74 Argyle-ailey, F. P. 
Barton, Jno. combmaker, Tripolet's-ailey. 
Barton, James, cord. E. Bank-st. near Happy-alley. F. P. 
Boartsher, Wm. boarding house, corner of Philpot aa<l. 

Will St. 4 F. P. 
C 2 

Barwick, John, currier, no 5 Cheapside. 

Basset, Mrs. \vidow, 24 South st. 

Baskadore, Frcdk. shopkeeper, 33 Light-st. 

Eat helor, Joseph, carp. Harford road, E. P. 

Batemc.n, Amzy, Fisherman, 38 Eden-st. F. P. 

Bateman, Artemas, tailor, 33 Fcil-st. F. P. 

Bateman, Benjamin, account, office Discount and. depo- 
sit dwel Gough-st. near CaroUna-st. F.P 

Baum. Christian, house carp Green-st. W. T. 

Bausman, Jno. and Son, curriers, corner of Liberty and 

"Baxley, George, account, dwel. Franklin between How- 
ard and Eutaw-sts. 

Baxley, John. Eexington-st. W. P. 

Baxter, James, Blacksmith, Light-st. 

Baxter, \Vm. ditto no. 22 ditto. 

Baxter John, tc;ylor, 3i George-st. F. P 

Bayfield, James, carp. E. near Fren-h-st O. T. 

Bayler, Andrew, carp. 30 S. Howard st. 

Bayley, Dorothy, Innkeeper, 38 ISIarket-space, W. S. 

Baylis Jane, widow, 28 Conov/ago-st. 

Eeall, J. W. Coffee house hotel, 36, Soutli-st. 

Bearaer, Susan, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Ljcamer, Eliz. widow, Water-st. 1 1, near Concord-st. do. 

Bean, Robt. watering place, foot of F. H. 

Beard, Jcimes, carter, Frencli-st. 103, O. T. 

Beard, Mrs. Holliday-st. extended. 

Beatty, Guy G shop, Pratt-st. near Smith's wharf 

Beatty, James, m-cnht. dvvcl. N. Calvert st. extended. 

Beatty, Wm. cordwainer, second-st. near Market-space 
dwel. Chapel-allcy. 

Beatty, capt. Lexington, near corner of North-st. 

Beatty, Mary, grocer, Pitt-st. -12, F. P. 

Beaupre, Marguira Peace alley. 

Beck, Jno. G. confectr Bond st. no. 30. F. P. 

Beck, Godfred, furrier, N. Eutaw st. W. P. 

Beck, Jno. saddler & harness maker. Hooks-town road. 

Becker, Simon, store, no. 26, N. W. corner of Pratt 
& Commeixe sts. 

Eeckley, Henry, gei^tleinan> S. Howard st. near W^rs*.. 
kev allev. 

-( 31 ) 

Bedford, Mrs. Eliza, widow, N. Howard near Lexon. st* 
Bedford, Wm. T. dry good store, South st. 16. , 
Bcefeldt, Henry, baker, S. Eutuw near Lombard st. 
Bccston, Rev Fruncis, Saru^^oga near Charles st. 
Behoo Jno. J. oil £<; p.nnt store, i7 M^Eiderry's wharf. 
Beil, Andrew, revenue officer, Phiipot bt. 10, F P. 
Beii, rapt Wm. Vv^ Elect st. 24, E. P 
Beii, Pvichard, ship carp, corner of Fleet st. and Argylc 

Bell, Jno. £c Thos. port 8c minut. pwuntcrs, 105, Bond 

St. F P. 
Eeil. James, cordwainer, Green-st near North, O. T. 
•Bell, Wm. oak cooper. 3 5 Light st. 
Bell, Hugh, at the iron casungfonnderv, dwel. Forrest- 

st. F. H. 
Beil. Geo carpent. 37, S. Gay-st. 
Beliash, Saml. mariner, Pctticoat-allcy, near Bank-st. 

E. P. 
Belli, Seraphin, founder of ship bolts, and maker of 

engines, Bond-st. 5, F P. 
Belon. Pascal, carp. IVEElderiy-st. O. T. 
Belt, James, junr. ship chandler, Pitt-st. 44, F. P. 
Beh, ( api. Tobhis, E. Fleet st. 97, F. P. 
Belton. Jno hair dresser, Bond-st 5 8, F. P. 
Belton, Wm. genteel boarding house, S. Gay-st. 28. 
Benbridge, Henry, S. Charles st. 95. 
Bencroft, Mary. Light-st. 
Bend, Rev. Joseph G. rector of St. Paul's church, 

Saratoga head of N. Liberty-st. 
Bender, Jacob, blacksmith, Franklin near Paca-st. 
Benfiekh IVIrs. Susanna, 3 1, S. Liberty-st. 
Benner, Jno porter bottler, cellar, no. 238, Baltimore- 

st. dwel. no: 1 North-st. 
Benner, George, porter bottler, cellar, at the Merchts. 

Coffee house, Soutii-st dwel Granby-st. no 72, O. T. 
Bennet, Jno. carp. Potter-st O. T. 
Bonnet, Thomas, mariner, M'Eldei'ry-st. O. T. 
Bennet, Matthew, ship chandler, and grocer, Bond st 

6„F. P. 
Bennet, Patrick, gentleman, W. Allisanna-st. 30, F. P. 

( 3^ ) 

Benillant, Stephen, ship carp. W. Fleet-st. 52, F. P. 
Benjamin, Solomon, pedlar, 41, W. Wilk-st. F. P 
Benson, Peter, N. Liberty, near Saratoga-st. 
Benson, Charles, mariner, 78, S. Charles-st. 
Benson, Richard, mercht. tailor, 22, South-st. 
Benson, Joseph, ship carp, yard, lower end Spear's 

wharf, dwel- Commerce-st. 6. 
Benson, Robt. woollen draper, mens' mercer, S^c. Bal- 

timore-st 92. 
Bentalou, Paul, gentleman, N. Eutaw near Fayette-st. 
Benton, Charles, Forrest-st. near hay scales, O. T. 
Benton, Robt. grocer, George-st. 3 F. P. 
Berkhaffer, Philip, labr. Strawberry-alley, 24, F. P. 
Bernard, Capt. Lewis, 57, St. Patrick's Row. 
Berger, Michael, drayman, Busy-alley, F. H. 
Berry, Horatio, carp. German-st. beyond Green, W. P. 
Berry, Capt. Jam. boarding-house, County Wharf, F. P. 
Berry, Robt. pilot, E. Fleet-st. 95, F. P. 
Berry, Ruth, widow, E. Wilk-st. 28, F. P. _ 
Berson, Jno. Bapt. cabinet maker, 54 Harrison-st 
Berteau, Peter tailor, S. W. corner of Pratt-st. and Du- 

gan's wharf. 
Sesse, Capt. Claudius, dwel. Pitt-st. opposite Stiles 

wharf, F. P. 
Beshel, Ann, Honey-alley. 

Bettle, Philip, cordwainer, Bridge-st. extended, O. T. 
Bettbn, Jane, Bond-st- 64, F. P. 
Betts, Enoch, cut nail manufy. and dwel. Queen-st. near 

lower bridge, O. T. 
Betts, Capt. Stephen, Ann-st 70, F. P. 
Betts, Aramintha. widow, St. PauFs-Iane. 
Betts, Solomon, flour mercht. 85, Bowley"s wharf. 
Beuns, Peter, Mary, gentleman, Barre near Sharp-st. 
Bevan, Richard, grocer, corner of Sharp and Lee-sts. 
Be vans, James, carter, 96, Dugan's wharf. 
Biays, capt. James, mercht. Thames-st. 23, F. P. 
Biays, col. Joseph, Fell-st. 33, F. P. 
Bickham, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4, N. Charles-st. 
Bickham, Herman, printer, Baltimore-st. extended, 
Bickerton, Wm. stone cutter, 69, S. Frederkk-st 


( 33 ) 

Bier, Jacob, clerk at the office of Discount and Depo- 
sit, dwel. Conway ugm' Charles-st. 

Bigeo, Paul, gentleman, 48, S. Charles-st. 

Bigelow, Rufus, meicht. dwel St. Paul's-lane. 

Biggert, Saml. carp. Pitt-st. near the run, O. T. 

Bigger, Gilbert, clock and watchmaker, 115, S. E. cor- 
ner of Baltimore and Calvert-sts. 

BilJingslcy, Saml. cordw. 68, Green st. O. T. 

Biilington, \Vm. gentleman. Front st. no. 1, O. T. 

Billmyer, Jacob, cordw. East, near French-st. O. T. 

Bilson, Jno. plasterer, M'Elderry, near Friendship-st. 

Binizel, Baltzer, trunkmaker, 5, S. Gay-st. 

Bingham, Diana, Caroihia st. F. P. 

Birckhcad, Solomon, M. D. Chatham near N. Calvert-st. 
' Biscoe, James, hardware-store, 21, S. Calvert-st. dwel. 
Chatham St. next door to Dr. Smith's. 

Bishop, Charles, mercht. dwel. Queen-st. near lower 
bridge, O T. 

Bishop, capt. Richard, Ann-st. 24, F. P. 

Bishop, Jacob, (col. man.) Preacher 81, North-st. 

Bittow, Chrisuan, ship carp. Apple-alley, 50, F. P. 

Eixler, David, tobacco manufactory, 51, N. Howard-st. 

Bizot, Henry, grocer, George-st 10, F. P. 

Black, Jaiiivo, leacner ana iransiator ot languages, Fish- 

Black, Saml. whip manufy N. Frederick-st. next no. 42. 

Black and Keys, merohts. no. 95, N. Howard-st. 

Blackburn 8c Smith, bakers, Lexington-st 39. 

Blackberry, Christopher, whitesmith, Pearl-st. mea 

Blackford, James, mariner, Happy-alley, 39, F. P. 

Blackiston Sc Price, merchts. Bridge near Union-st. O 
T. dwel. 100 Green near Bridge-st. 

Blackiston, Geo. W mercht. 6 Bowley's wharf. 

Bladderman, Benj. Hurford ro^d, E P. 

Blair 8c Dall, wholesale dry good merchts. 4, S. Cai- 
vert St. 

Blair^ames, dry good store, Baltimore-st 79, 

BlakefJno. scowman, Happy-aUey, near Dulany-st. F. P. 

( 34 ) 

Blaney, Tho. painter and glazier, 130, Green-st. O. T. 
Bland, Theodorick, Esq. attorney at law, dwel. Chat- 

ham-st. corner of St. Paurs-lane. 
Block, Andrew, painter, corner of Bridge andForrest- 

st O. T. 
Bloodgood, Jno. gentleman, Bond-st. 69, F. P. 
Blunt, Mary, widow. Busy-alley, F. P. 
Boas, Jno. carter, Harford road, E. P. 
Boehme, Charles, L. silversmith, Baltimore-st. 126. 
Boggs, Harmanus, drygood store, 12 Market-space 

W. S. 
Bohn & Slingluff, merchts. N. E. corner of Baltimore 

and Howard-sts. 
Bohn, Chrivlos, merrhf. dwel. Baltimore-st. 260, near 

Boice, Jno. carter, 60, Light-st. 
Boice, Prettyman, ship carp. Wolfe-st. 47. 
Boice, Benjamin, accomptant, N. Eutaw-st. 
Boizeau, Joseph, confectr. 24, S. Howard-st. 
Bolgiano, Francis, Wm. bread and biscuit baker, 61, S. 

Bollmann, Thomas, baker and grocer, S. E. corner of 

Public-alley and Water-st. 

Bolte, Jno. ^Hip Kt-olrf^r. nffir/> *i fiay-ct oppOsitf^ Cus- 

tom-house, dwel. 73, N. Liberty st 

Bolton, Francis, cordwainer, Bridge-st. extended, O. T. 

Bonn, Philip, block and pump-maker, shop Pratt-st. 
Smith's wharf, dwel. Montgomery-st. F. H. 

Bonn, Joseph, block and pump maker, Peace-alley. 

Bonnefin, Nicholas, grocer and wine merchant, Balti- 
more-st. 168. 

Bonard, James, carter, Plowman-st O T. 

Bonner, Hugh, coppersmith no. 64 South-st. 

Bonnet, Joseph, drygood-store 49 St P.-.trick*s-row. 

Bond, Barney, carter, no. 52 Gougk-st F. P. 

Bond, Peter, drygood and grocery store, N. E. corner of 
Bridge and Jones-sts O. T. 

Bond, Benjamin, store 36, Bridge-st dwel. Union near 

Bond, James, Marine Hotel, at the intersection of Bond, 
Fell and Thames-sts. F. P. 

( 35 ) 

Bond, Thruston, grocery store, 43 Pratt-st. 

Bond, Thomus, E. M. D. Lombard between Sharp and 

Bond, Richard, Pearl-st. Meadow. 
Bonfield, Cassandra, Ciiroiinu near Gough-st. F. P. 
Bonsai, Isaac, dwel. Sharp near Conway st. 
Booker, Lambt. carp. Mulberry-st. near the Cathedral. 
Booth, Abraham, constable, 44 Saratogo-st. 
Booth, Michael, carter, Hill-st. F. H. 
Booth, Addison and William, draymen, next no. 22 

Green st. O. T. 
Border, Dominick, grocer, Baltimore near Eutaw-st 
Boren, Jno. labourer, Harford-road E. P. 
Borgen, Jno. carp. 25 Waggon-alley 
Boss, Adam, Baker, no. 183 Bond-st. F. P. 
Boss, Hezekiah, pilot, 55 Wolfc-st. F. P. 
Boslcy and M'Atee, James, curriers, 19 Water-st, near 

Bosley, Wm. and James, curriers, 13 Cheapside, dwel 

1 9 Water-st, 
Boscly, Daniel, bacon store, 18 Market-space, W. S. 
Boston, Charles, carp. Happy-alley, near Dulany-st. 

F. P. 
Botts, Joshua tavern Sc board. house, 32 Philpot-st F.P. 
Butchct, Anthony, cutler, 5 3 Saint-Patrick*s-row. 
Boudcuil, Jno. cordwainer, North-st. 
Boughan, Augustine mcrcht. 13 Bowley's-wharf. 
Bonis, John, double-block tin manufactr. 22 N Gay-st. 
Bouldin, Jehu, City surveyor, corner of Still-house and 

Ploughman sts. O. T. 
Boulet, William, 202 Baltimore-sL 
Bourjolly, Charles, Smith's-alley. 
Bounds, captain Joseph, 14 Philpot-st. O. T. 
Bounds, William, ship carp corner of AUisanna-st. an(i 

Bousquet, Mc^tthew, confectioner 39 Harrison -st. 
Bowles, Mrs. 32 W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Bowlin, Roger, joiner. Bond st. near Bank-st. F. P. 
Bowen, Sablett, carp. 95 High-st O. T. 
Bowen Josiah, bricklayer, Happy-aliey. 
Bowen, Richard, cordwainer, 9 1 Bond-st F. P. 

( 36, ) 

Bower, Philip G. printer, Harrison-st. 

Bovvers, Henry, oak cooper, corner of French and For- 
rest-sts. O. T. 

Bowers, George, bricklayer, Forrest-st. O. T. 

Bowers, Martin, grocer. Bridge, between East and For- 
rest sts. 

Bowers, Wm. Well-digger, Harford-road E. P. 

Bowers, John, comb maker ditto. 

Bowersox, George A. merchant, 57 N. Howard-st. 

Bowman, Ignatius, carp. New-lane W. P. 

Bowser, Robert, (col. man) 106 Diigan*s-wharf. 

Boyd, Peter soap and candle manufacturer, E. side of 
Jones's Fails, near lowerBridge. O- T. 

Boyd, Saml. carp. Pitt-st. extended O. T. 

Boyd, Mr. sail-maker, Ann-st. 36, F. P. 

Boyd, Matthew, cordwainer, Thames, near Philpot-st. 
F. P. 

Boyd, James B. attorney at law, office 3 N. Calvert-st. 
dwcl. opposite Saint Paul's church. New Church-st. 

Boyd, Andrew, mercht. dwel. ditto. 

Boyd, Mrs. Ann, Holliday-st. opposite the Theatre. 

Boyer, Jacob, 42 Market-space W. S. 

Boyes, Hugh, Mariner, 47 W. Fleet-st F. P. 

Boyle, Thomas, tanner and currier, shop 76 Cumber- 
land-row, dwel. corner of Albemarle andQueen-sts. 
63,0. T. 

Boyle, Susanna, 70 Petticoat-alley F. P. 

Boyle, Jno. teacher, Forrest-lane, near Conawago-st. 

Bovle, Joseph tanner, no. 1 East-st. 

Boyler, Vv^m. no. 7 High-st O T. 

Boys, Theodore, Pearl-st. W P. 

Bradbury, Samuel, mariner, upper end Queen-st. F. P. 

Brady, Elizabeth, widow, Britton-st O. T. 

Brady, Sylvester, paver, 57 Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Bradford, Faraway, potter, MElderry-st. O. T. 

Brand, Daniel, hatter, shop 18. dwel. 27 Harrison-st. 

Brandt, Jacob, grocer, 56 Baltimore-st 

Branan, Thomas, house carpenter, Happy-alley near 
Bank-st. F. P. 

Brannan. Jno. cordwainer, 56 Gough-st. F. P. 

Branough, Patrick, weaver, Carolina near Smith-st. F. P. 

( 3? ) 

Branson, Baltzer,, clwo!. Peace-alley near 
S. Charles-st. 

Branson, William, hat manufacturer no. 131 Balti- 

Brantinghrm, George, hardware store, no 192 Balli- 
raore-st. dwel. Fayette-st. 

Brauer, Fredk. at the glass house. 

Brawner, Daniel, turner, no. 46 N. Gay-st. dwel. 106 
iGreen-st. O. T. 

Brayton, Sarah, widow, S. W". corner of Water-st. and 

Breckin, Jno. drayman, N. Eutaw-st W. P. 

Bredighausen, widow, Bond-st. 34 1-2 F. P. 

Breidenbaugh, Jno. scip and candle manuf;.ctr. Fish-st. 

Breitenoder, Adam. Senior, no. 23 Bond-st. F. P. 

Breitinoder, Martin, balier, do. do. 

Brenan, Jno. Francis, gentleman. Great- York-st O. T. 

Brensinger, Christian, baker, no. 65 corner of N. 
Howard-st. and Waggon-alley. 

Brevitt aad Starr, tobav conists, no. 27 S. Calvert-st. 

Brevitt, IVI. D. no. 204 Baitimore-st. 

Brewer. Jno. plasterer, Strawberry-alley. 

Briau, Peter, ship carp- President-st. O. T. 

Brice, Jno. deputy colie-Lior, dwel N. Calvert-st. ex- 

Brice, Flenry, flour merchant, no. 91. Bowley's-wharf, 
dwel. 92 Pratt-st. 

Brice, Ni- holds, esq. attorney at laAv, office and dwel. 
New-Ciiuich-st. oppposite the Court-house. 

Bride, Mrs. Mary, Thames st. no. 8, F. P. 

Bride. Henry, do. do. 

Brightman, Edwd. drayman, Pe^rl-st. W. P. 

Briscoe and Partridge, rhcrchts. 73 Bowlcy's-wharf. 

Briscoe, Alexr shoo store, 85 S E. corner of Baitimore 
and South-sts. 

Briscoe S.iml. mercht dwel. Front-st. near Baptist 
meeting O T. 

Britton, John, drayman. Temple-alley O. T. 

Brooks, Isaac and Wiiiiam, hardware-store, 8 County- 

C 38 ) 

Brooks, Isaac, mercht. dw. Jones's-st. opposite fro. 2^ 
O. T. 

Brooks, James, carter, Sugar-alley, F. H. 

Brooks, Jonathan, cordw. no. 47 Green-st O. T. 

Broom, James M. attorney at law, dw. and oflice no. 2€) 
N. Calvert-st. 

Broom, Jno. ship carp. E. Fleet-st 99 F. P. 

Broom, Henry, rigger, E. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Brock, Fredk. mercht. dwel. 80 Pratt-st. 

Broomiield, Edwd. cut nailor, Dulany-st. O. T. 

Brosius, Michael, distiller and grocer, store and dwel. 
Bridge-st. distillery N. Calvert-st. extended. 

Brotherton, Thos. grocer, S Charles near Conway-st. 

Broomwell, Jacob, carp. Low near Union-st O. T. 

Broomwell, Wm. ian maker, no 1 7 M'Elderry's- wharf. 

Brown, William, merchant, store corner of Paca and 
Franklin-sts. dwel. near ditlo. 

Brown, Abel, labourer, Short-alley. 

Brown, Charles, brickmaker, S. Eutaw-st. near B. alley. 

Brown, Susanna, (col wom ) 67 North-st. 

Brown, Joseph, taylor 37 S, Calvert-st. near Water-st. 

Brown and Taylor, drygood merchants, 18 S. Calvert-st. 

Brov/n John, Innkeeper, corner of Lemmon and East-sts. 

Brown, Stewart, merchant, 20 N. Frederick-st. 

Brov^n, John Eden, Silversmith, 62 Harrison-st. 

Brown, John, caulker, Busy-alley F. H. 

Brown, Joshua, (col. man) labourer, 20 Primrose-alley. 

Brown, Mrs. widow, 1 5 Water-st. near cheapside. 

Brown, Jno. grocer, Second-st. near Market-space. 

Browne, Elisha, drygood store, 217 Baltimore-st. 

Brown, Alexander and Sons, 128 Baltimore st. 

Brown, Amos, shoe store, 109 Baltimore-st. 

Brown, Mrs. S. Baltimore Female academy, 30 Balti 
more -St. 

Brown, Mrs. Fulford, ladies academy, 16 Baltimore-st. 

Brown, Jno. teacher, dwel. Vulcan-alley 

Brown, Henry, merchant, M^Clure's-wharf dw. New- 
Church- st. 

Brown's Samuel, academy. do. 

Brown, Josiah, mercht. 41 Albemarle-st O. T, 

( 39 ) 

Brown. Edward, waggoner, Jones, corner of French-st. 

O. T. 
Brown, James, potter, pottery, corner of Queen and 

Granby-sts dwcl. 78 High-st. O. T. 
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, 107 High-st. O. T. 
Brown, Wm. grocery and hardware store, 109 High-st. 

O. T. 
Brown, David, Junr. grocer, 122 High-st. and Bridge-st- 

no. 6 — potery, Salisbury near Granby-st. 
Brown, Rachel, (col. worn.) Green near North-st. O.T.. 
Brown, J. carp. Liberty st. O. T. 
Brown, Mrs. widow, 22 Bridge-st O. T. 
Brown, Adolphus Bridge, near East-st. do. 
Brown, Solomon, carp. 65 North st. O. T. 
Brown, Peter- mariner, 123 Bond-st. F. P. 
Brown, John, Rigger, 44 Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Brown, John, mariner, 48 Argylc-alley. do. 
Brown, Thomas, rigger, 105 Woife-st. do- 

Brown, Jno. carver, shop, corner of George and Wolfe- 

sts. dwel. E Ai'isanna-st. near Argyle-alley, F. P. 
Brown, John, cordwainer, Thames st. F. P. 
Brown, James, tavern and Boarding house Thames-st. 

next no. 33 F. P. 
Brown, Sarah widow, 23 W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Brown, Jacob taylor, 50 Light st. 
Browning, Peregrine G. constable and clerk of the 

Hanover-market, no. 85 corner of Hanover and Cam- 

Browning, John H. and Co. hardware-store 12 Fell-st. 

F. P. 
Browning, Wm. labourer, Gallows-hill, E. P. 
Brundige, James, merchant, Bowley's-wharf 99 dwel. 

N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Bruff, Wm, aecompt Pitt-st. next no. 72, O. T- 
Bruff, Susanna, milliner, 32 Baltimore-st. 
Brune, Fredk. Wm. esq. mercht. and Danish Consul, 

office 48 Bowley's-wharf. 
Brunev and Co. sugar refiners, corner of Pratt and S 

Howard-sts. dwel. Camden-st. 
Brushwell, Ferdinand, waggoner, Britton-st. O. T 

( 40 ) 

Bryan, David, paver, Busy-alley, F. H. 

Bryan, Charles, labourer, Ruxton-lane. 

Bryan, Thomas, do. Kimmers alley, near Waggon do, 

Bryson, Thomas Gregg, wholesale grocer, N. W. cor 

ner of Green and North-sts. O. T. 
Bryson, Jno. Bricklayer, 98 Green-st. O. T. 
Buchanan, James, gentleman, dvvel Sharp near Barre-sl. 
Buchanan, Thomas, attorney at law, St. Paui's-lane, near 

Buchanan, James A. and Co. merchants and sugar re- 
finers, 152 Baltlmore-st. and 51 S, Gay-st. 
Buchanan, James A. mercht. dwel. N. Calvert-st. next 

the Court-house. 
Buchanan, Misses, Sidney and Sarah, N. Gay-st. next 

no. 23. 
Buchanan, Robert, boot manufacturer, 174 Baltimore-st. 

dwel. 5 1 Green-st. O. T. 
Buchanan, Wm. dwel. Bernard, near N. Charles-st. 
Buchanan, Lloyd, Gentleman, Mulberry-st. near the 

Buchanan, Alexander, cordwainer, 100 Bond-st. F. P 
Buchholiz, George, bricklayer, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Buck, Jno. carp, corner of Duke and Granby-sts. F.P- 
Buck, William, Mill-wright, 75 French-st. O. T. 
Buck, Jno, butcher, Carolina, near Gough-st, O. T. 
Buck, Jacob, taylor, corner of Bank-st. and StrawberiT- 

alley, F. P. 
Buck and Hedricks, sail-makers, lojft, lower end of 

County-wharf, S. Calvert-st. 
Buck, Benjamin, do. dwel. Carolina near Gough-st. F. P. 
Buckingham, Mary, 29 Light-st. 
Buckler, Humphrey, soap and candle manufacturer; 

dwel. Front- St. 15 O. T. 
Buckman, Jno. account. 7 Fayettee-st 
Buddy, Peter, dwel. Wolfe, near Pitt-st. F. P. 
Buffum and Goodhue, merchants 3 Bovdcy's-wharf. 
Buffum, Jno. mercht. dwel. Baltimore-sl. extended near 

Green St. W. P. 
Bull, William and Jarret, merchts. 23 corner of Fa 

vette and N. Howard-sts. 

( 41 ) 

Bull, Aimey. (col. worn.) laundress, Public-alley. 

Bull, John, constal)Ie, 4 H^rrison-bt. 

Bull, Willuun, niei'cht. chvcl. Franklin, near Eutaw-st. 

Bullen. Jane, widovv, 99 S-a\itog^a-st. 

Bunburys captain M. Simmons, 59 Market-st. F. P. 

Bunker, Copudn Job, Bond-st 148 F. P. 

Bunliny;, A ,ron, kibourer, no 1 E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Bui-^oyne, Ann, N. Euiaw-st W. P. 

Burgen, Philip, Carter, Union-st. O. T. 

Buri^es, Sarah, ditto do. 

Buige-ss, B.irncy, labourer, Argyle-allcy F. P. 

Burk, Mr account. Union Bunk, dvvcl. Green-st. W. P. 

Burk, Nathan, taylor, Paca corner of Lombard-st. 

W. P. 
Burk, Mary, widow, N. Caarles-st. 
Burk, Wm gro er, 4 Pratt-st. 
Burk, Tobias L. bri.klr.yei, New-lane, W. P. 
Burk, Margaretta, grocer, Morris-st W. P. 
Burk, David, boat buikh^r, 4 George-st. F P. 
Burk, Thomas, painter and gkizier, Market-st. 33 

W. S. dwel. E. Fleet-st. 
Burling, Mrs. widow, Albcmarlc-st. O T. 
Bum, James CusU)m-house officer, 9 E. Allisanna-st 

F. P. 
Burns Jno bricklayer, 51 S. Frederick-st. 
Burns, Saml. suilmaker, dwel. Little-York near Granby- 

st. O. T. 
Burneston, Isaac, President of the Athaenian So':iety, 

ofiice 169 1-2 Bait-st. dwel King Tammany st, 
Burnett. Gilbert, painter Sc glazier 87 1-2 N. Howard-st. 
Burnett, Pvichd i ordwainer, corner of Great- York and 

Lloyd-sts O. T. 
Burnett, Charles, tavern and oyster-house, 1 1 Fel!-sn 

F. P. 
Burnham, Ann, widow, 5 Apple-alley, F. P. 
Burnham, Saml. corwLiiner, 36 Water-st. 
Burrall, Chctrles, postmaster, Saint-Paurs-lane. 
Burrows, Hugh, brewer, Duke-st. corner of Wolf, O. T, 
Bmrows, Benjamin, tailor, 124 Bond-st. F. P. 
Burrows, Alexander, cordw. W. Wilk, near Caroiina-st 
i!) 2 

( 42 ) 

Burrus, Edwd. mariner, Happy-alley, near Bank-st. 
F. P. 

Bury, Lewis, liquor store, 46 Market-space, W. S. 

Buryman, Sarah, (col. woin.) Long-alley, W. P. 

Bus:h, George, lei .er carrier and keeper of public gar 
dens, Hook's -Town -road. W. P. 

Busch, Peter, Avatchman, Bridge, near East-st. O. T. 

Butcher, Joseph, drayman, corner of Montgomery and 
Forrest-sts. F. H. 

Butler, Joseph, (col. man,) S. Howard, near Conway-st. 

Butler, Henrietta, (col. worn.) 22 S. Howard-st. 

Butler, Romulus, (col man) waiter 83 North-st. 

Butler, Samuel, bookseller, 184 N. W. corner of Balti- 
more and Charles-sts. dwel. Georgetown-road. 

Butler William, gentleman, 123 Baltimore -st. 

Butler, Clement, whitewasher, (col. man,) 61 Waggon- 

Butler, James, piledriver, 35 Liberty -st. O. T. . 

Butt, Henrietta, Star-alley, F. P. 

Button, George, tin-plate "worker, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Button, Elias, stevedore, 6 E. Allisanna-st F. P. 

Byer, Frederick, carp. 60 Harrison-st. 

Byrne, Columbus J. 15, near the corner of Pratt and S. 
Charles sts. 

Byrne, Patrick, drayman, 53, corner of Liberty Sc Lex- 

Byrne, Patrick, Junr. law and miscellaneous book store 
130 Baltimore-st. 

Byrne, Wm. tallow chandler, 21 W.Fleet-st. F. P. 

Byrne, Mary, teacher. Great- York-st. O T. 

Byrnes, Samuel, flour merchant, warehouse corner of 
Pratt and Commerce-sts. dwel. S. Eutaw-st. corner of 

Byrnes, Danl teller in the Union Bank of Maryland, 
dwel. Sharp, near Camden-st 

Byrnes, Charles, carter, S Green-st. near Pitt, O. T. 

Caduc, Jno. grocer, Fell-st. 8, F. P. 

Cage, CharlottCj widow, Ann-st. near Dulany, F. P. 

( 43 ) 

Calder, Wm. ship carp. Carolina near Fleet-st F. P. 

Caldwell. James, mercht. lower end of M'Clure's-wharf. 
dwel. corner of S. Eutaw-st. and Whiskey-alley. 

Caldwell, Jno. attorney at law, opposite court-houe, N. 
Calve rt-st. 

Calhoun, James, senr. president of the Chesapeake In- 
surance tompany, Baltimore-st. 90. 

Calhoun, James, junr. mcrchts. Baltimore-st. 150. 

Calhoun, Mrs. Lydia, East-st 

Call, William, teacher. Bond near Smitli-st F. P. 

Callaghan, Jno. grocer, 5 1, South-st. 

Callender, James, grocer, 22 Market-space. 

Camp, Willii^m, cabinet maker, Water-st. next 28. 

Campbell, Jno. R. store, corner of Eutaw and Sarato- 

Campbell Sc Smith, merchts. 30, N. Howard-st. 

Campbell, Wm. mercht. tailor, corner of VV^ater and 

Campbell, Mrs. S. Gay-st. next door to Mr. Oliver's. 

Campbell & Ritchie, merchts. Baltimore-st. 159. 

Campbell, Jno. innkeeper, 104, High-st. O. T. 

Campbell, Saml. carp. Aisquith st. O. T. 

Campbell, Philip, labr. Great York-st near the run, 

Campbell, Thomas, cordw. 71, French-st. O. T. 

Campbell, Thomas, harness nciaker, 42 Front-st. O. T, 
and 14, Bond-st. F P. 

Candolle, capt. Francis, 17, George-st. F. P. 

Canne. Anthony, 24, corner of Fleet-st. and Apple-al- 
ley, F. P. 

Cannell, Elizabeth, 1 3 1, Bond-st F. P 

Cannon, Wm. grocer andcommisson store, 14, Cheap- 
side, dwel. North near High-st. O. T. 

Cannon, Jeremiah, cordw. Potter-st. O. T. 

Cappeau, Joseph, drygood store, 43, Baltimore-st 

Cappeau, Mrs widow, Great York-st. O. T. 

Capito, Geo. grocer, Hanover near Lee-st. 

Capito, Peter, baker, Goodman-st. F. H. 

Capito, Chrisdan, grocer, Baltimore-st. extended, near 
Paca-st. W. P. ' 

Capoot. Jeremiah, oakcooper, German, near Paca-st. 
W. P. 

( 44 ) 

Carey, Matthew, bookseller, 192, Baltimorc-st. 
Carey, James, gentleman, corner of Sharp and Lom- 

Carman, Wm. tileyard on Spear*s wharf, dwel. 1 6, High- 

st O. T. 
Carman, William, pilot, 46. Happy-alley, F. P. 
Carman, capt Saral. 53, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Carmi. hael, Elizabeth, Montgomery-st. F H. 
CarnucluieL Jno. drayman. Green near Bridge-st. O. T. Jno weciver, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Carmich.iel, Dugan, drayman, 36, North-st O. T. 
Carnighan, James paint and glazr. 32, N Frederick-st- 
Carnaghan, George, grocer, M'Elderry s-wharf. 
Carpenter, Peter, linplate worker, S. tlnion-st. O T. 
Curr, Thomas, carter, lower Patapsco ferry road, S. P. 
Carr, Joseph, musick store, N. W. corner of Baltimore 

and Gay-sts 
Carr, Cathe widow, 15, Conowago-st. 
Carr, Rowland, soy.pand tallow chandlery, lower end of 

Caroiiuci-st. dwel. W. Wilk-st. O. T. 
Carr, Thos. professor of music, dwel. Queen near Gran- 

by-st O T 
Carr; Elizabeth, widow, 49, Bond-st F. P. 
Carr, Jno. ship carp. 8, E. Allisanna-st do. 
Carre, capt Joseph, S. Howard-st. near Brandy-alley. 
Carrere, Jno. mercht dwel. East-st. opposite Assem- 
bly room. 
Carrick, Ri< hard, account. Pitt-st. near the run. 
Carrick. M. 8c Ann, mantua makers, 87, South-st. 
Carrol, Jno. bricklayer. Mulberry-alley 
Carroll, Charles, gentleman, Lombard-st. 
Carroll, Thomas, carp 47, S Frederick-st. 
Carroll, Right Reverend John, dwel. Saratoga-st. next 

door lo St. Peter's church. 
Carroll, Jumes, gentleman, 83, Front-st O. T. 
Carroll, Aquila, constable, Granby, between K George 

and Great York-sts. O. T. 
Carroll, Patrick, carter, corner of Bond and Bank-sts. 

F. P. 
C^rrons, Jno. 5, Carolina-st. F. P. 

( 45 ) 

Carruthers, Jno. Sc James, mercht. 7, S. Charlcs-st. 

Carson, Mr. mercht 3, S. Howard-st. 

Carson, Robt. carp. Chapel alley, 

Carson, Joseph, do. Mulberry nea^' Paca-st. W. P. 

Carson, G^o. blacksmith, Forrest-st. O. T. 

Carson, Andrew, gentleman, Geeat York-st. O- T. 

Carson, Jno. carp. Harford-road, E P. 

Carson, David, do. do. do. 

Carson, Nathanl. grocer, N. E. corner of Wolfe and 

Allisanna-sts. 73, F. P. 
Carter, Cathe. widow, grocer, corner of Noith-st. and 

Waggon alley. 
Carter, Wm. brickmaker, Goodman-st. F H. 
Cartee, Benjamin, dealer in American miuiufac goods, 

149, Baltimore-st. 
Casey, Robt gentleman, 10 Hanover-st. 
Casey, Wm. oakcooper, dwel. 34, High-st. O. T. and 

20, George St. F. P. 
Caskaden, Uobt. a'-count Granby near Prince-st. do. 
Casper, (loI. man) Bridge-st. 25, do. 

Capari, Ja:*ob, hair drcbser, 65 N. Howard-st. 
Cassat. Susanna, drygood store, 17, Bond-st- F. P. 
Casscdy, Danl. E. Lancastcr-st. do. 

Cassedy, widow, L. B. H. 28, N. Frederick-st. 
Casserd, Gilbt. Sc Lewis, oakcoopers, shop, Buchanan's 

Cassour, Jonathan, tanner, 36, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 
Casseweli, Jane, widow, Queen-st do. 

Cathcart, Jno. ship joiner, 5 Wolfe-st. do. 

Cathell, capt. Clement, 41, E. AUisanna-st. do. 
Cator, Jno. grocer, 98, Dugan's wharf. 
Caughey, Richd. labr. btar-alley, F. P. 
Caughey, Patrick, drygoods and groceries, corner of 

Franklin st. and Hooks-town roiid, W. P. 
Cavin, Saml. grocer, corner of Feet-st. and Strawber 

ry-aliey. F. P. 
Cavin, Eugenia, 58, N. Frederick-st. 
Cazeir, Elizabeth, 70, Apple alley, F. P. 
Chafiinch Sc Mettee, whitesmi'hs, 32, Light-st- 
Chaffinch, Charles, dwel. 5 6, Light-st. 

( 46 ) 

Chaille, Peter, shoe and boot maker, Fell-st. 1 (5, F. P. 
Chalmers, Wm. rope store, 60, Pratt-st near Smith's 

Chalmers, James, junr. rope store, N. E. corner of St. 

Patrick's Row and Pratt-sts. dwel. Union-st. O. T. 
Chalmers, Revd. Jno Cole's edition, E. P. 

Chalmers, capt. Timothy, 25, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Chalmers, Jno. junr rope maker Cole's addition, E. P. 

Chalumeau, Charles, mariner, 24, S. Charles-st. 

Chambers, George do (col. man) Pearl-st. W. P. 

Chambers, Alex, hatter, Second-st. near Town-clock. 

Chambers, James, cordwainer, 39, Conowago-st. 

Chamberlain, H. k A. inn-keepers, Paca-st. near New- 
market, W. P 

Chamberlain, Saml. drayman, North-st. 

Chamillon, Joseph, French cook, 26, Primrose-alley. 

Champlin, capt. Jno. 33,' Ann-st. F. P. 

Chanche. Jno. grocer, 66, S. Charles-st 

Chandler, Geo. ship carp. 34 Happy-alley,-F. P. 

Chandler, Jacob, bricklayer, 53, Sanitoga-st. 

Chaney, Neal, baker, East near Bridj^e st. O. T. 

Channel, Edmmid, mercht. 94, N. Howard st. 

Chappell, J. painter, 28, Light-st. dwel. New church-st. 

Chapell, Frederick, blacksmith, ^t , Pettieoat-alley. 

Chapell, Wm. 46, E. S. Market-st. F. P. 

Chapman, Amos & Joseph, cheese mongers, 15, Mar- 
ket-space and County wharf, F. P. 

Chapman, Mrs. widow, 30, Harrison -st. 

Chapman, Jno. carp. Britton-st. O. T. 

Chapman, Christopher, ropemaker. Bond near Smith.- 
st. F P. 

Chartreux, Jno. Sail maker, French-alley. 

Chase, Hon. Samuel, one of the associate Judges Su- 
preme Court U. S. Dwel. corner of Eutaw &: Lex- 
ington, St. 

Chase, Samuel, Junr. Attor. at Law, office 17, N. Gay-st. 

Chase, Thomas, Auction Room, N: E. corner of S. 
Frederick and Se :ond sts 

Chase, Capt. Thorndick, mercht. 39, Thames st. F. P. 

Chase, Peter, ship carp. 42, corner of Petticoat-alley 
4ind Gough st. F. P. 

( *7 ; 

Chase, captain B- 57, Ann-st. F. P. 

Chastellier, Benjamin, broker Lovely-lane. 

Chartard, Peter, M D. 19, Sciratoga-st. 

Chattel-ton, Mrs. Azubiih, 25, Ann st. F. P. 

Chaytor, captain, Junies, 72, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 

Chenau, Cathe. corner of Market Jk E. Lancaster-st F.P. 

Chenoweth, Richard B. blacksmith, dvvel. Albermarle 

near Piou,^hman-st- O. T. 
Chffsafieake^ Insurance Comfiany^ office^ 90, Baltitnore-st. 
Cheslcy, Jno. Farmer, 20 E. VViik st F. P. 
Chesney, Thomas, Inn keeper. Fish-market space. 
Cheston, James, merchant de wiling N. Charles-st. near 

Cheston, Daniel, Accountant. Liberty-st. O. T 
Chevigne, Jno. Mary, Professor of Mathematics, dw. 

corner of Eutaw-st. Sc Chamberlain's Alley. 
Child, Wm. merchant, 88, Bowley's wharf. 
Childs, Thomas, grocer, corner of Sharp k Barre-st. 
Childs, Nathanl merchant. Tailor 27, Fell-st F P. 
Childs, Christopher, rigger 53 Market-st. W. S. F. P. 
Childs, James, mariner, 5 6, Market-st. E. S. do 

Chisholm, Thomas, carter, lower Patapsco Ferry road 

S. P. 
Christie, Alex. (col. man) labr. 45, S. Frederick-st. 
Christie, Jno, Fisherman, Montgomery-st. F. H, 
Christie, captain Jno W. Carolina-st. next no. 14, F. P. 
Christine, Jno. carp, back of no, 47 S. Liberty-st. 
Christopher, Elijah, blacksmith, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Chubb, Samuel, taylor, 45 Bond-st F. P. 
Church, Julia Ann, grocer, Fish-market, 
Churchill, Lemuel, carver, 28 Water-st. dwel. Union- 

st. O. T. 
Churchman, Enoch, grocer, S. W. corner of High and 

Bridge-sts. O. T. 
Churchman, Mrs. Mary, milliner, 31 Bridge-st. O. T. 
Clackner, Adam, Senr. bricklayer, King-George, near 

Exeter-st. O. T. 
Clackner, Adam, Junr. do. do. 

Clackner, captain Joseph, 55 E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Clagett, Levi, flour merchant, 4. N. Howard-st. 

{ 4-8 ) 

Clagett, Hezekiah, flour mercht. corner of 1- ayette and 
N. Howard -sts. dwel. Paca, near Saratoga st. W P. 

Clagett, Ely, mercht. Baltimore near Howard st. oppo- 
site 243. 

Clapham JonaS mercht. dwel. N Eutaw, near Bait. st. 

Clare, captain. Alexander. Ann near Fieet-st. F. P. 

Clare. Isaac, pListerei*, 46 Light-st 

Claridge, Brittenham. teacher. Chamberlain's-alley, 

Claridge, Jno. carpet weaver, Ai:;quith st. O. T. 

Claridge, Levin, grocer, 41, corner of Wiik and Caro- 

Clark, Jo^eph, well-digger; Mulberry st. 

Clark, Juno, (col. worn.} L. B. H. corner of Nortli-st. 
and Dutch alley. 

Clark, Andi-ew, paper hanger, Goodman-st. F. H. 

Clark, Barney, grocer, 38. Light st. 

Clark Jno. gentleman, 4, Commerce-st. 

Clark, capt. Jno. L. 14, Commerce st. 

Clark, Ann, Liquor store, 69, S. Fredrick-st. 

Clarke, Jno. cordwainer, 56, Cumberland-row. 

Clark, Mrs. Ann, board, hse. 14, Harrison-st. 

Clark, Charles, ship carp. York-st. F. H. 

Clark, Jno. mercht, 206, Bait. st. 

Clark, Mary. Uundress- Dutch Alley. 

Clark, Joseph, cordwtiiner, 95, Saratago-st 

Clark, Joseph, sen. auctioneer and Inn keeper, corner 
of horse-market and Market-space. 

Clark. Joseph, jun. auctioneer, Marketrspace, dwelling 
33, Hurrison-st 

Clark, Thos. pilot, Wolfe near Allisanna st. F. P. 

Clark, Fr.ncis, labourer, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Clark Sc Reed, tin manufactory, corner of Union and 
Low sts. O. T. 

Clark. Elisha, cornf^r of Forrest and Bridge- sts. O. T. 

Clark, Hannah, milliner, 31, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Clark, Jas, teacher. Bridge near East-st. O. T. 

Clark, Martha, school mistress, PetLicout-allev. F. P. 

Clark, Ji;o fisherman, Bond near Gough st. F. P. 

Clark, Sarah, ll9. Bond st F. P. 

Clark, Jos. ship join- E. Fleet st. near Arguyle-alley, F. f. 

Clark, Wm. bouse carp. 82 Happy -alley, F. P. 

( 49 ) 

Clark, Joseph, shipjoin. E. Fleet-st. near Argyle alley, 

F. P. 
Clarkson, Levinus, g-entleman, 102, S. W. corner ot 

Charles and Camden sts. 
Classon, Jno. porter cellar,* Bond-&t. F. P- 
Clauiice, Peter, Ava^-gon maker, 32, Lexmgton-st. 
Clayton, Rich, cordw. dwell. Ill, Caindcn-st shop, 

6, Ruxton-lane. 
Clements, Nicholas, hatter, 45, S. Calvert st. 
Clemson, Joseph, i^rocer, 76, N. Howard st. 
Clendinen, Wm. U. M D. 7, Fell-st. F. P. 
Clewiit, mariner, Cowpen-alley. 
Clime, Christian, printer and book-binder, 12, S. Chur- 

Cline, Catherine, coraer of Allisanna Sc Wolf sts. F. P. 
Ciine, Geo. ship carp. 20, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Clingman, Jno. hatter, 19, Market-spa^e, E. S. 
Cloney, Jas. Liquor and grocery store, corner of Lan- 
caster-st. 16, and Apple-.illey, F. P. 
Clopper, Andrew, merchant, store, 7, Bowley's wharf, 

Qwelling, N. Calvert st. extended. 
Clopper and Burns, sail-makers, 1, MEIderry's wharf. 
Clopper, Peter, dwell. 38, Albemarle st. O. T. 
Clopper, Sarah, widow, 15, Bank st 
Cloud, Harlin, hat manufactury, corner of Concord and 

Cloudsley, Thos. gentleman. Dwell. Lombard near 

Eutaw St. 
, Clougherty, Jno. labr. N. PLutaw-st W. P. 
Coale, Wm. H. tailor, S. Frederick near Baltimore-st. 

dwe). 70 Green-st. O. T. 
Coale Gc Thomas, booksellers and stationers, 176, Bal- 

Coates, James, teacher Lombard near S. Ploward-st. 
Coats, Francis, grocer, Pubiic-aiiey. 
Coats, Hannah, Fayette-st. 23. 

Cobl), Nathan, blacksmith. Market near Wilk-st. F. P. 
Cochran, Hiram 8c Son, lumber mcrcnt. head of the 

Bashi, dwel. Green-st. W. P. 
Cochran, Wm. cordw. Sharp-st. 

( 50 ) 

t:ochran, Wm. C. 53, Harrison-st 

Cochran, Wm. G. secretaiy to the Baltimore Insurance 

compi^ny, S. E. corner of Water and South-sts. 
Cochran, ^V^m. & Brothers, wholesale drygood mercht. 

I53f, Baltimore-st. 
Cockey, Thos. D. gentleman, 54, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Cotkey, Jno. labr. Happy-alley, F. P. 
Cockrill, Thos. blacksmith, 21, Philpot-st. F. P. 
Coco, Georgette, widow, Harrison, near N. Gay-st. 
Codd, George, stone cutter, 19, Lexington-st. 
Coffey, Susanna, school mistress, 30 Chatham-st 
Cohee, Jno. carp. 68, French-st. O. T. 
Cohen, J. J. grocer, 22, Water st. near Market-space. 
Cole, James, (col. man.) labr. S. Eutaw-st. 
Cole, Saml. Auction room and Lottery-office, 5 Sharp- 

st. dwel. N. Charles-st. near chapel. 
Cole, Wirr. mercht. 25 Second-st. dwel. 22, S. Gay-st. 
Cole, Thomas, tanner and currier, Harrison-st. and dwel. 

Bank near Light-st. 
Cole, Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 37, Waggon-alley. 
Cole, George, chair and spin, wheel maker, 8. High-st. 

O. T. 
Cole, capt. Tliomas, 46, Pitt-st. F. P. 
Cole,, Alexr. teacher of navigation corner of 

Market and Ailisanna-sts. F. P. 
Cole, Frederick, rigger, 23, Bond-st. F. P. 
Coleman, Philip, carp. N. Eutav/-st. W. P. 
Coleman, Richd. blacksmith, Patterson-st near Smith's 

Coleman, Lydia, (col. wom.) Busy-alley. 
Coleman, Jno. cabinet maker, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Coleman, Fanny, 11, W^ Wilk-st. F. P. 
Coleman, Joseph, ship joiner, 34, Philpot-st. F. P. 
C'olhoon, Benjamin, mercht. 13 Light-st. 
Collin, Edward, tailor, Mulberry-st. 
Collin, Peter. Esq. Swedish vice consul, corner of Ca- 
rolina and Fleet-sts. F. P. 
Collins, George, carp. N. Charles near Bernard-s-jt. 
Collins, James, W. carp. do. do. 

Collins, Mary, widow, 56 Light-st. 

( 5h ) 

Collins, James, grocer, 44, W. S. Market-space^ 

fCoIliiis, Joanna, widow, 18, Pratt-st. 

Collins, Charles, mariner, Star-alley F. P. 

Collins, G. C. innkeeper, 18, Jones-st. O. T. 

Collins, Joseph, labr. Green-st. back of the Methodist 

meeting house, O. T. 
Collins S: Corner, sailmakers, Carr's- wharf, F. P. 
Collins. Benjamin, dwcl. Little York-st. back of Trinity 

church, O. T. 
Collins, Sally, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 
Colmes, Andrew, innkeeper, 39, corner of Fleet and 

Strawberry-al!ey, F. P. 
Colvcr. capt. Benjamin, 4^, Pitt, corner of Liberty -st. 

O. T. 
Colvin, Saml. Eden-st. F. P. 
Colvin, Richd. gentleman, Great-York-st O. T. 
Comcgys, Wm" coachmaker, 17 Water-st. dwell. Wa- 
ter St. near the Custom House, 
"omegys, Benj. currier, New-lane, W. P. 
;omegys, Cornelius, mercht. dwell. Hanover between 

Market and Lombard sts. 
;:omtc, Stephen, French board, hse. 200, Bait. st. 
;Zommercll, Francis, grocer, corner of Bond and Al- 

lisanna-sts. F. P. 
2oncklin, Mrs. AV. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Condle, Elcey, widow, 53, Green-st. O. T. 
Conjour. Fred. (col. manj hair dresser, Water st. 
Conrad, Jon. cordwainer, Eutaw st. W. P. 
Conrad, Andrew, drayman, Marble -alley. 
Conrad, Lucas, Sc Co. booksellers, stationers, and paper 

manufacturers, 138, Baltimore st. 
t^onrad, Jno. chair manufactory, 4i, N. Gay-st. 
Constable, Jno. house carp. Green, between North and 

French sts O T. 
Conway, Wm. grocer, 35, Market-space, E. S. 
Conyngham, Geo. teacher, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Conn, Wm. grocer, 89, N. Howard-st. 
Conn, Ann, (col. wom.) lavindress, 74, Hanover st 
Conn, Jacob, carp. 14, Primrose-alley. 
Conn, Daniel, carp. Aisquith-st. O. T. 



( 9"^ ) 

Connaway, Greenbury, grocer, Bait st. extended, W. V- 
Cotinaway, Michael, labourer, 28, Waggon-alley. 
Connaway, Robt. carp. Shakespear-st F. P. 
Connaway, Thos. carp. 38, W. Pleet-st. F. P. 
Connell, Jas. baker, 76, Pratt, near South-st. 
Connell, Cath. mantim-maker, Ea^, near N. Calvert-sv. 
Connelly, Daniel, teacher, Green, corner of Low-st. 

O. T. 
Connelly, Thos. mariner, 3, Wolfe -st F. P. 
Connelly, Henry, lab. E. Lancuster-st. F. P. 
Connelly, Thos. carp, corner of S. Howard-st and 

Connelly, Mary, board, hse. 62, Cumberland-row. 
Connelly. Mrs. widov/. New-lane, W. P 
Conner, Daniel, Sbarp-st. 
Conner, I^. labourer, SO, N. Frederick-st. 
Conner, Nancy, 1 6, Union-st. O T. 
Cook, Jno. F. Printer, Holiiday-st extended, near the 

Cook, Richd. gent. Paca, between Fayette and Balt.-st ' 

W. P. 
Cook, Geo. groceries and cook-sliop, Public Alley. 
Cook, Wm. Inn keeper Sc auct. 8, Market-space, W. S 
Cook, Wm« president of the Union bank of Maryland 

dwel .N. E. corner of Baltimore and Eutaw st. | 

Cook, Saml, grocer, new market, Lexington st W. P^ 
Coomes, Jas. tavern and boarding-house, 10, Bond-st 

F P. 
Cooney, Elizabeth fruit shop, Tripolet's-alley. 
Coons, Jno. painter, 34, Strawberry alley, F. P. 
Cooper, Thomas, grocer, Eutaw, near Lexington-st. 
Cooper, Wells, tailor, 35. N. Liberty-st. 
Cooper, A. B. milliner, 2, N. Liberty-st 
Cooper, Mrs. Ann, do. 181, Bait -st. 
Cooper, Samuel, B. fruit store, 32, Fell-st. F. P. 
Cooper, Elizabeth, widow, Argyie-alley, do. 
Cooper, Wm. mariner, 103, corner of Ann 8c Wilk-st. 

F. P. 
Cooper, Mrs. Rebecca, 9, W. Fleet-st. do. 
Cooper, Calvin, hack-owner, 23, W. Lancaster-st. do 

( 53 ) 

Cooper, Mrs. W. Fleet near Market-st. F. P. 

Cooper, Thomeis, mariner, 38, E. Aliisanna-st. do. 

Cooper, Robert, ship carpenter, Strawberiy-alley, do. 

Cootsher, Caspar, butcher, N. Eutaw, near Lexington- 

Cope, Jasper, dwelling corner of Pratt and Hanover-st. 

Copenhaver, Conrad, cordwainer, New-lane, W. P. 

Coppolt, Hannah, widow, corner of S. Eutaw and Cam- 

Cordery, James, ship builder, 7, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Cornelius, Peter, rigger, Conway, near Howard-st. 

Cornelius, Nicholas, merchant-taylor. 21 South-st. 

Corner, James, sailmaker, IS corner of W. Aliisanna- 
st. and Apple-alley, F. P. 

Cornish, Charles, (col. man) cook shop, 47 S. Frede- 

Cornthwuit and Carey, merchts. 14 Bowley's^-wharf. 

Cornthwait. John, mercht. dwel. 38 Front-st. O. T. 

Cornthwait, Robt. Duke-st. near the run, O. T. 

Cornthwait, Wm. cabinetmaker 106 corner of Bond and 
Fleet-sts. F. P. 

Cornthwait, Grace, grocer 53 Markct-st. W. S. F. P 

Coskery, Bernard, nail manufacturer, 1Q5 N. Howard- 

Costelno, James, taylor, 1 1 W. FIcct-st. F. P. 

Cotton, captain William, M. 52 Philpot-st. F. P. 

Covenhoven, Hannah, 76 Front-st. O. T. 

Coulter, Jno. Innkeeper, I N. Calvcrt-st. 

Coulter, Samuel, tailor, Lombard near Eutaw-st. 

Coulter, Alexander, Siidler, 1 16 Baltimore-st. 

Coulter, Henry, cordwainer. Union, near Bridge-st. 

Coulter, Jno. M.D. corner of Market and Allisanna-sts, 
F. P. 

Coulson, Mary, wi^ow, 56 Albcmarle-st O. T. 

Coulson, Jocob, mariner. Busy-alley, F. H. 

Coulson, Patrick, carp. MontgomerT-^bt F. H. 

Coulson, Tliomas. glass paper my .uiacturer, corner ol 
Charles and Camdcn-sts. dwel. Conway near Hai^o- 
ver St. 

Coupigny, Sanon, Gentleman, 29 Jones st. 

( -54 -) 

Courcelles, captain, 5, E. Fleet-st. 
Courreges, James, cake baker 3 Conawago-st. 
Courreche. Anthony, (col. man) 42 North-st. 
Courrech, Henry, translator of the Danish and Swedish 

languages, 43 Water, near S.Frederiok-st. 
Coiirtenay, Mrs. widow, Albemarle-st O. T. 
Courtenay, Henry, secretary Union Insurance company. 

dwel. 30 S. Gay-st. 
Courville, Grenier gentleman Franklin-st 
Couvertier, John B. Jeweller. 66 High-st O. T. 
Cox, Joseph, hat manufactory, 3, Water-st. opposite 

Cox, James, cashier Bank of BaltimoTc 
Cox, Peter, mercht 3 County- wharf, dwel. 27 Conowa- 

Cox and Co. drygood store, 73 Baltimore-st. 
Cox, Jno. mercht. 118 High-st. O- T. 
Cox, Herman, County -wharf, F. P. 
Cox, captain Isaa?, 84 Happy-alley, F. P. 
Crabbin, Wm. gentleman. Short-alley, W. P. 
Crabbin, Henry, sailmaker, 84, lower end of Smith's-whf 
Craggs, Robert, taylor, 14 Fell-st. F. P. 
Craig, captain James B. corner of Great-York and 

Granby-sts. O. T. 
Craig, Henry, mercht. 77 Smith's-wharf, dwel. Queen, 

near Exeter st. O. T. 
Craig, Jno. grocer and ow^ner of scow^s, scow office, 

Smith's wharf, and dwel. 34 corner of Ann and George- 

sts. F. P. 
Craig, Thomas, grocer, Light, near Forrest-st. nextF. H. 
Craig, Jno. and Jno. D. teachers Baltimore Umoi\ 

school, 130 Baltimore-st. 
Craig. John, mariner, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Cramford, 3r.nd. boot and shoe manufacturer 36 Bridge r 

St. O. T. 
Crangle, Henry, br>kmaker, Welcome alley. 
Crangle, IMary, wido.. do. 

Crawford, Wm. store keeper, 11 North-st. 
Crawford, Jno. M. D. corner of Hanove^-st. and Ger- 

( 55 ) 

Crawford, Sarah, widow, 72, waggon -alley. 

Craycroft, Sarah, 51, N. Gay-st. 

Creu, Hugh, innkeeper, 21 George-st. F. P. 

Creek. Richd. (col. man) drayman, 138, Green-st- O. T. 

Creek, James, do. carter, Union near French-st. 
O. T. 

Creery, Jno teacher, 83 Hanover st. 

Crcswell. Jno A' ademy, 0. Market-st. F. P. 

Crismond. Jno. M. billiard table keeper, corner of Paca 
and Mulberry sts W. P. 

Crist, Elizabeth, widow, 11 1-2, W. Wilk-st F. P. 

Croatches, Danl. rigger, 36. Happy-alley, F. P. 

Cro.ker, Joseph, mariner, 42, W. L?.ncastcr-st. F. P. 

Crockett, widow. P. boording-housc St. Paufs-lane. 

Croger, Nancy, widow, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Cromor, Danl. cooper S. Eutaw st. 

Cromwell, Jacob, G. carp. Sharp st. near St Peter's. 

Cromwell, Jno. M. D. 32, Hanover st. 

Cromwell, Moses, mariner. 59, W. Fleet-st F. P. 

Cronmiller, Philip, blacksmith 63, George-st. do. 

Cronmiller, Thomas, chocolate manufacturer, 71, Cam- 
den, near Hanover-st. 

Crook, Charles, flour and grocery store, 2), Cheapside. 

Crook, Walter, cabinet maker, 47, St Patrick's Row. 

Crook, Ale-^. butcher, 31. Green-st. O. T. 

Crosby, Mrs. priv. boarding-house N. W. corner of N. 
Calvert-st continued and New-Church-st. 

Crosdale, Geo mercht. N. Charlcs-st. near the chapel. 

Crozier. Ann, widow, grocer, 21, Ruxton-lane. 

Cross, Robt. carp. Fish-market. 

Cross, Jno. cooper, Chapel-alley. 

Cross, Mrs. Jane, 72, High-st. O. T. 

Croossgrove, Levy, bookbinder, dwel. 18 Pitt-st. O. T. 

Croutch Wm. house carp. York-st. F. H. 

Crous, David, carp. N. Eutaw-st. 

Grouse, Jno. cordw Chamberlain's Alley. 
Crow. Sarah, widow, 70, corner of Bank-st. and Straw- 
berry-alley, F. P. 
Crow, Thomas, chair maker, 11, corner of Shakespcar 
st and Apple-alley. F. P 

( 56 ) 

Crow, James, B. mercht. dwel. 40, N. Fredcrick-st 

Crowl, Henry, dwel. 30, Water-st. 

Croxall, Miss, 109, Hanover-st. 

Croxall, Jno. superintendant of sweeps, 23, Gcrman-st. 

Cruse, Henry, grocer, 99, corner of S. Howard and 

Cunidon, George, liquor store, 27, Market-space E. S. 
Cullum, Jeremi^Jl, carp. Galiowes hill, E. P. 
Culverwell, Richard, auctioner for the sale of horses 
arid carriages, Market-space, dwel. Pratt-st. near Pa- 
ca, W. P. 

Cummings, Jno. tailor, 5, Rux ton-lane. 

Cummins, Robt. bricklayer, 28, North-st. 

Cunningham, Eleonor, grocer, 4, Cheapside. 

Cuningham, Jno. drover, Barre near Howard-st. 

Cuningham, Jno. gentleman, Courtland-st. near New 

Cuningham, Daniel, carp. 57, corner of Pitt and Liber- 
ty sts. O. T. 

Cunningham, Margaretta, Eden st. F. P. 

Cunoal Jno. Harford road, E. P. 

Cunyngham, capt. Jno. 32, Queen-st. F. P. 

Curley, James, carp. S. Howard near Camden-st. 

Curlet, Mrs. widows 18, Granby-st. O. T. 

Curran, James, French-st. O. T. 

Curran, Michael, tailor, corner of Carolina and Fleet- 
st. F. P. 

Currener, Frederick, tobaconist. Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Curtan, Mary widow, 1, E. Laneaster-st. F. P. 

Curtaiu, Thomas, Butcher, Pitt-st, extended, near Ham- 
stead Hill, E. P. 

Curtain, James, do. do. do. 

Curtis, Jno. Tobacconist, 1 5 Ruxton-Iane. 

Curtis. Mrs. Thames-st next captain Chase's, F. P. 

Curtis, Fran is, pilot, Wolfe, near Lancwster-st. 

Curtis, captain Nehemiah, 11 E. Fleel-st. F. P. 

Curson, Elizabeth, widow Green-st. W. P. 

Carwell, Saml. labourer, York road, E. P. 

Custis, Elizabeth, widow, 79 Hanover-st. 

Custom House, S. W. corner of Wtvter aad S. Gay-9t9 

^ 57 ) • 

Cutts, Robert, brass-founder, Pratt-st near the lower 

Cuzen, George, labourer, 19 Conewago st. 

Uachenbach, carter, S Euta\v-st. 
Daeyir, Joseph, liquor-store, 32 Primrose-alley. 
Dalck, Andrew, soap and candle manufacturer, Pearl-sti 

W. P. 
Daley, Daniel, plasterer, Conway near Hanover-st. 
Daley, James, liquor and grocery storfe, Pratt, near 

Dailey, Jacob, chair maker, Baltimorc-st. opposite no. 

2, dwel. 68 Front-st. O. T. 
Daley, Wni. grocer, corner of Albemarle Sc K. George- 

sts O. T. 
Dalrymple, Jno. gentleman. King George, near the 

corner of Albeniarle-st. O. T. 
Dall, ^Irs. Eleonora, Lemmon-st. 
Dall, James and Co. merchts. 190 1-2 Baltimore-st. 
Dameron. captain Jno. 1 3 E. Allisanna st. F P. 
Danskin. Wm. sailmakcr, lower end of Bowley's-wharf, 

dvvcl. Prince, between President and Albemarle-sts. 

O. T. 
Dare, Ephraim, tailor. 3 Light-st 
Darnell. Paul, labourer, (col. man) Short-alley. 
Dashiell, Revd. George, rector of St. Peter's, Sharp-st. 
Dashiell, captain Henry, 39 S. W. corner of Market and 

Allisanna sts. F P. 
Dashiell, Mary. 33 Ann-st.F. P. 

Dashiell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
D;ishiell, Patty, Apple alley, near Dulany-st. F. P. 
Ddstuge, M.D 2 3 Water-'st 
Daudy. Julian, King-George-st. O. T. 
Daunis, Simon, Chapel-alley 
Davies, Wm. bootmaker, York st F. H. 
David, Moses, (col. man) oyster house, 60 N. Gay-st. 
Davidge, John B, M. D. Chatham-st near St. Paur^' 

Davidge. Jno scavenger, 48 E. Fleet st. F. P. 
Davidson, Danl. carp. Aisquith-st. O. T. 

( 68 ) 

Davidson, Robt. chair maker, 14 Pitt-st. O. T.-. 
Davidson, Saml. accountant, Mulberry-alley- 
Davidson, Saml. oakcooper, Franklin-lane. 
Davidson, James, cooper, 64 Pratt-st 
Davey, captain Hugh, D. Ann-st. F. P. 
Davey, Peter, 129, corner of Wilk and Wolfe-sts. do.. 
Davies, Jno. cordAv. 93, N. Howard-st. 
Davies, Wm. do. York-st. F. H. 
Davies, Luke, carp. 103 Camden-st. 
Davies, Joshua, mariner, 80, Carolina near Gough-st. 

F. P. 
Davies, capt Thomas, S. 27, Shakespear-st. F, P. 
Davis, Mary, widow, 18, Bridge-st O. T. 
Davis, Benj. carp. Eden-st. F. P. 
Davis, Hetty, 6, Carolina-st. F. P. 
Davis, Joseph, boat-builder, 26, Queen-st. F. P. 
Davis, Catherine, widow, E. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Davis, Thomas, boat-builder, 56, Gough-st F. P. 
Davis, Thomas, sail-maker, 55, do. do. 
Davis, James, cordwainer, N. Eutaw-st. 
Davis, Jane, (col. wom.) Goodman-st. F H. 
Davis. Jno. superintendant of the water works, N. Char- 

les-st. near chapel. 
Davis, Saml. rope store, corner of Cheapside and Pratt- 

sts. dwel. 30, N. Frederick-st. . 
Davis, capt. Robert, 51, St. Patrick's-row. 
Davis, Robert, innkeeper, Pratt st. next 20, near Du- 

gan's wharf. 
Davis, Jno. saddler, 12, Lexington-st. 
Davy, Henry, cabinet-maker, 95, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Davy, Wm. bricklayer, rorner of Bond and Wilk-sts do. 
Dawes, Jas. teller of the Mechanic's bank, dwell. 114, 

Green-st. O. T. 
Dawney, Edward, tallow chandler, S. Frederick-st. 
Dawson, capt. Philemon Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Dawson, Wm. carp. Wolfe-st F. P. 
Dawson, Thos. ship carp. Montgomery, near Forrest-st. 
Dawson, James, rev. officer, 82, Camden-st. F. H. 
Day, Israel, block and pump maker, 42, Pitt-st. dwell. 

49, corner of Wolf and Alli£aniia-sts. F. P. 

( 59 ) 

Day, Edward, mariner, Sharp-st. 

Deagen, Mrs. gentlewoman, N. Gay-st. 

Deagens, Ann, grocer, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Deagle, capt. Simon, 55, S. Charles-st. 

Deal, Christian, inn keeper, 8, Market st. E. S. F. P. 

Deal, Jacob, tailor, Fi-anklin, near Howard-st. 

Deaver, Jno. conveyancer, N. Charles-st. opposite U. 

Deaver, Philip, labourer, L. Patapsco ferry road. S. P. 

De Beet, Cornelius, fancy painter, 17, Hurrrisoa-st. 

Debbettor, Jacob, cordwainer, 29, N. Gay-st. 

Debruler, Grecnberry, mariner, 6, LLght-st. 

Decosey, Henry, inn keeper, S E. corner of Fish-mar- 
ket and Warden-st. 

Decouit S: Bacconnais, accademy, 11,. S. Charles-st. 

Decker, George and Forney, merchants, 25, corner of 
Howard and Fayette- sts. 

Decker, Mary, widow, Fayette-st. 

Dcgraff, Riclmrd, blacksmith, Conway-st. 

Degoei, Bart, house carpenter, 23, Second-st. 

Delacour, Jas. accountant, Paca, near Pratt-st. W. P. 

Dclahay, Jno. livery stable, 6, Front-st. O. T. 

Delahay, Sarah, (col wom.) Dulany-st. O. T. 

Delano, Isaac, (col. man) oyster house, corner of Sara- 
toga £c North-st. 

Delany, Jno. tailor, 9, Fell-st. F. P. 

Delcher, Valentine, meal dealer, York road, E. P. 

Delcher, Geo. do. do. 

Delegate, Mrs. 92, High-st. O. T. 

Delinotte, Charles, gent. 48, Waggon alley, 

Deloughery, John, assistiint weigh-mastcr, 24, Pitt-st. 
O. T. 

Deems, Jacob, currier. Whiskey-alley. 

Demangin, Charles, cabinet-maker, 103, N Howard-st 

Dempsey, Luke, grocer, corner of Wilk-st. and Hap- 
py-alley, F. P. 

Demuth, Peter, cordwainer. German near Eutav/ st 

Denmead, Sc Wall, measurers of Buildings, office 26 

Denmead, Adani, do. 39. Grccn-st. O. T, 

( eo ) 

Denniead, John, Cabinet Maker, 62 South-st. 

Denos, Mary, School mistress Montgomery -st F. 11. 

Denson, John, Mariner, 137 Bond-st. F. P. 

Denys, Nancy, Widow, French-alley. 

Denys, Benjamin, mercht. 72 N. Howard-st. dwel. 40 

Dennison, James, mercht. 47 N. Howard-st. 
Dennison, John, M. merchant. 5 Pratt-st. dwel. back 60 

Denny, Wm. shipjoiner, 58 lower end Pitt-st. dwel. 24 

Phiipot-st. F. P. 
Deplanty, Bertrand, gentleman, 96 High-st. O. T, 
Derkhiem, Myer, clothier, 20 Fell-st. F. P. 
Derrick, Susanna, widow, Market-st. 33 W. S. F. P. 
Detichamps, Mr. Caulker, French-alley. 
Deshaies, Thomas, gentleman, 4 Carolina-st. F. P. 
Deshon, Christopher, merchant, 57 Smith's whin'f. 
Desk, Micheal, labr. lower Patapsco Ferry road, S. P. 
De Spada, Charles, grocer. 59 Harrison-st 
Despuux, Joseph, ship Builder, 37 Philpot-st F. P. 
Desvareux, Francis, gentlemen, 18 Commerce-st. 
Detmar, Frederick, grocer, corner of Eutaw & Frank- 
lin sts. 
De Valcour, Alexander, genteel boarding house, 28 S. 

Dew, William, carp. 62 High-st O. T 
Dewald, Philip, Maypole Inn, corner of Paca Sc Ger- 

man-st. W. P. 
Dewees, Andrew Sc Co. merchat. lower end Dugan's 

wharf, dwel. Lombard near Eutaw-st. 
Dewhurst, George, glass paper manufactory, corner of 

Camden Sc Charies-sts. dwel. Forrest-st. next door 

C. Hughes, F. H. 
Dick, James, plasterer, Carolina near Gough-st. F. P. 
Dickehut, Geovge, confevtioner, 127 S. E. corner of 

Ballimore-st. Sc Public-alley. 
Dickins, Mrs. widow, Baitimore-st. 136. 
Dickinson, Henry, grocery, 86 N. Howard-st. 
Dickinson, Edward, shipcarp. 26 Anu-st. F. P. 
Dickinson, Catherine, 6 Philpot-st. F. P. 

( ^^ ) 

Dickmeycr, Aug'usti>s, brass founder, Grcen-st. \V, P. 
Dkksoii, John, Tho. £c Wm. Harchvure store, 82 Bal- 

Diddcp, John, merchant tailor, 129 S. W. corner of 

Baltimore-st Sc Public -alley. 
DiffenderfTcr, D.miel, gentleman. Great York-st. near 

Excter-st. O. T. 
Difienderffer, Richard, shoe Sc feed store, 12 Bridgc- 

st. O. T. 
DiffendcrfTer, Peter, hard-ware store, 23 S. E. corner 

Baltimore 8c S. Frederic k-sts. 
DitFonderller, John, merchant. 65 IVI Elderry's wharf 

coiner of Pratt-st. dwcl 43 St. Patricks-Row. 
Diff^^ndcrffer, Ch-irles. china store. 3 Market Space E. S. 
Dificndcrlier, Charles, grocer, 5 Lialtimore-st. 
])ig^s Ignatius, cordwaincr, 66 st. O T. 
Diiia.vay, Thomas, C. ship joiner, 27 W. Lancaster- 

st F. P. 
Diliehiunt, John, currier, 39 S. Calvcrt-st near Water 

dv.el. N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Dillon, John, merchant. Spear's wharf, dwel Paca near 

Lexington st. 
Dlilworth, Lucy, w4dow, 9 Second-st. 
Dimond, captain Wm. E. Aliisanna-st. near Market - 

St. F. P. 
Dinsmore £c Moore, merchants, 110 N Howard st. 
Dh-agen, John, boarding house W. Allisanna-st F. P. 
Disney, Rachel, widow, E. Bank-st. next Happv-alley 

F. P. 
Disney. Wm. painter Sc glaz. 70 Front st. O. T. 
Disney, Benjaniin, ditto 2 I Lexington-st. 
])ix, Jsaac, rigger, 60 Happy-alley. F. P. 
Dixon. Jv>hn, ditto, 2 do do. 

Dobbin, G. Sc Murp!jy, prii^ters, booksellers, 2c Estab- 

ed lottery office, iO, Baltimore st. 
Dobbin, Archibald, Custom-house officer, Ann-st. F. P. 
Dobbin, Hester, Vulcan-alley. 
Dobbins, Wm. carp. S. Hov/ard-st. corner of Botlle-a\- 


( 62 ) 

Dobler, Jno. M. cordial distiller, corner of French and 

Forrest-sts. O. T 
Dobier, Jacob, tailor, 7, Bond-st. F P. 
Dodd, Jno. tailor, 52, corner of Green and Brids-e-sts. 

O. T. 
Doddrell, & Hindes, curriers, 10, Water near South-st 
Doddreil, James, currier, dwel. Si. Patrick's Row. 
Doft, Geo, tailor, President-st. near lower bridge, O. T, 
Dogne, Rose, \vidow, 23, S. Charles-st. 
Dombrowsky, Reynold, blacksmith, 34, Harrison-st 

dwel. 41, ditio. 
Domestic Warehouse, 2, N. Charles-st. nearly opposite 

Union bank. 
Donaldson, Joseph, mercht. N. Eutaw-st. near Sarato- 

Donaldson, Saml. attorney at law, 64, Hanover-st. office 

neart Court- louse. 
Donaldson, James, J. do. St. Paul's-lane corner 

of Chatham-st. 
Donaldson, James, Lowrey, law, New-church-st. 
DoUvddson, George, cordwainer, 17, Lexington st. 
Donaldson, Jno. carp. N. Charles near Conowago-st. 
Donahoe, Jacob, shipwright. Star alley, F. P. 
Donahoe, Patri._k, cordw. 64, Pratt. st 
Donavan, Watts, cooper, Mulberry-alley. 
Donavan, Timothy, labr. 23, North-st. 
Donavan, Bartholomew, gent. 57, Frenth-st. O. T. 
Donavan Val. carp, corner of East and Nurth-sts. O T. 
Donohoe, Barney, grocer, 115, N. Howard near Frank- 

Donsee, Leopold, boot and shoe manufry, 225, Balti- 
more -st. 
Dcnnell, Jno. mercht. dwel. v/ater near South-st. 
Donnelly, James, drayman, 58, Green-st. O. T. 
Donnelly, Daniel, pedlar, 13, Carolinu-st. F. P. 
Donnelly, Hugh, watchman, 60, Apple-alley, do. 
Donnelly, Peggy, 66, Lexington-st. 
Doolen, Rhodey, grocer, So, corner of Sara.toga and 

Dcor, Jno. (col. man) labr. Green near Bridge-st O. T. 

( 63 ) 

!^op, Gcorg-e, soap and candle manu factory^ Fish-st. 

Dori^an, capt. Andrew, 50, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Dor in {J, V altera, widow, Sarator^a-st. 

Dorney, Barlholoraew, grocer, Connty -wharf, F. P. 

Dorney, Ann, Manuia maker, St. Paul's-iane, corner 

of Chatham-st. 
Dornin. Bernard, Pvoman Cnth. library. 30, B-dtimor-sl. 
Dcrsey, J.imcs, teacher, 179, corner of AlUsanna and 

Ann sts. F. P. 
Dorscy, Jno. mariner, 26. W. Allisanna st. F. P. 
Dorscy, Elizabeth, E. Allisanna-st. near Market, F. P. 
Dofsey, Owen, E.sq. oPTice, N. Ccdvert-bt. near Court- 

hoiise — dwel. Green-st. W. P. 
Dorscy E!iz. %\idovv, S Eutavv near Lombard st. 
Dovsey, Jno. genlletnan. Sharp-st. near St Peter's. 
Dorsey Jno. do. 'v't\ 
Dorsey, Edw. II do. N. Charles-st near Cathedi-al. 
Dorscy, Thomas, B. E.sq. attorney at law, otTice, 9, Chat- 
ham st. dwel. Charhs-st. near Sirato^^a-sl. 
Dorscy, Waller, Esq. attorn, at law, N. E. corner of St. 

Paul's-lane and New-church-st. 
Dorsey, Edw. cabinet maker, 4, ?vlarket-spacc, E. S. 
Dun-icy, A.llon, H. men at. Bowley's-wharf, 87, dwel. 

50, Camden-st. 
Dorsey, Wm. H. Bowley's-wharf, 85, dwel. 23,Pratt-st. 
Dorsey, Jno. E. office, Waier-st 
Dorsey, Ely, jun. dry L^ood store, 171, Baltimore-st. 
Dorsey, Vachel, inspector of tobacco, dwel. Camden-st. 

near the cornei* of Sharp-st. 
Dorry, Henry, chymist and apothecary. 5, Market-st. 

dwel. 5 5, do. F. P. 
Dosh, Jno. Michael, havdw and cntly. 41, S Charles-st. 
Dougherty, Hugh, labr. Holiiday-st. extended. 
Dougherty, Patrick, liquor store, SO, Harrison-st. 
Dougherty, Jno. Esq. ofiice K. Tammany-st — dwel. 

Douglas, George, (col. man) drayman, S. Howard near 

Con way -St. 
Dove, Henry, carter, Green near French-st. O. T. 
Downs, James, weaver, Happy-alley, near Wilk-st. F. P. 

{ ^4 ) 

Do^'iis, Solomon, hackdriver, Short-alley. 
Dowries, Jno. do. Cider-alley. 

Doxey, Joseph, innkeeper, 2, Phiipot-st. F. P. 
Doyle, Patrick, grocer, 97, Bond-st. do. 

Doyle, Patrick, mariner, 18 George-st. do. 
Drake, Wm. rope maker, Bridge-st. extended, O. T. 
Drawbaiigh, Valentine, oakcooper, 46 S. Fedeiick-st. 
Driscoll, capt. Cornelius, Aisquith-st. near Mr. M-El- 

derry's, O. T. 
Driscoll, Elizabeth, widow, Happy-alley, F. P. 
Drummond, Wm. shipwright, 2, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Drydrpa,, boot and shoe maniif. corner of Balti- 

more-st. and M'Ciellans-alley. 
Dryden, Milby, mercht. tailor, 199, Baltimore -st. 
Dubcrnat, Jno. A. mercht. 3, Dutch-alley. 
Dublin, Thomas, (col. manj preacher, 21, Ruxton lane. 
Dubois, Aime, cabinetmaker, 35, S. Gay-st. 
Dubois, Jos. (col. man) hair dres , 17, George-st F. P. 
Ducatel, Edme, apoth'ry. and chymist, 26, Ballimore-st. 
Ducatel. Germain, do 20 do. 

Duchesne, Valentine, carp. Strawberry-alley. 
Duckett, Mrs. Sophia, 1 6, Saratoga-st. 
Duclairacq, James, proles, of musick, 7, Baltimore-st 
Dudley, Sarah, widow, 58, North-st. 
Dufour, Mr. haker, Carolina near Gough-st. F. P. 
Duffy, Henry, grocer, Piitterson-st- near Spear's-wharf. 
Dugan's Tobacco Ins/iection Warehouses, lower end of 

Dugan, Cumberland, gentleman, dv/el. 26, corner of 

Gay and Sc. ond-sts. 
Dugan. Mary, Cowpen-alley. 
Dugos, Francis, grocer, 103, Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Dukehart, Valerius, grocer, 101 i 2, Baltimore-st. 
Dukehart. IVIarga widow, do. do. 

Dukcheart, Eliz. widow, 13, Baltimore-st 
Dukehart, Jno. carp East-st. near Presby. meet-house. 
Duluc, Andrew, fruit store, 2, S. Gay-st. 
Dumas, Raymond, drygood store, 52, N. Howard st. 
Dunan, Lewis, M. M.' D. 40, Chatham-st 
Dunbar, Mr. acctjunt. ^X the U. B.dwel. St. Paul's- 

{ 65 ) ■ 

Duncan, Marga. mantna maker. Tripolet's-alley. 
Duncan, Rebecca, boardint^ house, 10, Harrison-st. 
Duncan, Jno. coach maker, Still house-st. O. T. 
Duncan, Mary, widow, 64, W. Flcet-st F. P. 
Duncan, Jno. painter and glazier, E. Fleet, near Foun 

tain-st. F. P. 
Dungan, Wm. boot and shoe n-.anufr. 7, X. Lil^crty-st. 
Dungan, Jesse, millwright, Albemarlc-st. O. T. 
Dunham, W. L. bricklayer, 45 Market-st. F. P. 
Dunham, Jacob, ship carp. Star-alley, F. p. 
Dunkel, Geo. A. M. D. 217 Baltimore, near Liberty-st. 
Dunkin, captain Perry, Philpot-st. next Mr. Sutton*s. 
Dunsford, Wm. ship carp. 30 E. Allisanna-st. F.P. 
Dunsmore, Jno. blacksmith, Stillhousc-st. O. T. 
Dunwoody, Robt. oakcooper, next no 62 Prattrst. 
Dunn, Wm. tailor. 243 Baltimorc-st 
Dunn, Mr. 65 E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Dunnewell, Fanny, (col v/om.) cookshop. Dock-alley 
Dunning, Peggy, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Diinningham. Thomas, mariner, 20 coi-ner of Bank and 

Eden-sts. F. P. 
Duon, Henry, lace and fringe manuflicturer, Watcr-st. 

at Peters's bridge. 
Duport, P. L. professor of dancing, IloUiday-st next 

door to Revd. Mr. Kurtz. 
Dupuis, Ann, Brandy-alley. 
Du])uis, Stephen, gentleman, Morris-st. W. P. 
Durding, John, wheelwright, Temple alley, O. T. 
Duret. and Jalliffie. tailors and clothiers, N. W. corner 

of Cumberland-row and Pratt st. 
Durham, Lloyd, grocer, corner of S. Eutaw and Cam- 
den sts. 
Durham, IMartha. milliner, corner of Baltimore and 

Durham, Mary, mar.tua-maker, Franklin-lane. 
Durham, Martha, milliner, 205 Baltimore-st. 
Durham. George, hack driver. Struwberry-alley, F. P. 
Dutro, George, constable, 73 Waggon-aile'y. 
Di.vall, Marine H» corner of Forrest-lane and Sarc- 

F 2 

( 66 ) 

Duvall, Nathan, corcUv. 45 BaltiiTiore-st. 

Dwyer, Wm. corclw. 50 corner of Market and Allisai^ 

na-sts. F. P. 
Dye, captain Wm. 64 Market-st. E S. F. P. 
Dyer, Wm. carp. Fountain-st. F. P. 
Dykes, Thos. accountant, Cowpen alley. 
Dyser, Mrs. widow, 88 Baltimore-st. 

Eagleman, Charles, cutler, 4 Granby-st. O. T. 
Eagleston, Richard, carp. Dulany-st. O. T. 
Eagleston, Abraham, carp. Eden, near Gough-st. F. P. 
Eagleston, Abraham, waterman, Bond, near Smith-st. 

F. P. 
Eagleston, Henry, mariner, 1 8 Shakespear-st. 
Eagleston, Benjamin, carp. Ross-st- W. P. 
Ealer, Doctor Peter, next no. 25 Water-st. 
Earnest, George, boot and shoe manufacturer, head of 

Hollingsworth's-dock, dwel. 19 German-st. 
Eastburn, Washington, hatter, 95 French-st O. T. 
Easton, captain N. W. Great-York-st. near Mr. Har- 
grove's church, O. T. 
Easton, Jno' stone-cutter, St. Paul's-lane. 
Eaverson, Joseph, coachmaker, Ploughman-st. O. T. 
Eberhardt, Jacob, carp. Gough's-road, O. T. 
Ebervein, Wm. baker, Forrest-st. F H. 
Eckel, Philip P. gauger, Peace-alley. 

Eckles, Abigail, widow. Brandy-alley. 

Eden, Jno. butcher, lower Patapsco Ferry road, S. P. 

Edes and Leakin, printers, offi*.e corner of Bank antl 
Calvert sts. 

Edes, Benjamin, dwel. N. Frederick-st. 

Eddes. Jno. cordwainer, 36 North- st. 

Eddy, Rufus, do. Aisquitli-st. O. T. 

Edger and Parks, merchts. Franklin, near Howard-st. 

Edmondson, Joseph, drayman, Ross st. W. P. 

Edmondson, T. and I. dry good merchts, 194 Balto-st. 

Edmundston, Cassandra, widow, Frankliivlaue. 

Edwards, captain W. M. 20 S. Charles-st. 

Edwards, Charls. manner, (col. man) Goodman-st. F. III. 

Edwards, Jonathan, merchant, 4€ N. Frederick-st^ 

( 67 ) 

Edwards, Cadwallader, diygood store, 2 1 Baltimore st. 

d\vel. Union-st. next no. 20 O. T. 
Edwards, Wm. carp. Prutt-st. road, W. P 
Edwards, Wm. carpenter, Kuig-George, near Lloyd- 

st. O. T. 
Edwards, John, Kibourer, French-st. O. T. 
Edwards, Thomas, chandler, 19 Fell-st F. P. 
Egerton, Charles Calvert, mercht. M'Clure's-v/harf. 
Ehrenman, John, (.hair maker, Frenchnrans-alley- 
Eichelbcrger. INIartin, tanner, corner of Pearl and Sa- 

ratog'u-sts. W. P. 
Eichelbcrger. Jesse, mercht. corner of S. Howard and 

Eichelbcrger, INIartin, wcighmastcr, 24, Hanover-st. 
Eichelbcrger, George, tobacco manufacturer. Water, 

near South-sl — Dwel. 23, commerce-st. 
Eichler, Sally, widow, S. Eutaw-st. 
Eidelberg, Ann, widow, Saratoga-st. 
Eisenbery, Peter, store and dwel. Pratt near Eutaw-st. 
Eiselen, Jno. drayman, 43, corner of Pitt ^nd Potter- 

sts. O. T. 
Elbert, doctor, 58, E. S Market-st. F. P. 
Elder, Hillary, hatter. Short-alley. 
Elder, Bazil, S. flour mercht. 3, N. Howard-st.— dweb 

Fayette near Eutaw-st. 
Elder, Esther, tailoress, Strawberry-alley. 
Elder, James, hack owners do. 
Eldred, capt. Saml. 26, Vv^. Fleet-st. F P. 
Ellender, Frederick, plasterer. Friendship st. O. T. 
Ellicott, Elias, flour mercht. I, Eiiicott's-whurf — dwel. 

Sharp • orner of Lombard-st 
EllicoU, Thomas, do 2, do. dwel. cor- 

ner of Pratt and Sharp-sts. 
Ellicott, Benj. k. James, do 3. 8c 4 do. 
Ellicott, Andrew, jun. do corner of New-st. St Pub- 
Elliot, Jno. carp, opposite 31,Green-st O. T. 
Elliot, James, plasterer, Aisqulth-st. O. T. 
Elliot, Nicholas, butcher, K. George-st. near Hai'ford- 
run, O. T. 

( 68 ) 

Elliot, Hartman, owner of hackney coaches, 18, S. How- 

ard-st. corner of Cider-aliey. 
Elliot, Robt. paper-hanger, store, 7, N. Charles-st. op- 
posite Union Bank — dwel. 38 1-2, Pratt-sL. 
Ellis, Rebec, widow, Little-York, near Granby-st. O. T- 
Ellis, Jno. carp 117, N. Howard-st. 
Ellis, Stephen, tailor, 3, Primrose-alley. 
Elvin, Elizabeth, grocer, b7^ Wolfe-st. F. P. 
Emmick, Jacob, carp, corner ofS. HoMard-st. and Bran- 
Emick, Nich. 8c Co. morocco dressers, 15, Water st 
Emerson, James, coachmakcr, Concord-st. near Muse 

Ennis, Philip, carter, 17, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Ennis, Joshua, gent. 58, Market near Wiik-st. F. P. 
England, James, jeweller and silvxrsmith, 24, Bond st-. 

F. P. 
English, Martial, carp. N. Eutaw-st. 
English, David, plasterer, Whiskey-alley. 
Ensor, Henry. North-st. 

Ensor, Wm. brickmaker, Biidge near Zlast-st. O. T- 
Ensor. Martha, 30, Quccn-st. F. P. 
Erbp, Christian, carp, 66, Lexhigton st. 
Erwin, Jno. umbrella manufactr. and silversmith, 124, 

Baltimore-st — dwcl. Holiiday-st. extended 
Esccivaille, Joseph, kecjier of Merchants CofftC'liouse^ 

36, South-st. 
Eseiy, Kimbold, cooper, 6, Qiieen-st. F. P. 
Esender, Jno. superintd. of sweeps, 29, Conowago-st. 
Espinvird, Jno. gent. Hanover, opposite Lombard-st. 
Etcl::berger. Wm. sen. 14, F. P* 
Etchbergfjr, Jno. botttbuilder, 33, Queen-st. F. P. 
Etciiberger Wm. jun. do. opposite 40, do. do. 
Ettler. Jno. drayman, bottle-allcy, near S. Eiitaw-st. 
Ettnig, Solomon, mercht. Baltimore-st. opposite Col- 
inn — dwel. do. 294. 
Ettmg Mrs. Shina, gent, boarding-house, 135, Balti- 
Euler^ Nicholas, potter, Whiskey-alley. 
Evans, Isaac, shoe-store, 173, Baltimore-st. dwel. Green 
neai* German-st. W. P. 

( i^t) ) 

Evans, Charles, mercht. — dwel. Paca near Lexington- 

st. W. P. 
Evans, Daniel, baker near Liberty engine-house N. Li- 

Evans, Wm. labr. Goodman-st. F. H. 
Evans and Gwinn, merchts. 10, County-wharf, or S. 

Evans, Eliz. dryp;ood store 3, S. Calvcrt-st. 
Evans. Jno biscuit baker, bakeliouscs, 61, South-st. and 

Price's-wharf, F. P. — dwcl. Second sst. near Tripo- 

Evans, Griffith, cooper and ov/ner of Scows, Spear's- 

wharf — dwel. 62, Pratt- st. 
Evans, Sally, widow, 72 \Vag:gon-aIley. 
Evans, Wm. deputy sheriff, 64, Ann-st. t. P. 
Evans, Thomas, grocer, 56, corner of Fieet-st. and llap 

py-allev, F P. 
Evans, Daniel, labr- Happy-alley, near Wilk-st F. P. 
Evans, Francis, pilot, 18, W. Wiik-st do. 

Evans, Jno. bisriiit baker, 1, corner of Great-York and 

High-sts. O. T. 
Evans, Joseph, baker. East, between French and North* 

.Ota. O. T. 

Evans, Nancy, widow, 72, French-st. O. T. 

Evans, Henry, bricklayer, 29, Eden-st F. P. 

Evatt, Edward whitesmith, 36, Light-st. 

Eveleth, capt. Eben. 82, Pitt, near Aisquitli-st. O. T. 

Everett, James, tanner, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Everett, Thomas, hardware and umbrella munufactory, 

179, Baltimore st. 
Everson, Nichs. 83, M Elderry's-wharf 
Ewaldt M-vrgarettu, Busy-i.lley. 
EwMidt, Cathrrific. v/idow, Burre, near Sharp-st. 
Ewaldt, Jno. 11. grocer, icrncr of Green and Frankliur 
^ sts. W P. 
Ewing\ James, mariner, 7. Thames-st. F. P. 

Faber, Jacob, mariner. New-lane, W. P. 
Faget, Jno. kee/ier of the. French Coffee-house^ 4, South 


( ^0 ) 

Pagg, Catherine, milliner, 20, Bridge st. O. T. 
Fahcrty, Bartholomew, labr. N. Euuw-st. W. P. 
Fal eny, capt. Thomas, 17, W. \Vilk-st. F. P. 
Fahnestock & Adams, merchts 13,N. Howard-st. 
Fahnestock, Derrick, mercht — dwel. Fayette, near the 

corner of Kutaw-st. 
Fahs, Casper, baker, S. E. corner of Frederick and 

Fuirbairn, Thos. H. & Co . soap and candle manufactr.. 

Hianpstead-hill-st near stone bridge, O. T. 
Fuirlvuiks, Wm. joinr-r, 13, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
F.ii field. Tiios. brassfounder, Tripolef s-allcy. 
Falls Sc Brown, merchants, head of ODonneirs dock, 

FaDior Sc Kruse*s Hotel, 2 8, B.\ltimore-st. 

Farn ndis, Saml. and Waiter, drygood store, 113, Bal* 

ti more St. 
Farnandis, Saml. — dwel. HolikUy-st. extended. 
Fai relj. Ja.mes. W. lumber mercht INPJillderry's-whai'f. 
Farrier, Jno. drayman, corner of Bond and Wilk-sts. 

F. P. 
Fa,Si:ener, Peter, innkeeper. South Eutaw-st. opposite 

Buck kiins. 
Faure, Doi'othea, -widow, matrass manufry. water-st. 
Faurc, Joseph, gentleman, Pitt near Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Faiisz. Theobald, boot and shoe maker, 53, the last 

house on S. Liberty-st. 
Faulh, Ernst, tailor, 66 Lexington-st 
Favier, Anthony, gentleman, 32, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Favier, M- ry. widow, 43, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Fayard, Peter, upholsterer, 5 1, St. Patrick's-row. 
Fearon, Elizabeth, widow, innkeeper, horse-market, 

Swan -St. 
Fearson, capt. Jesse, Granby near the corner of Pitt-st. 

O T 
Federal Gazette office, St. Paul-s-lane, opposite Post-Of- 

Federal Refiublican office, N. W. corner of Gay and Se-' 

cond sts. 
Fee, Michael, drayman, N. Eutaw, near Saratoga-sts. 

( Tl ) 

Feinour, Charles, plumber & founder, 32, Market-st. E. 
S. F. P. 

Fell, Elijah, 56, Front st. O. T. 

Fell, Wm cooper, S. Union-st. O. T. 

Fenby, Sumuel, shoe store, 39, Bond-st F. P. 

Fenby, Peter, trunk-maker, 31, E. AUisanna-st. do. 

Fendcill, E. surg;eon dentist, 24, South-st. 

Fenton, Jno maViner, 72, E. \Viik-st. corner of Stai^ 
alley, F P. 

Fenton, Thomas, bell-hanger, 43, Harrison-st. 

Fen wick, Eliza widow, 76, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Fennell, Caleb, ship-carp 37, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Fennell, Thomas, Wagt^on-aley. 

Fennell, Jno- corner of Franklin and Eutaw-sts. 

Fergusson, Robt. & Jno merchts. 76, Bowley's-wharf. 

Fergusson, Robt merchant, 70, Hanover-st. 

Ferguson, Catherine, china repairer, 17, Light-st. 

Ferguson, Jno. capt. Frenchtown packet Forrest-st. F. H. 

Ferguson, Wm. stevedore, 5 4, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Ferguson, Charles, carp. Forrest, near Bridge-st. O. T. 

Ferol, Stephen, carp. Morris-st. W P. 

Fcrraiand Du pin, looking-glass and picture store, 100, 
Baltimore st. 

Ferrall, Peter, grocer, 33, S. Charles-st. 

Fcrrall, James, 69 Bond-st. F. P. 

Ferrall, capt. Jeffrey, 122, Ann-st nearPhila. road, F. P. 

Ferrall, Ruth, East, near Bridge-st. O. T. 

Fcrrand, Jno. (col. man) hair dresser, 16, Bridge-st. do- 

Ficke Herman, wood, ivory and metal turner, 42, Lex- 
ington st 

Fidler, Daniel, dry good Sc groceries, 63, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Field, Jno. B. (col. man) labourer, N Eutaw-st. 

Fields, Joseph, merchant, Conowago-st. 

Fields, Catherine, 25. Fayette-st. 

Fields, Wm. Pilot, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Fifer, Jno. hack-drivei', 107, Green-st. O. T. 

Figuiere, Delfosse, widow, 25, E. AUisanna-st. F. P 

Fiiius, Jacob, at the glass-house, foot of Federal-hiil 

Finiister, Alex, shoe store- 23 1-2, Baitimore-st. 

i^hiagan, Rosanna, Happy-allfcy, F. P. 

( 72 )- 

Hn^an, James, ship carpenter, 50, Happy-alley, F. P. 

Finlater, James, bookbinder, N. Calvert-st. extended. 

Finlass, Sebastian, gent. 3, East-st. 

Finlay, Jno. and Hugh, fancy funuture mamifacturers^ 
60, corner of Gay and Frcderick-sts. 

Finley, James, grocer, 1 10, Dugan's wharf. 

Finiey, Richard, (col. man) Bath-st. 

Finley, 5c Van Lear, merchts. 45, S. W. corner of How- 
ard and Lexington-sts. 

Finley, Ebezr. mcrcht. corner of Paca and Fayette-st. 

Finley, Thomas, merchant, dwell. Grecn-st. W. P. 

Finn, Wm. keeper of batiis, Hoiiiday-st. extended near 

Firby, MargL'ret, widow, 18, ^larket-st. E. S. F. P. 

Fisher, Tobias, (col. man) Short-alley. 

Fisher, Jno currier, 3, Cheapside. 

Fisher, Henry, M. painter and glazier, Water, neap 
South-st. dwelling Green st. opposite, 31, O. T. 

Fisher, Robert, chair maker, 37, S- Gay-st. dwel. 46, 
Jones-st. O. T. 

Fisher. Mary, 60, High-st. do. 

Fisher, James, plasterer, 1 12. Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Fisher, ^Vm. piledriver, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Fisher, Samuel, carter, Union, near French-st. do. 

Fishpaugh, Jesse, blacksmith, Union-st O. T. 

Fissour, John B gentleman, 35, N. Fred st 

Fitch, Ai. innkeeper, 3S, Light-st 

Fitch, Henry, labourer, I 1 Union-st. O T. 

Fitch, captain Daniel, Wolfe, near Wiik-st F. P. 

Fite, Mrs. gentlewoman, 8, N Liberty-st. 

Fite, John, watchmaker, 227, Bait. st. dwel. 6 Germ. st. 

Fiyea, John, grocer, 34, corner of Primrose aiiey and 
. Fitze, John, oak cooper, 16, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Fitzgerald, John, rope m>iker, L. Pat. Ferry road, S. P. 

Fitzgerald, Austin grocer, do- do 

Fitzhugh, John, gentleman, 8 Commerce-st. 
Fitzpatri k, Patrick, carter, W. Wilk-st. O. T. 
Flannigain, Wm. ship builder, yard lower end M'EK 
derrv's wharf, dwelling St. Patrick^s row. 

( '-> ) 

Flax, IVlargt. grocer, 8, Queen-st. F. P. 

Fleetwood and Parrott, sail makers, Price's wharf, F. P. 

Fleetwood, Bcnj. do. dwel. 32 Pitt-st. do. 

Fleisher, Anthony, Strawberry alley, 

Fleming, Fred, brewer. Sharp, near Barre-st. 

Fleming, W'm. stevedore, 17 Ann-st. F. P. 

Fleming, Richd 83, Bond-st. F. P. 

Fletcher, Edward, grocer, 7, Comity wharf, S. Calvt. st. 

Fletcher, Jas. liquor store, 24, Pratt-st. head of O'Doii- 

nel's dock. 
Fletcher, Lydia, Gallows Hill, E. P. 
Fletcher, James, rope maker, do. do. 
Flint, Francis, coach maker, no. 2 Front-st. near Christ 

Church, O. T 
Flood, Thomas, taylor, 20 Pratt-st. dwcl. Mulberry alley. 
Flowers, Christian, labourer, corner of Montgomery Sc 

Forrest-st. F. FI 
Floyd, (Charles, grocer, Ballimoie-st. between Paca and 

Floyd, Ellen, mantua maker. 32 Chatham-st. 
Foarman, Richard, (col. man) INIuiberry alley. 
Foarman, Charles, whitesmith". Presidcnt-st. O. T. 
Foi ke, Fred, merchant, S. Gay st. opposite Custom- 

Ilouse, dwelling, 26, N Liberty near Fayette-st. 
Folack, Jno. gent. Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Folker, Richard mariner, 116, Bond-st. F. P. 
Foltz Sc son, sugar refiners, corner of S. Eutaw-st. and 

Foncrden, Adam, fancy and millinery store,- 54, Bait. st. 
Forbes, Mrs Eliza. 13 1-2, Ann-st. F. P. 
Forbes, capt. Jas. do do. 

Ford, Joseph, T. wheel-wright, Albemarle-st. opposite 

80, O. T. 
Ford, Joshua, carp. 59, Liberty-st. do. 
Ford, Saml. porter cellar Cc me-id house, N. Charlcs-st. 
Ford, Wm. carter, 52, N. Fredcrick-st. 

Ford, fisherman, 106, Diigan's wharf. 

Ford, Nicholas, carpenter, 43, Waggon-alley. 
Ford, Tnos. wheelwright, Chay;»iberlain"s-allev. 
Forresdal, Stafford, 17, Green-st. O. T. 


( 74 ) 

Forrest, Jno. carp. Lexington, between Hanover and 

Forrester, Misses, Charlotte and Ann, teachers, Cono-' 

Foreman, Christian, 43, Green-st. O. T. 
Foreman, Francis, mercht. corner of S. Eutaw and Lom- 
bard st. 
Foreman, Mary, seamstress, Forrest lane. 
Foreman, E. grocer, 82, Dugan's-wharf. 
Foreman, Leonard, feed-store, Brandy alley. 
Forman, Edward, bricklayer, 80, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Formal, David, N. Eutaw st. 
Forney, David, mercht. dwl. Green-st. W. P. 
Forney, Peter, gent. 3, S. Howard-st 
Forney Jno. inn-keeper, Bare, near Howard-st. 
Forney, Jacob, fisherman, Welcome-alle 
Forsyth, Alex, gent Flooks-town road. 
Forte, i-apt. Thos. 25, Carolina st. F. P. 
Foss.Geo. and sons, sugar refiners, N. Eutaw, near Sa- 
ratoga St. 
Foss, Geo. senr. do. dwell. 30, corner of Saratoga 

and North sts. 
Foss, Geo. junr. do. do. Saratogo near Eutaw-st. 
Foss, Jno. do. do. near Howard-st. 

Foss, Ja-'ob, blacksmith, dwel. Franklin-st. 
Fosset, Jno. cord corn, of Wilk-st. £c Petticoat-alley, F. P. 
Fossler, Jacob, carp. 59, Strawberry-alley, do. 
Fossler, Geo. Tailor, 6, Ruxton-lane. 
Foster, Burton, gent. 14, N. Liberty-st. 
Forster, Francis, hat manufactory, 2, N. Gay-st. dwell. 

Lavely, or Orange-alley 
Foster, Mrs. widow, 194, Bond-st. F. P. 
Fouchard, Jno. P. cigar-maker, 31, W. Wilk-st. do. 
Foulkes, Jno. carter, (col. man.) 56^ North-st. 
Foulkeand Karrick, merchts. Spear's-wharf. 
Foulk, Lewis, mercht, dwell. 41, South-st. 
Fouse, Henry, grocer, 69, corner of N- Liberts-st. and 

Fowble, Peter,' house (^rpenter, Whiskey-alley, near 


C '^^ ) 

Fowble, Wm. grocer and drayman, 33, German-sti 

Fowler, Mr. fisherman, 106; Dugan's-wharf. 

Fowler, Benjamin, city collector, Camden, near Sharp St. 

Fowier, Saml. constable, 50, Green-st. O. T. 

Fowler, Jas. pilot, 53, Happy-alley, near Bank-st. F. P, 

Fox, Mrs. Elizabeth. 38 Fayette st 

Foxall, Thob. porter at the Mechanics' bank, 8, Low-st: 
near Front, O T. 

Foy, Gregory, carp. 25 Bond-st. F. P. 

Foy, Mrs. Eleanor, do 

Foy, Peter, ship joiner, George-st. dwelling Fleet 
near Argyle-alley, F P. 

Foy. James, paint, oil, and glass-store, 12, Chcapsidc. 

Frailey, Leonard, printer, dwel. 98, Pratt near S. How? 

Fraize Madame, 47, S. Charles-st. 

France, Joseph, dry good-store, 17, N. Howard st. 

Francis, Jane, P. 58, Bond-st. F. P. 

Frantiaeus. George, silversmith &c jeweller, 4, Market- 
space, W. S. 

Frank, Lotharius, glass manufacturer, Henry st. F. H. 

Frank, Lewis, do. do. 

Frank, Peter, mariner, loi Bond st. F. P. 

Frunlclln, Thoa. brlckmakcr, S. Howard near Conway-st. 

Frazier, capt. U. S. service, 46, South-st. 

Frazier, Richd. revenue offi/er, 62 French st. O. T. 

Frazier, Ezekiel, mariner, 3, Philpot-st. F, P. 

Frazer, Mrs. Maria, 35, Jones-st. O. T. 

Frazer, Lydia, 55, Happy -alley, F. P. 

Freburgcr Henry, inn keeper, 2, corner of Water-st Si 

Frederick, Peier carter, S. Eutaw-st. 

Frederick, Michael, do. do. 

Frelet, Joseph, wine manufacturer, 17, corner of Sc- 
cond-st. and Tripolet's alley. 

Freeland Sc Chew, dry gooci btore, 41 Baltimore-st- 

Freeman, Wm. cabinet maker, Lancaster-st. dwell. 61, 
Ann-st. F. P. 

Freeman, Edward, (col. man) carter, N. Calvert-st. ex- 

( 76 ) 

I'rench, \Vm. wholesale drygopd mercht. 13, S. Cal- 

French, Pumela, widow, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

French, Mrs. Lydia, S UnJon-st. do. 

French, Simon, pilot, 8, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Frey, Saml. mercht. 241 Baltimore near Howard-st. — 
dwel. corner of Sharp and Barre-sts. 

Frey, Andrew, shoe maker. Marble-alley. 

Frick & Smith, merchts. china stores, 58 Baltimore-st. 
and 9, S. Gay-s'. 

Frick, Peter, tjwel. 10, N. Gay-st. 

Frick, Jno. dwel. N Frederick-st. next Mr. Mitchell's. 

Fridge k Morris, drygood merchts. U, S. Calvert-st. 
Friese, Pliiiip. R. L mercht. and proprietor of the Balti- 
more giass-house, 210, Baltimore st. 

Frizell, Wm. D. constable, M^Ciellan's-alley. 

Fry, Mrs. Eliz. widow, 1 1, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Fryer, Geo. printer, Tripolet"s-alley. 

Fr} er, Geo. cordw. 24, N. Frederick-st. . 

Fudge, Wm. H. house carp. Gough near Bond-st. F. P. 

Fuddagainst, Jno. boarding house, 94, Bond st. do. 

Fuller & Wright, wholesale shoe warehouse, 80, Balti- 

Fulford, Wm. drygood store, 69 Baluiiioro-tt 
Fuiford, Mrs. 68, do. 

Fulena, Martin, nailor, next 64, Ann-st. F. P. 
Fulton, Wm. mariner, Anu-st. near the corner of Fleet 

St. F. P. 
Fulton- Wm. plaster of Paris manufr. corner of Union 

and French-sts O. T. 
Fulton, James, mercht. Paca near Lexington-st. W. P. 
Fulton, David, globe inn, 175, Baltimore-st. 
Funck, Benedict, carp. New-lane, W. P. 
Funlin, Jno. Christ next 80, Carolina-st. F. P. 
Furlong, capt. Wm. 79, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Fuss, Jno. baker and grocer, 52, S. Charles-st. 
Fuss, Dorothy, Britton-st. O. T. 
Fusselbaugh, Jno. carter, East near Bridge-st. O. T. 

Gabaroche, Jno. tobacco manufr. 38, N. Frederick-st. 

( ^7 ) 

Gabriel, Mary, widow, 1 1, Happy-alley, F. P. 

Gadc, Jno. lace and frini^e manufactr. 37, Harrison- st- 

Gadsby, Jno. Indian Queen inn, S. E. corner of Balti- 
more and H. novcr-si^. 

Gains, Richd. (col. man) porter cellar, 40, S. Charles-st 

Galand, Jno B. mercht. tailor, 3, S. Gay-st. 

Galand, Geo. mariner, 24, Ruxion lane. 

Galbraith, Thomas, livery stable, Eutaw-st. nearly op- 
posite Waggon-alley — dwcl Short alley 

Galbraith, George, union gardens Burk st. near Harris' 
Ceek. E. P. 

Gallagher, Alex, mercht corner of Baltimore and Eu- 
taw sts. 

Gallagher, Wm. lieut. of the watch, 51, W. S. Market- 
st F. P. 

Guliobert, Joseph cooper, 67. Wolf-st. F. P. 

Galioway, Wm. K. carp. 60 Pratt-st. 

Galloway, James, carp. 67 Albemarle-st O. T. 

Galloway, Mary, N Horiord road, E. P. 

Galloway. Cathc widow, Caroline near Gough-st. F. P. 

Galloway, Ezekiel, keeper of hacks and boarding-house 
26, W. Lancaster- St. F. P. 

Gait 8c Thomas, merchts. 215 1-2, Baltimore near Li- 
be rty-st. 

Gait, Peter, clock and watchmaker, 4, Fell-st. F. P. 

Gambrall, Jno. hair dresser, 17, Water-st. — clwel. 5, 

Ganteaume, Jas. groc. corn. 'of Ann Sc George sts. F. P. 

Ganiz, Adam, grocer, 94 Dugan's-wharf 

Garan, George, fchip carp. 43, Pnilpot-st. F. P. 

Gardiner, James tiour mercht. 87 1-2, N. Hov/ard-st. 

Gardiner, Mary and Ann, mantua makers, 110, Balti- 
more st 

Gardner. George, wheelwright, Hanover near Barre-st- 

Gardner. Peter, chair maker. 61, Harri;ion-st. 

Gardner, Jno" bricklayer, Wolf-st. O. T. 

Gardner. James, bo vrding house, 20 Bond-st. F. P. 

Gardner, Caleb, mariner, Thames near Queen-st. F. P- 

Gaidner, capt. Timothy, 12, Queen-st. F. P. 

Gardner, capt. Framis, 49. E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

( 78 ) 

Garish, Francis, B. ebonist, 82, High-st. O. T. 
Garret Jno. carp'. Lombard, between Eutaw and S. 

Garrett. Jno. carp. Eden-st. F. P. 
Garritson, Mary, widow, 36, N. Gay-st. 
Garretson, Benj. pedlar, Britton-st. O. T.^ 
Games, capt. Jno. 18, Qiieen-st F. P. 
Garnons, Wm. carver, George-st. — dwel. Thames-st. 

near capt. Chase's, F. P. 
Gash, Peter, rigger, 4, Happy-alley, F. P. 
Gaston, Dennis, tinplate worker, 4, Bond-st. F. P. 
Gassaway, Hy. 8c Geo. dry good store, 83, Baltimore-st. 
Gatchell, Saml. H. Esq. dwel., 1 1 W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Gates, Joseph, ship carp, upper end ofQueen-st. F. P. 
Gauline, Jno. B. professor of nausic, Dulany-st. near 

col. Garden's, O. T. 
Gawthrup, Jno. hack driver, 32, Philpot-st. F. P. 
Geanly, Lucien, gentleman, Morris-st. W. P. 
Gebhardt, Jno. Frederick, baker, 5, Fayette-st. 
Geddleman Jno cordw. M^Elderry's-st. O. T. 
Ghequiere, Charles, broker, 25, Water near South-st. 

dwel. 8, Conowago-st. 
Geiger, Jno. grocer, 51, Bridge-st. O. T. 
GeissendcErifer, Jacob, sen. 73, Saratoga-st. 
Geissencoerffer, Jno. Leod. tobacconist, Waggon-alley. 
Gelleme, Fran, tailor, 20, Pratt-st- near Dugan's-wharf. 
Gemmill, capt David, 81, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
George, Arch, mercht 109, corner of N. Howard and 

Mulberry-sts. — dwel. Mulberry-st. 
Geohagen, Joshua, carp. Strawberry-alley. 
Gerlach, Charles, M. D. 25, Fayettc-st. 
German, Philip, jun. mercht. 40, N. Howard-st. 
Gettig Sc Bantz, merchts. 86, lower end of Smith's- wharf. 
Gettig, Jacob, mercht. — dwel.^44, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Gettman, Nichs. tobacconist, 44, Green-st. do. 

Gibbins, Wm. block and pump maker, S. E. corner of 

Pratt and Commerce-sts. 
Gibbons, Richd cooper, 78, S. Charles-st. 
Gibbs, Nicholas, plasterer, Conway near H?Jiover-st\ 
Gibbs, Geo, fisherman, Busy-alley. 

( 79 ) 

Gibbs, Jno. cooper, Dutch-alley. 

Gibson, Jno. wholesale drygoodmercht. T, S. Calvert-st 

Gibson. Robt Sc Saml. hack owners, back 46, South 

Gibson, Wm. grocer and china store, 55, corner of 
Bridge and Green-sts. O. T. 

Gibson, Thomas, Friendship, near the corner of IVrEi- 

Gibson, Cathe. widow, Duke near Wolf-st. O. T. 

Gibson, Geo. carter, 75, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Gibson, captain, James, next 64, Ann-st. do. 

Gibson, James, saddler, 14, Queen-st. do. 

Gilback, Christ, grocer, corner of Forrest and Bridge- 
sts. O. T. 

Gilbert, Thomas, P. mariner, 5, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Gilbert, David, cordw. Gallow's-hill. E. P. 

Giiberthorp, Wm. cordw. 65, Bond-st. F. P. 

Gildea, Jno. tailor, Franklin near Eotaw-st. 

Giles, Jacob, labr. Sharp-st. 

Gilmor, Robt. Sc Sons merchts. nearly opposite town- 
clock, Second-st. 

Gilmor, Robt. sen. — dwel. 35, Water-st. 

Gilj-nor, Robt. jun. — dwel. Water-st. near the custom- 

Gilmor, ^Vm. mercht. — dwel. Baltimore between How 
ard and Eutaw-sts. 

Gilmore, Jno. matrass maker, Apple-alley, F. P. 

Gill, Jno notary public, ofhce, 49 Water-st. dwel. 42, do. 

Gill, Eliz. Barrc, near Howard-st. 

Gill, capt. James, 24, Queen St. F. P. 

Gillard, Jacob, (col. man) blacksmith, Gallows-hill, E. P. 

Gillen, Le -ky, 1, Jones-st O T. 

Gillet. Wheeler, teacher of sacred music, 44, High-st. 
O. T. 

Gillet, Jno. rigger, 42, W. Lancaster-st F. P. 
Gillmeyer, Francis, mercht. lO, corner of N. Howard 
St. and Cowpen-alley. 

Gillingham, James, blacksmith, back of Sharp st. dwel. 

back German-st. next 9. 
Gillison, Sally, widow, 32, Light-st. 

( 80 ) 

Gimbrede, Thomas, miniature painter, 1, South-st. 

Giraud, Jno. James, M. D. South-st. near Coffee-house. 

Gisse, Susanna, Thames-st. 16, F. P. 

Gitchell, Increase, drygood store, 89, Baltimore-st. 

Gittings, Mary, widow, N Eutaw st 

Gittings, Wm wheelwright, Gallows-hill, E. P. 

Glasser, Ja ob, blacksmith, Griffith"' s-bridge — dwel. cor- 
ner of East 8c Fren.'h sts O. T. 

Glasgow, James, M D. 17, N. Frederick-st, 

Glavany, capt. Francis, R 68, S. Charles st. 

Glendy. Rev. Jno pastor of the second Presbytn. -church 
dwel. Great York-st. near Harford-run. 

Glenn, Robt. mariner, 25, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Glenn, Jno. W. 8c P. oil and paint store, 71, M'Elder- 

Glenn, Jno. dwel. Front-st. near Baptist-meeting, O. T. 

Glenn, James, & Wm. sad's. 40, Market-space, W. S. 

Glenn, Elias, Esq attorn, at law, office, opposite 5, Se- 
cond-st. — dwel. 6, Conowago-st. 

Glenn, S-iml. blacksmith, E. Lancaster-st F. P. 

Glenn, Jno. blacksmith, Franklin st. 

Goarman, Michael, scowraan, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Goarmley, Jno. labr Long alley. 

Godefroy, Maximiilian, profess, of archit. drawing, &c. 
7, corner of S. How.ird and German-sts. 

Goddaid, Jno mercht. 196, Baltimore-st. 

Goddard, M K gentlewoman, 28, Chatham-st. 

Goetz, Jno. M. D. 15, S. Howard-st. 

Goetz, Mary, 60, Light-st. 

Goguet, Gabriel, gentleman, 31, High-st O. T. 

Goldthwait, Joseph, china store, N E. corner of Cal- 
vert and Water-sts. — dwel New-church-st. 

Goldthwait, Mrs. 39, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Goldsborough, Jno. teaci^er, Montgonicry-st. F. H. 

Gooding, Hutchins &: Co. merchts. 152, Baltimore-st. 

Goodman, James, ship carp. 61, Ann st. F. P. 

Goodmanson, Peter, grocer, 105, French-st O. T. 

Goodwin, Wm. gent, dwel on the hill near K. Tarn* 
mony and Chatham-sts. . 

Goodwin, Jas. scowmanj Pitt-st, near Harf run, O. T 

( 81 ) 

Gordon, Eliz. widow, Forrest-lane. 

Gordon Jno. Sc Wm. ropemakers, store, 72, Bowley's- 

Gordon, Wm. mercht — dwel. 26, Hanover-st. 
Gordon, Jemima, widow, Holliday-st 
Gordon, Pvlrs. gent, boarding-house, opposite Col. mn, 

Gordon. Jno. gent. — dwel. New-church-st. 
Gordon, Jno cordvv. Argylc alley, F P. 
Gordon. Jno taiior, 44, Happy-alley. 
Gore, Wm. labr. N. Eutaw-st. 
Gore, Amos, tarter, 83 1-2, corner of Bond and Alli- 

sanna sts. 
Goret, Peter, joiner and cabinet male- 51, S Charles-st. 
Gorsuch, Robt. E.sfi ofWce, k dwel. 8, N Frederick-st. 
Gorsiich, Charles, oakvooper, 97, Saraloga-st. 
Gorsuch, Nichb. innkeeper, corner of Bridge and Uni- 

on-sts. O T. 
Gorsuch, Joshua, 38, Bridge-st. O T. 
Gorsuch, Jacob, carter. Bridge near Union-st. do. 
Gorsuch, Jno. house ciirp. 26, Bond-st F. P. 
Gorton, capt. Anthony^ Greai-York near Loyd-st. O. T. 

Gouje, James, gunsmith, 37, George-st. F. P. 

Gould, Peter, gentleman, 17, S. Charles-st. 

Gould, capt. Joseph, 40, do. 

Gould, Mary, widow, 44, do. 

Gould, capt. Paul, 50, do. 

Gould, Alex, butcher, lower Patapsco Ferry -road, S. P. 

Gould, Jno. mariner, Happy-alley, F. P. 

Gouldin, Hetty, 48, Bond-st. do. 

Gouldin, Jno. Saiimaker, Donnell's-wharf — dwel. 9 1-2 

Ann-st. F. P. 
Gouldin.c;, P- mercht. N. Liberty-st. 
Gouldsmith, Jno bricklayer, 44, North-st. 
Gouldsmith, Wm. C. 17, Front-st. O. T. 
Gourdon, Ferdinand, peltry store, 3, Sharp-st. 
Govcr, Gittings, gent. 21, coiner of Pratt-st. and Du- 

Gover,capt.Saml.M. 141,corn.ofBond & Wilk-st.F. P. 

( 83 ) 

Gowan, Ino. soap and candle manufr. 44, Lexington-st. 
Grace. Boyer, carter, Forrest-st. F. H. 
Grace. Jno carp. Aisquith st. O. T. 
•Gra-e. Sami. grocer, County-wharf, F. P. 
Grace, Wm. crap. Forrest-lane. 
Graf, Fi-ederick, C. mercht. Pratt-st. head of Gay-st 

dock — dwel. N. Charles-st. near Cathedral. 
Gruff, Jacob, tailor, 13, Fell-st. F P. 
Grafflin k Hardester, sailmaks. lower end of M'Olure's 

Grafflin. Jacob, sailmak. dwel. 1 3, Pratt near Charles-st. 
Graham, J.uTies, grocer. N. Eutaw near Lexington-st. 
Graham, David-, grocer, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Graham, Wm. iiquor-store, 4, Light-st. 
Graham, Wm. gro er, 67, Somh-st 
Gr.'ham. Jno liquor-store, Pratt, near Commerce-st. 
Grahame. Wm.mercht. 36. Water-st. near Commerce 
Graham, Thos. and Wm. porter-cellar, 57, Baltimore- 

st. corn --^ I- of Tripolet's alley. 
Graham, Hamilton, clerk in the bank of Maryland, dwer 
,.*^ear the ■ orner of Granby and Great- York-sts O. T. 
Graham, Henry, labourer, Queen-st. do. 

Graham, R^^'lit. rr^vter. !\9., Hifyli-cf Ho 

Graham., Jas B. grocer, 1, corner of Market 8c George- 
sts F. P. 

G rammer, Benj. carp. Mulberry -st. 

Grandchamps, Frai>< is, gentleman, 74, High-st. O. T. 

Graner, Margaret, widow, 52, N' Liberty-st. 

Granger, Mathew, rigger, 66, Light-st. corner of Prim- 

Grsnt, Mary, Sharp-st. 

Grain, Jno. gunsmith, 5.3, St- Patrick's-row. 

Grant. Jno wheelwright, Pitt-st. near Harford-run, O. T. 

Grant Jno dry-good- store, Market-st W. S. F. P. 

Grape, Conrad, grocer, corner of Forrest and Bridge- 
sts O. T. 

Grapevine, Frederick, esq. Merchant and jijstice of ;tbe 
pea'-e, office, store, and dwel. 67, Sarat(%^. ^^ 

Grapevine, Frederick, jun 779Waggon-al}ey. »% 

Grate, Jacob, house carpenter, Pearl-st. W. P. 

( 88 ) 

Grave, Judith, (col worn.) Dutch-alley. 

Graves, Ebenr dealer in livestock. Prince, near Pr^- 

sident-si. O T 
Graves, Robt. carp. 138, Bond-st. P.P. 
Graves, Jms. snip . haudlcry, 3, Thames-st. F . P. 
Gravenstein, Matthew, carp. 18. W. Bank-st. do. 
Gray, Felicity, laundress, 79 North-st. 

Gray, , tarter, Sharp-st. 

Gray, John, waterman Forrest st. F. H. 

Gray, John, M. boot-tree i-z last-maker, 15, Water-st. 

near Cheapside. 
Gray. Wni sadler, Sc harness maker, 6 South-st. dw. 

Ross St W. P. 
Gray John, Saratot^ja, near Liberty st. 
Gray, Daniel, ladies shoemaker, Carolina near SmitMh 

st F. P. 
Gray, Lyn-h, 195, corner of Bond 8c Gough-sts. F. P. 
Gray, Thomas, tailor. 2 ., Pitt st. F. P. 
Gray, Edward, rigger, 50, E. Fleet-st F. P. 
Graybell, Philip, flour merchant, 177. Baltimore-sf; 
Gregg, John, Sc Co. merchants, 78, Pratt-st. near Cheap- 
Greggs, James, pilot, Exeter near Duke-st O. T. 
Green Mathew, grocer, N. W. corner of Charles Sc 

Conowago sts. 
Green Mr. cordwainer, Albemarle-st O. T. 
Green, Susanna, widow, 18 Granby-st O. T. 
Green, Samul, surveyor, 40. Hight st. O. T. 
Greene, Eievitious T. cordwainer, 54, Green-st. O. T. 
Green, John, carp. 20, Union-st. O. T. 
Green John, carter, Harford road, E. P. 
Green, Joseph, teacher, corner of Forrest-st. 8c York 

road, O. T. 
Green, Eleanor, Carolina near Wilk-st. F. P. 
Green, Peter, carp. 40, corner of Ann Sc x\llisanna-sts. 

F. P. 
Green, Wm. cordwainer, 20, Thames-st. F. P. 
Green, G 52, W. FIcet-st. F. P. 
Greenwood, Mrs. Keziah, 49, Lcxington-st. 
CJreer, Thomas, labr. Montgomery-st. F. H. 

( 84 ) 

Greer, Wm. Green,' betw. North Sc French-sts. O. T. 
Greetham Sc Devereux, flour merchants. 89, Bowley's- 

Greetham, Wm. mercht- dw. N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Grewe, Fredk. sexton Germ. Luth. Church. Fish-st. 
Griffin, Thomas, grocer, 33, corner of S. Howard Sc 

Griffin, Jemima, widow. PVenchman's-alley. 
Griffin, Hugh, pedUxr, Morris-st W. P. 
Griffin, George, millwright, 22, North-st. O. T. 
Griffin, Waiter, mariner, Happy-alley, near Bank-st. 

F. P. 
Griffin, Mr. trunkmaker, 7, Shaskespear-st. F. P. 
Griffing, Luther, teacher, 59, Front-st. O. T. 
q^iffith, Jno. H carter, N. Eutav/-st. W. P. 
Griffith, Saml. G. merchant, 5, Bowley's wharf dwel- 

103. H^cnover-st. 
Griffith, Thorn. Wm. Secretary, York-Turnpike road 

Company, office 6, N Calvert-st. 
Griffith, Matthew, Inn-keeper, 36, Market -space., 

W. S. 
Griffith, Ely, millwright, Pratt-st. near lower bridge. 
Griffith, Cath. widow, 9 5, Baltimore-st. 
Griffith, Sarah, do. 41, Saratoga st. 
Griffith, Geo. N labr. Long-alley. 
Griffith, Mrs. innkeeper, S. E. comer of Bridge and 

Front-sts. O- T. 
Griffith, Henry, stone cutter, N. Charles-st. opposite 

Union Bank, dwel. Dutch-alley, near Howard-st. 
Grimes, Mrs. Mary, innkeeper, 16, N. Gay-st. 
Grimes, Mrs. widow, German-st beyond, may pole 

W. P. 
Grimes, Levy, ship Carp 48, Strawberry-alley. F. P. 
Grinnel, W^m. Plane maker, Vulcan-alley. 
Grippenkall, Mrs. Wilhelmina, N. Fredk.-st. near Mr. 

Grisel, Joseph, dwel. 46, S. Charles-st. 
Gritzner, Fredk grocery, 39,. George-st. F. P. 
Groc, Jno. gent. 5 8, S, Charles-st. 
Groom, capt. Wm 6, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

( 83 ) 

Groom, Nathan, bricklayer, 58, Front-st C T. 

Groombridgc, Mrs ladies academy, N. Calvert-st. op- 
posite old court house. 

Grosh, captain, Jno. 5, Pitt-st. F. P. 

Gross k White, grocers 1 16, corner of N. Gay Sc Har- 
rison sts. 

Gross, John, grocer, I, on the bridge ; Bridge st. O. T. 

G rover, Wm. grocer, York road. E. P. 

Grover, Geo. hatter — dwel. 25, Water near South -st. 

Grub, Michael, cedar cooper, 13, North HoWvird-st and 
stone ware manufry. Conway-st. opposite Mr. Otter 
bine's ciiurch. 

Gruchy, Jno. brewer, Duke-st. near the Falls. 

Grundys Sc Cro.ssdale, merchto. 188 1-2 Baltimore-^ 

Guest, Charles, mercht. 12 S. Chiirles-st. 

Guestier, Peter A mcrcht. S W. conier of Frederick 
and S jcond-sts. — dwell, corner of Duke and Albe- 
ma.rle sts O T 

Guia:nard, Fnaicis, , abinet maker, S. Frodcritk-st. 

Gui.laume, Jno Bologna sausage maker^Y lload, E. P, 

Gui'dcns'r, Charles, gent. JMulberry-st. 

Guiicin, Isidore, drygood store, 38. Baltimore st. 

Gr.iss, Francis, innkeeper and grocer, N. E. corner of 
Pratt-sl and St.'Putrick's-iow. 

Giiishard. Dvtvid, carp. Alsquith-3t O. T. 

Guiiby, Siepuen: shipwright, 19, Piilpot-st. F. P. 

Guiia. James, mercnt. N. Charles st- near Cathedral. 

Gunner, Ni' hs, tobacconist, 46, S. Cliarics-st. 

Gu;doy, Henry, b-ker, 79. Bond-st F. P. 

G'lLhrow, Ann, widow, 34, S. Charles-st. 

Guiiirow, Jno. grocer, 38, do. 

Guay, Eliz. wiaow, 99, H-iRovcrst. 

Guy. Fran is, landscape paintvi*, 212, Baltimore-st. 

Guy and Kincaid, grocers, next 1 14, Grecn-ot. O. T. 

Gwinn, C Hades Sc Co mqrchts- 11 CouLty-whajT 

Gwinn, Mrs. genteel boarding-house, 80, Lahiniorc-st 

Gwynn, Wm. atton- at law. Chathani-st. ne..r C. House. 

Gwynn. Mrs. wi'iow, S. Eutaw-st. 

Haaff, Jno. Wm. tailor, Hooks-tov/n road, W. P. 

( S6 ) 

Hacke, Nicholas, upholsterer, 13, South-st— dwel. Le- 
rew's-tilley, near Frankliii-st. 

Hack, Andrew, carp. 74, N. Liberty-st. 

Hackeman Sc Hoppe, merchts. 3 doors below Custom- 
house, S. Gay-st. 

Haddaway, Wm. mariner, 12, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Hadley, Saml. saiimctker — dwel. Liberiy-st. O. T. 

Hadley, Horatio, tailor. Great York-st. near Christ- 
church, O. T. 

Hadkis, Saml. H. ropemaker, Wolf-st. near the corner 
of Pitt-st. F P — dwel. Cole's-addition, E. P. 

Hater, Ann, 76 Waggon-alley. 

Hagan, Henry, innkeeper, 108, Dugan's-wharf. 

Hagerty Jno. Sc Nephew, stationers, l2,Light-st. 

H%enian, Chas. Granby, 38, near K. George-st. O. T. 

Hagner, Martin, tinpiate worker, Holliday-st extended. 

Hagthrop, Edward, cordwainer, 37, Bond-st. F. P. 

Hague, Jno. 55, French-st O. T. 

Hahn, Jno. wheelwright, 23, High-st. O. T. 

Haigh, Saml. mercht. 25 3, Baltimore-st. 

Huiler, Eliz widow, 92, Bond-st. F. P. 

Haies, Jane, fruit deal. 148, Green near French-st, O. T. 

HJes, Hugh, 2, Potter-st. O. T. 

Hales, Robt. carp. High-st. near Sugar-house, do. 

Halfpenny, Wm pilot 45, E. Aiiisanna-st. F. P. 

Hail Jno. cistiiler, New-lane, W. P. 

Hcili, Geo. cordw. 57, S. Charles-st- 

Hail, Don Curios, (col. man) boot and shoe cleaner, 
blacking maker, 8, N. Caivert-st.^ 

Hail, Caleb, gent. 32, Pratl-st. 

Hail, Wm. carp. 1 6, Ruxton-Iane. 

HallWm. 8c Richd. saddlers, 125, Baltimore-st 

Hall , Jno E. attorney at law, Chatham-st. 

Hull,. Jno. B. cabinet maker. 32 Granby-st. O. T. 
Hall, James, carp 57, Green-st. O T. 
Hail, Wm. sen. Union near French-st. , do.' ... 

Hail, Will. jun. cedar cooper, 57, Bridge-st. ^qIo^I^. 
Hciii, Edward, tordw. 15, Bond-st. F. P. 

■ Hall, George, 'carp. 70, E S. Market-st F. P. 
Hail, Isaac, jun. ship carp. 116, corner of VVilk ianf^ 
Ann-sts. F. P. 

( 87 ) ' 

Hdl, James, ship carp. Ann-st. 1 14, F. P. 
Humel, Jacob, bricklayer, Hooks-town road. W. P. 
Hamel, Ciiurles, plasterer, 155, High-st O. T. 
Hamilton, Robt mercht. 59, Smitli's-wharf — dwel. 20, 

High-st. O. T. 
Hamilton, Thomas, M. D. 47, N. Gay-st. 
Hamilton, Jarnes, jun. i^rocer, 10, Market-space, W. S 
Humillon, Marga. -widow, Whiskey-al cy. 
H.imilton, Piiny, ship chandlery, 86, Dugan's-wharf. 
Hamilton, Jas. carp. M'Elderry. near AisqiiiLh-st. O. T 
Hamilton, George, carp. Edcn-st. F. P. 

Hamilton, Jno cordw. next 75, Bond-st do. 
Hamilton, capt Jno. 17, Pitt-st. do. 

Hammer, Peter, tailor, 30, corner of S. Calvert and 

Water-sts. dwel. pubiic-allcy. 
Hammer, Henry, paper hanger, 33, S. Gay-st. 
Hammer, Frederick, mercht. German goods, 173, Bal- 

Hammond, Miss, Harriot, 75, Pratt near Howard-st. 
H.uTimond. Mary, widow, 1, Bank-st. 
Hanan, Jno carp. 64, Granby-st. near corner of Queen- 

st. O. T. 
Hancock, Jno. nailor Short-alley, W. P. 
Hancock, capt. Robt. 76, corner of Market and Fleet- 

sts. F. P. 
Hancock, Thomas, hardware store, 203, Baltimore-st. 
Handlen, Patrick, mariner. 26. Strawberry-alley, F. P. 
Hand, Moses, painter. Hooks-town road, W. P. 
Hands, Wm. G. scrivener, Hoiliday-st. extended. 
Hands, Ephraim, inkecpcr, 5, Market-space, E. S. 
Haney, Thos. bri;;klccyer, 38, Swiratoga-st. 
Hanna, Jane, widow, grocer, North-st 
Hanna. Alex. B bootmaker, 1, S. Gay-st. dwel. Great- 

York-st. between Granby and Exeter-sts. O. T. 
Hanna, Andrew, printer, dwel. Great-York-st. near Mr. 

Giendy'b church, O. T. 
Hanna, James, druggist, 102, Baltimore-st. 
Hanna, Wm. grocer, 38, Fell-st dwel. 79, E. Fleet-st. 

F. P. 
Hanna, Jno. accountant, 38, Thames-sf.. F, P. 

( 88 ) 

Hanney, Jacob, tuilor, North near Green-st O. T. 

Hanney, Mrs. schoolmistress, S. Howard near Liberty st. 

Hans, Martin, innkeeper, Pratt near Paca-st. 

Hanson, Charles, attorney at law, S. Frederick-st. 

Hanson, Wm. & Joseph, tailors, Baltimore-st. near the 

Hanson, Charles W. attorney at law, Chatham-st. 

Hanson Sc Shaw, boat builders, next 40, George-st. F P. 

Hanseman, Jno. butcher, Carolina near Gough-st. do. 

Harbison, k M'Kinne], nierchts. 106, corner of North 
Hov/ard and Mulberry-sis. 

Harden & Wilson, drygood store, 78 1-2, Baliimore-st. 

Ilardester, Benj. sailmaker, dwel. Queen near Granby- 
st. O. T. 

Harding, Chris, carp. Britton-st. E. P. 

Harding Thomas, mariner, 42, Apple alley, F. P. 

Hardisty, P. gent Green-st opposite Methodist-meet- 
ing-house, O. T. 

Hare, Wm. bricklayer, Dutch-alley, 

Hargood, Henry, tobacconist, North-st 

Hargrove, Rev. John, City register, corner of Exeter 
and Great-York-sts. O. T. 

Harker, Michl. carp Gallows-hill, E. P. 

Harker, Wm. ropemaker. do. 

Harlin, Isaac, cooper, opposite, 95, S:iratoga-st. 

Harlin, Samuel, D. painter, Muiberry-st 

Hariin, Susanna, VuIcan-alley. 

JIarlin, Eliz. Harford-road, E. P. 

Harlov/c, capt. Winslow, 96, Bond-st. F. P. 

Harman, J. G. cordw. 132, S. Charles near Barre-st. 
and 20, Pratt near Light- st- 

Harman, Maihius, grocer, .31, German-st. 

Harner, Danl. carp. S. Eutaw-st. near Brandy -alley. 

Harnet, James, cai-p. 21, German-st 

Hi.rnett, Mary, widow, 40, Pratt-st. 

rl- rper, bricklayer, Forrest-lane. 

H. iper, Robt Goodloe, attorney at law, 29, S. 

H trper, J.s. (col. man) cooks'nop, 53, S. Frederick-st. 

H.u'per, Wm. mus. instrument maker. 42, S. Charles-st. 

Harper, Mury, widow, 57, Green-st O. T. 

( 89 ) 

Harr, Mary, widow, boarding-house, 24, N. Liberty-st. 
Harris 8c Donaldson, merchts. 32, N. Howard st. 

Harris, David, mercht.— -dwel. Mulberry-st 

Harris, Jno. F. secretary to the Bait. 8c Reister-tov/n, 
turnpike-road company, corner of S. Liberty and Ger- 
man sts. 

Harris. Robt. (col man) labr. Sharp-st. 

H irris Jacob. do do do. 

Harris. Jno waterman, French-alley. 

Harris, Edward, M. D. Baltimore betw. Howard and 

Harris, Runyon, hat manufactr. 188, Baltimore st. 

Harris, Jno. carter, Potter-st O. T. 

H nris, Jumes,- ship carp. Burk-st. near Hanis's-creek. 

Hai-ris, Ruth widow-, Peace alley 

Harrison, Wm ship carp. 30, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Hirrison, Daniel, carp. 89, Band-st do. 

Harrison, James, cordw. 34, ditto do. 

Harrison, Eliz widow 36, W Lancastcr-st. do. 

H.'.rrion, Joseph, gardener, 28, Grecn-st. O. T. 

Har od, Vim. cordw 34. Granby-st. do. 

Harrod, Henry, rig-^er, County-wharf. F. P. 

Harrow. Martin, pilot, 78, E. Wilk-st. do. 

Harryman, David, painter, opp. 76, Granby-st. O. T. 

Hart Jk Prior coopers, 58, South-st. 

Hart, Joseph, jun. innkeeper 7, E. S. Mai ket space. 

Hart capt Robt. 37,GoU!^h-st. F P. 

Hart, Lewis, keeper of Baths, Pratt-st. foot of lower 

Hart, Wm.ship carpenter, Frenchman's-alley. 

Hart, Jacob, acu-ountant Union Bank, Ncw-church-st. 

Hart. Nicholas, cooper. — dwel ,64, High-st. O. T. 

Hart, Wm. cooper, S. Union-st. do. 

Hartman, Sus una, widow, 16, S. Howard-st. 

Hariman, Charles, glass manufactr. Honey-alley. 

Harishorne, Wm. mercht. Pratr-st nect to 48. 

Hartwig;, Jno. F. teach Germ. Ref ch Second-st. nexl 

Harvey Jonathan, mercht. S Charles-st. 10,— .d\vcIliPf>•• 
44, do. 
II 2 

C 90 ) 

Harvey, Mrs. Eliz. boai'cUng-house, 17l,BaItimore-st. 
Harvey capt. Edward, 4, Wills-st- F. P. 
Hasham, Josiuh, painter, 50, Strawberry-alley, do. 
Haskins, Go vert, mercht. back S. Charles-st. 32. 
Haslam. Jno. veterinary surgeon, 41, Jones-st- O. T. 
Haslctt, Joseph, sailmaker, 24, E.. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Haslctt, Wm. mercht. 65, N. E. corner of Pratt and 

Soiith-sts.dwel. K. George-st. near Peter'sbrid. O. T. 
Huslett, James- gun maker, 28, Water-st. near Market 

Hassard, J. & R. merchts. 75, N. Howard-st. 
Hasseibark, Jno. wheelwright, N. Libcrty-st. 
Ilastfer, Jacob, mariner, 25, Market-space. W. S. F. P. 
Hatch, Ralph, mercht. 2, corner of Union and Bridgc- 

st. O. T 
Hathav/ay, Daniel, ship joiner, Busy-alley. 
Hatton, Aquila, teacher, 7o, Norch-st. O. T. 
Haubcr, Frederick, house carp, back of Lombard near 

Paca-st W. P. 
Haupt, Mathias, snuff and cigar manufry. 38, Pratt-st. 
Hauptman, Jno sen. cordw. 26, Fayette-st 
Hauptman, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Light-st. dsvel. 

22, Primrose alley. 
Hauptman, Jno. jun. boot and shoemaker, 22, Primrose 

Haurner, Jno. store keeper, 5b. Saratoga-st. 
Havis, Wm. blacksmith, Charaberlain's-alley. 
Havv'kins, Arch, painter and patent brick front dresser, 

ro N. Eutav/-st. 
Hawkins, James, L. merv^ht. dwel. corner of Liberty & 

German sts. store, 253, Baitimore-st. 
Hawkins, Joseph, 11, S. Calvert st 
Hawkins, Wm. merchant tailor, 7, South-st. 
Hawkins, Jno. tailor, 36, Fell-st. F. P. 
Hawthorn, Th. di-ygood store, 135, Baltimorc-st. 
Hay. Jacob, carp.^Grcen-st. W- P. 
Hay, Geo. coach trimmer, Camden-st. 
Hay, George, shoe store, 27 1-2, Baltimore st. 
Hay, Manila, widov/, next, 33, High St O. T. 
Huyelcn. H. surgeon dentist, 46, Chathana-s-/ 

( 91 ) 

Hays Sc Power, merchts. 121, comer of Franklin anA 

N. Howurd-sts. 

Hayes, Robt. tailor, Forrest-lane. 

Hayes, Wm. liquor store. Fish Market. 

Hayes, capt Walter C. Granby, between K. George and 
Great-York-sts. O. T. 

Haves £c Hardisty, drygood and groceries, 1 13, High- 
st O. T. 

Hayes, Jno. revenue offi'er, dwel. Union-st. O. T. 

Haynes, capt. Jno 8, N. Frederick-st. 

Haynesworth, Daniel, labr. 3. Green st. O. T. 

Hayvis, Benedict, French st. O • T. 

Huyward, Jno. 8c Wm. mercht. next the Columb. inn, 
Baltimore -St. 

Hay ward, Wm. mercht dwel. Paca-st. Vi. P. 

H..'yward, capt- Thomas. 8 Philpot st. F. P. 

Hazlehurst. Brothers & Co- men hts. 43, S Gay-st. 

Hazlehurst, Andrew, mercht. dwel. corner of Duke Si 
Exeter-sts. O. T. 

Hazleton, George, smith, George near Piu-st F P. 

Heairn, -aptain, Jno. Shakespear-st. do. 

Heal, W^m. stone polisher 61, Harrison-st 

Healey Jno. boarding house, 115, corner of Bond and 
W\ Fleet St. F. P. 

Healy, Jno, silkdyer, 30, Harrison-st. 

Heath, J. P grocer, 189, corner of Baltimore and Han- 
over sts. dwel. N- Charles corner of Bernard-st. 

Heath, Upton, S. attorney at law next Union Bank, N. 

Heath. Charles, blacksmith, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Heath. Richd. K. tanner and currier, 1, Cheap-side, — 
dwel. Baltimore-st. road. 

Heathcote Sc Dail, merchts. 190 >-2, Baltimore-st. 

Hebell, Peter, paver, 52, Waggon alley. 

Hebert, H. O. accountant, 6, N. Calvert st. 

Hedges, Peter, house carpenter, Pearl-st. AV. P. 

Hedrick, Thomas, sailmaker, dwel. Albemarle-st. oppo- 
site Mrs Young's, Q. T. 

Hcdricks, Philip, Mariner, 46 Market-st E. S. F. P. 

Hegeman, Henry, Borchard, ship carpenter, 1 .5, Slwike- 
spear-st F. P. 

( 92 ) 

Heide. Georg^e, gentleman, 16 3, Baltimore-st. 

Heidelbach, Jno. H. merchant, 39, South-st. 

Heighe, & Smith, grocers, and commission merchants, 

12. Pratt- St 
Height, James, N Howard near Franklin-st. 
Heil. Jno painter, 12, German-st. 
Heims, Solomon, Forrest st. F. H. 
Heines, Wm. hater, 12 Riixton-lane. 
Helms, Jas. bla: ksmith, 31, S. Frederi;k-st. 
Hemling, AntJiony, blockmaker, Camden, near Light- 

st — d\rel. }5, Camden near S. Charlts-st 
Hemiin£^, Joseph, carter, Sut^ar-alley, F H. 
Henck. Frederick, Wm. city hotel, 4. N. G^ty st. 
Hcndei-son, &c Calhoun, merchants. 33, N. Howard-st. 
Hender;-.on, Robert, merchant, 'head of County-wharf— 

dwcl 84. Pratt-st. 
Henderson, Jno drayman. 63, S. Frederiek-st. | 
Hender-^on, reverend G H. Lovely-iane. % 

Henderson, Archibald k Co. merchants. 190 12, Bal- 
Henderson. James, tarp. corner of K. George and Gran- 

by-si O T. 
Henderson. Robt. G. revenue officer. 34, Pitt-st. F. P. 
Hendricks i< Sumwah, curriers, 90 Dugan's- wharf. 
Hendricks, Jno. china and crockery-ware, Gough-st. 

O. T. 
Hendrickson, Mary, 107. French-st. do. 
Henn, Julia, widow, N. Eut;'-W near Saratoga-st. 
Hennewaldt, Jacob, carter, Holiiday-st. extended, near 

the first niill." 
Henick's. Geo. sadler, N. Eutaw near Fayette-st. 
Hening, Benjamin brickiayer 9, Lexington st. 
Fleninger. Jno. \icluiiler, Hooks-iown road, W. P. 
Henley. George, carter. Britton st. E. P. 
Henly. Jno (col. manj hair dresser 60. Lexington-st. 
Henricks, Isaac, tailor, and clothier, 2, Bond, near Fell 

and Thames-sts. F. P. 
Henry. ?/Irs. Elizabeth, Mulberry near Eutaw -st 
H' nry Jno. accountant, 76. N. Liberty-st. 
Henry, Benjamhi, (coi. man) Sharp-st. 

I 93 ) 

Herbert, Thomas, ^hip carp. 36, Ann-st. F. P. 
Herbert, Sally, widow. 69, Albemarle-st O. T. 
Herbert, Charles, superiiitendunt of the powder magii- 

zinc, Forrest near Montgomery st. F. H. 
Herbert. Joseph, hcirdwurc store, 25 and 15, S. Caivert- 

st. dwel. at the latter. 
Hercher, Christopher, cordwainer, 59, waggon-alley. 
Hcrl, Betsey, L. B. H. H^wk-st. 
Hermangc, Anthony, dry good-store, 1, Sharp, near Bal- 

Hern, Wm. A. rigger, 71, Apple-alley, F. P. 
Hern, Sally, widow, 72, Waggon-ailey. 
Herold, Diedciich, baker, next 5 I. E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Heron, Jas 8c A drygood-store, 6, Market-space, W. S. 
Herr, Henry, S. Liberty near Lombard-st 
Herring, Ludwig, lumber merchant, lower end M'El- 

dery's wharf, dwel. 72, Albemarle st- O. T. 
Herron, Robt. B innkeeper, 23, Pratt-st. head of O'Don- 

Hcrwig. Christopher P. M D. 22, Fayette -st. 
Hess, Joseph, carp. Waggon-alley. 
Heslip, Jno. boot maker, 44, Baltimcre-st dwel. 6, N. 

Hctinger, Mithael, labourer, corner of Carol ina and 

Hampstead-hill-st O T. 
Hewes, Jno. printer and publisher of the Fed. Gazette, 

dwel. St. Paul's-hmc. 
Hewitt, Ely, tobacco manufacturer, corn, of Baltimore- 

st. and Forrest-lane. 
Heyghton, James, carp. Hook's-town-road, W. P. 
Hickley, Robert, merch..nt, dwel. S Eutuw-st 
Hikley, Sebastian, stone cutter, Bridge st. near Grif- 
fith's bridge O.T. dwel. corn, of Low k High-sts. do. 
Hick, Jno. ropemcikor, Harapstead hiil-st. do. 
Hi ks Jno. innkeeper, High-st opposite 101, do. 
Hi' ks George, cordwainer, 66, Saratoga st. 
liigh, Jas. do 85, Waggon alley. 

High, Wm. painter, Forrest-lane. 
Hight, Peter, carter, S. Eutaw near Conway-sts. 
Higginuotliom, R^lph, cashier Union Bank, dwelling N. 

Charles near Chatham-st. 

. ( 94 ) 

Hi^ginbothom, Wm. mariner, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Higgins, Edward, bread and biscuit buker 49. South-st. 

Hignat, Jno brick maker. George-town road, W. P. 

Higson, Geo. rigger. W Fleet st. F. P. 

Hildt, Jno. tanner, Holliday-st. extended, near the first 

Hildenbrandt, Andrew, bootmaker, S. Eiituw-st. 

Hileary, Anthony, (col. man) hair dresser, MClellan's- 

Hill, Mary, iipholstress, 30 1-2 S. Charles-st. 

Hill, Geo. bookseller, 104, Baltimore-st 

Hill, Samuel, (col man) waggoner. Low near High-st. 
O. T. 

Hill, Henry, butcher, Eden-st F. P. 

Hill, Rirhard, mariner. Shakespear-st. do. 

Hill, capt. Jno. E. Lancaster near Ann-st. do. 

Hill, Mr. rigger, 64, E. Fleet-st. do. 

Hill, Arthur, grocer, W. Wilk-st. do. 

Hill, Jeremiah, mariner, 25, corner of Strawberry-al- 
ley and W. Wilk St. do. 

Hillen, Jno. merchant, 23, Water near South-st. 

Hinckle & Richards, lower Patapsco ferry road, S. P. 

Hinckle, Anthony, rope maker. Welcome-alley. 

Hincs, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 52. Camden-st. 

Hindes, Jno- bricklayer, 47, S. 

Hindes, Jtts. do Lombard near Eutaw-st 

Hinton, capt. Abijah, 33, George-st. F. P. 

Hintze, Charles, M D 15, S. Gay-st. 

Hipwell, Humphrey, grocer, 81, N. Howard-st. 

Hiizelbcrger, Jno, house carpenter, Morris-st. W. P. 

Hitzelberger. Anth, stone mason, N. Calvert st. exten. 

Hitzelberger, Peter, tanner, Fish-st. 

Hitzelberger, Geo. cordwainer, 51, W> Bank-st. F. P. 

Hoaney, carp. North-st. 

Hoasley, Thos cordwainer, Forrest-lane. 

Hobbey, Sarah, widow, 23, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Hobbs, John, grocer, corner of Paca and Baltimore-sts. 
W P. 

Hobbs, capt. George, 20, Queen-st. F. P. 

Hobbs, Ann, 12, Green-st. O. T. 

( 93 ) 

Hobey, capt. Dominicus. Pratt-st near lower bridge, 
Hobson, capt. Geo. Thames-st. near Mr Biays*s 
Hoburg, Sophia, cordial distiller, 15, Green-st O T. 
Hoburg, Richard, letter carrier, do do. 

Hodges, John, rope maker, lower Patapsco ferry road, 

Hodges, Wm. gent do. 

Hoffman, Christopher, stone cutter, New-lane, W. P. 
Hoffman, Henry, carp. Paca near Lombard-st. do. 
Hoffman, Goo. wholesale dry good store, 171 1-2, Bal- 

timore-st. dwel. Hanover near Lombard-st 
Hoffman, Jacob and son, curriers, 7, Cheapside, dwel. 

46, back of Hanover, near Lombard-st. 
HoflPman, Wm. and Jeremiuh, wholesale drygood mer- 
chants, I, S. Charles St. near Baltimore- st. 
Hoffman, Peter, jun wholesale drygood merchant, 103, 

Bdltimore-st. dwel. Holliday st opposite Theatre. 
Hoffman, Geo. carp. Bottle alley. 
Hoffman, Nicholas, do. German-st near Maypole. 
Hoffman, Daniel, merchant 227 Baltimore, near How- 

ard-st dwel. German-st. beyond May pole. 
Hoffman, Peter 8c son, wholesale drygood merchants, 

15 3. Iknltimore st 
Hoffman, Frederick G. baker, S. W. corner of Pitt and 

High sts. O. T. 
Hoffman, Andrew, Brewer, 17, Union-st- do. 
Hogart, Jiio. gentleman, Franklin near Eutaw-st. 
Hogner, Jno. tinman, 5, North-st. 
Holbrook, capt Joseph dwel. Great-York nearDulany- 

st. O T. 
Holilen, Jas. lab. 39, Fayettc-st. 

HolJLincl, Littleton jeweller 122, N. W. corner of Bal 
timore and Calvert-sts. dwelling N. Charles-st. near 
the Chapel. 
Holland, Wm carter, Forrest st F. H. 
Holland, Francis, U. gro- er, 108, Dugan's-wharf. 
Holland, Jno. carter. E ist near French-st. 
HollL-rook, Thos. cooper, French-st. O. T. 
Hoiliday, Wm- stone cutter, 19, Saratoga-st. 
Holiin, Wm. oak cooper, 97, Saratoga-st. 

( 96 ) 

IloH'mgsworth, Thomas, carp, Goodman-st. F. H. 
IloUingsworth, Thomas and Sdiniicl, merchants, 41. S. 

Caivert-st. near County- whari". 
HolUngsworth, Thos. mercht. dwel. next door Mary- 
land Insurance ollicc, South st. 
Hollmgsworth, Saml merchant, dwcl. S. W. corner of 

Charles and Chatham-st 
HoUingsworth and Worthington, merchants, HoiUngs- 

worth's near County wharf. 
HolUng-sworth, Jesse, merchant. 18, st. 
Holiins^sworth, Levi, merchant, 11, Bovviey &-vvharf. 
Kohingsworth, and Suiiivan, merchants, opposite 253, 

Hoilins and McBIair, merchants, 49, S Gay-st. near 

Smith 's-wharf. 
Holiins, Jno merchant and president of the Maryland 

Insurance Company, dwcl next door but one to the 

court house. 
Iloimes, Benjamin, ((ol man) labr. Sharp-st. 
Holmes, James, porier bottler, cellar 127, Buitimore-st- 

dv/el St Paul's lano. 
liol'mes, Jno. mercht Baltimore between Howard and 


Holmes, Saml. potter, Siuisbury-st- O. T. 

Holmes, eapt. James, 5, Carolina-st. F. P. 

Holmes, crjpt Jno. 6, Phi;pot-st. do. 

Hoiton Wrn. hatter, 56, Strawberry alley, do. 

Holtz. Peter, weaver, Aisquilh-st- O T. 

Hoistein, Michi. tinplate worker, M Clcllan's-alley. 

Homrighaus. Jno; market-yard and feed store, Forresl- 

st. next door Hiy-scules, O. T. 
Honicombe. Jno. Baker, 19, Bridge st. O. T. 
Hook, Joseph, capt of tne watch. Green-st. W. P. 
Hook, Andrew, wheelwright, 92, S. Charles-st, 
Hooker, James, < oni.table, corner of Petticoat-aliey and 

Goughst. F. P. 
Hooper. Susanrta, York-road, E. P. 
Hooper, Wm fence maker, Gaiiows-hill. E. P. 
Hooper, Jaines, innkeeper, 70, Bond st F. P. 
Hooper, Isaac, ship carp. Burk-st* near Harris's-creek 

( 97 ) 

Hoppe, Justus, merclit. dwel. N. Charles-st. near Ca- 

Hopkins, Wm. mariner, S. Howard, near Camden-st. 

Hopkins, Jno. gent, corner of Forrest-lane and Vulcan 

Hopkins, Wm. mercht. 9. County-wharf, S. Calvert-st. 

Hopkins. Gerard & Wm. merchts. 1, ditto ditto. 

Hopkins. Joel, grocer, 48, ditto do. dwel. 

next Mr. Hargrove's-church, G. York-st. O. T. 

Hopkins, Geo. sliip carp. Frenchman's-alley. 

Hopkins, James, brewer. Wolfe near Queen-st. O. T. 

Hopkinson, Francis, gent. 42, Ch<itham-st. 

Hopom, Jemima, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Hornby, Walter, cabinet maker, 6, Light st. 

Home, Jno. S. mercht. O'Donnei's wliarf, dwel. corner 
of Green and Mulberry-sts. W. P. 

Horn, Philip, mercht. 102, N. Howard-st. 

Home, Nathan, Goodman st F. H. 

Home, James, brickmaker, Welcome-alley. 

Home, labr. Whiskey-alley. 

Horner, Thos. carp. Chamberlain's-alley. 

Horner, Francis, bricklayer, Sharp near Barre-st, 

Horney, David, labr. 59, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Hornor, Stacy, groceries and com. mercht. 17, Cheap- 

Hortcr, Ignatius, grocer, York-road. E. P. 

Horton, James, mercht. 9, N. Howard-st. dwel. 24, Sa- 

Hoskyns, Jno. H. Green-st. W. P. 

Hossman, Mrs. Woife-st. F. P. 

Hough, Robt- mercht. 12, County-wharf, dwel. back of 
Sharp near Lombard-st. 

Houghton, Paris, brickmaker, S. Eutaw-st. 

Houghton, Betsey, seamstress, 2, Waggon-alley. 

House, Sarnl. carp, opposite 80, High-st. O. T. 

Houzelot, Peter, Chapel-alley. 

How, Sally, laundress, 74. Hanover st. 

Howard, Mary, Chapel-alley. 

Howard, Jno. bricklayer, S'. Howard-st. near Brandv- 

( 98 ) 

Howard. G. 8c J. dry good-store, 169, S. W. comer of 

Bu] and Charles-sts 
Howcu-d, Henry, grocer, 44, corner of Light-st. h Rux- 

toii-1 ue. 
Hoxvaid, Henry, woolen draper, man's mercer, Sec. 1« 

Lemon-si. dwel. HoUiday-st. opposite Theatre. 
Howard, Philip, carp. Cider alley. 
Howard, Henry, M D. 19, Chatham-st 
Huward, Wm cordvvainer. Gallows-hill E. P. 
Howe, cant- Thomas 34, Queen-st. F. P. 
Ho well, Jno. tailor, 12, Lexin|-^ton-st. 
Howiand, cipt Daniel, 22, N. Frederick-st 
Howland. INIaiy, widow, Potter-st. O. T. 
Howiand, Jno. wheeiwright, 19, Pitt-st. O. T. 
Howbcr, Jno. do. S Frederick-st. 

Huaii, J Dentist, 36, Water-st. 

Hubbard, Wm blockmaker, dwel. 53, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Hubbali. Ebenezer, brassfoundcr, 3, N. Gay-st. 
Huber, Joseph carp Sliarp near Camden-st. 
Hubei, Henry, boot and shoemaker, 51 South-st. 
HUjhes. H-.nnab, widow, diygood store. Green near 

Frail klin-st. W. P. 
Hughes. Aquila, grocer, Short-alley. 
Hughes, Danl. carter Sharp-st. corner of Busy-alley. 
Hughes, Chiistopher, gent. Forrest, F. H. 
Hughes, Wm. (col manj wclkligger, Honey-alley do.. 
Hughes, Abraham, cordvv. 10, Union-st. O. T. 

Hughes, Edw. ditto 4, E. AUisanna-st. F. P. 

Hughes, George, L. ladies shoestore, 91, Baltimore st. 

Hugg, Rich, coidw. Gough's-road, O. T. 

Huil, George, bricklayer. Union betw. North 8c French 
sts. O T 

Huiij Jdmes, sen. grocer, sexton to Christ-church, G. 
York near the corner of Front-st O. T. 

Hull, capt William, 12, Ann-st. F. P. 

Humphreys, Kerr, grocer, 18, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Hunt, Joshua, hair dresser Light-st. next Fount. Inn — 
dwel. Greit\\>.k-st. O. T. v 

Huntemc<n, Diedcrick, 210. Baltimore-st. 

H«nter, Mrs. Rebecca, Goodman-st F. H. 

J-Tunter, Mrs Jane, 25, S Gay-st. 

( 99 ) 

Hunter and Robinson, stationers 8c Circulating Libr;-- 
ry, no. 96, Bait st. 

Hunter, John, esq. N Gay-st. 

Hurst, James, oakcooper, 26 Bridge-st — dwel. Union- 
st O T. 

Hurst, Shadrack, butcher, Bridge-st extended, O. T. 

Hurst, capt. Wni. 3, W. Allisaiina-st. F. P. 

Hurston, Elizabeth, wick)W, 5 1 Apple-alley, F P. 

Hurxthai, F. & C. Hasenc lever, merchts. 67 Bowley'c- 

Hurxthai, F. mercht dwel. Sharp, near Camden-st. 

Husband, Wm. mercht. 64 County-wharf — dwel. no. 12 
Pitt-st. O. T 

Hush, Saml. cordwainer, Hanover-st. F. H. 

Hussey, Asahel, drygood store, 5 N. Howard st. 

Hussey, Nathcin, innkeeper, 7. do. 

Hussey, Geo. tanner and currier, corner of Exeter Sc 
W. \Viik-3t. O. T. 

Hntchings, capt. Sam. 37, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Hutchings, Samuel, grocer, 35, corner of High and 
Bridge-sts O. T. 

Hutchins, Ri'hd. keeper of the Apollo Hotel and Gar- 
dens, Bank-st. near the Roman Cath. Chapel, F. P. 

Hutson, Mrs. 40, corner of Water and S. Fred-st 

Huiton, James, grocer, 24, Balt.-st. 

Hutton, Elijah, bricklayer, 41, Green-st. O. T. 

Hyatt, Mrs. S. Gay st. 

Hynson, Nathl. cabinet-maker, 98, Bond-st. F. P. 

Ilgenfritz, Jno. innkeeper, corner of Eutaw and Mul - 

Ilker, Mary, widow, 74, S. CharJes-st 

Inglis, Revd James, East between Lemmon and Cal- 

Inglis, A. M. milliner, 133, Baltimore-st. 

Inger, Luke, brickmaker, Little-York-st. back of Trin- 
ity Church, O. T. 

Inger, Jno. grocer, comer of East and Bridge-sts O- T. 

Ingle, Silas, boatbuilder, Caroluia, near F,ect-st. F. P. 

Ingram, Alexr. chair maker and painter, Franklin near 
Howard St. 

^ ( 100 ) 

Inloes, James, gentleman, 89, Green-st. O. T. 

Inloes, Jno. coidwainer, 81 1-2 Bond-st. F. P. 

Inloes, David, cooper, corner of North-st. and Dutch- 

Inloes, Wm. ship joiner, lower end George-st. dwell. 
Allisanna-st. near Argyle-alley, F. P, 

Inloes, Mrs. Eliza. M'idow, 20, E. AUisanna near Mar 
ket-st. F. P. 

Insurance (Union) Comfiany^ office 30, S. Gay -St. 

Irens, Mary, Frenchman's alley. 

Irvine, Jas. bricklayer, Paca near Baltimore-st. W. P. 

Irvine, Sc Beatty, drygood merchants, 31, N. Howard-str 

Irvine Sc Roney, blacksmiths, 41, S. Frederick-st 

Irvine, Jno. carter, 39, S. Frederick-st. 

IrA\ine, Mark, H. officer of the customs, K. George near 
Exeter-st. O. T. 

Isaac, Mrs. Elizabeth, 122, Ann-st. near Philadelphia 
road, F. P. 

Isett, Jno. Columbian inn, 237, Baltimore near How- 
ard st. 

Isett, Adam, hatter, 39, Saratoga-st. 

Israel, Beal, constable, Green near Baltimore-st exten- 
ded. W. P. 

ludefind, Jno. G. cord. 36, German-st. 

lustman, Catherine, widow, S. Howard-st. 

Ives, James, cord. 19, Water-st. near Market-space. 

Jackson, Joannes, E. mercht Albemarle near Plough- 
man-st. O. T. 

Jackson, Jno. cordwainer, North near Green-st. O. T. 

Jackson, Mrs. Eleanor, 19, corner of Fleet-st. and Ar- 
gyle-alley, F. P. 

Jackson, ^Vm. block and pump maker, lower end Pitt- 
st. dwel. Thames St. F. P. 

Jackson, Joseph, gold and silversmith, dweh 48, Har- 

Jackson, Elizabeth, Hill-st. F. H. 

Jackson, Ann, Marble-alley. 

Jackson, Bolton, & Co. 2, Sharp-st. 

Jackson, Jas. trunkmaker , Sharp near Lombard-st. 

( 101 ) 

Jackson, Wm. rordwcuiicr, 34, S. Calvert-st. 
Ju kson, Mai-y. widow, N. Culvert st. extended. 
Jacob, Geoige. Silversmith, 58. N Howard-st 
Jacobs. George, carpenter. K George near Granby-st. 

O. T. 
Jacobs, Jno. Piit-st. 13, F. P. 
JacoliS, capt Wilson, 109, Bond-st do. 
Jacob, Mrs. Jane, 15, Market-st. W. S. do. 
Ja obs, Jno gliss manufacturer. Busy alley. 
Ja quel Henry, Th<.aiies near Quecn-st. F. P. 
Julfrey Henry, grocer 54. corner, of Aliisanna, & Ann- 

st. do. 
Jaffray, James, n:crcht. 92. Hi.novcr st 
Jalliffie, Honore, tailor, corn, of O Donnel's-wharf and 

Pratt St. 
Jalliffie, Honore, (col. man) confcciionner, 63, Bond-st. 

F P. 
Jambu, Magloire, drug-j^ist, 222, Baltimore-st. 
James, Wm. coach painter, Siilihouse-st. O. T. 
James, Samuel, millstone manufactory. Duke-st. do. 
James, John, tiiiplate worker, shop, 42, Baltimore-st. 

dwell. 23, Pitt-st O. T. 
James, iNlrs. Henrietta, dwel. Cole's addition, E. P. 
James, Tudor, grocer, 29, Fren-. h-st. O. T. 
J.imes, Daniel, inn & boarding house, 22,FIeet-st. F. P. 
James, Wm Shakespear st. 12, corner of Apple alley, 

F. P. 
Janjes. Levi, boat builder, dwel. E. Fleet near Foun- 
tain st. F. P 
James, Jno. cooper Peace alley. 
James, Ichabod, carter. Waggon-alley. 
James, Henry, grocer, Pul)lic-alley, near EUic ott's wharf, 

dwel Shaip near Pratt st. 
James, Amos, grocer, 48 Light-st. 
James, Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 4 South-st. 
Janneson, Joseph, measurer of buildings, 42, N. Frede- 

ri. k-st. 
Jannctte, Cecil, widow, E. Wilk near Market-st. F. P. 
Janney, Lewis, teacher, Great- York-st near Haiford 

run, O. T. 
1 2 

( 102 ) 

Janvier, Joseph, drayman, 76, Green-st. O. T. 
Jarrett. Jno. grocer, 6, Pratt st. 
Jarrett, Saml. mevcht. 48 1-2 N. Howard-st. 
Jarvis, James, grocer, N* Eutaw near Lexington-st. 
larvis, Osmond, carter, corner of Goodman and Lee- 

Jaiiffret. J. B. merchant, 5, Unionist. O. T. 
Jeannette, Mademoiselle Anne, 30, Green-st. O. T. 
Jefferis- Saml bookseller and stationer, 212, Baltimore- 

st. dwel. 45, Pratt-st. 
Jefferis, G. M. stationer, 66, Baltimore-st. 
Jeffers, Joseph, carp. Little -York-st. back of Trinity 

Church, O. T. 
Jefferson, Wm. cordwainer, next 9, Conowago-st 
Jeffrey. William, saddle and harnessmaker, 2, Harrison- 

Jeniiigs, Thos. esq. deputy attorney gen. office, Chat- 

Jenings. Wm. attorney at law, dwel. 9 3, Hanover-st. 
Jenkins, Walter, wholesale dry good merchant, 256, Bal- 
timore near Howard-st. 
Jenkins, David, lab 83, N. Ploward-st. 
Jenkins, Thos. gentleman, 45, S. Charles-st. 
Jenkins, Michael, cabinet maker, 18, Light-st. 
Jenkins, Wm. tanner and currier, 4, W^ater-st corner 

of Franklin-lane. 
Jenkins, Wm. B. do. York-road. 
Jenkins, Jas. rigger, 62, Petticoat alley, F P. 
Jenkins, Sarah, widow, 21, W^. Wilk-st. do. 
Jennet, J. B. confe; tioner, 48, Market-space, W. S. 
Jennings. Jas. plasterer, Duke near Wolfe-st. O. T. 
Jenny. Mary, 29. W. Fleet-st. F P. 
Jephson, Jno. boot manufacturer, 5, South-st. 
Jessop, Wm. flour mercht. 97, Bowley's wharf, dwell. 

opposite 16, Fayette-st. 
Jewell, Mary, widow, Forrest-st. near hay scales, O. T. 
Jillcoat. Julia Ann, widow, S Howard near Camden-st. 
Jines, Leonard, sailmaker, Happy-alley, near Bank-st. 
Johns, Hosea, wholesale drygood merchant, corner of 

S. Frederick and Pratt-st. dwel. Strawberry-alley. 

{ 103 ) 

Johns, Richard H. pilot, 49, Ann-st. F. P. 

Johns, Aquilci, gentleman, 46, High-st. O. T. 

Johns, Riclid. pilot. Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Johnse, Jno. distiller, N. Calvert-st. extended. 

Johnson. Henry, carp. Hiil-st. F. H. 

Johnson, Francis, paver. Busy-alley. 

Johnson, Nicholas carp VVekome -alley. 

Johnson, Joseph, hatter, back 6, Ruxton-lane. 

Johnson, Peter, cordwainer, 25, Water st. 

Johnson, Susanna, widow, Chamberlain's alley. 

Johnson, Frederic k, Gardner. Paca-st. W. P. 

Johnson, Mr. tailor, N. Entaw-st. 

Johnson, Christopher, gentleman, corner of Eutaw and 

Fayette sts. 
Johnson, Thos. coppersmith, 43, N. Howard-st. 
Johnson, Thos Hanover near Barre-st. 
Johnson, Joshua, limner, 99, High-st O. T. 
Johnson, Solomon, (col. man) cordwainer, 60, Green-st 

O. T. 
Johnson, Wni. carp. 56, Green st. do. 
Johnson, Jno. do do. 

Johnson, Solomon, cordwainer, Aisquith st. O. T. 
Johnson A. ornamental painter, dwel. Union st. do. 
Johnson, Edward, esq. brewer Sc Mayor of the city, K. 

George St. nearPeter's-bridge, O. T. 
Johnson, Eleanor, 12 Lexington-st. 
Johnson? Jno. grocer, corner of Gough and Carolina-st. 

F. P. 
Johnson, Robt. rigger, Bond-st. next 98, do. 
Johnson* widow, corner of Ailisanna-st. Sc Apple-alley, 

F. P. 
Johnson, Elizabeth, Ann-st. near the R. C. Chapel, F.P. 
Johnson, Jno. mariner, 62, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Johnson, Hetty, widow, 51, E. Fleet-st. do. 
Johnson, Ann, mantua maker, W. Wilk near Carolina- 
st. do. 
Joice, Wm. carp. Aisquith-st O. T. 
Jolly, Claude, drygood store, 70, S, Charles-st. 
Jonckheere, Mr. clock and watchmaker, 100, Bond-st. 

corner of Fleet, F, P. 

C 104 ) 

Jones, Aubmy, cordwainer, 66» Cumberland-row. 

Jones, W^m. cordwainer> 67, Harrison-st. 

Jones, Saml. weaver, Montgomery-st. F. H. 

Jones, Benj ship carp. York-st. F H. 

Jones Joshua mens' mercer, woolen draper, Sec. 50, 
Baiti'i:ore-st., \Vm. bricklayer, 64, Lexington-st. 

Joii'is, J..cob, coachmaker, corner of German and S. 
Eniaw sts. 

Jones, Benj. mercht 61, N Howard-st. 

Jones Sc Young, Talbot, merchants, 48, corner of How- 
ard and Lexingion-sts. 

Jones, Dcivid, (col. man) lab. Goodman-st. F, H. 

Jone.s, Wm hardware store, j3, County-wharf, dwell. 
Pitt, near Potter st. O. T. 

Jones, Elizabeth, widow, 29, S. Calvert st. 

Jones. Wm. cordwainer, 23, do. 

Jones, Richd. H- carrier, 8,Cheapside,dwel. 70, Pratt-st. 

Jones, Nicholas, S. merchant, 12, Bowley's-whurf. 

Jones, Elizabeth, widow, 8, W. Lancaster-st- F- P. 

Jones, Edward, grocer, corner of G. York and Front-sts. 
and corner of Pitt and High-sts. O T. 

Jones, Thomas, scavenger, Potter-st O. T. 

Jones, Jewel waterman, corner of President Sc Princc- 
sts. do. 

Jones. Evan, G York-st. do. 

Jones, Wm. laljourer. Great- York-st. near Mr. Glendy's- 
church, O T. 

Jones, Mary, widow, M*Elderry-st. do. 

Jones, Mary, do. Low, near High-st. do. 

Jones, Charles, tobacconist, 68, Petticoat-alley- F. P. 

Jones, Richard, rigar maker, 46, Appie-alley, do. 

Jones, Wm. ship carp, corner of Allisanna-st. and Hap- 
py-alley, do. 

Jones James, carp. 3, W Lancaster-st. do. 

Jones, capt Levin, E. Alii sanna near Ann-st. do. 

Jones, Jno- mariner, 51, W. Flcet-st. do. 

Jones, Wm mariner, 32, W. do. 

Jones-, Roger, lab 15, E. do. 

Jones, Dorsey, tobacconist; 53, W. Bank-st« do. 

( 105 ) 

Jones, capt. Jno. S. Bank-st. near Smith's rope- walk, F. P. 

Jordan, Wm. mercht. tailor, 208, Baltimore-st. 

Jordan, Dominick, grocer, Hook's-town road, W. P. 

Jordan Frederick, hardware-store, 16, N. Iloward-sl. 

Jordan, Jno. baker, 98, S. Charles-st. 

Jordan, Eiizu. widow, Holliday-st. exten. 

Jordan, Henry, boxm^ker, 27, S. Gay st. 

Jordan, Frederick, reedmaker, Forrest-st. near the hay 
scales, O. T. 

Jory, Jno. ladies shoemaker, Liberty-st. do. 

Joyce, Anthony, billiard-keeper, Tripolet's-alley. 

Juden, Jno. tailor, 4, Baltimore-st. dwel. Vulcan-alley. 

Judge, Hugh, grocer, corn. Friendship &. M'Elderry's- 
St. O. T. 

Juforgues, Francis, tailor, corner of Bond and Lancas- 
ter sts. F. P. 

Julien, Thos. (col. man) con feet N. Frederick-st. 

Jumel A. Thomas, gentleman, Paca near Saratoga-st. 
W. P. 

Junge, H. W. mercht. 49, South-st. 

Justman, Michaeli house carp. S. Eutaw near Camden- 



Kaes, Mathias, grocer, 65, N. Gay-st. near Griffith's 

Bridge, O. T. 
Kail, Thomas, painter 8c glazier, Paca, near Franklin- 

St. W. P. 
Kalbfus, Lewis, morocco dresser, 148, Baltimore-st. 
Kalkman, Charles Frederick- merchant, Spear's- wharf, 

dwel. next 48 N. Frcderi.k-st. 
Kail, John Tii. baker S Howard, near Conway-st. 
Kamuisky, John C. Innkeeper, 13, corner of Btoik-st- 

and Public-alley. 
Kane, John M. grocer, N. W. corner of Pratt and 

Light-sts dwel. 72, S. Charies-st- 

Kantelhard, Lewis, cordw 47, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Karthaus, Peter Arnold, merchant German goods, 

252, Baltimore, near Liberty-st. — dwelling no. 19, S, 

Liberty st- 
Karrick, Joseph, merchant, 10, N. Liberty-st.. 

( 106 ) 

Kass, Otto Wm. labourer, N. 
Kaiiderer, George, baker, dwel. S. Eutaw near Cam- 
den st 
Kauffman, Christian, carp. Brandy-alley, near Howard- 

K-iylor, George, grocer, 14Pratt-st. 
Kcan, Cathtaine, Cider ul'ey. 
Kearns, John, cordwainer, Hcippy-alley, near Dulany- 

st F. P. 
Kearns John, liquor store, Pratt-st. near Spear's wharf. 
Kearney, Theodoiick, fruit store, 59, S. Frederick-st. 
Kechel, Michael, drayman, 69, Harrison-st. 
Kcihiine, John, pottery, back of no. 20, Bridge-st. 0« 

Keeder, Joseph, cheesemonger, S. Union-st. O T. 
Keen, William, merchant, 18, M'EIderry's-wharf, and 

59. N. Howard-st 
Keen. Lawrence, Officer of the United States* Navy, 

9, S. Charles-st. 
Keen, Margaret, widow, 101, Saratoga-st. 
Keene, Za< hariah, inkeeper, 1 1 Market-st. W. S. F. P. 
Keener. Jacob, tailor, 52. N. Gay-st ^ 

Keener, John gunsmith, 8, Water near South-st.— 

dwel. Green, near Bridge st. O. T. 
Keens, Catharine, widow, Chamberlain's-alley. 
Keerl, Henry, M. D. druggist, 233, Baltimore-st*— 

dwel. 17 German-3t. 
Keifel Nicholas, carpenter, 35. German-st. 
Keighler, Daniel, constable, Forrest-st. F. H. 
Keiiholtz, widow, baker, 18, corner of S. Liberty and 

Keilholtz, Henry, hair dresser, S. Liberty near Lom- 

Keilholtz, Wm. grocer, 70, Lexington-st. 
Keilholtz, Philip, cooper, Mulberrry-st. 
Keins, John, labf. near the Glass-house, F. H. 
Keirle, Jiko. W. boot and shoe manufr. corner of Bond 

and Shakespear-st. F P. 
Kell, Thomas, attorney at law, 31, N Gay-st. 
teller, Ji>o. brickmaker, George-town-road, W. P 

( lOT ) 

Keller 8c Foreman, merchts. opposite Col. Inn, Balti 

more St 
Keller, George, confectr. 198, Biiltimore-st. 
Keller, Jno {;ardner, H impstcad-hill-st. O. T. 
Kellinc.'icr, Henry, tailor. B.iiti.nore-st. ext. W. P. 
Kelly, Jno. labr. (col. man) S Howard-st. 
Keily.Jimes, gro^-er, 29,North-st. 
Kelly, Honry,labr. Sharp-st. 
Kelly, James, constable, 59, S. Charles-st- 
Kelly, Thomas, cooper, corner of Water-st. & Smith's 

Kelly, Ann, corner of Witer-st- Sc Market-space. 
Kelly, Barbara, widow. 15, Ruxton-lane. 
Kelly, John, potter. Union st. O T. 
Kelly, Edward, meal dealer, Gallows-hill, E. P. 
Kelly, Jno, carter, York-road. do. 

Kelly, Patrick, grocer, Thames near Philpot-st F. P. 
Kelner, Jno. Christopher, baker, Green-st. belw. Nortb 

and French-st. O. T. 
Kelser, Wm painter Sc glazier, 115, Green-st. O. T. 
Kelso, Miry, widow, corn, of Granby and Queen-st. do. 

Kelso, Thos. butcher, 173, High-st. do. 

Kelso. Jno. ditto 101, French-st. do. 

Kemp, Thomas, ship carp. FouiUain-st. F. P. 

Kempis, Abraham, carp. 93, Ann-st. do. 

Kempton. Saml. A. mercht. 83, Bowley's-wharf. dwe], 
Grcat-York-st. O. T 

Kendall, James, accountant, 186, Bait. st. 

Kendri ks Geo. mariner, 46, Happy-alley, F. P. 

Kennard. Mary, widow, Barre, near Hanover-st. 

Kennard Wm. combmaker, 21, Conowago-st. 

Kennay, Thos. carp, corner, of Franklin and North-sts. 

Kennedy, A. and Coihoon. merchts. 10, Light st. 

Kennedy, Henry, brickkiyer, N. Calvert-st. exten. 

Kennedy, Wm. hay weigher, Hollidayst. 

Kennedy, Jno. F. gent. 96, Pratt-st. 

Kennedy, Ezekiel,^ blacksmith, Pearl-st. meadow. 

Kennedy, Mordecai, do. do. 

Kennedy, Mary, corner of Granby and Prince-sts. O. T, 

Kennedy. Jno. labourer Po.ter-st. do. 

Kennedy, Mrs. seamstress, 47, Wolfc-st. F. P. 

{ 108 ) 

Kenner, Louisa, corner of Union and Nortli-sts. O. T. 
Kent, Emanuel, merchant, dwel. Paca near F'ranklin-st. 

W P. 
Kent, Robt. ropemaker, Gallows-hill E. P. 
Kephart, Elizabeth, widow, Aisquith-st. O T. 
Keppler, Jno. tobacconist, dwelling Bridge-st. exten. 
Keppler, and Petherbridge, bacon-store, 20, Market- 
space, W. S. 
Kepplinger, Michael, brickmaker, Harford-road, E. P. 
Kepplinger, Jno. sen. carter, Britton st E. P. 
Kerr, Wm. corner of S. Eutaw and Lombard-sts. 
Kerr, Arch, ropestore, 47, Fell-st. F. P. 
Kerns, Jno. gentleman, near Sharp-st. 
Kessler, David, hatter, 31, Light-st. 
Key, Abner, tailor, Pratt-st. next 65. 
Keys, Jno. mercht. Pratt-st. near Spear's-wharf — dwel. 

Prince near Albemarle st, O. T. 
Keys" Richd. mercht. Bowley's-wharf 
Keys J'lmes, sen. do. Lexington-st. 
Keyser, Saml. china store, 199, Ballimore-st dwelling 

corner Eutaw and Fiiyette-sts. 
Keyser, Derrick, china store, 12, N. Howard-st. 
Keyser George, do. corner N. Liberty & Balti- 

more-sts. dwel. Lombard near Howard st. 
Kiar, (col man) hair dresser, 61, S Charlcs-st. 
Kiersted, Luke, sailmaker, Tenant' s-wharf. dwell 1 1 

Ann-st F. P. 
Kiiiburn, capt. Russell, 87, Ann-st. F. P. 
Killpatrick, Jno. carp. 66, Saratoga-st. 
Kilgour, Robt. commission mercht. 8 1 , Bowley's-wharf. 
Kimberly, Nathl. tailor 9 Soutii-st. " 
Kiraberly, Wm. H. jeweller and silversmith, 46, Bond- 

st. F. P. 
Kimmel & Albert, hardware store, 19 N. Howard-st. 
Kimmel, Mi -hael, mercht. ditto 

Kimmel, Antiiony, do. dwel. 62, Lexington-st. 
Kimraerlen, Michl. grocer, IT ^ North st. 
Kiraes, Mrs. Montgomery near Goodman st. F H. 
Kincaid, James, grocer. Forrest-st. near H. S. O. T. 
King, Elias, carp. S. Eutaw-st 

( 103 ) 

King-, Henry, innkeeper, corner of N. Howard & Frank- 

Kinij, Jno. wheelwright, I.erew's-alley. 
King, Wm. grocery and boarding-house, 51, Smith's- 

King, John, ditto, 82, lower end of do. 
King, John, chair maker, 30 N. Gay-st. 
King, Edward, blacksmith, ^Vhiskey-allcy. 
King, Richard, shoe store^ 1 10 Baltimore-st. 
King, Jacob, comb-maker, 23 Conowago-st. 
King, John, cordwainer. Chamberlain s-a!ley. 
King, John, ladies' sliocmakcr, Libcrty-st O. T. 
King Henry, groc. S. E. corner of Union and Xorth-st^. 

d. T. 

King, Wm. stone mason. Petticoat- alley, F P. 

Kin^, Thomas, biscuit baker, 24, Phiipot-st. do. 

King, Fitz, Mariner, 44, W. Lancastcr-st do. 

King, James, rigger, 20, E. Fleet-st do. 

Kingston, Jno. bookseller, 164, Baltimore-st. 

Kintz. carp. N. Eutaw-st. 

Kiniz, Ja<ob, do. Hooks-town-road, W. P. 

Kipp, Jno. oil and paint store, 16, Chcapside, dwel. 78, 

Kipp, Jno. sen. 44, Pratt-st. 

Kirby. Miss, priv. boarding-house, corner of S. Calvert 
8c Water- sts 

Kirby, Jno- carp. 23, Jones st. O. T^ 

Kirby, Saml. ship carp. WoJfe near Lancaster-st F. P. 

Kirk, Richd. carp. Bottle-alley, near Eutaw-st. 

Kirk, Thos. board, house, 1, Bond, corner of Thames- 
st. F. P 

Kirkpitrick, Jeremh. dray. Green near Bridgo-st. O. T. 

Kirkwcod, Jno. ship caip. 38, Queen-st. F. P. 

Kithert, David 153, High-st. O. T. 

Kitts, Barney, plasterer, Green-st. 64, do. 

Kiees. Jno. portei' bottler, cellar, 85 1-2, corner of Bal- 
timore and South-sts dwel. St. Paufs-lane, 156, 

Kltinaucr, Jacob, S. Eutaw near Camdcn-st. 

Kleinhans, Geo. H. tailor, corner Wilk and Carolina- 
sts F. P. 

( 110 ) 

Klock, Dicderick, tobacco and snuiTmanuiV. 81, Boiid- 
st. F. P 

Klunk, Peter, carp. New-lane, W. P. 

Knap, Rebecca, widow of Saml 82, E. Wilk-st.-F. P. 

Knap, Capt. Thomas, 82, do. do. 

Kneass, Muhl. Plane maker, 31, Conowago-st. 

Knecht, GodiVied, cutler, 10, AVater near Light-st. 

Kneeland, Richd. hatter, Tripolets-alley. 

Knight, Elizabeth, Lower Patapsco-ferry-road, S. P. 

Knight, Isaac, mercht. corn. Pratt st. Sc Spear's-wharf. 

Knight, Comfort, boarding-house, Dutch-alley. 

Knight, Nathl. bookseller and station. 23, Fe'll-st. F. P. 

Knodt, Jno. hair dresser, 22, Pratt-st. head of O'Don- 

Knodt; Adam, weaver, German near Paca-st. W^ P. 

Knowles, capt. James, E. Lancaster nc?r Ann-st, F. P.. 

Knox, Randolph, carp. S. Eulaw near Lombard-st. 

Knox, Rev. Saml. President of the Baltimore College, 
dwel. JSrClellans-alley. 

Knup, Abraham, baker, corner of S. Howard-st. and 

Koch, Andreas, baker, 57 ^ N. Gay-st 

Koch, Henry, do. Harford road, E. P. 

Konig, C. S. mercht. 28, Bovvley's-wharf, dwel. Light, 
near Bank-st. 

Konig, Frederick, mercht. German goods, 248, Balti- 
more, near Libertyst. 

K(Eniusbaucr, Joseph, cigar manufacturer, 60, West 
Flect-st F. P. 

Koneckc, Nichs. oflker of the customs, O. T. 

Kornprobst, Arch. Forrest-st. F. H. 

Kottman, Cathe. S. Howard-st. 

Kraber, Martin £;: Son, merchts. 107, corner N How- 
ard and Mulberry-sts- 

Kraft, Frederick, innkeeper, 26, S. Howard-st. ; 

KrafPt, Michl. labr. Paca st. W. P. 

Krafft, Jacob, watch. Pa.a corpicr of Lombard-st. W P. 
Kramer, Jno. hatter, Tripoleis-alley. 
Kramer b. Wilmot, merchants, lower end ofM'Clurr's 
wharf, dwel. 19, Favette-st. 

( 111 ) 

Kreagcr, Fredeiick, cordw. 5, Ruxlon-lane. 

Krebs, Jno. brickmuk. corn. S. Eutaw and Conway-sls 

Krebs, Wm. do. George-town-road, W. P. 

Krems, Joseph, grocer, 166, Baiiiniore-st. 

Kreutzner, Joseph, labr. Lloyd st. O. T. 

Kuliiis, Jacob, cordw. Forrcst-Jane. 

Kiimmer, Frederick, cordw. N. Liberty-st. 

Kurtz, Rev. Daniel, Holliday-st. near Tiieatre. 

Kurtz, Jacob, hat manufactr. 250, Bakiniore-st. 

Kurtz, Michl. sugar. reliner, Lower Patapsco-fcrrv-road. 
S. P. 

Kurtz, Henry, mariner, Bond near Bank-st F. P. 

Kcatinge, Henry, S. printer and bookbinder. Strawber- 


Labes £c Co. merchts, 5,S. Charles-st. 

Labruyere, Henry, gent Great- Vork-st. O. T. 

Lacombe, Madame, ladies accademy, 16, S. Calvert-st. 

Lacomb, William, shipjoin. Ann-st. F. P. 

Lacy, Hannah, widow, 55, S. Frederick-st. 

La Faloniere, Ann Clare Petit, 12, Commerce-stT"^ 

La Fetra, Jacob, boot & shoe mak. 28, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Laffel, Geo. mariner, Fell-st. F. P. 

Lafittc and Bartiie, merchts. 172, Bait St. 

Lafitte, Jno. mercht. dwei. N. Charles-st. 

Lafond. J P. liquor store, 58, S. Charles-st. 

La Garde, Francis 12, Comm-crce-st. 

La Garde Mary, widow, 3, Ruxton-lane. 

Lainhart, Henry, senr. '9, German-st. 

Lainhart, Hbnry, junr. ship chandler, 1, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Lamb, Jno. blacksmith, dwel. and shop Concord near 

Lambie Jas. cord. 23, South-st. 

Lambert, Lewis grower, 34, North-st. 

Lambert^ Madam, 37, S. Charles-st. 

Lamelin, Charles, cord corner of Sharp and Hiil-sts. 

Lammot, Daniel, gent. Gre.n st. W. P. 

Lumontagne, P. A. cord. 38, North-st. 

Lamour, Peter, (col. man) liair dresser 74, Pratt near 

{ 112 ) 

Lane, Wm, joiner, N. Calvert-st extcii. 
Lane, Benj. (col. man) house cavp. N. Eutaw-st 
Lane, Patrick, niahogany sanycr, S. Calvert-st. 
Lane, John, biscuit baker, dwelling 20, Phiipot-st. bake 

house Lane's-wharf. F. P. 
Langarl, William, house carp. Pearl-st. W. P. 
Langiain, Mary, milliner, 10, iSiarket space, W. S. 
Landers, Lydia, E. Lancaster-st F. P. 
Langford, capt. Charles, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Lannay, Lewis, dwel. N. Calvert-st. exten. 
Lannay, L Sc P. callico warehouse, 15 7, Ballimore-st 
Lannaway, Mary Ann, 14, S. Howard-st. 
Larew, Abraham, carp. S. Eutaw near Pratt-st 
Lareintrie? Jno. L. accountant, 7, German-st. 
Larsh, Abraham, senr. gent. N. Libeily-st. 
Larsh, Hieronimus, grocer, Goodman-st F. H. 
Larsh, Abraham, jun. dry good-store, 39, Baltimore neai 

the corner of Gay-st. 
Laroque, Francis, gent. 21, Mulberry near Eutaw-st. 

W. P. 
Latour, Jno. mercht. Green-st. W. P. 
Latham, Edw. fancy chair maker, 5, Jones-st. O. T. 
Latruite, Jno. silversmith, 30, S. Charles-st 
Laty, Joseph, boat builder, lower end Ann-st. dwelling 

Wolfe near Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Laudeman, Mrs. Mary, tobacco and snuff manufactory. 

21 Bond-st. do. 
Lauderman, Jno. t.hip joiner, 58, Apple-alley, do. 
Laugherty, Wm. meal dealer, Gallows-hill, E. P. 
Laurenson, James, mariner, 16, Queen-st. F. P. 
Laurenson, Philip, mercht dwel New-Church-st. 
Lavely,,Mrs. widow, 140, Baltimore-st. 
Law, James, custom house officer, Paca, near Franklin 


Law, Anthony, cabinet-maker. 21, Fayette-st. 
Lawless, Matthew, grocer, 62, Pratt-st. near Spear's- 

Lawrence, Jacob, nailor, Dulany-st. O. T. 
Lawrence, Elizabeth, Britton-st. do 
Lawrence, Wm. butcher, Ann near Dulany-st. F. P. 

( 113 ) 

Lawrence, Robt. grocer, 24, Happy-alley, do. 

Lawrence, Richcl. 78, E. AUis.miK^ st. do. 

Lawrence, S: rah, widow, 49. Gough-st. do. 

Lawson, Robt. constable, 55^ Harrison st. 

Lawson, Eliza, widow, opposite 42, Prutt-st. 

Lawson, Mrs. 20, Albemarle-st. O T. 

Lea, SusaniKt, 17, S. Howard-st- 

League, Reuben, A., 96, Dugan's-wharf. 

League, Abraham, cord. 75, Bond-st. F P. 

League, Thos. clerk of the Fell's point market, dwel, 
E. Fleet near jVIarket St. do. 

Leake, Wm. grocer. 125, Bond-st. do. 

Leakin, Eliza schoolmistress, N Frederick-st 

Leaman, Thos. grocer, Dulany-st. O. T. 

Leary, Peter, 'hatter, Argyle alley, F. P. 

Leason, Jno. tobacconist, 29. S Calvert-st. 

Lebon, Charles mercht. 47 1-2, N. Howard-st. 

Lebrou, Anthony, hiiir dresser, Water near Light-st. 

Lecky, Hugh, mercht. 87, lower end Smitb's-w harf, 
dw'el. Liberty-st. O. T. 

Lecivy. David, rarp, 16. W Wilk-st. F. P. 

Le Claire, Lewis, M. D. 40. N. Giy st. . 

Le Claire, Joseph, (vjoI. man) hair-di*jsser, 34, Market- 

Ledley, Sally, L B H. Public alley. 

Lcdnum, Wm. mariner, Curolina-st. F. P. 

Leddy Jno. pedlar, Ross st W. P. 

Lee, Philip, (col manj brickmaker, S. Howard-st. 

Lee, Mary, widow, back 60, Pratt-st ne..r Spear's-whf. 

Lee, Wm. drygood mercht. 244 1-2, Baltimore near 

Lee, Jno. oak cooper, 65, Lexington-st. 

Lee, Joseph, bricklayer, 11, Green-st. O. T. 

Lee, Saml. W. teacher, Green-st. do 

Lee, Michael 8c Co. preparers of patent and family me- 
dicines, Dulany-st O T. 

Lee, Joseph, 92, Bond st. F. P. 

Lee, Priscilla, 44, Apple-alley, do. 

Lee, Maj. Jno. 24, Shakespear-st. do. 

Lee, Jno. (col. man) carter, 31, W. Fleet-st. do. 

( 114 ; 

Lee, capt. Geo. Go'ugh, near Bond-st. F .P. 

Leekc, Nicholas, scrivener, 63, Aiin-st. do. 

Lefavre, Abraham, printer, 60, Cumberland-row. 

Lefavie, Nicholas, cord. 64, Harrison-st. 

Legard, Joseph, cord. Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Leitch, Geo. grocer, N. Charles-st. opposite U. Bank. 

Lemaire, Joseph, hairdresser, 63, N. Howard-st. 

Lemaitre, Rene, rigger, 7, Pitt-st. F. P. 

Lemesle, Francis, tinplate worker, 84, S. Charles-st. 

Lemmonier, A L. mercht. 88, N. HoM^aid-st. 

Lemmon, Robt. Sc Co. auctioneers, head of Gay-st. 

Lenox, Richardson, tailor, Forrest-lane. 

Lenox, Richd- do Hawk-st. 

Leonard, Joseph, bj-ewer, Hanover-st. opposite Indian 
Queen, dwel. back 75, do. 

Leonard 8c Coggeshall. grocers, 20, Dugan's- wharf. 

Leroux Nicholas confectionner, 58, Front-st. O. T. 

Lerew, James, grocer, 57, corner of Wilk-st. and Petti- 
coat-alley. F- P 

Lesbyser. Patty, W. Wilk-st. do. 

Lesky, Catherine, v/idow, Tripolets-alley. 

Lestar, Thomas, s 'one mason, Low near High-st. O.-T. 

Lcstar, Rowley, bricklayer, Sharp-st. 

Letournau, Frances, shopkeeper. Holliday-st. exten. 

Letter, Thos. porter at the bank of Baltimore, dwel. 38, 
High-st. O. T. 

Leutliold, Catherine, Long-alley, W. P. 

Levering, Eno h Sc Jesse, merchts. 23, Cheapside. 

Levering, Enoch, do. dwel. Lombard near Eutaw-st 

Levering, Jesse, do. do. next the corner of Lombard 
and Eutaw-st. 

Levering Jno. Sc Aaron, do. 25, Cheapside. 

Levering, Jno. mercht. dwel. 102, Pratt near Paca-st. 

Levering, Aaron, do. do. corner of Sharp and Conway-st. 

Levering, Peter, do. 28, Cheapside, dwel. 16, Hanover- 

Levering, Nathan, do. 11^ Bowley's-wharf dwel 20, do. 

Levy, Jacob, F. broker, 28, Water near Commerce-st. 
dwel. S. Eutaw near Lombard- st. 

V 115 ) 

Levy, Maria, milliner, corner of Chatham-st. and St. 

Levy, iVndrew, pedlar, Argyle-alley. F P. 
Lewis, \Vm. (col. man) labr. Waggon-alley. 
Lewis, Jno. sione eutter, 59, N. Liberty-st. 
Lewis, Jolin (col. man) hair dresser, M..rket-space, E. S 
Lewis, Philip, druggist, 15, Bridge-st. dwelling, Pitt-st. 

near Friends' meeting house. O. T. 
Lewis, David, grocer, Pitt-st. near Harford run. O. T. 
Lewis, Philip, comb maker, Briton-st. do. 
Lewis, George, Innkeeper. County-wharf, F P. 
Lev/is, capt Stephen, L 71, corner of Wolfe and Fleet- 

sts. F. P. 
Lewis, Abraham, L grocer, corner of AUisanna and 

Woife-sls. do. 
Lewis. Mrs. Margaret, 8 Wolfe near Pitt-st. do. 
Lewis, capt. Isaac, 40, Gough-st do. 
Leyretz, Michl. gent. Paca-st. W. P. 
Leypold, Philip, baker, 97, N. Howard-st. 
Leypold, Jno. gent. 103, Hanover st 
Leypold. Frederick, mereht. 61, N. Gay-st. near Grif- 

hth's bridge. 
Lightner. Geo tin and Pewter manufacturer, High st. 

near Mr. Millers blacksmith-shop, O. T. dwel. York 

road, E. P. 
Lightner, Jno. lab. Britton-st. O. T. 
Ligget, Geo. senr. 16. Commerce-st. 
Ligget. Eliza. Union near Bridge-st. O. T. 
Ligget, David, carp Saiisbury-st. do. 
Linahan, Mary, oyster house, \Vater near Light-st. 
Lindenberger, G. F. & J. Hardware-store, 200, Balti 

moie St. 
Lindenberger, Geo. dwel. Hanover near Lombard-st. 
Lindenberger, Frederick, dwel. Fayette-st. next 7. 
Lindenberger, Jacob, dwel. N. E. corner of Charles and 

Lindsay, Wm. cord. Union near North-st. O. T. 
Ling Robt. grocer, 59 Bond st F. P. 
Lingenfelter, Jacob, painter and glazier, Mulberry-al 


( 116 ) 

Lingford, Jno. cork cutter, 3, North-st. 

Linin, Susunna, seamstress. 28, Fayette-st. 

Link, Nicholas, shingle dresser, Pratt near Paca-st. 

Liston, Francis, nuilor, Forrest lane. 

Litiig. Geo. revenue officer, 33, N. Gay st. 

Littig, Philip, brush and comb manufactr. 142, Balti- 
more St. 

Little, Peter, clock and watchmaker, 122, corner of Bal- 
timore and Calveit-sts. dwel. Green-st. W P. 

Little, James, ship carp Wolfe near Lancaster-st F. P. 

Little, Jacob, mercht. tailor, 26, South-st. 

Little, John, carter, Harford road. E. P. 

Littlejohn, Miles, M. D Light opposite Bank-st. 

Livesay. Wni. grocer, 10, Pratt near Light-st 

Livers, Arnold, hat manufacturer L@xington-st and 
Dutch alley 

Livers. Anthy. grocer, corner of Franklin Sc Eutaw sts. 

Livers h Grover, hat manufacturers, 39, corner of 
Water and South sts. 

Livingston, Jno teacher, German-lane. 

Lioydr Thomas, cordw. 78, N. Liberty-st. 

Lloyd. Henry, mariner, (col. man) Forrest-lane. 

Lloyd, Mrs. widow, Cider-aliey. 

L!oyd, Jno. coidw. Dutch alley. 

Lloyd. Mr. ship carp. 32. E Wilk-st. F P. 

Loby Lewis, do. Argyle-alley, do. 

Locker. Henry, 97, Camden st. 

Lock, Wm. Plasterer, 86; Hanover-st 

Lock, Sarah, widow, Lov/er Patapsco ferry-road. 

Lock, Nathaniel 40, S Caivert-st neiir County wharf. 

Lock, Sarah, N. Calvert st extended. 

Lodin, Michael, gentleman, 27, Jones-st O T. 

Logan, Jno. grower, 76, corner of Baltimore and Lem- 
m on sts. 

Logan, Alex carp. Tripolets-alley. 

Logan, Michael, groeer, 76, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Logan, Neal, drayman, 74, Fren :h-st. O T. 

Loigerot, Charles, druggist, 40. Baltimore-st. 

L<^)iig, Sarah, M'idow. corner of Puca and Franklin-sts. 

Long, Marga. grocer, Friuikiin-lane. 

( 117 ) 

Long, Robt. mariner, 63, S. Frederick-st. 

Long, Reuben mercht. dwel. 74. Camden st. 

Long, Abraham, blacksmith, near Charles-st. 

Long, Kennedy, offi'.e, East-st. next Assembly-room. 

Long, Robt. Carey, dwel Conowago-st. 

Long. Henry, soap and candle manufactory, 47. Jones- 

st. O. T. '• 

Long, Samuel, grocer, comer of Union and Bridge-sts 

O. T. 
Long. Saml. mariner, 27, Eden st. F. P. 
Long. Thomas, tailor, 16, Bond-st. do. 
Long, Cornelius, B. boot and shoemaker, 6, Fell-st. 

dwel. 41, Market-st. F. P. 
Long, Susanna, board, house, 14, INIarket-st. E. S. F. P. 
Long, capt. Seth, 20. Queen-st. do. 

Long, Sewell, tordwainer. 9. George st. do. 

Long, Jacob, baker, 20, W. Allisanna-st. do. 

Longley. Willoughby, currier, S. Howard-st. 
Longley, Jno. carp. . do. 

Looky, Cliristian, cabinet maker. Mulberry-alley. 
Lorman, Wm. mereht. 14, Bowley's-wharf, dwelling, 

corner of Charles and New-church-st. 
Lorman, Jno. labr. Tripolets alley. 
Lotz, Henry, cordvv. Argyle-alley, F. P. 
Lotterbcrry, Jno. carp. L. York-st. near the Falls, O. T. 
Loi'.denslag6r, Jacob, butcher and innkeep. Hampstead- 

Hiil. E P. 
Louis. Jno hair dresser, 5, Thames-st. F. P. 
Lout, Jno. cordw. 66, Happy-alley, do. 

Love, Jno. druggist, 16, Market-space, W. S. 
Love. Miss Elizabeth, East near Calvcrt-st 
Love 11 Sc Brown, biscuit bakers, corner of Water and 

Loveil. Wm baker 54, N. Ploward-st. 
Loveiing. Wm. Archiiert, N. I harles near Saratoga-st. 
Lovering. Francis, couchmaker. Water-st. near Maiket 

space, dwel. 38, Pitt-st. C). T 
Lovida^e, Jno. stonemason, Wcggon-alley. 
Low. Henderson, Perry, carp. N. Eutaw near Sarato- 


( 118 ) 

Low, capt. Cornelius, 91, Hanover-st. 

Low, Jcimes, ship carp. 70, Happy-alley. 

Lowman, Emory, carter, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Lowry, col. Wm. deputy naval officer, N. Calvcrt-st. 

Lowry, E. B. clothier and grocer, 25, corner of Pratt 

and Commerce sts. 
Lowry, Robt. K. mercht. Water-st near the C. House. 
Lowry, James, stone cutter, Chamberlain's-alley. 
Lowry Saml. grocer, corner of Wilk-st. and Straw- 
berry alley, F. P. 
Lowry, Jane, midwife, Wolfe, near Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Lubstine, Jacob, baker, corner of Conowago-st. and For- 

rest lane. 
Lucas, Joshua, carp. Mulberry-alley. 
Lucas. Francis, French-alley. 
Lucas, (col. man) 72, Bond-st. F. P. 
Luke, Jane, widow 69, French-st. O. T. 
Lumoin. Louisa, widow, 1 14, Bond-st. F. P 
Lunenburg, Jno. grocer. 119, Bond-st. do. 
Lusby, Wm. tailor, 26, South-st. 
Lyeth, Saml. gentleman, Dutch-alley. 
Lynch, Anthony, carp. Mulberry-st. 
Lynch, John, silversmith, corner of Franklin-st. and 

Lynch, Benjamin, (col. man) Bridge-st O. T. 
Lynes, James, coachmaker, N. Charles near U. Bank, 

dwel. S Charies-st. 
Lyon. James, employ, at casting, dwel. Forrest-st. F. H. 
Lyon, Andrew, carp. 17 Conowago-st 
Lyon, Samuel, (col. man) cookshop, Bridge-st. "O. T. 
Lyon, George, pedlar, 29, W. WLlk-st F. P. 
Lyons, Michael, paver, N. Liberty near Lexington-st. 
Lyons, James, blacksmith, 31, S. Liberty-st. 
Lyons, James, Siailmaker, 3, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Lyons, Bartholomew, cordw. Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Lytton, Sarah, milliner, 118, Baitimore-st. 

McAdams, James, cordw. corner of Market and Lan- 

caster-sts. F. P. 

( 119 ) 

IVIcAUister, Jno. drayman, Union near North-st. O. T. 
McAllister, widow, liquor store, G.illows-hill, E. P. 
McAllister, Robt. do. do do. 

McAllister, Richd. millwright, Strawberry-alley F. P. 
McAllister, Marga. N. Eutaw-at. 
McAllister, James, carp, ditto nearly opposite W ag- 

McAllister. J. H. tanner, Forrest-lane. 
McAtee, Francis, currier dwcl. Lovely-lane. 
McBridc, Jno. asK gatherer, French-st. O. T. 
McCabe, Jno. saddler, 179, Baltimore-st. dwel. 5 6, S. 

McCaffer, Jno. innkeeper, 24, corner of French and 

High-sts. O. T. 
McCatTerty. Catherine, widow, Welcome-alley. 
McCaine Rev. Alex. Carolina, near Bank-st. F. P. 
McCandless, Robt. gent. Lombard near Howard-st. 
McCarthy, Alexr. cordw. Short-alley, W. P. 
McCarthy, Wm. (col. man) lubr. S. Charles-st. 
McCarthy, capt. Cornelius, lower end of Allisanna-st. 

F. P. 
McCaughan, Davis, plumber, 'George near Pitt-st. — 

dwel 54, Market-st. F. P. 
McCaughcy, Edward, carp. 30, Conowago-st. 
McCauley, James, tailor, dwel. Pleasant-st. Chap. Ilill. 
McCauley, Adam, carter, 77, French-st. O. T. 
McCausland, Marcus, brewer, Ilolliday-st. extended 

near footbridge 
McCausland, James, grocer, 6, ]M'Elderry's-wharf. 
McCausland, Thomas, plasterer, 52. Harrison-st. 
?*IcCay John, a<'count. lower end Allisanna-st F| P. 
MrClaran. Matthew liquor store, Great- York-st. O. T. 
M. Cleary, Wm. boot and sJioe manufactr 37, South-st. 
McClellan 8c Yager, shoe store, 67, Baltimore-st. 
^FClcUan, Mrs. widow, Duth-alley. 
^McClellan, Jno. carter, Strawberry-alley. 
McClellan Sc Burrol, merchts. 47, corner of Lexington 

and N Howard- sts 
McClellan, Robt merchant, dwel 48, N. Frederick-st, 
-AlcClcllan, Ellen# widow. Whiskey-alley. 

( 120 ) 

M-cCiellan, James, cord. Forrest-st. O. T. 

MlCIcvc, Wm. do. Liberty-st. O. T. 

McCloy Archibald, liquor store, 42, George-st F. P. 

IM: Cjiire, Jno. grocer, 119, Baliimore near Calvert-st. 

McClure, Edward, mercht 21, corner of Fayette and 
N. Howard-st. 

McColm, Matthew, chairmaker, 45, South-st. 

M<:Comas, Wm. superintendant of sweeps, 36, High- 
st. O. T. 

McCoDdU'^hey, Thomas, cooper, 56, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

McConkey, James, carp. Hoiiiddy-st. next Theatre. 

McConke^y. James, mcrcht- dwel. 56, Camden-st. 

McConkey. Jno grocer, Exeter near Duke-st. O. T. 

McConkey, Wm. curp". Queen near Granby-st. do. 

McConnell, Elizb. boarding-house, 49 S. Frederick-st. 

McConnell, capt. Tiiomas, 94.. Market-st. E. S. F. P- 

McCormick, Frttrick, carter, B^th-st. 

MXormi. k, Martha, widow, 65, S. Frederick-st. 

McCormick. Jno. iab. BriUo.i-st. E P. 

McCoy. A, Sc J cotton card manufxtory, 243. Bait. st. 

MiCoy, Sc Grove, merchts. 257, ^At. near Howard-st. 

McCoy, Dan), carp. Franklin near Howard-st, 

McCoy, Jno. cooper, Mulberry-st. 

McCoy, Joseph, card maker, dwel. S. Eutaw near Ger- 
man st- 

Ml Coy, Robt mercht- chvch 34, German-st. 

McCrca, Archibdd, lab. New lane- W. P. 

McCrccidy, Jno. carver and gilder, 33. Union st.O. T. 

McCrosson, Henry, grocer, 55, corner of Bond 8c Lan- 
caster st. F. P. 

McCubbin, S iml. tailor, Harford-road, E P. 

McCulley, John, china Sc grocery, corner of Green Sc 
Bridge-sl. O. T. 

McCulI, Robert, dry-good store, corner of Friendship 
and M Elderry st. O. T. 

McCurdy- widow, 19, S. Howard-st. 

McCulloh, & Poor, hardware store, 197, Baltimore-st. 

Mc Cu loh. Saml. mercht. dwel. S. Liberty, near Ger- 

McCuliom, Temperarxe, 63, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

( m ) 

McUaniel, Jno. 8c Co. painters, 24, N. Gay-st. 

McDermott capt. Thomas. 81, E. AUisanna-st F. P. 

McDonald, Henry, 2, Conowago-st. 

McDonald, Jnc. cord. N Eutaw st. near Waggon-alley. 

McDonald, James, Shoit-allcy. W. P. 

McDonald and Ridgelcy, mechts. S, W. corner of Bal- 
timore and Howard St. 

McDonald, Alex, weaver, North-st. 

McDonald, Wm. mercht. office Ibr Philadelphia pack- 
ets, 103, lower end Bowley's-whurf. dwel. Qucon-st 
near lower bridge, O T. 

McDonald, Alex. 13, W. L-mcaster-st. F. P. 

McDonald, Alex, superinicndant of the mud-machine. 
Excter-st. opposite Triuitv Cimrch, O. T. 

McDonald, Saml. cord- 11, Eond-bt. F. P. 

McDonnell, Hugh, tavern and boarding hsc. .5, George- 
St- do. 

IMcDowcll, Geo paper and blank book store, 86, Bal 

McDowell Maxwell, M. D. N. Eutaw near Fayette- 


M.Dowell, Hamilton, grocer, 28, Liberty-st. O. T- 

McDowell, Hugh, cord. Union-st. do. 

McDuel, Pvobt. nailor, 76, Aibcmarle-st. do. 

McElderry, Thos. esq. Ais([uith-st. O. T. 

McElroy, Mury, 77, Waggon alley. 

McElwee. Jno. turpentine 8c varnish distil, dwel. Plea- 
sant-st Chapel-hill. 

McElwec, Jno. corner of Wilk Sc Caroli;ia-st. F. P. 

McFadon 8c Walsh, lumber merchts. lower end Com- 
merce -st. 

McFadon, Jr.o. mercht. McClure's-wharf, dwel. King 
George St. near Peter's-bridge, O. T. 

McFadon, Mary, widow, 42, Pratt-st. 

McFerran, Jno. baker, 5, Second-st, 

McGill, Geo R. (col. man) blacking cellar. 8, Light-st. 

McGaffough^ Duvid, 48, W. Wilk-bt. F. P. 

McGinnety, Nicholas, Stone mason, 16, N. Frederick-st > 

McGinnis, Jno. Liveiy stubie, horse-market. 

McGee, James, millwright, 22, North-st. Q. T. 

{ 122 ) 

McGIasgow, Jno. biscuit baker, Smith's-alley. 
McGtasgovv, Arthur, tailor, 30, Bond-st F. P. 
McGiUsh)^, JNIrs. 14, Primrose-alley. 
McGoidiick, Jno. carver and gilder, 48, N. Gay-st. 
McGoiiidiii, Jas. hackdriver, 24, German-st. 
McGowan, Sc Wroe, merchts. 79, N. W. corner of 

Howard and Saratoga-sts. 
McGowan, Jno. K. George near Granby-st O. T. 
McGrath, Thomas, liquor store, 37, Market-space, E. S. 
McIIcwry James, M. D. Baitimore-st. extended, W. P. 
McHenry, Dennis, cordw. corner Forrest-lane, and Co- 

M^Henry, F. D. mercht. 14, County-wharf, dwel. Ber- 
nard- st. 
Mcllvain, Alex, clothier, 32, S. Calvert-st. 
Mclntire, Jno. mercht. corner of Pratt-st. and Frank- 

liir-iane, dwel. Fayette near Paca-st. 
Mclntire, Jno. revenue barge, Montgomery-st F. H. 
Mclntire, Wm grocer, 37, Bridge-st O. T. 
McJilton, Daniel, cord. Pratt-st. near Spear's-wharf and 

99, N Howard -St. 
McKanna, Anthony, grocer, 43, W. Wilk-st. F P. 
McKay, Mrs. A. (widow of Jno.) W. Bank-st. next door 

R. C. Chapel, F. P. 
McKean Sc Woodland, hardware-store, 84, Baltimore-st. 
McKean, Saml. dwel. 71, Baltimore-st. 
McKean, Mrs. widow, 54, S. Charles-st. 
McKeen, and INIcClelian, china store, 2 1 8, Baltimore-st. 
McKim, Jno. jinir. wholesale dry good merchant, 108 

McKim, Wm. D. mercht. 78, do. 
McKim, Samuel, drygood store, 29, do. 
McKim, Jno. senr. gentleman, East-st. 
McKim, Alex. esq. member of Congress, 14, South-st 
McKim, Isaac, Junr. mercht 19, South-st. dwel Great 

York-st. O. T. 
McKim, Robt. mercht. dwel. 21, Water-st 
McKim, Robert Sc Alex, merchts. 14, South-st. 
McKim, John, carp. M'Elderry-st. O. T. 
McKenzie, Mrs. widow, 102, Bond-st. F. P. 
McKen^e, Wm. cooper, 16, N. Liberty-sc 

( 123 ) 

McKenzie, Caleb, mathematical instrument maker, 21 

Thames-st. F. P 
McKinley, Eliza, Water nearCalvert-st- 
M Kinzie, LeUtia, midwife and nurse, 5 5, Green-st. O. T. 
McKinael, Jno. grocer, corner Lexington and North-st. 
McKnight, Saml. 8c Jno. curriers, 14, Bond-st. F. P. 
McKnight, Thos., 35, Fell-st. do. 
M(Lane, Adam, senblac^ksmith, 60, South-st. 
M^Lctne, Jno. blacksmith, 52, Prait-st. near Spear' s- 

wharf, dwel. 61, St Patrick's-row. 
McLaughlin, Jno- scowman, 86, Hanover-st. 
McLaughlin, Peggy, S4, High st. O. T. 
McLaughlin, Daniel, 3, Green st. do 
MvL.iughlin, Matthew, tailor, corner of Fell-st. and 

County wharf, F. P 
McManus, Owen, grocer, S. W. corner of Charles 8c 

McMasters, Miss Jane, milliner, 191, Baltimore-st. 
J»lclvlcal, capt. Daniel, 9, Ann-st. F. P. 
i'lcMechen, Wm. attorney at law, office, 4, N.Calvert- 

St. dwcl. 67, Hanover-st. 
McMechen. David, gentleman, 4, N. Calvert-st. 
McMechin Charles, tailor, 10, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
McMechin, Alex, cordw. W. Wilk-st. 67, do. 
MciMilien, Wm. 34, corner of Ann and George-sts. do. 
McMullen, Nathl. bricklayer 119, Wolfe st. do. 

MoMullin, James, stonemason, Second-st. 
McMurray, Jno. carter, corner ofGi-eenand French-sts. 
McMyer, Jno. block and pumpinaker, WoVfe near Pitt 

St. dwel. 18, Th.imes-st. F P. 
McNeu'e Sc Ncilsons, merchts. 3, O'Donnell's-wharf. 
McNeale. Jno. mercht dwel. Great-York-st. near Mr 

Hargrove's-church, O. T. 
McNeir, Jno. tailor, Pearl st. Meadow. 
McNeir, Geo. do. 36, S. Calvert-st. 
McNeir, Wm. carp. Potter-st. O. T. 
MrNeven, James, carter, Hanover, near Barre-st. 
M' Nuity, Jno. owner of carts, Sec N. Calvert-st. ex. 
McPliail, Mrs. mantua maker, Orange-alley. 
McPherson, Isaac, millstone manfactr. dwel. 30, Fa- 


( 124 ) 

McPherson, Daniel, tailor, 5U S Frederick-st. 

M<Quillan, capt. James, 5 6, Pitt-st. F. P. 

McQuinii, Wm. lumber mercht Light-st head of Xhex 

Basin, dwel. President st. near lower bridge, O, T. 
McWilliams, Jno. locksmith, Dock-alley. 
McWilliams, Robt. labr. Busy-alley. 
Maas, Andrew, cordw. vS Frederick near Baltimore-st. 
Macatee. Clement, innkeeper, at the intersection of 

North and Bridge-sts. O. T. 
Maccubbin, Wm. innkeeper, 58, Light-st. 
Maccubbin, Moses, hair dresser, dwel. Dutch-alley. 
Mace, Thos. blockmaker, Carolina near Gough-st, F. P. 
Macher, Benjamin, painter, Camden near Paca-st. 
Machenheimer, col Jno. 42, Bridge-st O. T. 
Machenheimer, Mrs. 44, do. do. 

Machenheimer, Nichs. victualer, 16, Waggon-alley. 
Mack, Marga. Strawberry-alley, F P. 
Mackall, Richd. drygood mercht. dwel. 45, N. Gay-st. 
Markey, Michl. grocer, 68, N. W. corner of Pratt Sc 

Mackenzie, Geo. saddle and harness Manufr. 32, S. W. 

corner of Water and South-sts. and 21, Water-st. 
Mackenzie k Brown, M. D. 1, N. Gay near Balt-st. 
Mackenzie, Colin, M. D. 6, Albemarle near Piough- 

man-st. O. T. 
Mackenzie, James, carp. 31, S. Frederick-st. 
Mactier, Alex, mercht. 79, Bowley's-wharf, dwel. St. 

Paul's lane. 
Madigan, Paul, drayman, 37, S. Frederick-st. 
Madschoephsky, Jno. baker 40, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Maggs, Jane, widow, 23, N. Gay-st. 
Magill 8c Clime, printers, bookbinders and stationers, ■ 

59, Baltimore-st. 
jMagilh Wm. hack owner, Salisberry-st. O. T. 
Magrain, Mrs. Mary, widow. Hooks-town road, W. P. 
Magruder, Gustavus, drygood store, 161, Bahimore-st. 
Magruder, Middleton, B. dtygood store, 153, Baltimore 

St. dwel. 20, Chatham-st. 
Magruder, Wm. B. sen. mercht. N. E. corner of Pratt 

and Hanover-sts. 

( 125 ) 

Magruder, Richd. B. attorney at law, office near the C 

Bunk, N. Charles-st. 
Magruder, James, A. mercht. dwel. St. Paurs-lane. 
Maguire, Thomas, ac ountant next 61, S.iratoga-st. 
Ma5;uire, Jno grocer, 49, S. E. corner of Frederick & 

Muhan, Wm. grocer, 44, corner of Petticoat-alley and 

Gough St. F. P. 
Maher, Saml. cooper, 91, N. Howard-st. 
Mahc-ol,capt. Thomas, 19, Ann-st. F. P. 
Mciinster, Jacob, ropemaker. Strawberry-alley, F P. 
ISIalcolni, Isaac, mariner. K. George nearLioyd-st. O. T. 
Malony James, carp. 69, Apple alley, F P. 
IVIaloy, Patrick, livery stable keeper, 7. E. Lancastev-st. 

F. P. 
Mallet, F. D. professor of dancing, £1. N. Gay st. 
Mallion, Jane Duke near Wolfe-st O. T. 
Mange, Saml. gent. 46, vS. Charles-st. 
Mankin, Isv^iah, mercht. 69, Smith's-wharf, dwel. I5j 

Bridge near Jones-st. O. T. 
Mann, Anthony, druggist, 120, corner of Baltimore 8c 

Mann, Frederick, cordw. 39, Bridge-st dwel. Green-st. 

117, O. T. 
Mann. Jno. tinplae worker, 42, Baitiinore-st. dwel. 25, 

Norlh-st. O. T. 
Manning, capt. Thomas, 97, Ann-st. F. P. 
Manro, Johathan, mercht. 25 8, Baltimore near How- 

Mansel, Henry, mariner. 12, E AI!isanna-st F. P. 
Mansfield, iNIary, widov/, Conv.'.iy near Sharp-st. 
Mansfield, Thomas, tailor, Hawk-st. 
Manson, Henry, boarciing-house, 21, Market-st. F. P 
Munson. Gab rigger, 12, Huppy-alley, F. P. 
March, Jno broker, 5, S. Gay-st. 
Marchand, P. grocer, Roger s-aliey. 
Marean, Thomas, mercht. 9, Bowiey's-wharf. 
Maregues, Mrs. Holliday-st. extended. 
Mareste. James, M. priv boarding-house, 56, N. Gay-st. 
Marfiliieus, Henry, hatter, 35, Gcrman-bt. 

( 123 ) 

Marine Inaurance Office, S. E. corner of Gay and Se- 

Maris, George, druggist, 144, Baltimore-st 
Marr, Charles, mercht Green-st. W- P. 
Marr, Alex, comb maker, S. Eutaw-st. 
Marr, Thomas, brickinaker, do. 
Mars. John, cedar cooper. Strawberry-alley. 
Marsdon, David, farrier. 13. corner of Light & Bank-sts. 
Marsh, Jno. paver, 20, Fayette-st. 
Marsh, Lloyd, tobacco manufactr. 14, N. Howard-st- 
Martiacq, Jno. taiior, 6, S Gay-st. Sc 58, S. Charles-st. 
Martin, Jno. shoeniaker, N. Howard-st. 
Martin, Thomas, labr, Forrest-lane. 
Martin, Luther, Esq. attorney at law, 9, S. Charles-st. 
^Martin, Wm. waterman, 60, Light st. 
Martin. James £<: Wm. grocers, 1 3, County -wharf. 
Martin, James, gent. Lovely-lane. 
Martin, Geo. painter, Granby-st. opposite 6, O. T. 
Martin, Nancy, fish dealer, 112, Green-st. O. T. 
Martin, Jno. 13. accountant, Union-st. do. 

Martin, Polly, Bond near Gough-st. F. P. 
Martin, capt. James, Wolfe near Pitt-st do. 
Martin, James, block and pumpmaker, Tenant's-wharf, 

dwel Fountain-st. F. P. 
Martin, Wm. rigger, 19, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Martz, Marga. innkeeper, coraer of Paca and Saratoga- 

sts. W. P. 
Mash, Cathe. widow. Hooks town-i'oad, W. P. 
Mashor, Joseph, cigar maker, N. Howard near Frank- 

Mason, Richd. plater, N. Eutaw-st. 
Mason, Geo. teacher, 61, Pratt-st. 
Mason, Peter, carp. Whiskey-alley. 
Mason. Jno. do. Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Matchett, Geo. Princip. Female Acad. — N- Charles-st. 
Mather, Joseph, hat n\anufr. corner of Saratoga and N- 

Mathews, Joseph, tobacconist, 42, N. Liberty-st. 
Mathews, Jno. labr. (col. man) Forrest-lane. 
Mathews, Wm. hardware store, 50, S. Calvert-st. dwel. 

r, Water-st. 

( 127 ) 

Mathews, Wm. P. druggist, 117, S. W. comer of Bal- 
tiir.oie unci ralvert-sts. 

MatthcAvs, Jno. £c Griibb, morocco store. 2, Cheapside. 

Matthews, Jno. morocco manufacturer, Baltimore-st. 
extended, W P. 

Matthews Suml. feed store, 34, Front-st O. T. 

Matthews. Thomas, curp 98, High-st. do 

Matthews, Elia^, hatter. Green near Brid.^-e-st. do. 

Mitthevvb, Patrick, upper end Queen st F. P. 

J^Iafihcws, Hannah, djygood store, Jones-st. O. T. 

Mattison, Jno. saihiiaker, Strawberry alley. F. P 

Mattison, Stirah. private board, house, 1, N. Liberty-st. 

INIathiot, Christian, tailor, Bridge near East-st O. T. 

Mathiot, George, carp. Gough's-road. do. 

Mattocks, George, brassfounder, 42. N. Gay-st 

Maurer, Jno. P eordw. 103, Camden-st 

Maxcy, Virgil, attorney at law, office, 20, N. Calvert- 
st. dwel. 7, German-st. 

Maxwell, Wm. distiller, 73. M EUlerry's-wharf. 

Maxwell, Wm cordw. 11, corner Lancaster-st. and Ap- 
ple alley, F. P. 

May. James, cooper, Cowpen-alley. 

May. W'm. (col. man) cooper, Goodman-st. F. H. 

Maydwell, Alex constable, 46, N. Gay-st. 

Mayer Sc Brantz. merchts. 28, Water near Commerce- 

Mayer, Christian, merchant — dwel. 73, Camden near 

Mayer- Jno. cordw. N. Eutaw-st. opp. Waggon-alley. 

Mayn'>.dier, Wm. gent. 59, Pratt-st. 

Maynard, Foster, carpent. S. Eutaw-st. corner Brandy- 

Mayors^ Office, 15, South-st. back of the Maryland In- 

Meader, capt. Christopher, 54, Pitt-st F. P. 

Mechanics* Ba7:k of Baltimore^ N. Calvert St. near C 

Medairy, Jacob, drygood store, 100, N. Howard St. 

Medcalf, Saml. cordw. K Tammany-st. 

Medcalf, Abraliara, sen. butcher, Pitt-st. ext. El. P. 

( 128 ) 

Medcalf, Abraham, jun. butcher, Pitt-st. ext. E. P. 

Medowsi Abraham, cordw. 73, Waggo»-alley. 

Meed, Martha, ^vidow, 53, Gough-sl. F. P. 

Meed, Benj. tailor, Dulany-st. 6. T. 

Meek, Wm. bricklayer, Chamberlain*s-alley. 

Meem, Grace, -widow, 32, German-st. 

Meeteer, Thomas h Saml. paper and book-store, 8, 

Mehany, Jno. bricklayer, N. Eutaw-st 
Meilinger. Jacob, carp. North near Green-st. O. T. 
Mennere, Geo. butcher, Eden-st F. P 
Mennes, William, painter and glazier, coraer of Public- 

alley and Water-st. 
Menou, Julius, De, gent Pratt near Howard-st. 
Mer. er, Bartholomew, cavp 30, Granby st. O. T. 
Mercer, Thomas, constable, Ploughman-st. do. 
Merchants Coffee-House^ 36, Soiith-st. 
Mercier, Peter, mason, near glass house at the foot of 

F H. 
Meredith, Mrs. widow. Franklin near Paca-st W. P. 
Meredith. Thomas & Co. mercJus. 26, N. Howard st. 
Meredith, Jonathan, attorney at law, office, Chatham-st 

dwei. N Calvert St. excendcd. 
Meredith, Benjamin, whitesmith and cutler, 6, Water 

near Light-st. Jno. grocer, corner of Sharp and Barre-sts. 
Merit, James, cooper. Smith's-ailey. 
Merit. Thrustoii, bis. uit buker, Tripolet's-alley. 
Merriam Joseph, upholsterer S. Calvert st- near Coun- 
Mci-riken : James, cabinetmaker, N. Eutaw-st. 
Merrikcn, Jno. carp. 8'o.. N. Ht)ward-st. 
Merryman, Jno. gent. 4, S Calvert-st. 
Menyinun, Wm. Esq sheriff of Baltimore county, 

dwel. Union between North and French-sts. O. T. 
Mertz, Rev. Nicholas, next door G. R. C Chapel, Sa- 

Meser, Henry, baker near the U. Bank. N. CharlesrSt* 
Messersmith, Mrs. Frances, 138, Baltimore -st. 

( 129 ) 

Messonnier, Hcniy, merchant, 8, S. Charles-st. 

Metzger. Daniel, carp. 48, Gougb-st. F. P. 

Mettee, Andrew, whitsmith. chvcl. 24, Primrose-alley. 

!Mewburn, Mrs G. boarding-house, 41, Baltimore-st. 

Meyer. Henrv, butcher, corner Green and Saratoga-sts 
W. P 

Meyer, George, ditto Pearl-st W. P. 

Meyer, Charles, J. 55, Water near S. Gay-st. 

Meyers, Jacob, Green-st. W. P. 

Meyer, Charles, accountant, N. Eutaw-st. do. 

Meyers, Joseph, drygood store, 29, N. Howard-st. 

Meyers, Jno. J. rev. officer, Conway near Charles-st. 

Meyer, Andrew, brasstounder, Pratt-st. at the lower 

Mezick, capt. B. lower endof Ann-st. F P. 

Mezick, capt Joshua, 28, Ann-st. do. 

Michael. Lewis Sc Co. drygood store, 2S8, Baltimore-st. 

Michael, Lewis, mercht dwel. N. Liberty near Sara- 

Michael, Wendel, mercht. dwel. S. Liberty near Ger- 
man -st 

Michael, Jno. labr. corner Bond and Smith-st. F. P. 

Mickle, John, sen. 34, corner of N. Charles and Chat- 
ham sts. 

Mi. kle, Robt. broker, 30, back S. Charles-st 

Middleton, Moses, mariner, 76, Granby-st O. T. 

Middlcton, Gilbert, inspector of beef and pork, dwel. 
Jones-st. near Mr. Long's. O. T. 

Middleton. Henry, bricklayer, 1 10, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

Miles. John, merchant, dwel. Granby corner of Liitle- 
York-st. O. T. 

Miles, John, cooper, N Eutaw st. 

Miihaud. IVIirhael. merchant, 43, Water-st. 

Miliar, .aptain, Robt. 84, E. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Miilard. Joseph. Lee, boarding-house 77, Bond-st. do. 

Millard, Henry, mercht. tailor, 1 1-2, N. Gay-st. 

Millburn, Wm. ship carp. 37, Ann-st. F. P. 

Miller, Andrew, cordwainer. Waggon-alley. 

Miller, John, D. constable, Saratoga near Eutaw-st. 

Miller, Charles, cooper, Mulberry near North-st. 

( 130 ) 

Miller, Jacob, butcher, Hooks-town -road, W. P- 
Miller, John, Franklin near Howard-st. 
.Miller, Joseph, grocer, Franklin near Paca-st. 
Miller, John., labourer, Long-alley, W. P. 
Miller, Mary, Ross-st. do. 

Miller, Adam, butcher, Forrest-lane. 
Miller, Robt. merchant, Sharp st. 
Miller, Christopher, lace and fringe manufacturer, 15, 

S, Charles-st. 
Miller, Alexander, grocer, 37, Light-st. 
Miller, Robert, jun. secretary to Union Manufacturing 

Company, 50, South-st. 
Miller, Peter, tobacco manufacturer, 31, South-st. 
Miller, Henry, wine merchant, 71, S. W. corner of 

Water and Commerce sts. 
Miller John, N. cordwainer, 6, N. Frederick-st. 
Miller, Wm. ditio 70, Cumberland-row. 

Miller, Lewis, liquor store, 3 1 , Market-space, E. S. 
Miller, Jno.. j;in. drygood store, 2, do. W. S. 

Miller, George, blacksmith, corner of Hawk and War- 

Miller, George Washington, liquor store, corner of 

Fish-market and Warden-st, 
Miller, Henry, liquor store. Fish-market. 
Miller, Jacob, tanner and currier, 9, Jones-st. O. T. 
Miller, Lewis, blacksmith, High-st. dwel. 91, French- 

St O. T. 
Miller, Jno. porter cellar, G. York near High-st. O. T. 
Miller, Robt. labr. French-st. do. 

Miller, Jno. waterman, 35, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 
Miiier, George, cordwainer, W. Bank-st. F. P. 
Miller, James, shipjoiner, 51, Gough-st. do. 
Millerman, George, carpeater, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Millerman, George, oakcooper, N. Eutaw-st. 
Million, Joseph, confectioner and distiller, 76, Harri- 
son St. 
Mills, Levin, oakcooper, lower end Commerce-st. 
Mills, Ezekiel, tailor, 60, N. Frederick-st. 
Mills, Wm. labourer, Hiii-st. F. H. 
Mills, George, ditto Waggon-alley. 

( .131 ) 

Mills, Susanna, grocer, corner of Friendship and M*- 

Eldeny-sts. O'. T. 
Mills, Wni & Co. biscuit bakers, 64, Soutk-st 
Mills, capt Geo. 65, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Mills, Richd hatter, 54. Gough st. do. 
^Nliltenberger, George, gentleman, Pratt-st near lower 

Mince, Seth, painter, Pitt-st. near the run, O. T. 
Mince, Joseph, liquor store, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Mincher, Edward, cooper, Mulberry-alley. 
Mincher, Jno. do. Chaimberlain's-alley. 

Minich, Baltz. cordw. 49, N. Gay-st. 
Mhigo, Jno. (col. man) blacksmith, S. Howard-st. 
Minskey, Sam. cabinet-maker, 61, St. PatrickVrow — 

dwel. Prince near Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Miskely, Peter, cordw. 72, Pratt-st. near O'Donnell's- 

Miskimon, Saml. porter at the Office of Discount and 

Deposit, 30 High, near Pitt-st O. T. 
Mitchell, Francis I. drygood store, 49, Baltimore-st. 
Mitchell &c Kirshaw, shoe store, 45, do. 

Mitchell, Jno. accountant, K Tammany-st. 
Mitchel, John, grocer, corner of Pratt and Sharp-sts. 
Mitchell, Ann, widow, 86, Hanover-st. 
Mitchell, Geo, carter, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Mitchel Sc Sheppard, 20, Cheap-side. 
Mitchell, Wm. shoe store, Baltimore st. dwel. HoUi- 

day St. exten. 
Mitchell, Alex, mercht. dwel- N. Frederick-st. 
Mitchell James, hack-driver, back of Gennan-lane. 
Mitchell Joseph, do. do do. 

Mitchell, Ann, grocer, N. E. corner of Great-York 

and Front-sts. O. T. 
Mitihell, Michael, bricklayer. Union street, O. T. 
Mitchell, Thos. painter, S. do. do. 

Mitchell, Jno. Carp. Duke-st near the run, do. 
Mitchell, Rd. ship carp. do. do. do. 

Mitchell, Arthur, cooper, 93, French-st. do. 

Mitchell, Margaret, bo irding-house, 13 S. Calvert-st. 
Mitchell, Edwd. ahip-carp Argyle-aHey. F P. 
Mitchell, Matthe^y, do. 38, rhames-st. do. 


( 132 ) 

Moale, Samuel, attorney at Law, office Chatham-st.--— 

dwei. 7, N. Gay-st 
Moale, Mrs. 49, Pratt-st. 
Moale Rand H. do. do. 
Mo. quct. Rose, (col. woman) 13, Lexington-st. 
Moffitt, John, grocer, 6, County-wharf, 
Mohler, Wni. currier, N. Eutaw-st. 
Mohler, Jjio brass-founder, 22, Harrison-st 
Moinoux, Lawrence, gentm. Piua, near Mulberry-st. 
Moithrop, John, carpenter, Forresti near Bridge-st. 

O. T. 
MondeK Wm. gent. 54, L. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Monks, FrandsE. dry K^od store, 110, High-st. O. T. 
Monserrat, capt. Dav)d> 72, Apple-alley, F. P. 
Montalibor, Madame De, 3-, Jonos-st. (3. T. 
Monteith, Mrs widow, 1, Queen -st. F. P. 
Montgomery, Alex. labr. 58, W. Flcet-st F. P. 
Montpansier, Anthony, cordwainer, 71, Waggon-alley. 
Moody, Cath. mantua maker. N. Eutaw st. 
Mooncy, Robt. cordw. 1 6, Piit-st. F. P. 
Moore, Christopher, carp. VuictLn-alley. 
Moore Henry, painter and glazier, Fayette-st. 
Moore, Wm. carp. Mnlberry-st. 
Moore, Mary, (col woman) back N. Eutaw-st. 
Moore, Cyrus, (col m.m) S. do. 

Moore, Jno. B. carp. 24, W. AUsanna-st. F. P. 
Moore, Samuel, mereht 103, S. Charles-st. 
Mcore, Sam. M. do 8, S. Calvert-st. 
Moore Jno carp. N. Calvert st. extended. 
Moore Wm. labr. ditto. 

Moore, Philip, clerk of the district court, office, 10, N. 

Moore, Thomas merchant, lower end Dugan's-wharf, 

dv/el. corner of Exeter and Prince-sts. 
Moore, Mrs. \vidovv', 16, Albemarie-st. O. T. 
Moore, Nathaniel, tailor, 50, Bond-st. F. P. 
Moore, Jonn, pilot, 26, E. Wibv-st. do. 
Moore, captuin. Thomas. 28, W Wilk-st. do. 

Moore, RoDert, M. D and -.oroner, 19 George-st' 

Mopps, Frederick, carter Liberty-st. O. T. 

( 133 ) 

Mopps, Adam, carpenter, 68 N. Liberty-sl. 

Morancy, Joseph, constable, E. Lancaster-st. F. P^ 

jNIoranvilliers, Revd. Jno. De, Market-st. next R. Cu: 
Chapel, F. P. 

Morgan, James, teacher, 74, S. Charles-st. 

Morgan, Jesse, wire manufacturer, 50, Front-st. O T. 

Morgan, Thos. pottery, Green corner of Pitt st — ^dwe!. 
59, Pitt-st O. T. 

Morgan, Edwd. ac ountant, 72, Pitt st. O T. 

Morgan, Joel, 61, do. do. 

Morgan, Mrs. boarding-house, Wolfe st. F. P. 

Morhei^:;'r, Philip, blacksnuth, Franklin-st. 

Morin, Michael, carp. Duke st. near the run, O. T. 

Morrell, Charles, Forrest lane. 

Morrin, James, mercht. 22 Hlgh-st. O. T. 

Morris, Rebecca, widow, Bridge-.-5t. do. 

Morris, Mary, S. Ur.ion-st- do. 

Morris, Thomas C. shipjoiner — dwelling 23, Ann-st, 
F. P. 

IVIorris, Thomas, senr. 56, George st. F. P. 

Morris, Ja.ob, cooper, 4, High-st. O T. 

Morrison, Elizb. 66, Front-st. do. 

Jklorrison, Condy. cordw. iner, 2, Markct-st. F P. 

Morrison, John, mariner, 22, AV Lancaster st do. 

Morrison & Watson, turners, 31, N. Gay-st. — dwel. 
5 6, Harrison St. 

Morrow, Kennedy, hackdriver, 87, North-st. 

Mori'ow, Wm. tailor, 63, S. Frederick-st. 

Mci'rov/, Catharine, 43 do. 

Morrow, John, taiiow chandler — dwel. Fish-market. 

Morrow, Martha, 44, Grcen-st. O. T. 

Morsi^l Benj. grocer, 40, N. Liber* y-st 

Mort, Tiieod. tailor, French man's-alley. 

Mortimore, Thomas, shipjoiner, York-st F. H. 

Mortimore, Robt. pediar, Union st. O- T. 

Morton, Salmon, g;rocer, 17, Market-space. 

Morton, John, propietor of the cast-iron foundery, Ho- 

Morton. John, cabinet-maker, 29, Bond-st. F. P. 

dwel. Dvikc near Wolfe-st. O. T. 

( 134 ) 

Morton, capt. Robt. 48, Philpot-st. F. P. 

Moss, David, tavern and boarding-house, 28, Fell-st 
F. P. 

Moses, Jacob, pedlar, W. Lancaster-st F. P. 

Mosher, col. James, New-church-st. opposite Court- 

Mosher, Joanna, 69, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Mosimann, Jacob, watch-maker, 2 1-2, Baltimore-st. 

Molt, Joshua, feed-store, 50, corner of Green and 
Bridge-sis. O.T. 

Mouat, Janies, mariner, 38, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Moule, Ann, school-mistress. Bank, near Light-st. 

Moule, Eicey, do. 93, N. Howard-st. 

Mousineir, James L. gent. 34, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Mowbray, James, oakcooper, 17, Camden, near Char- 

Mowbray, Sally, \V. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Mowton. James, carp. Duke-st. near the run, O. T. 

Moxley, Thos. do. 62, Green-st. do. 

Muckelroy. James, mariner, 45 W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Mull, capt Jai ob, lower end AUisanna-st. do. 

Mullanphy, John, merchant, N. Charles, near Sarato- 

Muller, George O. merchant, two doors below the 
Custom-House — dwelling corner of Albemarle and 
Ploui;hman-sts O. T. 

Muller, Caspar Otto, auctioneer, corner of S. Frede- 
rick and Pratt-sts. — dwelling opposite 78, High-st. 
O. T. 

Muller, Lewis C. corner of Aliisanna and Wolfe-sts. 
F. P 

MuUikin, Basil, carp. 62, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Mullikin, B. H. Sc R. D. drygood store, 101, Balti- 

Muloniere, Joseph, teacher of French, 3, Lemmon-st. 

Muloniere, Misses, miliners, do. do. 

Mumma, David, butcher, York-road, E. P. 

Mummey, Thos. drygood store, 27, N Howard-st. 

Mun, capt. John, K. George-st. near Johnson's brew- 
ery, O. T. 

( 135 ) 

Munday, Wm. Circulating Library, 63, corner of N. 

Howard-st. and Waggon -alley. 
Munn. Mr. founder, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
IVlurdock, capt. Wm. 52, E. Fleel-st. F. P. 
Murphy, D.miel, stone cutter, K. Tammany-st. 
Murphy, Thomas, 68 butcher, Harribon-st. 
Murphy, Christina, widow, York-st. F. H. 
Murphy, capt Isaac, K. George near Lloyd-st. O. T. 
Murphy, John, constable, 32, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Murphy, capt. John, 23, W. Allisanna-st. do. 
Murphy, capt. John, 6, do. do. 

Murray, Wm- shoe store, 158, Baltimorc-st 
Murray, Daniel, spinnmg-wheel manufactory, corner 

of Baltimore and Paca sts W. P. 
Murray, Wm. cordw. N. Charles, near Conway-st. 
Murray, Mrs widow, Montgomery-st. F. H. 
Murray, Archibald, revenue bargeman, Pitt-st. near the 

run, O. T. 
Murray, John, hatter, Eden-st. F. P. 
Murray, John, ship-carp. 90, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Murray, Elizb. widow, Argyle-aliey, do. 

Murray* Charles, mariner, 34, W. Lancaster-st. do- 
Muschett, Walter, mercht 81, Smith's-wharf— -dwel. 

N. Charles, near Conowago-st, 
Museum^ Water-st. Foot of Peter s^'s-bridge. 
Musgrove, William, grocer, 26, Philpot-st. F. P. 
Muskett, John, owner of hacks, corner of Carolina and 

Wilk-sts. F. P. 
Musky, Catherine, 28, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Myers, Albt. watchman, Goodman-st. F. H, 
Myers, Jacob, tobacco manufacturer, 55^ South-st.—- 

dwel. N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Myers, Jacob, china-store, 55, Baltimore-st. comer of 

Tripolets-alley— dwel. 14, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Myer, Jacob, brickmaker, Conway, near Hanover-st. 
Myers, John, cordAv 134, Green-st. O. T. 
Myers, Philip, baker, 7, Union-st. do. 
Myers, Mrs. widow, 30, Bridge-st. do. 
Myers, Jacob, grocer and boarding-house, 54, corner 

of Bond and Lancaster-sts. F. P. 
Myers, Susanna, widow, 48, Market-st. do. 

( 136 ) 

Myers, capt. Nich. E. I^ancaster, near Ann-st F. P. 

Myles, Zach grocer, 118, N- Howard-st. 

Myring, J. lapidary and glass engraver, 3, N. Gay-st. 

-INIytinger, and Plarwood, merchants, corner of Howard 
and Saratoga-st. 


Nagle, Henry, brickmaker, George-town-road, W. P. 

Nagle, Mary, 3, Ruxton-lane. 

Nants, capt. John, 22, Queen-st. F. P 

Nash, Charles, ship builder, lower end O'DonnelTs- 
wharf, dwel. Lee between Hanover and Sliarp-sts. 

Nash, Ephraim, caulker. Honey-alley, F. H. 

Natali, Joseph, East near North-st. 6, T. 

Naylor, Saml. carp. 74, Waggon-alley. 

Neal, Hannah, (col. woman) Goodman-st F. H. 

Neal, Wm. upholsterer, Light-st near Fountain inn. 

Neal, John, hatter, Smith's-alley. 

Neal, Abner, book and paper store, 1, V/ater-st. head 
of Cheapside. 

Neal, Hugh, weaver, 63, Lexington-st. 

Neale, John, coachmaker, East-st. near the Assembly- 

Neal, James, (col man) coachman, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Neal, Jeremiah, ropemaker, 91, Ann-st. F P. 

Neavitt, Joseph, carpenter, 101, High-st. O. T. 

Needham, Christ, rigger, Wolfe near Fleet st. F. P- 

Needham, John, tav. Sc board, house, 23, George-st. do. 

Neighbours, Henry, shipwright, 61, E. Aliisanna-st. do. 

Neill, Thomas, block and pump maker, 44, Happy al- 
ley, F. P. 

Neilson, C. J. hardware store, 88, Baltimore-st. 

Neilson, Thomas, gentleman, Temple-alley, O. T. 

Neilson, J^mes, East near North-st. do. 

Nelson, John, grocer, Tripolets-alley. 

Nelson, Joseph, carter, Friendship-st. O. T. 

Neppard, George, butcher, York-roud, E. P. 

Nergney, James, drayman, 80, Pratt near South-st. 

Ncsbit John, grocer, 47, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Nesbit, Robert, ditto. 40, ditto do. 

Nesby, Susanna, (col. worn.) cookshop, 69, N. Gay-st. 

( 137 ) 

Newcon^b, Peggy, corner of S. Eutaw Sc Baltiniore-sts. 
Nevvhouse. C. Sc Co sugar refiners. 9 \\ ater-st head 

of Chcuipside, sugar-house, Peace -alley. 
Newman, Lciv/son, carpenter, Potter-st O. T. 
Nicoll. Lewis, mariner, 28, W. Lancaster-st. t . P. 
Nicholl, Wm. plasterer, W. Wilk near Carolma-st. do. 
Nicholl, Warren L. jun. attorn, at law, oftice, 3b, Mar- 

ket-st. W S. F. P. . . , n 1 

Nicholl, David, paver, 16, comer of Argyle-alley ami 

Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Nichols Anthony, mariner, (col. man) Short-alley. 

Nichols, labr. S Eutaw near Camden st. 

Nichols' David, carp. S. Eutaw near Barre-st. 
Nichols, Ninian. R. merchant, 23 1-2, N. Howard-st. 

dwel. 27, German-st. 
Nicholson, Christopher, cordwamer, water-st corner 
Smith s-alley. , , ^ t^ . 

Ni-.holson, Jno. broker, 3, Commerce-st. dwel. 9, Ironi- 
st. O. T. 
Nicholson John, cordwaincr. Whiskey-alley. 
Nicholson, Joseph H. Esq. opposite 249, Baltimore-st. 
Nicklin, Philip H- tz Co. booksellers, 202, do. 
Nicklin, P- H. dwel, 53, Hanover-st. 
Nicmeyer, Herm:\n, carpenter, S. Koward-st. 
Niies, Hezekiah, printer and publisher of the Baltimorr 
Evening Post. dwel. Great-York-st. nearly opposite. 
Mr. Plargrove's-churcb, O. T. 
Ninde, Wm. teacher, St. Paul's-lane. 
Ninde, James, watchmaker, 70, Baltimore-st. 
Ninde, Isaac, baker, 4, Queeivst. F. P. 
Nisbet, Alexander, attorney at law, St. Paul's-lane, ob 

fice, N. Calvert-st. opposite old Court-house. 
Noble, Martin, drayman, Mulberry-st. 
Noble, Alexander, dyer. 66. South near Pratt st. 
Noltc, Martin, turner, 34, N Frederick-st. 
Nolten, Stephen, drayman, Lloyd-st O T. 
Norbury, George, bricklayer, 57, Waggon alley. 
Nordway, Charlotte, 54, Fruitshop. 
Norris, Nicholas, shoe store, 57, Baltimore-st. cornc^ 
of Tripofets-alley. 
M 2 

( 138 ) 

Norris, Harriet, >vido\v, 7, N. Frederick-st. 
Norris, Aquila, shoe store and factory, 19, Pratt-st. 
Norris 8c Co, hardware store, 223 1-2, Baltimore near 

Liberty St. 
Norris, Richard, ditto 197 1-2, Baltimore-st 

Norris, Guy, shoe store, 85 do. 

Norris, Wm. drygood store, 61 do. 

Norris, Wm. jmi. tea dealer and grocer, 64, do. 
Norris. James, sen. board, house, 110, Green-st. O. T. 
Norris, James, jun. carp. ditto do 

Norris, Edward, ladies shoemaker, 67, North-st. dc 
Norrif, Mrs. Mary, George-st. near capt. Tenants F. 1'. 
North, Edward, carter, 42, Happy-alley, do. 

Nouvel, Peter, grocer, corner Fleet and Mui-ket-sts do. 
Nowland. Dennis, flour mercht.head of HoUingsworth's- 

dock, dwel. 5 3, Hanover-st. 
Nowland, Elisha, trader, Harford-road, E. P. 
Nugent, Cornelius, pedlar, 23, High st. O- T. 
Nundy, John, saihuaker, Bond near Gough-st. F. P. 
Nusser, Sebastian, sen. cordw. 39, Fayette-st- 
Nubser, Jacob, jun. ditto do. 

Oakes, Elizabeth, widow, 10, Market-st, F. P. 
Gates, John, hair dresser, 66, Bond-st. do. 
Oberhoitz, John, cordw. East-st. O. T. 
O Brien, Michael, porter cellar, 7, E.Lancaster-st. F. P. 
O Brien, Michael, Custom-house bargeman, E Wilk 

near Woife-st. F. P. 
O'Brien, Charles, innkeeper, 72, Cumberland-row. 
O'Connor, Honora, widow, corner Charles and Cono- 

wago sts. 
O'Connor, Dominic, soap and candle manufactr. 86, S. 

O'Connor, Francis, ditto Light-st. 

O^Connor, Jc mes, labr. Wilk-st. F. P. 
0'Cor;nor, Eugene, 46, George-st. do. 
O'Donnel, Hugh, drayman, 57, North-st. 
ODonnel, Mrs. Sarah Chew, 27, N. Gay-st. 
O'Donnel, Thomas, drayman, 67, S Frederick-st. 
O'Donnell, Dennis, Custom-house bargeman, Star-allev. 

F. P. 

( 139 ) 

Office of Discount and Dsjiout, north east^orner of Se- 
cond and Gay-sts. 

Ogle, Wm carp. 20, S. Ho\vard-st. corner of Cider- 

Ogle, Mary, widow, 5. Queen-st. F. P. 

Oglcby and Wincnester, J. Sc D. merchants, 9 3, Bow- 
ley s-\vhdrf. 

Ogsion John, ship chandlery and rope store, 3, Fell-st. 
F. P. 

Okely, John, mercht. 61, Smith's-wharf, dwel, corner 
of Albemarle Sc Duke st. O. T. 

OLaughlin, Bryan, <ordw. Gailows-hill, E. P. 

Oidhuii James, saddle-tree maker, corner of Charles 
and Camde;i sts. 

Oldiiani, Joseph oakcooper. Franklin-lane. 

Oldiiam, John, chairm iker, 74, South bt. dvvel. 40, do. 

Oidham, Thomas, ditto Barre st 

Oidham, Jacob, ditto Piatt near Howard-st. 

Oliver, Robt. Sc Jno. merchants, dwel. S. Gay near Bal- 

Oliver, Rebecca, widow, Bottle-alley. 

Oliver James, waterman, Duke-st. near the run, O. T 

Olivier, John, gun-smith, o7 . George st. F. P. 

O'Neil, Robt. teac-her 83, N. Howard-st 

Onion, Thomas B. Union between North and Bridge- 
sts O. T., Cathe. widow, lower Patapsco-ferry-roid. S. P. 

O Reilly, Joseph C. auctioneer. Front near Bridge st. 
O. T. 

O'Reilly, Terence, paver, Mulberry -alley. 

Orjihcluie Female Charity Hc/iool, S. Calvert St. extend- 
ed, near the Pantheon. 

Orr, Robt. grocer and liquor store, 52, comer of Bond 
and Lancaster-sts. F. P. 

Orrum, Benjamin, labr. (col. man.) 77. Hanover-st. 

Orrum, John, bricklayer, 17, Saratoga-st. 

Osborn, Joseph, carpenter, Euta\v-st. 

Osborn, Wm. accountant, York-st. F. H. 

Osborn, Elizabeth, school mistress, 21, S. Charles-st. 

Osborn, Peggy, (col. womanj 136, Green-st. O. T. 

( 140 ) 

Osborn, ElisHa, potter, M'Elderiy-st. O. T. 
Osborn, Ann, widow, Ht- rford-road. E. P. 
Osborn, Thos. drayman, lb. Petticoat-alley, F. P. 
Osterhoff, Andrew, silversmith, Pearl-st. (meadow.) 
Olterbine, Rev. Wm. Conway near Hdnover-st. 
Ovaere, J. F grocer, corner of Barre and Hanover-sts. 
Owen, Lawrence, mariner. Hippy-alley, F. P. 
Owen, Thomas, merchant and cut nail manufactm'erj 

70, N Howard-st. 
Owen, Kenredy, n.ercht. dv»'el. N Charles-st. 
Ovv^en, Richd. H. drygood store, 134, Baltimore-st. 
Owen, John, M. D ^2. Chatham-st. 
Owens, Wm. gentleman, Strawbeny-alley. 
Owens, Nii holas. plasterer, N Eiitaw-st. 
Owens &. Hughes, shoe store, 63, Baltimore-st 
Owings, John,, corner of Eulaw Sc Saratoga-sts. 
Owings, Ni holus. farmer, Sharp-st. 
Owings Sc Cheston, merchants, Elicotts'-wharf, corner 

of Pratt and Light-sis. 
Owings, James, mercht. 97, Bowlev's-wharf. 

Page, James, M.D. corner of Allisanna and Market-sts. 

F. P. 
Page. Daniel, ship joiner, 81 M^Elderry's wharf. 
Paillotet, Joseph, Teacher of the French Language, 

Palmatary. Allen, tailor, S. Howard-st. 
Pcilmer. John, Slrawberry -alley. 
Pamphilion Thomas, Innkeeper, corner of Fell and 

Bond-sts, F. P. 
Panneil, Edward, gentleman, 33, South st 
Parinei Jc;.nies, do. 44, do. 

Panset, Christian, corner of George-st. £c county whf. 

F. P 
Parish, Matthew, bricklayer, 36, Pitt-st. O T. 
Parish, Jno. carpenter 45. E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Park Jno. cordw.aner, Union-st. O. T. 
Parker, Wm. dnyman, Peari st. W P. 
Parker, Roht looper, 96, N Howard-st. 
Parker, Susanna, (col. woman) 90, S. Charles-st^ 

( in ) 

barker, Henry, jun. grocer, 4, County wharf. 

Parker, Thos. mercht 86, South-st. near Bowley's ^\'L 

Parker, Mrs. Elizabeth, genteel boarding-house, 42, 

Parker, Geo. silver-smith, Ross-st. W. P. 

Parker, Geo. Sc Jas. chy good store, 42, Bridge-st. O. T. 

Parker, Thomas, mariner, 21, Ann-st. F P. 

Pcirker Elizabeth, widow, 9, W. Alisanna-st F. P. 

Parks, Maybury, Inspectoi of Fish, 24, High-st. O. T. 

Pi;rks, Jno. drayman, 9, Green-st. O T. 

Parkr>, Saml (col. man) weaver 144, Green-st. O. T. 

Parks, Archbd. carter, 36. Eden-st. F. P. 

Parks, Abraham, carter, Petticoat alley. F. P. 

Parks, Nathan, grocer, Ann near Bank st. do. 

Parks, Wm. do. 42,"\V. Bank st. do. 

Parks, Frcdk. do. 59, do. do. 

P-irr, Jno cabinet-maker, Second st. near town clock. 

Parr, \Vm. plasterer, Pitt near Aisquith-st. O- T. 

Parrott, Surah, 15, Carolina-st F P. 

Partridge, Jumes, mercht — dwelling, 18 Chatham-st. 

Partridge, Job, carp. Pitt-st. near Harford run, O. T. 

Pascal k Co. merchants, 42, Water-st. 

Pascault, Lewis, mercht. — dwell. Saratoga st. extended. 
W. P 

Passmcre Sc Whippey, merchts 71, Smith's wharf. 

Passmore, Rebecca, genteel boarding-nouse, 85, Bal- 

Passmore, Saml. cabinet-maker, 7, Saratoga-st. 

Patterson, Ann, widov/, Hanover-st. 

Patterson, Wm. & Sons, merchts. 20, South-st. 

Patterson, Robt mercht 106, corner of Hanover and 

Patterson, Wm. coverlid-stamper, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Patterson, Wm. oakcoopc-r, Chjmberlain's-alley. 

Patterson, Wm. cabinet-maker, 22, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Patterson, Elizabeth, widow, Jones st O. T. 

Patterson, Walter, plasterer, Aisquilh-st. O. T. 

Patterson, Thos. mariner, 125, Bond st. F. P. 

Pailon, Jno. cordwainer, 115, High-st. O. T. 

Patton Sc Jones, clock Sc watch-makers, 93, Baltimore- 

( U2 ) 

Patrick, Saml. C. & Morrin, merchts. 22, Cheapside 
— dwelling, Sharp, near Camden-st. 

Paul, Catharine, umbrella-manufactory, 1 5 1 Baltimore- 

Paul, Peter, keeper of ferry and pleasure-boats, county 
wharf, F. P. 

Pnwley, James, china store, 140, Baltimore-st 

Puyson Sc Smith, merchts- 75^ Bowley's wharf. 

Pay son & Lorman, do. 119, N. Howard, near Frank- 

Pay son, Henry, mercht— dwelling, Hanover-st« near 
German lane. 

Peaco k, Jacob, labourer. Long alley, W P. 

Peal, Jno. cordwainer, 30, W. Fieet-st. F. P. 

Pean, Fredck. Sugar-refiner, Paca near Franklin-st. 
W P 

Pearce, Joseph, umbrella-manufacturer, S. Howard- 

Pearce, Elizabeth, 34, Fell-st. F. P. 

Pearce, Leavy, merchant, 42, Howard-st. 

Pearre, Jno. (col. man) hair.dresser, George near Mar- 
ket-st F P. 

Pearse, James, (col. man) 77. Hanover-st 

Pearse, Ri: hard, dry-good store, 97, Baltimore-st. 

Pearson, Reuben black-smith, 46, S. Charles-st. 

Pearson, Thomas, skin-dresser, Fish-st 

Pearson, Joseph, hatter. Green, near Bridge-st. O. T. 

Pease, Christopher, cooper, 78, S Charles-st. 

Peusley, Mrs 72, Waggon-alley. 

Pe hin, Wm. Printer & Publisher of the jimerican^ 
— dwell. Great York-st. next door Revd. Mr. Glen- 
dy's Church, O. T. 

Peek, Jno S. currier, 63, St Patrick's-row — dwell, 
corner of Pitt 8c High-sts O. T. 

Peck, Henry, shoe-store, 260 Baltimore near How- 

Peck. Heil, Coffee-house Hotel, 36, South st. 

Peduzi, Peter, boarding-house, 19, Market-st. W- S. 
F. P. 

Pell, Wm. labourer, Welcome-alley. 

( 143 ) 

Pelletier, Madam, Pratt, near Howard-st. 

Pelletier, Francis, carpenter, Wiiiskey-alley. 

Pennington, Heniy, bricklayer, 74, Green-st. O. T. 

Pennington, James, scovvman, 2, W. Fleet-st- F. P. 

Penrice, capt Thos, 114, Wolfe-st F. P. 

Pentz Henry, senr. butcher, Har ford-road, E. P. 

Pentz, Henry, junr. do. do. do. 

Pepper, Francis Painter and glazier, Jones-st. O. T. 

Pcpple, Peter, drayman, Huoks-iown-road, W. P. 

Perener, Elizb. widow. Cider-alley. 

Perigo, Daniel, shipjoiner, lower end George-st 
dwel. 13, E. Fleet St. F. P 

Perkins, Thomas, blacksmith, Concord-st. near the 
Falls — dwel. Granby, near Qiietn-st. O. T. 

Perkins, Charlotte, school-mistress. 3, Front-st. O. T. 

Perkins, John, drygood-store, 16, Pilt-st. O. T, 

Perrigny, Revd- Geo. Dc, Pratt near Howard-st. 

Perry, capt. Herman, 21, Carolina-st. F P. 

Perry, Jeremiah, tailor, 6, George-st. do. 

Pcrveil, John, cordw.dner, Union-st. O. T. 

Peterkin, .-apt. Wm- 83, Market-st. W. S. F. P. 

Peters, Geo. bricklayer, N. Howard near Mulberry-st. 

Peters, Hannah, (col. woman) 48, N Frederick-st. 

Peters, John, waterman, Lee, near Light-st. 

Peters, Henry, gentleman, corner of N. Howard and 

Peters, Michael, blacksmith, Duke near Granby-st. 

Peters, Mrs. victualler, K. George, near Lloyd-st. O. T. 

Peters, C Gotlieb, tailor. 18. Fell-st F. P. 

Peters, Jno. mariner, 1, Philpot st. do. 

Peterson, James, rigger, 67, E. AUisanna-st, do. 

Pew, Mary, widow, 52, Hanover-st. 

Pfpaltz, Mr. clock and watchmaker, St. Paul's-lane. 

Pharon, John, Lewis, (col manj hair dresser, 17 Light- 

Phelps. Greenbury, turner. Low st. O. T. 

Phillips, Isaac, merrht- 119, N Howard-st. near Frank- 
lin-st. dwel. N. Howard-st. extended. 

Phillips, Wm. Gc Co. merchts. 38. N. Howard-st. 

Phillips Wm. mcrcht. dwel. Dutch-alley. 

( 144 ) 

Philips, capt. Zachariah, 48, S. Charles-st. 

Philips cuptairj, James, 11, corner of Baiuv-st. and Pub - 

Pl.iiips, Pc;ul, center, Hiil-st F H. 

Philips, Richd. painter tmd pictureframe maker, 238 1-2 

Philips, John, carp. Potter st. O T. 

Pi;iiips, Wm. cabinci maker, 78, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Ptjilips, Eiizabeth: Petti oat-aliey, do. 

Philips, Wm mariner, 44, Boi'd-st. do. 

Philips, Gl'O. cordw 10. Thames,st. do. 

Philips, Stephen, c ulker, 2, Will-st do. 

Piuiips, Nuthaiiiel, blacksmith, E. Fleet-st. do. 

Philips, Charles, cordw. Liberty near Lombard-st. 

Phipps Ann, widow, New-Line, W. P. 

Pi^Kett, John tailor, 242, Baltimore near Liberty-st 

Pickett, George, Salisbury st. O. T. 

Pickever, EiCanor widow, 28, North-st. 

Pierce, Peter, umbrella manufacturer, brass founder Sc 
turner, 66, N. Howard-st. 

Pierce. John, constable, 21. Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Piercy. Jacob, potter, High-st. O, T. 

Pienepoint, Joseph, gent. 48, Camden-st. 

Piffon. Francis, bricklayer, lower Patapsco-ferry-road. 

Piiic, Al.raham, tobacco, manufr. 18, N. Howard-st. 

Pike, Mrs. widow, Mulberry near North-st. 

Pike.. Aza, widow, 20, E. Aliisanna-st F. P. 

Piich. James, soap and candle manufactory, County- 
wharf, F. P. 

Piifdell. Geo. carp. N. Entaw-st. 

Pin clo.lL John' L. coavhmaker, 29, Green-st O. T. 

Pitij'ell. Charles, next 31, do. do. 

Pmdcil, James, Gough s-rocd, do. 

Piiiketton, James, mariner, 59, Wolfe st. F P. 

Pinkney, Jonathan, account, bank of Baltimore, dwcl. 
Green-st. W. P. 

Piper, James, corner of Pratt-st & Spear's- wharf, rope 
siore, at the corner of Wolfe and Pitt-sts. F. P. 

Pise Le\vis, painter, North-st. 

Pitt, Spencer, (col. man) mariner, S. Howard-st. 

( 145 ) 

Pitt, Wm. grocer, 16, W. AUisanna-st. F. P. 

Pitt, Thomas, hatter. Ann-st. do. 

PJaside, Paul, oakcooper, Buchanan's-wharf, dwcl. S. 

Plastcd, Mrs. 2, Waggon-alley. 

Pleasants, Jn© P. mercht. 10,'S. Charles-st. dwcl. 44, 

Plummer, shipcarp. 11, Happy -alley, F. P. 

Plummer, Joseph, P. mercht 64, County-wharf. 

Poe, David, gent. 19, Camden-st. 

Poe, Geo. do. Baltimore st ixDad, W. P. 

Poe, Thomas, cabinet maker, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Poi^'ue, Susaiina, widoHv, corner of St. Paul s-lane and 

Pogue, Elizabeth, widow, 26, German-st. 

Poie, Thomas, currier, 42, N. Hovvard-st. 

PoJk, David, drayman, Aisquith-st. O T. 

Poilard. Eiizcbcth. widow. 17, High-st do. 

Pollock, Oiivcr. gent- 46. Lexingtoi)-st. 

Poiock, Eli.iS, blackball maniifi'. 72 Front st. O. T. 

Pomerat. John, gentleman, corner of Sh..rp Sc Barre-sts. 

Pomfrey. Mtiry, widow, Whiskcy-aliey. 

Poiicet. Lewis, gold a.nd silversmith, next 44, Balti- 

Poiuier, Anthony, perfumer, 36. Baitimorc-st. 

Pool. Rczin, boot and shoe m;nufr. 4.^J, South-st. 

Pool, Mr. combmaker, !)2, N. Frederick st. 

Poor, capt. Saml. corner of Albemarle and Queen-sts. 
D. T. 

Pool-. Clnvrles M. drygood store, 28, Fell-st. F P. 

Popci Foiger, p.iiuer and glnzicr 47. Soutb-st. 

Pope, John, cordw Lee betv/een Hduovcr aii^ Light-sts. 

Poop 8s;Sutlicup cordw 71, N. Howard-st. 

Poepplein Sc Brothers, mevdUs. 28 do. 

Poner Michael, bricklayer, corner of S. Howard and 
Cauidcn st. 

Porter. William, drygood store, 71, Baltimore-st. 

Porter, Wm Gough-st O. T. 

Porter* Jephta. tinpiate m^tuufr. North-st. O. T. 

Porter* Mr mariner, 74, Argyle-iUley, F. P^^ 

( 146 ) 

Porter, capt. Ralph, 30, W. Fleet-st F. P. 

Post, Daniel, grocer, corn, of S. Eutaw and Conway-sts. 

Fost-Office, St. Paiil's-lane, facing Roger's-alley. 

Postell, Nancy, 39, Waggon alley. 

Potee, Peter, carter, S. Etuaw-st. 

Potee, Peter, jun. plasterer, baclt of Sharp near Con- 

Poteet Sc Daugherty, dry good and groceries, 65,Bridge- 
st. O. T. 

Potin, Peter, baker, 5, E. Lancast^r-st, F. P. 

Potter, Nathaniel, M. D. i8, S. Gay-st. 

Potter, Catharine, Whiskey-alley, near Paca-st. W. P. 

Potts, Wm. mercht. dwel. S. Eutaw-st. nearly oppo- 
site Whiskey-alley 

Potts Joanna, seamstress, Tripolcts-alley. 

Poulson, Swain, mariner, 9, E. Lancaster-st F. P. 

Poultncy, & Thomas, hardware store, 162,Baltimore-st- 

Poiiltney, Thomas, dwel St Paul's-lane. 

Powder, John, carp. Strawberry-alley. 

Powell, Samuel, (col. man) cookshop, S. Howard-st 

Powell, John, scavenger, Potter-st. O. T. 

Powell, Howell, do. do do. 

Powell, Joshua, owner of teams, Great-York-st. do. 

Powell, Richard, grocer. Bridge st. near Union, do. 

Powell, Thomas, pilot, 31, Ann-st. F. P. • 

Powel, William, labr. 57, Happy- alley, do. 

Powell, Mr. pilot. 22, E. Fleet-st, do. 

Powers, James, bricklayer, Pratt near Paca-st. 

Powley, Daniel, baker, Biitton st O. T. 

Pradere, John, grocer, corner of Wilk-st. S: Happy-al- 
ley. F. P. 

Pratt, John, H. comb manufactory, 100 1-2, Baliimore- 

Precorvin, Madame, confectioner, 36, N. Fredrick-st. 

Prentice, Alexander, tailor, Tripolets alley. 

Presbury, George, G. justice of the p^acc, dwel 8c of- 
fice, 38, N. Guy-st. 

Presbury, Joseph, account ".9. W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Presstmun, William, merchant, 107, Hanover-st. 

Presstman, George, gentleman, 129, S. Charles neat 

( 147 ) 

Presstman, Thomas, grocer, corner of Bond & Fleet- 

sts. F. P. 
Pi-eston, Jacob, labr. (col man) Short-alley, W. P. 
Preston, William, cedar-cooper, 64 1-2, N. Howard st. 
Prevost, Fruncis,^ manufactory, Green-st. W. P. 
Pri.e, Jarret, grocer, 25, Nortii-st. 
Price, Andr. clerk to the county court, dw. Forrest-lane. 
Price Frederick, attorney at law, office 8. N. Calvert 

St. dwel new Church-st. opp. new Court house. 
Prize, Geo. Sc Co. dry good mercht. 231. Baltimore-st, 
Price, Jno. H. shoe-store 197 1-2, Baltimore-st 
Price, Anna, seamstress, 2 i 2, do 

Price, Jno cord, next 16, Fayette-st. 
Price, Hannah, schoolmistress, 82, Waggon-alley, 
Piice, Margaret, Duke near Wolfe-st. O. T. 
Price, Warwick, cabinet maker, 45, Bridge st do. 
Price, Jesse, tailor, do. do. 

Price, Hczckiah, lum. merch. dwel. Bridge near Union- 

st. do. 
Price, Nathan,(col. man) blacksmith, Gough-st do. 
Price, capt. Wm. ship-builder, 28, Pitt-st. F. P. 
Price, Jno. do W^olfe near Pitt st. do. 

Price, Thomas, ship carpenter, 99, E Fleet-st. do. 
Priddy, Hannah, widow, 17, Lexington-st 
Priestley, Edward, cabinet maker, next 4, Baltimore-st. 

dwel, 12, Harrison-st. 
Prill, Elizabeth, widow, 7, S. Gay-st 
Prin, Margaret, do 28, E. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Prindivill, Garrett, 33, Thames-st do. 
Prindle, coachmaker, 37. German-st. 
Prine, Peter, N cooper. Bottle-alley. 
Pringle, Mark, mer:ht. 44, S. Gay-st. dwel. G. York- 

st. near Mr. Hargrove's Church, O. T. 
Pringle, Mark Udny, mercht. 221 Baltimore-st. 
Prints J Caspar, hatter, 2, Fieet-st. dwel. corner of Bond 

ScGoughst. O. T. 
Prober, James carp. 21, corner Allisanna-st- and Ar- 

gyle-alley, F P. 
Procter, Izak, hardware-store, 214, Baltimore st. 
Procter, Margaret, Liberty-st. -O. T. 

( 148 ) 

Procter, Wm. & Co. hardware-store, 16, Fell-st F. P. 

Prosser, Elizabeth, 18, German-st. 

Prout, James, (col. man) cookshop, corner of Wilk-st» 

and Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Prowit, , N. Charles near Conowago-st 

Prud'homme, Jno. B. tailor, G. York-st. corn of Tem- 
ple-alley, O. T. 
Pryor, Edward, Dyer, Fish-st. 
Pryse, Miss Sophia, milliner, 114, Baltimore^st. 
Public City Fountain^ N. Calvert-st extended, near the 

Pugh, Elizabeth, Liberty-st. O. T. 
Puppen, Catherine, widow, 68, Waggon-alley. 
Purdin, Wm. carp. 11, Saratoga-st. 
Purdin, Sarah, milliner, 34, Baltimore- st. 
Purfield, Sc Myers, brass founders, opposite 25, Second- 

Pumell, Isaac, farmer, Lombard near Howard-st. 
Purpm\ Charles, butcher. Bottle alley. 
Purse. Thomas, clock and watchmaker, 182, Baltimore- 

st. dwel. 9, Conowago-st. 
Purviance, Jno attorney at law, office, next 18, S. Gay- 

St. dwel same st. 
Purviance, James, mercht. S.Gay-st. dwel. 60, Fayette- 

Pussert, Barbara, grocer, Eutaw-st. 
Putsa, Martin, carp. 78, N. Liberty-st, 
Pyer, Fred. do 134, High-st. O. T. 


Quail, Robt. cooper, Public-alley. 

Quay, Thomas, carp Pitt-st conlin. O. T. 

Queit, Thomas, (col. man) carter. Mulberry-alley. 

Quinlan, Patrick, china store, corner of Water-st. and 

Market- space. 
Quinn. Geo paver, Pitt-st near Harford-run. O. T. 
Quirr.bey, capt. Benj. 4, Phiipot-st. F. P. 
Quisick, Jno. house carp. 57, W* Fleet-st. do. 

Raab, Adam, teacher to the Germ. Lulh. Cong. dwel. 

Holliday-st. next door to the Rev. Mr. Kurtz. 

( 149 ) 

Raab, Philip, musical instrument-maker, next door Rev. 

Mr. Kurtz, Hoi.icLy st. 
Raub, Dicderi k, b.tker, 26, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 
Rabore^, Williani, gent. N. Lutaw near Lexington-st. 
Raborg Jolm, mariner, Pratt near S Howard-st. 
Raborg, Christopher, & Son, (Oppersmiihs and brass- 
founders, 13. Waiei-st. 
Raborg, Christopher, Senr. dvvel. 11, Water-st. 
Raborg, Christui)her. Junr. do- 9, do. 

Railiy, Bennet, boarding house, 9, Bond-st. F. P. 
Ramsay, Martha widow 6. South-st. 
Ramsay, Jolm soi.p and candle, manufactory lower end 

Rumsuy. Col. Nathaniel, naval officer, dwel. Baltimore- 

st road, W. P. 
Ramsay, Elizabeth, Granby near W. Wilk-st. O T. 
Ramsay, John, soap and candle, manufactory, 27, Bond- 
st F P. 
Ramsay, Joseph blacksmith, 60, Ann st. F P. 
Ramsay, James, ship chandler, and grocer, 19, Thames- 

st. F. P. 
Ramsay, Thomas, grocer, 46, W Fleet-st. do. 
R imsay, Isaac, carp 30, do. do. 

Randall, Townsend, Forrest-lane. 

Randall John, mer hant, 95, Bowley's- wharf dwel Cam- 
den near Charles-st 
Randall, William, livery stablekeeper. N. Frederick-st. 
Randall, Elisha, arp. Ploughman-st. O. T. 
R mey, David, cordvvuiner, Aisquith-st do. 
Rankin, Rachel, seamstress. Public-alley. 
R>.nkin, Marga. widow, Brandy-alley near Howard st. 
Rankin, J. bell hanger, Ross-st. W. P. 
Raphel Stephen gentleman, Franklin near Eutaw-st. 
R..l)p. Mrs. Elizabeth, 50, Fayette-st. 
R thelL c.ptain, Solomon, lower end Allisanna st. F. P. 
R^Llien Ri hard, german goods 150, Baltimore st. 
Rattoone, Reverend, Eiij; h, D Rector of Trinity Church 

43 Albemarle st. O. T. 
Raven, Thomas, ship joiner, 74, E. AUisanna-st F. P. 
Rawleson, Thomas, brick maker, Goodman-st. F. H. 
N 2 

( 150 ) 

Rawleson, Patty, widow, 72, Waggon-alley. 

Rawlings, captain, James, Forrest near Montgomery-st 
F. H. 

Rawlings, Nathan, rope-maker, lower Patapsco, Ferry- 
road, S. P. 

RawUngs, Benjamin, dry good store, 81, Baltimore-st- 

Ray, James, Attorney at law, East near Calvert-st. 

Ray, Miles, sail maker, Biays'-wharf, dwel. 15 Pitt-st. 
F. P., Thomas, rigger, Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Rea, Thomas, cooper, Tripolets alley. 

Rea, John, do. 4, Commerce-st. 

Read, David, carter, Montgomery st. F. H. 

Read, Anna, widow, 12, Ruxton-lane. 

Read, John, cabinet maker, Baltimore-st. road, W. P. 

Read, John M. M. D. 246, Baltimore-st. 

Readel, Jno. porter bottler, cellar Sc dwel. 22,N. Gay-st. 

Ream, Mrs. Waggon alley. 

Reaney, William, grocer, corner of Great- York and 
High-st. O. T. 

Reardon, Richard, mariner, 38, Bond-st. F. P. 

Rebaud, John, caulkei^, 30, Philpot-st- do. 

Reberg, Lutwig, cordwainer, 15, N. Liberty-sl. 

Reding, William, carp. Holliday-st. extended. 

Reddish, Thomas, shipcarp. 47, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Reed, John, carpenter, East near Calvert-st. 

Reed, captain, James, 9, Philpot-st. F. P. # 

Reed, Mrs. school-mistress, 49, E. Fleet-st. do. 

Reese, Joseph, shingle dresser, back of S. Eutaw-st. 

Reese, John, grocer, 60, N. Howard-st. 

Reese, David, teacher, 134, High-st. O. T. 

Reese, John, gallows-hill, E. P. 

Reese, George, waterman. Bond near Gough-st. F. P. 

Reese, George, watchman, 5 5. Apple-alley. do. 

Reese, Henry, hatter, 13, Market-st. W. S. do. 

Reese, Jacob, pilot, 67, Ann-st. do. 

Reeves, captain, William, 87, corner of E. Fleet-st. & 
Star-alley, do. 

Reffield, Daniel, carpenter. Strawberry -alley. 

Regard, Joseph, cordwainer, 14, S. Howard-st 

( isi ) 

Reilly, William, Innkeeper and g^rocer, comer of For- 
rest and Mont^omery-st. F. H. 

Reilly, Elconora, Widow. 52 N. Frederick -st. 

Rcilly, Simon, murincr, 23, Shakespear st F P. 

Rcinicker, Conrad, merchant 12, N Liberty-st. 

Reinicker, 8c Fite, flour merchts. 1, N. Liberty near 

Reini ker George, merchant, dwel. corner of Baltimore 
and S Liberty st 

Reinicker, John, dry good store, 2 15, Baltimore near 

Reinnman, John, saddler, 100, N. Howard-st. 

Reip, Henry, double block tin manufactory 188, Bal- 
timore st. 

Reisinger, George, cordwuincr, North-st 

Reiter, George, confectioner, 13, Market-Space. E. S. 

Reitz, Frederick, glass blower. Foot of Federal Hill. 

Rendt, Christian, grocer, corner of Eutaw-st and Wag- 

Renous, John, boat builder, 22, Philpot-st. F P. 

Renshaw, James, Innkeeper, opposite 74, High-st. O. T. 

Repold, Geo. and F. Waesche merchioits, 170, Balti- 
more -st. 

Repold, George, mercht. dwel Chatham -st. next Union 

Reppert, Lewis, Manager of the glass house, dwel. Hen- 
ry St. near do. 

Reppen, George, glass manufacturer, do. 

Reppert, Jacob. do. do. 

Rescuniere, Peter, baker, 29, comer of Charles-st. & 

Reticker, Adam, grocer, 7, E. Alisanna-st. F. P. 

Rettig, Mary, widow, corner of S. Howard-st. & Whis- 

Revel, Ann, 4, Apple-alley, F. P. 

Rey, Jno. Joseph, gentleman, 34, Saratoga-st. 

Reyhouse. Joseph, stone-mason, German, near Paca- 
st. W P. 

Reynell, Richard, gunsmith, 35, Water, near S. Pn*- 

( 152 ) 

Reynolds, Isaac, mercht 255, Baltimore near Eutaw- 
st. dv/e! Green near German-st. W. P. 

Reyr.ol'is, Elizabeth, widow, Paca, near Lexington-st. 
W. P. 

Reynolds. Dunl. fisherman, Hill-st. F. H. 

Reynolds, Wm Ciirter, 8, Pitt st O. T. 

Revnolds Coiin. ordwainer, 74, H.ppy alley, F. P. 

Rhody, p:iisha, (col. man) carp. 22, W. Wilk-st F. P. 

Ric iUd. Eenjanjin, mercht- corner of Pratt-st. 8c Bow- 
ley'?- wharf dwel. Nj Chc^rles-st. 

Rice, Mary, tL^ford road. E. P. 

Rice. Wm. • oach-maker, Queen-st. O. T. 

Rich. M.tliius. 45, Albemarle-st O. T. 

Richards, Jr.o. bn. kluyer, 12, Ruxton-lane 

Ri hards. Mrs. widowi oyster-house, 14, Water-st 
nccir Peter's bridge. 

Richards, John C. dry-good store, 95, Baltimore-st. 

RichcU-ds, Duiton,'bla ksmith, 3, Front st. O. T. 

Ri. hards, Acuila, hatter, Union-st. do. 

Richards, Revd Lewis. 10, Pitt-st. do. 

Ri hards, Jonathan, leam-owner. Gallows-hill E. P. 

Ri'hards, Paul, grocer, 36, Murket-st. W. S. F. P. 

Ri<hardson. Fdwd. (col. man) waiter, S. Howard st. 

Richardson. N. pointer Sc Glazier 21, Light-st — dwel. 
70, H.vrrison st 

Richardson, Danl. carpenter, 82, Hirrison st. 

Richardson. Thomas (col man) 18, Primrose-slley. 

Richardson, Wm. miii-wright, Morris st. W P. 

Richardson, James, measurer of grain, Little York, cor- 
ner of Gr.inby st. O T. 

Pichardson Wm. black smith E. Lancaster-st O. T. 

Richmond, Wm. stone-mason Gallows hill, E. P. 

Richstein. Geo. sen. carp Whiskey-ailey. 

Richstein. Geo jun drayman. Lombard, near Eutaw-st. 

Richter, Joseph, gro er. Brandy-alley. 

Richard- Thomas B.^nk-si. 

Ri ketts, Hucch, drayman. 8. Waggon-alley. 

R'der. Charlotte widow, 30, E Wilk-st. F. P, 

Riddell Mrs. Judith, widow. N C]ic,ries-st. 

Riddell, Chas. chair-maker, Chamberiidn's alley. 

( 153 ) 

Riddelh Wm. carp. Happy-alley, near Bank-st. F. P. 

Ridgely, Sally, widow, corner Sharp-st. and Brandy- 

Ridgely, Genl. Chas. dwel. S. Frederick-st. 

Ridgely, Nicholas, O jun. dry-good store, S. W. cor 
ner of Baltimore Sc Frederick-sts. dwel. Gevraan-st. 

Ridgely, Nicholas, sen. tobacco inspector — dwel. Ger- 
man -st. 

Ridgely, Lott, drygood store, 9, Bultimore-st. 

Ridgely, Ruchel, 3l,Front-st. O T. 

Ridgely, Greenberry, 76, High-st do. 

Ridgely, Absalom, capt lin, 83, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Ridgely. Noah, dwel B ith-st. 

Riemenschneider. Geo. J tailor, 34, N. Frederick-st 

Rigby Robt. carp. 29, Granby-st. O T 

Rigby, James, tailor, 9, Argyle-aliey F. P. 

Rigdeu, John, E. hardware-store, 226, Baltimore St. 

Rigg, Mrs. Jane, diy-good store. 203 1-2, do. 

Riggen. Levi, ship-curpenter York st. F. H. 

Riggen, David, do. 8, Pitt-st F. P. 

Riley, Joseph, mariner, corner Montgomery & Good- 
man sts. F. H. 

Riley. Wm. boot & shoe-maker, st. . 

Riley, Adam, labourer, 71, French st. O. T. 

Riley, Conrad, York-road, E. P. 

Ring, capt. Thos. 2, Quecn-st F. P. 

Ringgold, Mrs. 18, N Gay st. 

Ringrose, Jas. shipcarpenter 5 4. E AUisanna-st F. P. 

Riolic, Bart gentleman 28, W. Fieet-st. do. 

Riuer, Jacob, carter, Buhy-alley. 

Road, Mr accountant, S Howard-st 

Roat, Jno watchman. 66. H irribon-st. 

Robert Jno. (col. man) hair-dresser, I 10. Bond-stF- P. 

Roberts, Wm hostler, Paca, near Geiman-st 

Roberts, Jno. &; Jas. dry-good merchants, 230, Balti- 

Roberts, Zach. ai • ountant. Sharp, near Conway-st. 

Roberts, Revd. Geo INI 0.61, Camden-st 

Roberts Henry, conveyancer, 52, Grecn-st. O. T. 

Roberts, Thos. cordwainer, East-st, do. 

( 154 ) 

Roberts, Thos. Eden-st F. P. 

Robertson, Geo. shipjoiner, lower end Ann-st. F. P. 

dwel. E. Fieet-st. 
Robertson, Eiizubeth, widow, corner of S. Eutaw-st. 8c 

Robinson, Juo. brickmaker, S. Howard-st. 
Robinson, Susanna, do. 

Robinson, Saml. cedar cooper, 20, N. Howard-st. 
Robinson, Eve, widow, 3 6, do. 
Robinson, Richard, grocer, 46, corner of Baltimor & 

Robinson, Chs. & Co. merchants, 68, Cumberland-row . 
Robinson, Chas. deputy surveyor, do. 

Robinson, Wm. grocer. 39, Market-space, E. S. 
Robinson, Alex. gent. J3altimore-st. road, W. P. 
Robinson, Jno dry-good store, 116, Baltimore-st 
Robinson Joseph, Printer, 96, Baltimore-st. 
Robinson, Jno. drayman, 8, Waggon-alley. 
Robinson, B. H. commission mercht Commerce, near 

Robinson, Ann, (col. woman) 151, High-st. O. T. 
Robinson, Wm. carpenter, 117, Green-st do. 
Robinson, Edwd. cordwainer, Aisquith-st. do. 
Robinson, capt. Wm. rope-store, 45, Pitt-st. F. P. 

dwel. Cole's addition, E. P 
Robinson, Benj. watchman, Argyle-alley. F. P. 
Robinson, capt. Thos. 18, .\nn-st. do. 

Roche, Joseph, constable, Water near S. Frederick-st. 
Roche, John do. 57, corner of Eden and Gough- 

sts F. P. 
Ro-he, John P. Fish-st. 

Roche, John & Alexander, 17, W. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Rod, Wm labor Mulberry- alley. 
Rodgers, Alex, mercht. 63, Smiths-wharf---dwell. N. 

Rodgers, Margt. widow, 107, Camden-st. 
Rodrigues. Lewis, M D. 145, Bond-st. F. P. 
Roe, Thomas L. broker and secretary to the Fall's-tuiti- 

pike-road company* 46, South-st. 
Roe, Wm. brickmaker, Harford-road, E- P. 

( 135 ) 

Roesner, John, grocer, 67, Bond-st, F. P. 

Rogers, Joseph, mariner, (col- man) Goodman-st. F. H, 

RoL^-er, A. L. gcntm. 88, N Howurd-st. 

Rogers, Herman, saddler, 60 Liglit-st. * 

Rogers, H. W. attorney at law, ofticc 12, corner of 

East and Calvcrt-sts 
Rogers, P. Sc S. Owings. 86 Bowley's-wharf. 
Rogers, Jacob, hat-manuf 29, corner of South and Se- 

Rogers, Thomas, notary public-, 37, corner of Water & 

Gay-sts — dwell, corner of Pitt and Potter-sts. O. T. 
Rogers, Wm. drayman, Monigomcry-st F. H. 
Rogers, John, brickmakcr. Welcome -alley. 
Rogers, John H. glue and whipmanufacturer, Pratt-st- 

road, W. P. 
Rogers. John, flour mercht~dwel. 1 7, Pratt-st. 
Rogers, Philip, drygood store, 15, Baltimore-st, 
Rogers, Elijah, dwel- East-i>t near the Assembly-room. 
Rogers, Richard, bri. klayer, 47 High-st. O. T. 
Rogers, Richard, carpenter, 48 do. do. 

Rogers, Alexr. weaver, Friendship near M'Elderry-st. 

O T. 
Rogers, Patrick, cooper, 92, Market-st. F. P. 
Rogers, Rebecca, laundress, 32, Ann-st. do. 

Rogers, Thomas, ship carp 7 1 Woife-st. do. 

Rogers, Thomas, cork cutter, 9, George-st. do- 
Rogers, Hannah, grocer, 8 Shakespear-st. do. 
Rogers, Ann, (col woman) E. Fleet-st. do. 

Rohr, Andrew butcher, Goodman-st F. H. 
Rohrback, George, carp Green-st. W. P. 
Romain, Alexis, periiimer and matrass-maker, 145, 

Romain, James, cordw. 27 W^aggon -alley. 
Roney, Patrick, blacksmith, 31, S. Frederick-st. 
Roney, Wm. turner, 27, N Frederick-st. 
Roney, Mrs. widow, Franklin-st. 

Roney, — ., pedlar, Strawberiy-al. near Smith-st. F. P. 
Roof, Andw. hatter, 72. Camden-st, 
Rook Mary, widow, 71, Bond st. F. P 
Rook, John, A. employed at the Custom-house, Dukc- 

st. O. T. 

( 156 ) 

Rook, Thoinas, joiner, 90, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 

Rcokcr, cooper. Smith's- wharf — dwel. 4, Waj- 
i^on alley 

Rooker, J<is. me rrht. 47 Pratt st 

Rookcrs Misses, Eni^lish seminary for young ladies 
Pratt St 

Rosbiiiville. Mens, keeper of Gray's gardens. Hooks- 
town roud. W P.. 

Ro'.e, Fredk. tiii-plat^ worker, Smith's-ulley. 

Rose, Rezin, I7. Pitt-st O. T 

Rose, Jiio carp Smith, (orner of Bond-st. F P. 

Rose, Aquila, shipwrii^jht. 5 1, Gout>;h st. F. P. 

Ross, Thomas, const ble. Public alley. 

Ross, J. H. plumber, 28. N- Gay-st. and 44, George- 
st. F. P — fhvel 84 Hurrison-st. 

Ross, Wilii<im Sc Benj. C. dry^ood store, 7, corner of 
Baliimore-st. and Market space. 

Ross. Martha, widow. 46, Prtdt-st. 

Ru-^s Reuben, gro er. 7. Pratt near South-st. 

Ro^:s, Upton 39, Conowa;4o-st. 

Ross. JaiT^es, carp. Britton-st. E P. 

Ross. «. apt. John, E. Fleetst. near Argyle-alley, F. P. 

Ross. Angus, . ordw. 44, W Bank-st do. 

Rosseau. Anthony, toba conist, 169. High-st. O. T. 

Rothe Wm. grocer, corner of S. Eutaw-st. and Whis- 

Rothrock, John, tinplate -worker, 259, Baltimore-st. 

Ro\iss, James, bricklayer, StJi,wberry-aljey. 

Rousseau, Peter, gentleman, 38, Aibemarle-st. O. T. 

RousscuU De La Gauterie, Madam. 12, Commert-e-st* 

Row, Conrad, baker, 59, Front-st. O. T. 

Row, John K. grocer, 89, corner of Hanover and Cam- 

Rowlivtgton. John, hair-dresser, nearly opposite Union 
Bank, N Charles-st. 

Rowlings. Eliza, widow, S. Howard-st. 

Royle, Martha, Forrest-st. F. H. 

Ruckle, Thomas, N. Liberty, near Saratoga-st. 

Ruckle. John Sc Paul, grocers, 195, Baltimore-st. 

Ruckle, John, iaspec. of butter and lard, dwel. do. 

( 1^^ ) 

Ruckle, Paul, dwel. 253, Bait, near Eutaw-st. 

Rudenstcin. John, 44, Light-st. 

Rudolph, Her. grocer and watchman, 42, do. 

Rudolph, Ferd. tailor, 62, N. Gay-st. 

Rutf, Daniel, grocer, 21, S Charles-st. 

Rumniel, George H. 181, Bond st. F. P. 

Rumniel, Mrs midw. do. do. 

Rush, Benj. H. corner of Bond and Gough-st.F. P. 

Rusk, Mrs widow, 24, Albcmarlc-st. O. T. 

Rusk, Robt butcher, Pitt-st extended, E. P. 

Rusk, John, do. do. do. 

Rask, Catherine, Britton-st. O. T. 

Russell, Gcdbraith, bricklayer, S. Eutaw-st. 

Russell, Joseph, tinplate-worker, 34, corner of N. How 

ard St. and Dutch- alley. 
Russell, Saml. {2:roccr, 7, INI'Elderry's-wharf. 
Russell, Alexander, brickmaker, Lee-st. 
Russell, capt. Saml. Lee, near Light-st. 
Russell. Philip, mercht. 4, Low-st. O. T. 
Russell, Tiiomas, mariner. Apple-alley, F. P. 
Russell, Marga. corner of Witk and Washington-sts. 

F. P. 
Russell, capt. Elisha, 85, E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Rust, Saml, cordw. North, near Bridge-st. O. T. 
Rutter, Saml. silversmith, Tripolct"s-alIey. 
Rutter, capt. Solomon, corner of Granby and Duke-sts 

O T. 
Rutter, Rd. shipcarp. Wolfe near Fleet-st. F. P. 
Rutton, Peter, rigger, Ar2;yle-alley, do. 

Ryan, Elizabeth, widow, Forrest-lane, 
Ryan, Amos bi'i.klayer, B.Uh-st. 
Ryan, Joim, labr. Hook's-town-road, W. P. 
Rynd, Christopher, grocer, 17, corner of Fleet-st. and 

Apple-alley, F. P. 
Rynd, Bryan, grocer, 65, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 

Sables, Mr. carp. 52, E. Allisana st. F. P. 

Sadler, ■ , cordwainer Welcome-alley, 

Sadler, Ann, Whiskcy-aliey. 

•Sadler, Thomas R. miller, next to 34, Saratoga-st. 

( 15« ) 

Sadder, Philip B- watch-maker Sc Jeweller, 166, Bal- 

Saggeser, Margaretta, seamstress, 33, S. Frederick-st. 

Sandford, capt. Wolf-st. between Lancaster 8c Allisa- 

Sandford, Wm. laboiu^er, Montgomery-st. near Obser- 

Sands, Robt. sen. mercht. 8 Front-st O. T. 

Sands, John, tailor, shop 66 1-2, Baltimore-st. — dwel. 
8, Front St. O. T. 

Sands, Cath. (col. woman) corner of S. Howard-st. 

Sands, Benjamin, bricklayer, Forrest-lane. 

Sands, Robt ladies shoe-store, 27, Baltimore-st. 

Sandy, George, carpenter. New-lane. 

Sanks, Jemima, widow, seamstress, S. Howard-st. 

Sanks, Jno drayman, S. Howard, near Conway-st. 

Sanky, Wm. carpenter. Mulberry, neiT Howard-st. 

Sapp, Sarah, widow, North-st. near Hay-scales. 

Sapp, Fredk carter, 75, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Sapp. Jno. carter, 50, Gough-stF. P. 

iiauervein, Peter, mercht. 67, N. Howard-st. 

Saumenig, Henry, brewer, Cc-mden-st. commons. 

Savage, Dennis, rope-maker, Monlgomery-st. F H. 

Savage, Patrick, boot and shoe-maker, 34, South-st. 

Sawner, John, drayman, S. EutLW, near Liberty-st. ' 

Say, Henry, drayman, S. Howard-st. near Camden-st 

Say, Mrs. midwife. Fish-market. 

Scanian, James, oakcooper, corner of Pratt 8c S. Eii- 
taw sts. 

Scaif, George, plasterer, Gough's road. E. P. 

Scarf, Wm. hack-driver, S. Howard, near Lombard-st. 

Schackles, Thds. labourer, Mulberry-aliey. 

ScliaeiTer, Baltzer, dry-good store, 33, Baltimore-st. 
dwel. 4, N. Frederick-st. 

Scliaffer, Lewis, carter, 86, Hanover-st. 
Schaffcr, Anthony, weaver, Saratoga-st. corner Straw- 
Svhales, Nicliolas, tailor, 46. Light-st. 
Schamberg, Henry, grocer, 29, S. Liberty-st. 
Scharper, Wm. A. ivory-turner, Second-st. 
Scheidcls, Mr. cooper, N. Howard near Franklin st. 

( 159 ) 

Schillensburg, Christ, butcher, Bond, near Dulany-st. 
F. P. 

Schiller, Jno. teacher of German, 26, N. Frederick-st 

Schly, Catharine, 111, French-st. O. T. 

Schmidt, Wm. Sc Jno. merchants, 73, Smith's Avh. 

Schmidt, Wm. L. broker, 73, Smith's wharf, dwel. 78, 
High-st. O. T. 

Schnauber, Geo. baker and grocer, 30, S. W. corner 
Pratt Sc Charles sts. 

Schreiber, John, H. translator of languages, 66, Bal- 

Schroeder, John, cordwainer, 28, All:icmarle-st. O. T. 

Schroeder, Geo. cordwainer, 35, N. Gay-st. 

Schroeder, Henry, £c co. merchts. S. E corner Mar- 
ket Sc Charles-sts. 

Schroeder, Wm. dry-good storcj 121, Baltimore st. 

Schroeter, Charles, 60, Pratt-st. near Smith's whurf. 

Schromel, Elizabeth, Goodman -st. Fedcrai-hill. 

Schryer, George, gunsmith, Franklin, near Green-st. 

Schultze, Ernst, J. mcrcht — dwel. 135, Hanover-st. 

Schiiltze, £c Vogeler, merchts. S. Gay st. 

Schultz, Jno. gentleman, 5, German-st 

Schultz Sc Proebstring, Gemian & English goods 223 1 2 

Schumack, Ignatius, whitesmith, 39, S. Charles-st. 
corner Ruxion lane. 

Schunck, Jno. butcher, Britton-st O. T. 

Scliwarzauer, Danl. keeper of the Baltimore Observa- 
tory, F. H. - 

Schwartze, Frederick, Doctor, 68 Hanover-st. 

Schwartzc, Au;.^ustus. mercht. 78, do. 

Schwartze, F. Sc A. merchts. 71, South-st. Bowley's 

Schwartzeman, J. sadler, Franklin, near Eutaw-st. 

Schwatke, Augustus, blacksmith, corner of Saratoga-st. 
and Short-ailey. 

S hweitzer, Jno farrier. New-lane. 

Schydel, Geo. oak-cooper 37, Nonh-st 

Scogle, James, labourer, Forrest-lane. 
Seless, widow, N. Liber tv-st. 

( 160 ) 

Scott, James, labourer, Pitt-st. near Harford-nin, O. T 

S, ott, Jno. carpenter, 68, French-st. O. T. 

Scott, Jno. rigger, 19, Piit-st F. P. 

Scott, Wm. mercht. 46, corner Lexington k Howarcl- 

S'.ott. Priscilla, (col. -woman) North-st. 

Scott, Wm. mercht. 219 Baltimore-st. 

Scott, Ann Maria, v/idow, L. B. house. Hill, near Han- 

Scott, Jno Chief Justice of Oyer & Terminer, for Balr 
timore County — dwel. St. Paul's lane. 

Scolt, Jno. umbrella maker, 42, Baltimore-st. 

Scott, Mrs. widow, 6, Lexington-st 

Scott, Jno. hack-owner, 85, "Saratoga-st 

Scott, Mrs, Sarah, widow, Starwberry-alley. 

Scott, Robt. baick-layer, Ross-st. 

Scott, Rosetter, grocer, 48, Baidge-st. O. T. 
Scroggs, Ann, 43, High-st. O. T. 

Seekamp, Albert, merchant, 161, Baltimore-st. 
Sederberg, Trulls, cordwainer, 29, German st. 
Sedon, Wm. carp. Harford-road, near Gallows-hill. 
Seek, Peter, cedarcooper, 71, N. Howard-st. 
Seely, John, watchmaker, Pitt-st. extend. O. T. 
Seeney, Joseph, (col. man) drayman, Baltimore-st.-road. 
Secsnup, Adam, drayman, upper end of Eutaw-st. 
Seesnup, John, do. 113, N. Howard-st. 

Seffart, Martin, house-carp. Chapel-alley. 
Seguin, Francis, gent. Paca, near Mulberry-st. 
Seidenstriker, Daniel, joiner, 44, Front-st. O. T. 
Seight, Michael, blacksmith, Hook"s-lown-road, 
Selby, Mary, widow, 39, Waggon-alley. 
Seller, Wm. cabinet-maker, 158, corner of Bank-st. 
F. P. 

Sellers, eapt. — , 26, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Sellers, John, carp. S. Howard-st. near Bottle-alley. 
Sellers, Abm. mertht. tailor, 17, S. Calvert-st. 
Semen, Joseph, mariner, 49, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Senseney, Joshua, cordw. Public-alley. 
Senstrom, Magnus, shipcarpenter, 25, W. Lancaster 
St F. P. 

( 161 ) 

Sergeant. Allen, corchv. Great-York-st. near the run. 
Serre, Thomas, jeweller, 2 1-2, B:iltimore-st. 
Server and J. Leckey, shipchandlers and grocei^, 35, 

Georgc-st. F. P. 
Sewdll, Rebecca, widow, corner of Allisanna-st. and 

Sewail, Wm. E. notary public, 37, N. E. corner of 

Water and Gay -SIS. — dwel 21, Pitt-st. 
SewalK Reuben, boot and shoe manufac. 7, Fayelte-&t 
Sewail, Sarah, Avgyle-alley, F. P. 
SewelU Thos. cordw. do. 
Sewell, Geo do. 3 Bank-st. 

Shaddock, B Y. back of 72, Camden-st. 
Shade, John, drayman, Paca, near Bakimore-st. 
Shieffer, Frederick, gent. 39, Gough-st. F. P. 
Shaffer, j-tcob, 17, Fell-st. do. 

Shaffer, Christian, shoemak. 100, N. Howard-st 
Shakes, capt George, E. AUisanna-st. nrar Happey-aU 

ley, F. P 
Shally, Jacob, carp. Brandy-alley, near S. Eutaw-st. 
Shally, Adam, feed and grocery store, 91, Pratt-st. 
Shaoff, John, shopkeeper, Welcome-alley. 
Shane, Mrs. 23. Light st 
Shane hatter. 46, do. 
Shane, Joseph k Co. oil and paint-store, 23, S. Cal* 

vert St. 
Shane, Joseph, 77, Pratt corner of Howard-st. 
Shanley, James, teacher, dwel. Franklin, near Paca-st. 
Snare, Ann, 62 Happy-alley, F. P. 
Share Joseph, brass-founder, 148, Baltimore-st. 
Sharp, Thomas, liquor-store, 13, S.iratoga-st. 
Shasler, Wm labr. Sharp near Lee-st. 
Shaw. Catherine, china-store, 1 17, High-st. O. T. 
Shaw, Robt. carter, Harford-road 
Shaw, Betsey widow, 36, North st. O T. 
Shaw, John, bricklayer, 55, Petticoat alley. 
Shaw, Alexr. carpenter. Tripolets-alley. 
Shaw, Joshua, (col. man) cookshop, Market-space, 

W. S. 
Shaw, John, stonecutter, Pearl-st. (meadow.) 
O 2 

( 1^'i ) 

Sheaiy, George, innkeeper, and keeper of the hay- 
scales, Forrest-st. O. T. 

Shearer, Susanna, 40, Market st. E. S. F. P. 

Shedden, John, mercht. 8, N. Gay-st 

Sheeller, Christian, cedarcooper, 7, Bridge-st O. T. 

Shelton, John, labr. 44, Market-st. E. S. F. P. 

Sheppard, Thomas, mercht tailor, 43, Fell-st. F. P. 

Sheppard. Thomas, fiour-mereht. 66, Hanover-st. 

Sheppard k McConky, merchts. County-wharf, 65, S. 

Sherlock, John, mercht. c. h. and dwel. opposite 45 , 
Water- St. 

Sherm, John,- shoemaker. 96, N Howard-st. 

Sherwood, Philip, 22, Ann-st- F. P. 

Shield, Davidj hat man. 14, N. Gay-st. 

Shield, Wm. weaver, M*Elderry-st. O. T. 

Shields, Wm. mariner, corner of Wilk and Eden-sts. 
F. P. 

Shields, Solomon, cordwainer, 18, Bond-st. F. P. 

Shieldsi James, brickm.aker, S. Eutaw-st. near the 
brl k-kilns. 

Shildon, Betsey, oyster house, 80, Albemarle-st. 

Shilling, Cath. vitualler, 1 l,,Hi[>h st. O, T. 

Shilling* John, tailor, Forrest-st. O. T. 

Shindell, Jacob, tabacconist, dwelling, Pratt near Com- 
merce st. 

Shines, » labr. Honey-alley. 

Sliinnick, Jacob, rope and twine manufactory, dwelling 
Diiiany-st F. P. 

Shipley, Josh, house carp. N. Eutaw, near Saratoga-st. 

Shivers, , labr. Honey -alley. 

Shoat, Philip, P. shop-keeper, Camden-st. 

Shoat, Jacob, Baltimore -st. -road, near Paca-st. 

Shock, capt. Henry, Ruxton-L-tne, three doors from S. 

Shock, George, biscuit baker, E. Lancaster-st. opposite 
Happy-alleV, F. P. 

Shorp, Andrew, cedarcooper, 11, N. Howard-st. 

Shrack, Diederick, combmaker, Bridge-st. beyond hay- 

( 163 ) 

Shrader, Frederick, tailor, 33, N. Liberty--st. 
Shrini, John, oakc-oo|3er, 12, N. Frederick-st. 
Sh river, Cathe. widow, 50, N. Liberty -st. 
Shrouder, capt. Win 46, Arp^yle-alley, F. P. 
Siiryac.k, John, pumpmaker, Pitt-st. near liurford-run, 

O. T. 
Shurley, Bennet. boarding-house, 46, Cuinber!and-row. 
Shute, Henry, sailniaker, sailioft, 7, MEiderry's \vharf. 

dwel. 30, Pitt-st. O. T. 
ShuttleCord, Lewis, pilot, 80, E. Wilk-st F. P. 
Shyer, Abm. pedlar, 44 W. Fleet-st. do. 

Si( klen, Wn\. shinglcdresser, corner of Hanover and 

Sip:inond, Peter, tailor, 16, Bank-st. 
Silvias, Francis, boarding-house, 23 Bond-st. F. P. 
Simering, Mary, 101. Camden-st 
Simmons, Andrew, cabinet maker, East near Bridge-st. 

O. T 
Simmons, Cephis, drygood store. 9 Baltimore-st. 
Simmons Sc Hickley. merchts 8, N. Howard-st. 
Simon, Evan, tailor. Strawberry-alley, F. P. 
Simpson, John, housecarp. Liberty-st. O. T. 
Simpson, Andr. carter, Happy alley near Bank st. F P. 
Simpson, Walter» gent. 5 6, Hanover-st. 
Simpson, John, constable, Mulbcrry-st. 
Sims, James, iabr. (col. man) N. Charles near Sarato- 

Sims. Wm. carp. Smith's-allcy. 
Sinclair, rev Wm. vice principal of Bait college, dweL 

Sinclair, John, carp. Sharp near Pratt-st 
Singleton, Eiiz. genteel boarding-house, corner of East 

and N. Gay-sts 
Sinsner, Fred, butcher, corn. Barre and S. Howard sts. 
Sippatt, Richd. tailor. Peace-alley. 
Sifiley, Charles, tinplateworker, 63, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Sitier, Mathias, tal. chand. 5l,Jones-st. O. T. 
Si tier, Abm. hairdresser, Franklin-st 
Sitier, Benj. blacksmith. do 
Sitier, Jac. bacon store, Bridge-st. near hayscales, O. T. 

( 164 ) 

Skelton, John, teacher, 41, Harrison-st. 

Skerrett, Clement, revenue officer, 24, E. S. Market- 

st. F. P. 
Skerrett, Mrs.. New-lane. 

Skillman, Robt. chairmaker, 60. Cumberland-row. 
Skipper, Thos. carter. Green near Low st. O. T. 
Slappy, Jiicob. carp. 40, Saratoga-st. 
Slater, Robt. stevedore. Bond near Bank-st F. P. 
Slater, Bridget, E. Lancaster near Market-st do. 
Slater Sc Roy, merchts. East near Lemmon-st. 
Slaughter. Nathaniel, M'Elderry near Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Slaymaker, Ciarinda, widow, 100 Pratt-st. * 

Slemmer, Christian, inspector of lumber, Queen-st. near 

Lower-bridge, O. T. 
Sleysman, Michael blacksmith, Cough's road, E. P. 
Siingluff, Jesse, mercht dwel. 15, N. Howard-st. 
Sloan, James, boot k shoe manufy. 5, Water-st head 

of Che^pside. 
Slubey, Nichol. mercht. 12, Bowley's-wharf. 
Siuman, Wm. marin. Happy-alley, near Wilk-st. F. P. 
Small, John, baker, 74. Front-st O. T. 
Small, June, widow, corner of Harford &c Wilk-sts. do. 
Small, Elijah, cordv/. 39, Huppy-alley, F. P. 
Small, Jacob, lumber mercht. lower end of Public 

-alley, dwel. 50, H.mover-st . 
Small, Richd. ttalor, Prutt-st two doors from 65. 
Small, John, drygood store, 75^ Baltimore-st. 
Small, Michael, carp. 18, Fayette-st. 
Smalley, Amelia, Jane, Forrest-lane. 
Smeckpeper, John, keeper of billiards, dwel. 27, Lex- 

Smell, Peter, mariner, York-st. F. H. 
Smiley, Robt. oaki ooper, Public-alley. 
Smiley, Isaac, drayman, Aisquith-st. O. T. 
Smith, Caleb, carp K. George near Lloyd-st. do. 
Smith, James, inkeeper, corner of Great-York st. and 

the Bridge, O. T. 
Smith, James, innkeeper and teacher, Great-York-st. 

near the Run 
Smith, capt. Joseph, harbour-master, 16, Pitt-st. O. T. 

( 165 ) 

Smith, Nathan, tailor, 45, Pitt-st. tlo. 

Smith, capt. Robt 84. Pitt-st. near Harford-run, do. 

Smith, Charles, Harford-road. 

Smith, Adam, sugar refiner, Britton-st. O. T. 

Smith, Wm. cordw. Gallows hill, do. 

Smith, John, sen. housecarp. Carolina near Dulany-st. 
F P. 

Smith, Patty, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Smith, Ephraim, constable. Bond near Gough-st. do. 

Smith, Mrs. widow, 157, Bond-st do. 

Smith, Adam, ( edarcooper, 84, Bond-st. do. 

Sm.ith, Alex. Joseph, gent. 9, W. S. Market st. do. 

Smith Christian, blockmaker, 6, E. S. do. do. 

Smiths Richd. rigger, Fountain-st. do. 

Smith. John, blacksmith, dwel. Fleet-st. do. 

Smith, Job, Associate Judge of die Ciiminal Court, 26, 
Shakcopear-st. F. P. 

Smith, )aniel, ship carp. 27, W. Fleet-st. F. P. 

Smith, vVm. blacksmith, E. ditto do. 

Smith. Jno. rigger, 47, Gough-st. do. 

Smith, Saml. gardner, (col. man) Pearl-st. 

Smith, Robt. H. grocer, dwel. corner of Paca and Sa- 

Smith, Jacob, gent comer of Pearl and Franklin-sts. 

Smith & Kauderer, bakers, 12, S. Howard-st- 

Smith, Levy, mariner, (col. man) 68, North-st. 

Smith, Joseph, tailor, corner of N. Liberty and Con- 

Smith, Wm. corner of Forrest-lane and Conowago-sts. 

Smiii, Rebecca, boarding-house, Forrest lane. 

Smiti\, Jacob, gentleman, ba k of Hanover-st. 

Smith, Ralph, mercht. N. Charles-st. near the Chapel. 

Smith, Saml. R menht warehouse. Light st continu- 
ed, or head of the Basin, 

Smith, Wm. R. ropeinaker, lower Patapsco-ferry-road, 
S P. 

Smith, Wm. gent. 6, S. Calvert-st. 

Smith, Nii-holas, 2. Cheapside. 

Smith, Mrs. widow, Tripolets-ailey. 

( 166 ) 

Smith Sc Hooper, biscuit bakers, Spear's-wharf. 
Smith Sc Buchanan, merchants, 51, South Gay-st. near 

Smith, Gen. Samuel, dwel. Water-st. 
Smith, Arnold, whitesmith, 62, N. Gay-st. 
Smith, Joseph, lastmaker, 64, N. Gay-st. 
Smith, Wm. hatter, 40, N. E. corner of Water and S. 

Smith, John, oakcooper, 96, Dugan's-wharf. 
Smith, Jacob, liquor store. 19, E S. Market- space. 
Smith, James, teacher, 33 Harison-st. 
Smith, Maybell, widow, Honey-alley. 
Smith, Jonas, tailor, York-st F H. 
Smith Thomas, hack driver, Barre-st. between How- 
ard and Sharp-sts, 
Smith, James, founder, 2, South-lane. 
Smith, John, liquor store, N. S. Fish-market. 
Smith, Robt. G. shop, Hawk-st. 
Smith, Peter, gent. Baltimore-st. road, W. P. 
Smith, Mrs. milliner, 212, Baltimore-st. 
Smith, Matthew, china store, 228, Baltimore-st. dwel. 

N. Liberty near Conowago-st. 
Smith, George, carver and gilder, 154, Baltimore-st. 
Smith, David, hat manufactory, 146, do. 

Smith, Joseph, drygood store, 107, do. 

Smith, John, cordwainer 4, do. 

Smith, James, M. D. Chatham-st. between Calvert-5t. 

and St. Paul's-lane. 
Smith, Thorowgood, president of the Baltimore Ihsu- 

rance company, dwel. 16, Chatham-st. 
Smith, Dorman, oakcooper, 40, Lexington-st. 
Smith, Thos. millwright, Long-alley. 
Smith, Sarah, gentlewoman. Fayette near Paca-st. 
Smith, D. A. cashier of the Mechanic's Biuik, dwel. at 

ditto N. Calvert-st 
Smith, Mrs. Ann, 18, Albemarle-st. O. T 
Smith, John, manner, 33, Jones-st. do. 
Smith, Arch, carp Granby corner of Duke-st. do. 
Smith, Jane, widow, Green near North-st. do. 
Smith, John, carp. 64, Green-st. do. 

( 167 ) 

Smith, James, East near the corner of French-st. O. T. 
Smith, Henry, victualer, Forrest-st. near Hay-scales, do. 
Smuthers, David, mariner, Happy-alley, near Dulanv- 

st. F. f. 
Smuin John, labr. Union near Bridge-st- O. T. 
Smyth, James, M, D 2, N. Frederick-st. 
Snow. Zcdckiah, mariner, Ruxton lane. 
Snyder, John C M. D 41, Pratt-st. 
Snyder, Peter, baker, N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Snyder, Andrew, tinplate worker, next 29. S Oierty-st. 
Snyder John, carp. Exeter st. near the Trinity-church, 

O T. 
Snvder, Lewis, boarding-house, 23, W. S. Market-st 

F. P. 
Snyder, John, ship chandler and grocery store, 41 Fell- 

st. F. P. 
Snyder. Mrs. widow, 47, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Soag, Frederick, North-st. neaj' the hay-scales, O T. 
SoUers. Joseph, (col. m:.nj North-st- 
Sellers, Basil hat manuiuctory, 22, Baltimore-st. 
Solomon. Benj. broker, 26. Second st. — dwcl. High-st. 

nearly opposite Miller's blacksmith shop, O. T. 
Solomon. Levy hardware store*. 1 12 Baltimore-st. 
Solomon, Elkin broker. 26. N G^y-st. 
Sommers. Martin, ba(;on and grocery-store, Second-st, 

near Market-space. 
Soren, Thos. carp 39, Jimes-st. O T. 
Sorrenson, apt. Peter, 77, E. Fleet-st F. P. 
Southcomb, capt. Pkmimer, next 14, Carolina-st do. 
Southward, capt. Wm. Forrest-st. next corn. Bridge-st. 

O T 

Souty, Mr , dwel. 143. Bond st F. P. 

Souty Sc Servary. bakers, 76, do. 

Soward, Eiisha, inn-keeper, 16, Water-st. next Peter's 

Sower, Samuel, Sc Co.type founders, Hook's town-road, 

near St. Mary^s College, W. P. 
Spangler, Isaac, blacksmith, corner of Fayette and N. 

Liberty-sts. dwel. opposite 20, S. Liberty-st. 
Sparks, Absolom, drayman, Gough-st. O. T. 

( 168 ) 

S])eak, Mary, mantuamaker, 96, N. Howard-st. 

Speak, George, paver, Long-alley. 

Spetir, Joseph, gent. S Gay-st. 

Spear, Joseph, biscuit baker lower end Spear's- 

Spears, Michael, brickmaker, S Eutaw-st- 

Spedden, Levi, tailor, 19, Shakespear-st. F. P. 

Spellecy. James, grocer and innkeeper, 29, Pralt-s|:, 
head of O'Donneli's-dotk. 

Spence, Cath widow, Brandy alley, near Howard st. 

Spence, Richard, eordwainer, 14 1-2 Charles-st. 

Spence, Elizabeth, widow, 17, High st. O. T. 

Spencer, Robt. gent G York-st near Mr. Giendy's ch. 

Spence. Robt. plasterer, Mulberry-alley 

Sperry, John, mercht. 5 5. Smith's-wharf. 

Spiegler, Jacob, blacksmith, corner of S. Liberty and 

Spies, John P. comb manufactory, Brandy-alley, be- 
tween Howard and Sharp-sts. 

Spilman, Peter Sc Co, drygood store, 51, Balt.-st. 

Sprague, Charles, ship and sign painter, and stamped- 
carpet manufacturer, 3, Pitt-st. F. P. 

Sprague, Jeremiah, painter, 29. W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Sprigg, Thomas and Daniel, grocers, 88, Dugan's wf. 

Sprole, Barbara, widow, grocery store, 51, N. Gay-st. 

Sprole, Wm. gro. er, 24, Market-space. W. S. 

Sprung, Geo. dothier, shop 27, S. Calvert-st. — dwel. 
50. N. W. corner of Market-space and Water-st. 

Spurrier. Beal, accountant, dwel. Green st. W. P. — of- 
fice Gay-st. 

Squires, Sophia, milliner, 9, Market-space, E. S. 

Stafford, capt. Patrick. 43 Pitt-st. F. P. 

Stains. John, mariner, E. Wiik st near Star-al. F. P. 

Stall, Saml. oak: ooper, 56, Lexington-st. 

Stall, Joseph, silversmith, Ross st. W. P. 

Stallions, Saml brickmaker. S Eutaw-st- 

Staneait, Joel, cord. 14, Cavolina-st. F P. 

Stanford, Michael, paver, N. Eutaw-st. 

Stanley, Mrs. Ann, 23, E Aliisanna-st. F. P. 

Stanley, Wra, brassfounder, Tripolet's-alley. 

( 169 ) 

Stanley, Charles, grocer, corner of Bank-st. and Happy - 
alley, F P. 

Stansbiiry, Wm mercht. dwel. High-st. opposite Mil- 
ler s blacksmilb-shop, O. T. 

Stunsbury. Charles, B. bricklayer, Exeter-st. near Tri- 
nity Church, do 

Stansbury, Jacob Sc Wm. dry-good and grocery store, 
46 Bridge-st. O. T. 

Stunsbury. 13 carpenter, Low, near Iligh-st- O T. 

Stansburv, Nichs. grocer and ship chandler, 3, Bond- 
st F. P. 

Staples, John, fancy chair maker, corner of North and 
Forrest-sts. O. T. 

Staples, raptdin Robert, Innkeeper, corner of Wilk and 
Kden-sts. F. P. 

Stapleton, Mary, dry good store, 10, S. Calvert-st 

Stapleton, Joseph, K. brush and fishing tackle manu- 
factory, 180, Baltimore St. 

Starr, Jumes, plasterer. 165, High-st. O. T. 

Starr, Wm. carpenter, 31, Green-st. O. T. 

Starr, Hezekiah, tobacconist, dwel. 17, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Starr, Joseph, corner of Wolf and Pitt-sts F. P. 

Starr, Wui. tailor, 1, corn.of Fell and Market-sts. F. P. 

Starr, Obadiah, mahogany sawyer. Petticoat-alley, F P. 

States, David, mariner, ^Montgomery-st. near the Ob- 
servatory, F. H. 

Stayier. Philip, butcher, lower Patapsco ferry road, S P. 

St. Clair, John,nailor, Apple-.iiicy, near Dalany st.F. P. 

Steel, Mrs. dwel- 25, Pitt-st. F. P. 

Steel, Ann. widow, Hanover st. 

Stecn, Matthew, merchant, counting-house, 1, N. Li- 

Steenhuis Henry, oyster-house. Fish-market. 

Steeples, Wm. gent. Franklin-st. 

Steever, George, W. gent 70, Granby st. O. T. 

Stevers, Daniel, harness maker, 17, North-st O. T. 

Stevers, George, coach maker, North, between Green 
and Union sts. O T. 

Steiger, Jacob, (of Andrew) Franklin-st. near Hooks- 

( 17© ) 

Steikers, Solomon, carpt- High, near Bridgc-st C T. 

Stein, George, butcher, York road, E P 

Steinbeck, John, C. furrier, dvvel 6, N. Liberty- St. 

Steltz, \Vm. carpt. Low, near High st. O. T. 

Stephen,. John, district attorney, office 2, Chatham-st. 
dwel. corner of Pratt and Lutaw-sts. 

Stephenson, Shade, (col. man) 30, Waggon-alley. 

Stcrett, Samuel, notary public, S. E. lorner of Gay and 
Water-sts. opposite custom house and dwel. same st. 

Stereit, Joseph, merchant, dwel. N. W. corner of Gay 
and Water-sts 

Sterett, Benj. merchant, dwel. 70, Saratoga-st. 

Sterett, James, cashier of the office of discount and de- 
posit, dwell, corner of Gay and Second-sts. 

Steuart, Robert, sen. Esq. Duke-st. O. T 

Steuart, Hugh, Duke-st. O. T. 

Steuart, Wm. stone cutter, shop, Pratt st. near lower 
bridge, dwel. Granby, near Queen-st. O. T. 

Steven, Ann, 121, Bond-st F. P. 

Stevens, captain Richard, 107, Bond-st. F. P. 

Stevens, Samuel, Gough'*s-road. 

Stevens, John, mariner, Argyle alley, F. P. 

Stevens, Wm. b^ker, corner of Gough and Eden-sts. 
F. P. 

Stevenson, Josias, inspector of tobacco, dwel. 8, Granby- 
st. O. T. 

Stevenson, Mr. cabinet maker, 7, High-st. O. T. 

Stevenson, Mrs. Ann, dwel. 89, Ann st. F. P. 

Stevenson, Mary, widov/, corner of Dutch-alley and N- 

Stevenson, John, shoemaker, (col. man) Public -alley. 

Stevenson, Cosmo, G M. D. 16, Harrison-st. 

Stevenson, James, briikmaker. Welcome alley. 

Stevenson, Samuel, (col. man) S. Eutav/-st. 

Stewart, Wm. M. D. 84, Frcnt-st O. T. 

Stewart, Giles, 30, Front-st. O. T. 

Stewart, John, accountant, High-st near Miller's black- 
smith's shop, O. T. 

Stewart, Daniel, Liberty-st. O. T. 

Stewart, Peter, grocer, Forrest-st. O. T. near hay sctUes 

( I'l ) 

Stewart, James, M D. Dulany-st. F. P. opposite Co- 
lumbia gardens. 
Stewart, Ann, ship chandler and grocery store, SjFclls- 

st. F. P. 
Stewart, Alex (col. man) Paca, near Mulberry^st. 
Stewart & Henry, china merchants, corner of Baltimore 

and N. How.rd-sts. 
Stpwart, Thomas, merchant, dwel. Green-st. W. P. 
Stewart, John, quarrier, (col man) Mulberry-alley. 
Stewart, John, gun-maker. 6, Lit^ht st. 
Stewart, Frances, cook shop. Public-alley. 
Stewart, David, C. 8, South-st. 

Stewart, Andrew, slater, Concord-st. near the Falls. 
Stewart Jiimes, gentleman, 6 3. Hariison-st. 
Stewart, John, house carpt. Pratt, near Howard-st. 
Stewart, John, breeches and glove maker, 250, Mar- 

kct-st. dwel. Cowpen-alley. 
Stewart, Montgomery, Sc Co, dry good merchants, 204, 

Stewart, Richardson, nail manufactory, S. \V. corner of 

Conowago St. and Wdcan-avenue. 
Stewart, Rachel, widow, 19, Conowago-st. 
Stewart, Arch. (col. man) waiter, 30, Waggon-alley. 
Stickney, John, distiller of turpentine, Sec. distillery 

Wolf, dwel. Ann-st. F. P. 
Stickney, Henry, ship chandler and grocer, 70 Bowley's 

Stierly, John, baker, N. Eutaw, near the corner of Sa 

Siierly, Godlieb, butcher, S. Eutaw-st 
Stift' Thomas, hair dresser, 6, S Gay-st. 
Siillcy, captain Isaac, Afex. packet, 60. Baltimore-st 
Stiles, captain George, merchant, counting-house and 

dwel. King George st. near Peters' bridge. 
Stimple, Anthony, baker, 97, Camden-si. 
Stinger, Frederick, glass manufa'-.turer, F. H. 
Siinnecke, Mrs. Catharine, milliner, 127, Baitimove-st. 
Stirling, James, dry good store, S. W. corner of Buld- 

more-st. and Market-space. 
Stirling, Wm. dry good store, 1 1, Baltimore-st. 

( 172 ) 

S.^irrat, David, merchant, 44, N. Howard-st. 

Stiver, John, carter, back ofS. Howard st. 

Stitcher, Peter, cabinet maker, 41, Fuyette-st. 

Stockett, Rebecca, milliner, 47, Bond st. F. P. 

Stodder, Seth mariner, S6,Granby-st. O. T. 

Stoeffler, Wm. carp. 117, N. Howard-st 

Stogman, John, blacksmith, dwel. Con. ord-st. near the 

Stokes, Ezekiel, ship carpenter, back of Sharp, near 

Stone, Edward,, 25. Green-st. O T. 
Stone, Adam, gold and silversmith, 223 1-2, Bait. st. 
Stcnffer, lienry Sc Sons, merchants, 25, N. Howard-st. 

dwel. 35, Fayette-st. 
Stover, John, currier, Hanover, near Barre-st. 
Stradley, John, rigger. 8, W. Aiiisr.nna-st. F. P. 
Strand, Mr. bricklayer, S. E. corner of Great York and 

Front-sts. O. T. 
Strawbridge, Jesse, carp Ross-st. W. P. 
Strebeck, Wm. coach maker, S. Liberty-st. near Lonv 

Strebeck, Peter, wheelwright, 31, S. Frederick-st. 
Strebeck, Ann, widow, seamstress, 47, Water-st. 
Stretch, Samuel, tailor, 8, Fell's st. F. P. 
Strieker, Gen. John, dwel. 15, S. Charles-st 
Strieker 8c Bsatty, Hour merchants, Bowley's wharf. 
Strider, Charles, whitesmith. Water, near Light-st. 
Strike, Nicholas, constable, 1 6, Pratt, between Charles 

r.nd Light-sts. 
Strischka, Joseph, A. china merchant, 224, Baltimore- 

st. corner of M'CIelian's alley. 
Strobel, John, porter bottler, cellar, under Pamphilli- 

on*s hotel, dwel. 30, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Struthoff. Barney, baker, 71, Harrison-st. 
Stump, Samuel, merchant, Hanover-st. 
Stump, John Sc Samuel, flour and hardware merchants, 

27, Cheapside. 
Sturdy, John, sail maker, 40, Light-st. 
Suire, Joseph, jeweller, 5, South-st. 

( 1^3 ) 

Sullivan, John, clothier, 46. S. Calvert-st. 
Sullivan, Mary, widow, 46, Eden-st. F. P. 
Sullivan, Owen, tarter. Bond, near Gough-st. F. P. 
Suman, Wni blacksmith, Britton-st. O. T. 
Summers, James tordwaincr Friendship st. O. T. 
Sumnicrs, Aaron, mariner, 17, Ann-st- F. P. 
Samwaldt, Ph/iiip, brickmaker, Dulany-st F. P. 
Sumwaldt. Jacob, hatter, 36, North-st. O. T. 
Sumwaldt, Fred, superintendantoi" pumps, corner of N. 

Liberty and Conowago sts. 
Sumwaldt, George, woodcorder, Welcome-alley, near 

Sunderland, Elizabeth, Burke st near Harris's creek. 
Supper, John, baker, 63, W. Wilk-st. F P. 
Suter, John, coachmaker, Duke st. near the run. 
Suter. Jacob, labourer, ]VIont|.^omery-st. F. H. 
Sutton, Isaac, ship-builder, 47. Phiipot-st. F. P. 
Swaine £c Mufihett, printers, N. Charles-st. near the 

Swan, Joshua, inspector of lumber, Green, near Pitt • 

St. O. T. 
Swan Susannah, widow, North-st. 
SNvan, Ann, widow, N. Liberty, near Conowa^o-st. 
Swan. M. \V. 8c J. dry-good store, 220, Baltimore-st. 
Swan, Gen. John. dwel. 121, Baltimore-st- 
Sweeny, Rich, chairmaker. corner of Bond 8c Wilk-sts. 
Sweeny, Hugh, schoolmaster, 37 ^ Saratoga-st. 
Sweeting, Thomas, mcrcht 50, Calvert-st. 
Sweitzcr, Jacob, store keeper, 54, Fayette -st. 
Swift, Jos. mariner, Happy-alicy, near Dulany-st. F. P 
Swim, Wm. hack-driver, Hookstown-road. 
Swindell. Catharine. 54, French-st. O T. 
Swoyer, Nicholas, taveni keeper, 108» corner of Mul 

berry Sc N. Howard-st. 
Syer, Sally, widow, Sharp-st 
Svkes. John, Inn-keeper tuid grocery-store, il6, High 

'st O. T. 
Sylvester, George, constable. Pcarl-st. (meadow) 
Symington, James, stone-cutter, N. Calvert-st. 

( l'^^ ) 


Taggart, Jno. gent. 120, corner of Howard and Frank- 
lin sts. 
Taimis, Jno. joiner, 52, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 
Talbott, Jno. tailor, 66, N. Gay-st. 
Talbert Jno. mariner, 12, Granby-st. O. T.I 
Tall, Anthony, tavern and boarding-house, 74, Bond-st. 

F. P. 
Taney, Jesse, shipcarp. lower Pataps co-ferry-road, S. P. 
Tanner, P. L. accountant, Union Bank, dwel. Noi th-st. 

O. T. 
Tapiau, Berrette, 37, High-st. O. T. 
Tarlton, Jeremiah, Hamstead-hill-st. E. P. 
Tarr, Jacob, 40, North-st. O. T. 
Tarr, Levin S. Venetian blindmaker, 28. Light-st. 
Tarring Wm. painter and glazier, FrankUn-st. 
Tate, Jane, widow, corn, of Union and North-sts. O T. 
Tate. Elizabeth, corner of Bank-st. and Petticoat-alley, 

F. P. 
Taylor, W. W. mercht. corner of Lexington and Eu- 

Taylor, Hezekiah, tailor, 13, S. Howard-st. 
Taylor, Jonathan, confectioner, corner of Baltimore-st. 

and St Paul's-lcine. 
Taylor, Thomas, labr. 22, Light-st. 
Taylor, William, mercht. 8, Bank-st. dwel 20, S. Cal- 

Taylor. Jno. B. cabinet maker, 32, North 
Taylor, Robert, cooper, lower end of Smith's-wharf-— 

dwei. St. Patri/k's row. 
Taylor, Lemuel, mercht 47, S. Gay-st dwel. East-st. 
Taylor, Lemuel, G. Dugan s -vWiarf, 106. 
Taylor, James, mercht. 1, M-EIderry's-wharf, dwel. 14, 

iligh-st. O. T. 
Taylor, Thomas, cooper, Pratt-st near Spears-wharf. 
Taylor, Mrs. Rebecca, 28. Water near Commerce-st. 
Taylor, James, corner of Pratt st and St. Patrick's- 

Taylor, George, mercht. Second-st. near Town-clock, 
Taylor, Jacob, farmer, corner of Bridge and Gough- 

sts O. T. 

( 175 ) 

Taylor, Thomas, blacking and varnish manufr. 40, E- 

den-st. F. P. 
Taylor, Matthew, deal, in live stock, 111, Bond-stF. P. 
Taylor. Wm. cordw. 86, Bond-st. do. 

Taylor. Susanna, Apple alley. do, 

Taylor, capt. James, 47, IMarket-st. W. S. do. 

Taylor, Samuel, mathemat. instrument mak. Ann-st do. 
Taylor, ISIarga. 5, W. Liin caste r-st do. 

Teal, Archibald, blacksmith, Sharp near Lombard-st. 
Tear, Aiban, pilot, Ann near Fleet st. F. P. 
Telfair, Stephen, stevedore, County-wharf, do. 
Temanus, George, mason, 105, Hitrh st. O. T. 
Tenant, capt. Thomas, mercht. 8. George-st. F. P. 
Tensfieid, Zachariah, blacksmith, 36, Lii^-ht-st. 
Teppish, Jno. Caspar, printer. East near North st O. T. 
Terreblanc, Fiancis, teacher of languages, Union near 

French-st. do. 
Teriy, Wm. storekeeper, Carolina, near Fleei-st F. P. 
Tessandier, Jno. B. teacher of nmsic, Ross-st. W. P. 
Tessin. Peter, printer, Lovely-lane. 
Testin, Septimus, coachmak East near French-st. O. T; 
Tevis, Daniel, <arp. 16, Fayette-st 
Tharp, George, siver plating manufy. 29, N Gay-st. 
Theker, Waller, painter and glazier, 19, corner of Se- 

cond-st. and Ti-ipolets alley. 
Thomae, H. menht. dwel. 5 6, N. Howard-st. 
Thomas, Philip, mercht. Hanovei-st. 
Tliomas, Luke, stationer, dwcl. N- Charles st. 
Thomas, Isaac, cooper, 52, S. Chai*les-st. 
Thomas k Caldclcugh, stationers, Ul, corner of Balti- 
more and Light sts. D L. sugar refiner, 62, corner of Water and 

Commerce-sts sugar-house, Britton-st E. P. 
Thorn IS. D. L. dwel Green near the corner of Bridec- 

st O. T. ^ 

Thomas, John, tea'-her, 57. S Fredcrick-st. 
Thomas, Gabriel, mercht. 92 Du<>an"s-wharf. 
T'-.omas & Co. lumber merchts. M Eldcrry s-Avharf 
Tho.nas, P. E» hx. George, hardware store, 106, Balti- 

more -St. 

( 176 ) 

Thomas, John, teller of the Bank of Baltimore, dwel. 
21, Chatham-st. 

Thomas. Jno. carp. Morris-st. W. P. 

Thomas, G. merJit. dwel. Granby nearQueen-st O. T. 

Thomas, Lambert, cabinet maker, Low near Hiti:h-st. do. 

Thomas, Fran is, mariner, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 

Thomas, Robert, pilot, 65, Ann-st. do. 

Thomas. Baiton, ditto 1 10 Ann st. do. 

Thompson, Alex. carp. N. Euiaw-st 

Thompson, Wm. labr. N. Eutaw near Saratoga st. 

Thompson, James, carp. S. Eutaw-st. 

Thompson, James, ditto S. Eutaw st. corner of Bottle- 

Thompson, Wm. schoolmaster, 42, N. Liberty-st. 

Thompson, Jane, Forrest-lane. 

Thompsons Henry, mercht 53^ Smith's-wharf. 

Thompson, Hugh, ditto 1, O Donnci's-wharf, dwel 
13, S Gay-st. 

Thompson, Wm clock and watch maker, 4, Market- 
sp'Ace. dwtl Pratt-st near the lower bridge. 

Thompson, Alex. carp. Public-alley. 

Thompson, Jijo. biscuit baker, Hawk-st. 

Thompson Perry (col. man) oyster house, Hawk-st. 

Thompson. hack driver, 29, German-st. 

Thompson, Josias, Surveyor, Hooks town-road, W. P. 

Thompson, Mrs. widow, 16.5, Hit^h-st- O. T. 

Thompson, Andrew. Harford road. E P. 

Thompson, capt. Alexander, 191. Bond-st. F. P. 

Thomp.:>on, rapt Tnomas, 120, Woife-st. do. 

Thompson, -apt Jno. 1 1 6, Wolfe-st do. 

Thompson Nath^.niel, ship chandler, 11, Thames-st do. 

Thompson, capt Jno 35, W. Wiik-st. do. 

Thomson, Ele 'nor, boarding-house, 26, Conowago-st. 

Thomson, John Sc Co merchts Lovely-lane- 

Thornburgh, Miller & Webster, merchts. 186, Balti- 

Thoniburgh, George, milliner, 207> Baltimore-st 

Thornton, Joseph, cordwainer, 52, Light-st. 

Thornton. Jno. gardner, (col. man) Holliday-st ext. 

Thornton, Jno. E. teacher, Franklin near Green~st. 
W. P. 

( 177 ) 

Thorps, Wm. bricklayer, Green-st. W. P. 

Thorp, Joshua, bricklciyer, Ari^yle-alley, F P. 

Tiebauit, Peter, shipcarp. 61, Ann-st. do. 

Tiernan, M. Sc Co. 3, Sharp-si: 

Tiernan, Luke Sc Co. drygood merchants, 155, Balti- 
more st. 

Tilghman. Levin, waterman, Eden st. F. P. 

Tilyard, Wm. painter aiid glazier, N. Libei-ty-st. 

Tiiyard, Philip ditto. 6, near Union Bank. 

N Charles-st. 

Timbrct, Jno. grocer, N. Gayst. near Griff, bridge. 

Timmon, James, pedlar, X. Eutaw-st. W. P. 

Tincksfrum, Peter, mariner. 32, Happy-alley. F. P. 

Tinges, Adam, feed store, Pratt st. near M'Eldeny's- 

Tinges, Charles, clock and watchmaker, 60, Baltimore- 
st. dwel. Great-York-st. O. T. 

Tinker, Mary, widow, George near Pitt st F. P. 

Tindel, George, rigger, Vvashington-st. F. P. 

Tipton, Jai'rett, brickrnaker, Lower Patapsco- ferry -road. 

Tobacco Ins flection JVarc/ionse, (Calhoun's,) corner of 
Pratt and Li.^ht-sts. 

Todhunter, Joseph, drygood store, 213, corner of Bal- 
timore and Sh:.rp st. 

Todd, James, grocer, 39. S. Charles-st. 

Todd. Jno. and James, Lower Patapsco-ferry-road. 

Todd. Geo. W. oil and paint store, 15, Cheapside — 
dwel. Bridgc-st. 3, doors from the bridg-e O. T. 

Todd, Wm. grocer, Hook's town road, W P. 

Toclle, Frederick, M. D. 23, Commerce-st- 

Tcepken, Gerard Sc Co merchts. 65, corner of Prat-st. 
and Bowley's-wharf. 

Toepkcn, Gerard, mercht dwel. 32, corner of S. How- 
ard aiid L©n)bard-sts. 

Toner, Edward, drayman, Aisquith-st. O. T. 

Tool, Thomas, grocer, 28, S Howard-st. 

Tool k. Shutt. sugar refiners, S. W. corner of Green 
and North-sts O. T. 

Torrance- Charles, gent. 21, Baltimore -st. 

Towers, capt. James, 1, W. Fieet-st F. P. 

( 173 ) 

Townsend, Sanil. shipcarp. 80, Happy-alley, F. P. 
Townsend, Joseph, American manufactured goods> 18, 

Towson, Mrs Susanna, widow, Second-st. 
Towson, Thomas, stonecuuer, Harford-st. near the run 

O T. 
Towson, capt. Henry, 23, Pitt-st O. T. 
Toy, Isaac, N grocer, corner of Pratt 8c Sharp-stSt 
Toy, Mrs. Union-st O. T, 
Travers, Susanna, genteel boarding house, 230, Balti- 

Travers, capt. Matthew, 3, Ann-st. F. P. 
Travers, William, mariner, 32, Happy-alley, do. 
Travers, capt. Frederick, 127, Wolfe-st. do. 
Trenton, Anthony cooper, Mulberry-alley. 

Trepannier, labr. Lower Patapsco-ferry-road, S., P. 

Trichet, Mrs next 38, Albemarle-at. O. T. 
Trimble, Isaac, fxour inspector, 92, N. Howard-st. 
Trimble. Wra. gent. 5 Market-st. W. S. F. P. 
Trimble, Jno. hardware and groceries, 18, Cheapside, 

dwel. 7, Granby-st. O. T. 
Tripp, Edward, capt. French-town packets, 81, Han- 

Trippet, Andrew, tinplate workei:, 74, S. Charles-st. 
Truelock, Lydia, drygood store, 29, Market st. F. P. 
Trump, Henry, carp. Lombard near Eutaw-st. 
Tvumpo, Catharine, vvddow, 72, Waggon-alley. 
Trydeli, Jacob, shingle dresser, Bond near Gough-st. 

F. P. 
Tschudy, Martin, gent. Brandy-alley. 
Tucker, capt William, Augustus, 72, E. Allisanna- 

st. F. P. 
Tudor, Salathie], carter, Hooks-town-road, W. P. 
Tull, Joshua sbiptarp. 40. Queen-st F. P. 
Tunstall, William, teacher and translator of languages, 

54, S. Charles-st. 
Tupper, captain, Nathaniel, 78, Pitt-st. near Quaker 

meeting. O. T. 
Turnbull, Mrs. Sarah, next to the Rev. Mr. Bend's, Sa- 


( 179 ) 

Turneck, Mary, widow, Chamberlain's-alley. 

Turner, Alex, mercht. Smith's-whdrf, dwelling upper 

end of N. Howard-st. 
Turner, Joseph, shipjoiner, dwel. Lee near Goodman- 

st. F. H. 
Turner, Thomas, grocer, 45, W. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Tuttle, Wm bricklayer, Foi'rest-lane. 
Twist, Levi, mariner, Star-alley, F. P. 
Tyson, Wm. Sharp nc«r Loiiib.ird-st. 
Tyson, Elisha, t^ent dwel. 45. Siiurp-st 
Tyson, Isaac, flour mcrdit. 5, EiiiLOtt's wharf, dwel. 

Lombard near Hanovcr-st 
Tyson. Nathan flour mercht. dwel. 62 corTier of Han- 
over and Pritt-sts. 
Tyson, Wm. & Nathan, flour merchants, 6,'s- 

Tyson, Jesse, flour mercht. Public-alley, near Ellicot's 

wharf, dwel. 64. Pratt-st. 
Tyson Georg-e, flour mercht. 7, Ellicott's-wharf, dwel. 

7 2, Hanorer-st. 

Uhler, Erasmus, tanner, 1 1. Cheapside, dwel. 47, Han- 

Uhler, Philip, Saddler, 9, Cheapside, dwel. opposite 

42, Pratt-st. 
Underwood, Jno. hatter, corner of Calvert £c Water-sts. 
Union Alaniifacruriug' Compcmij^ office. 50, South-st. 
United Statca Mail !Stags . oifice 185, Baltiniore-st. next 

door to the Indian Queen. 
Urie. James, block and pump maker, 65, Pratt-st. near 

Uwe, Jeremiah, blacksmith, Patterson-st. near Spear's- 

Usher, Mrs. widow, Hanover-st. 
Usher, Mrs. gent, boarding-house, 172, Baltimore-st. 

Vallette, Charles confectioner and distiller of cordials, 

52, Baltimore-st 
Valiant. Jno. shoe-store, corner of Baltimore, &c Gay-sts. 
Van Bibber, Mrs. Mary, widow, 95, Hiaiovc}--st. 

( 180 ) 

Vance, Wra, plane-maker, 7, N. Charles-st. opposite 
Union Bank, dwel. 7, Conowago-st. 

Vance, Wm. broker, S. Giiy-st. next door to the cus- 
tom -liouse, dwel. Aisquith-st O T. 

Vance, Adam, labourer, Fiench-st. do. 

Vance, Jno. £c Co booksellers and stationers, 178, Bal- 
timore -st 

Vankuik, Michael, stone-cutter, corner of Eutaw and 

Vanlaer, Joseph, carp. 1, East-st. 

Vc'^Tsant 8c Ctossgrove, bookbinders, Rog-ers's-alley. 

Vuiighan, George, carp. Mulberry-st. near Cathedral. 

Vanvv-yt k, Wm. mercht. dwel. 46, S G-y-st. 

Veazey. Jumes. labourer, Martiet-st 49, F P. 

Veochio, Peter. Del, print and looking-glass store, 1^ 
Caivert a.'sar the corner of B.iltimore-st. 

Venabie, S.mi. (col. man) oyster house, Bridge-st. O.T. 

Venkler. Jno. clothier, 38, S. Calvert st. 

Vernon, Jno. boot und shoemaker, 4. Light st. 

Verrier, Peter, tinpiate worker, Thames, near Queen- 
st. F- P 

Vibert, Francis, carp. 8, Light-st. 

Vickery, Mrs. (widow of Stephen) 44, Granby-st O. T. 

Vit kers & Bishop, grocers, 26, Cheapside, 

Victory, Daniel, butcber, 16. Market-st. F. P. 

Vincent, Samuel, Esq 44, N Gay-st. 

Vitry Mary, widow, French-alley. 

Vogel, Mary, do. IMulbcrry alley. 

Volk, Charles, Innkeeper, Puca-st. near the new market^ 
W. P. 

Volunbrun, Mrs. snuff and cigar manufactory, 35, Har- 

Vonkapff & Brune, merchts. 48, Bowley's wharf. 

Vonkapff. B. J. mercht dwel. Lig^ht, near Bank-st. 

Voutravei'-s, Francis labourer, Welcome alley. 

Waddell- George, tavern and grocery store, 2 Pearl-st. 

Waddle, Wm. labr. Wilk, near the corner of Harford- 
st. O. T. 


Wade, F. Sc N. merchts. 41, N. Howard-st 
Wade, Francis, mertht. dwel Green-t>t W. P. 
AVade, Johii, teacher, 1 34, Baltimore-st. 
Wade, capt. Thomas, 38, IMarket-space, W. S. 
Wadlou, John, saddler, 36, Biidije-st. O. T. 
W^ai^-gner £c Hubbard, block and pumpmakers, 58,' 

P'hiipot-bt. F. P. 
Wagi^uer, George, dwel. 73, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
W^agner, Felty, Mulberry-alley. 
W^uj^ner, Daniel, caitcr, German, near Paca-st. 
Wagner, Jacob, one or the editors of the Federwd Repub- 
lican, dwel 3J, S Gay-st. 
Waite capt. Joseph, P. 7, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Wuite, VVm. Wilkinson- teacher, Aisqiiith-st. O. T. 
Waite, G. £c R. permanent lottery oflice, 184, corner 

of Bcdtimore i.nd Charics-sts. 
Wales, John, attorney at law, St. PauPs lane. 
Walker, Matthew, tavern-keeper, 80, N. Howard-st. 
Walker, Fzekiei, oakcooper, corner of N. Howard and 

Franklin -sts. 
Walker, Saml. ship carpenter, Goodman-st. F. H. 
W^alker, Wm. sailmaker, 46, Light-st. loft lower end 

Diigan's wharf. 
Walker, Jacob, ditto, dwel. Public-alley, loft, lower 

end Dugan's wharf. 
AValker, Wm. hair dresser, 3, South-st. 
Walker, Sater, T clothier, 84. Dugan's wharf. 
Walker, Lewis, innkeeper, 1, Market-space, ¥., S., 
Walker, Samuel, ship carpenter, Busy-alley. 
Walker, Robert, master of the Norfolk packet, Con 

way, near Hanover-st. 
Walker, Surah, umbrella manufact. 193, Baltimore-st. 
Walker, Saml. dry-good store, 98, do. 

Walker, Thomas, innkeeper, 61, Saratoga-st. 
W^ill, George, carpenter, dwel. 16, Lexington-st. 
W^all, Ja-ob, do. do. 18, do. 

Wall; Michael, tailor, Saratoga-st. 
Wall, Mrs. EUzabcth, Liberiy, corner of Pitt-st O. T. 
Wall, Melcliior, saddler, Strawberrv-alley, near Smith- 

st. F. P. ' 


( 1B2 ) 

Wall, Rebecca, Happy alley, F. P. 

Wall, ■Vluiy, wiclow, store 37, N. Howard-st. 

Wallace & Garret, iv.erchts. 36, N. Howurd-st. 

Wallace, Joseph, mercht. ciwei torner of North and 

Wallace, Ruth, widow, EuiaAV, near Lexington-st 

W^allen, Joseph, weil-diggcr, 6, Shukespear-st F. P 

AValler. Haunch, vvicow, Pearl-st. W. P. 

Wailis, W^m H carp. 4, Low-st O. T. 

Wairaven. Jro, mercht. 137. Bultiinore-st. 

W^alsh, Robert, gentleman^ New Church-st, opposite 
St. Paul's church. 

Waitam, John, combmaker, corner of Sharp-st. and Bu- 

Walter, Philip, 5,S. Howard-st. 

Waiter, Charles, merchant 41, N. Howard-st. dwel. 
37, Fayette-st. 

Walter, John, lumber mercht. Light-st. con. head of 
the Basin, dwel Sharp st. 

Walter, Nicholas, Lcxington-st. opposite No. 6. 

Waller, • .. butcher, Montp:omery-st. F. H. 

Wampler, Joseph, teacher, .89, N. Howard st. 

Wampler. Lew is, J. surveyor, and secretary of the Bal- 
timore and Ri liter's town turnpike road company, 
7, N. Lioerty st. 

Wamaling, John, cordwainer, N. Charles-st^ 

Wane. John, keeper of Columbia gardens. Dulany-st. 
O. T. 

Wane, Marg. widow, High near Pitt-st. O. T. 

W^ard, Elizabeth, widow, 9, S Calvert st. 

Ward, Wm. sailmaker, lower end of Cheapside. 

Ward. John, ship carp York-st. F H. 

W^ard. S attorney at law. Chatham-st. next to No. 9. 

Ward INIrs. Stravvberry-aileyi near Gough-st. F P. 

W^ard, Wra. sailmaker, dwel. 77, Apple-alley, do. 

Waid. Wm. tailor, Argyle-ailey, do. 

Ward, George, labr Ecien-st. do. 

Warden, iVirs. Catharine, Bank-st. 

Warden, Leonard, carter, Green, nearFrench-St. O. T, 

Warden, John, ship-carp. 124, Wolfe-st. F. P. 

( 183 ) 

Warfield, George, F. flour merchant, next 249, Balti- 
more st. 
Warfield. David, dry-good store, 183, Baltimore-st 
Well field. Lemuel, mercht. 75, Water-st- dwel. corner 

of S. Eutaw and Lomburd-sts. 
Waring, C. R. Sc. Co. hosiery, 94, Buliimore-st. 
Wark, Benj (col man) labr. Goodman-st. F. H- 
V. cirk, Aiiron, tailor, dwel. Union, near North st. O. T. 
Warking, Maria, Cath. 41, Fuyette-st. 
Warmagem. Jeremiah blacksmith, Stillhouse-st. O. T. 
Warner k Hanna, printers, booksellers and stationers, 

37, corner of Baltimore and S. Gay sts. 
Warner, Thomas, silversmith, 5, N. Gay-st. 
Warner, Geo. brickmaker, Georgetown-road, W. P. 
Warner, Mich. do. do. do. 

Warner, Wm. dwel 178, Baltimorc-st. 
Warner, Cuthbert, sen- clock and watchmaker, 113, 

Green-st O. T. 
Warner, Andrew, jun. silveri:mith, 113, Green-st. 
Warner, capt. John, 23, Caroline st. F. P. 
Warnken^ Henry, baker, corner of Bond and Allisanna- 

sts. F. P. 
Warren, Geo. carp. Forrest-lane. 
Warren, Wm. carp. French alley. 
Warren, Nahum, mariner, 80, E. Wilk-st. F. P. 
Warum, S ir di widow, Brandy alley, near Sharp-st. 
Wasson, John, bricklayer. N. Eut .w, near Lexington-st. 
Waterhouse, Ann, grower, 75, Hanover st. 
Heater Cnm/iany's iuork-s/io/i,N.K. corner of Bath and 

Calvert-sts extended. 
Waters, Hezekiah. mercliant, corner of Wolfe Sc Pitt- 

sts. dwei 33, Pitt st. F P. 
Waters, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, 84, N. Howard-st. 
Waters, Aba. widow, (col Avomanj 82, S. Charles-st, 
Watero, Michael, Lce-st. near the Basin. 
Waters, Edwaid, joiner, Granby st. 
Waters, Benj. bootmaker, 7j, North-st. O. T. 
W ters, Nancy, Caroline-st. F. P. 
Waters, Stephen, carp N Eutaw-st, 
Wiiterson, Jane, schooimistress, 60, Hanover-st. 

( 18-i ) 

Watkins, Gassaway, bricklayer, 21, back of S. Liberty- 

Watkins, Tobias, M. D. Holliday-st. next to the The- 

WatViins, Arch, cordwainer. Busy-alley. 

Watkins. Thomas, mercht. tailor, 175, Baltimore-st. 
dwel corner of Mulberry and Paca-sts. 

Watson, Joseph, cordM'ainer, 85, North-st. 

Watson, Wm- innkeeper 52, Light-st. 

Watson, Henry, painter, 52, do. 

Watson, Robert, lumber merchant, O'Donnel's wharf. 

Watson, Wm. founder, Montgomery -st. near the Ob- 

Watson, Thomas, turner and chairmaker, shop 29, N. 
Gay-st. dwel. back of 1, Baltimore st. 

Watson, Mrs. widow, Harford-st. O. T. 

Watts, Richard, gentleman, N. Charles-st. 

Watts, Dixon, hatter, Exeter-st. near Trinity church. 

Watts, capt. Joseph, Wolfe-st. between Wilk and Fleet 
sts F P 

Watts, Ezekiel, painter and glazier, corner of Sharp 
and Camden-sts. 

Watts, Jeremiah, M'Elderry-st. O. T. 

Wayne, Ralph, butcher, Bond, near Gough-st F. P. 

Weafer, James, grocer, W. Wiik-st. near Petticoat- 
alley, F. P. 

Weary, Peter, sen. wood inspector, 5, Pitt-st. F. P. 

Weary Sc Jamefe, boat-builders, lower end George-st- 
F. P. 

Weary, Wm. boat-builder, dwel. 10,Shukespear-st. F.P. 

Weatherburn, John, president mechanics'' bank, 6, 
Granby^st. O. T. 

Weathers, Richard, P. mariner, 62, Market-st. do. 

Weatherston, Jacob, butcher,near the penitentiary, O. T. 

Weaver, John, paiiiter, and glazier, German-lane, near 
S. Charles-st. 

Weaver 8c Benson, oil and paint store, 59, St. Patrick's 

Weaver, John, cordwainer^ German, near Eutaw-st 

Weaver, Caspar, sen. painter and glazier, Paca, near 
Franklin St. 

( 185 ) 

Weaver, Lewis, blacksmith, 177, High-st O. T. 

Weaver. Caspar, jun. grocer, corner of S. Howard and 

Weaver. Jac. merclit- Queen-st- near Harford-run,0. T. 

Webb, Henry, labr. 93, Saratop^a-st. 

Webb, Vv'm. hair dresser, 60. S. Cjiarlcs-st. 

W^ebber, James, carter, 67, Hjppy alley, F. P. 

Webber, Mrs. Mary, widow, oO, Fell st. do. 

Webster, John, S. mercht. Sharp st. 

Webster Georp^e. house-carp. i7, Ann-st F P. 

"Weddcrstrand, Thorn, cabinetmaker, N. Calvert-st. con- 

Wedge, Simon, gold and silversmith, 162, Baltimore st. 

Weeks, Mary, widow, Tripolets-alley 

Weeks, Samuel, labr. (col. mun) 5, Waggon-alley. 

Weeks, Joseph, mariner, Petticoat-alley, F. P. 

Weems, capt. Charles, 3, W. Vvilks st. do. 

Weems, James, grocer, County-wharf, F. P. dwel. Ar- 

Ween, George, hatter, Happy-alley, near V/ilkst. F. P. 

Wehner, Geo. 8c Co. dry good store, 33 Baltimore st. 

Wehner, Philip, carp. 80 Green-st. O T. 

Wehrley, John, currier, German, near Paca-st. 

Weise, Felix, grocer, 66, corner of N. Gay and Harri- 
son sts. 

Weise, A. & Co. confectioners, 124 1-2, Baltimorc-st. 

Vreishampel, Christian, butcher, Gcrman-st. between 
May pole and hurrying ground, W. P. 

Weize, George, house- carp Hooks town-road. 

Weize, Wm tobacconist, 9 :, Pratt-st 

Welih, Mrs widow, boarding-house, 104, Baltimorc-st. 

Welden, Ebenezer, pilot, 57, corner of Aiii^saima-bi. k 
Happy-alley, F. P. 

Weldon, capt. James, Sharp st. near Brandy-alley. 

Wellmore, Wm. drygood store, 240, BaUimorc st. 

Wellmore, Peter G. drygood store, 77, Baltimore-st. 

Wells, Nathan, shipcarp. Forrest-st. F. H. 

Wells, Cyprian, dwel. 8, Pratt-st. 

Wells, Dorothea, Dutch-alley. 

Wells, capt. Wm. 13, Shakespear-st. F. P. 
Q 2 

( 1B6 ) 

Wellslager, Jacob, cordw. 43, Pitt-st. O. T. 

Welsh, Mrs R. widow, corner Dutch-aliey Sc North-st. 

Welsh, Edw. waterman. L, Patdps-o-ferry-road, S P. 

Welsh. Perry, 58, Pratt st. 

Welsh, Henry, cordw. Waggon-alley. 

Welsh, John, lumber mer ht dwel Mulberry-st. 

W^elsh. Adam, dealer in Spanish hides, corner of Paca 

i-nd Lexington-sts. W P. 
Welsh, Rev/ John, 34, Cxranby st. O. T. 
Welsh, Mrs. Hannah, Duke near Exeier-st. O. T. 
Welsh, Jacob, jun. merchant, dwel. Queen-st. do. 
Welsh, Ri hard, umbreljumnker, 41,liond-st. F. P 
Welsh, John, currier, 6 Water-st. near Clieapside. 
Werthycm, doctor, Alex. 102. Bond-st. F. P. 
Wessels, J F. F. mercht. German and English, goods, 

5, S. Calvert- St. 
Wesson. Thomas, shipcarp. 53 E. Allisanna-st. F. P. 
West, James, merciit. S. Liberty near Baltimore-st — 

dwel New-chur< h st 
West', Saml. H. cabinetmaker, 53, N. Gay-st. 
West, Wm. block and pumpmaker, lower end M'El- 

derry's-wharf. .* 

West, James, innkeeper, 74, Cumberland-row. 
West, John, tailor and clothier, 54, S. W. corner of 

Water-st. and Cumberland -row. 
West, ^'^'m. accountant, Lee near Light-st. 
West, Amos, tailor. Great- York-st. O. T. 
West, Susanna, Ci roiina-st. F. P. 
West, L6vy, painter 48, Strawbeiry -alley. 
West Sc.muel, hackdriver, Argyle alley., F. P. 
W^est, Joel, turpentine distillery, lower-bridge, E. side 

Jone's-f.dls dwel. K. George near Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Westby. Mary, widow, Goodman st. F. H. 
W^eslby, Hugh, Pratt near Paca-st. 
Westcott, Lydia, widow, 22, Eond-st. F. P. 
AVeston, Rebecca, widow, 22, S. Howard-st. 
Weston, Andrew, painter, High st. 70, O. T. 
Westwood John, grocer, N W. corner of Bridge and 

Union-sts. O, T. 
Westz, Jacob, tinplateworker, corner of Norths East- 

sts. O. T. 

( 187 ) 

\Vethered, Saml. Sc L. dryi^ood merchts. 157, Balt.-st. 

W< X Htnrv, b:\ker, MClellon's-aliey. 

V. evmun, John cordw. Diilch-cilley. 

WliarPs, Hotel. 9, N. G .v st. 

AV^J.Hrton Leiitia 36 W. Fleet st F. P. 

"^Vmirton John. M. D 51. S Liberty, near Lombard-st. 

Whi-elcr. Thomis tailor, 48, Caniden-st. 

Wheeler, George, stay maker. East, near the corner 

of Calvert-st. 
Wheeler, Leonard, hoiisejoiner, 27, Saratoj^a-st. 
Wliceler, Clara, corner ot Pitt-st and Temple al. O T. 
Wheeler, Isaac, curp. Duke neur Granby-st. do. 
"N'l heeler, Thomas, innkeeper, French-st. O. T. 
Wheeler, Mrs. Mary, 28, E. Fleetst. F. P. 
Wneeler, Mrs widow, board, hse. W. Wilk-st. do. 
Wlielan, David, grocer, N. Liberty-st. 
Whelan, Thos. do. dwel. do. near Lexington-st. 
Whelan, Matthew, tallow chanrller. 15 Ruxton lane. 
Whelan and Laurenson, grocers. 132, Ralumore st. 
Whelan, James, drayman, N Eutaw-st. W. P. 
Whelan, Jonathan, do do. do- opposite 

the Metliodist meeting house. 
Whelan, Michael, tallow chand. 48, Argyle-al. F. P. 
lV/ii\q- Printing- Office^ 37, corner of S. Gay, and Wa- 

Whipple, Wm. hair dresser, Salisbury-st. O. T. 
White. Reuben, (col. man,) labourer, S. Howard-st. 

near LJoule-alley 
White, Jonas, cordwainer, 23, S Howard st. 
White. Charlotte, (col. woman) 82, S. Charles-st. 
White, Nicholas, oakcooper. 94, do. 

White, A. Sc Sons, grocers, 67, N Gay-st. near Grif- 

White, capt Siephen, 115, Camden-st. 
White, Peter L cabinetmaker, 62. Pratt-st. 
White. John Campbell. Sc Sons, merchts. N. E. corner 

of East and Hoilid.iy-sts. 
White, John Campbell, M. D. corner of do. do. 
White, George, oakcooper. 42. Fayette-st. 
White, Charles, housecarp. Hook's-town-road, W. P- 
White, Rezin, carp. Green-st. do. 

( 188 ) 

White, Abraham, junr. drygood store, S. E. corner of 
High and Bridge-sts. O. T. 

White, capt. Joseph, 33, Green-st. do. 

Wliite, Hannah, schoohnistress, Pitt-st. extended, O. T. 

White, Jonathan, mariner, Low near Union-st. do. 

White, Thomas, carp. Harford-road, near G. Hill, E. P. 

White, James, wheelwright, York-road, do 

White, Mary- 120, Bond-st. F. P 

AVhite, Jcimes, cordw. 49, Bond-st. do. 

White, Joseph, boatbuilder, 4, Ann-st- do. 

White, George, rigger, 70, H ippy alley, do. 

White, capt. Thomas, 86, E. F'eet-st do. 

White, Benjamin, mariner 7, George-st, do. 

White, Ri-hard, waterman, 17 Shakcspear-st. do. 

White, capt. John M* 14. W Allisanna-st. do. 

V/hiteford, David, constable, 171 High-st O. T. 

Whiteley, Jno. carp. Albemarle next 55, do 

Whitelock, Charles, plasterer, back of North-st. near 
Dut h-alley. 

AVhitelock. John, plasterer, Saratoga-st. near G Rom. 
Cat. Chapel. 

Whitlesey, Stephen, mariner, lower end of Allisanna- 
st- F. P. 

Whitney, Ephraim, distiller of cordials, &c. Gallows- 
hilU E P. 

Whittaker, Thomas, carp. Green near Frcnch-st. 

Whittukev, David, housecarp. W. Fleet-st F. P. 

Whittle, Richard, oakcooper, Camden near Charles-st. 

AVickeSs capt. Benjumin, 44, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

Wi'-kham, capt. Peter, Great- York st. near Mr. Har- 
grove s-ihurch, O. T. 

Widrow. Saml. carp. Ross-st W P. 

Wier, Mrs. boardmg-house, 64, South-st. 

Wiesbach, John, carter, 27. Allisanna-st. F. P. 

Wightman, Win. mercht- Wolfe-st. next the corner 
of Allisanna-st F. P. 

Wilcox, James, rigger, I, W. Lancaster-st. F. P. 

Wiidt, Jacob, baker, 16, S. Howard-st near Cider-alley. 

Wildy, Healey, 63. Ann st. F. P. 

Wilhelmi, Charles, grocer, dwtl. 14, Queen-st. O. T. 

( 1«9 ) 

Wilkins, Joseph, drygood store, 87, corner of Baltimore 

and South-sts. 
Wilkins. Jno Sc Co. diygood store, 209, Baltimore near 

Wilkins \Vm. sen. dwel do. 

Wilkins, Wm. jun. drygood store, 165, Baltimore near 

Wilkins. Henry, druggist, 136 Baltimore-st. dwelling 

Wihiins, Joseph, drygood store, 57, Bahimore-st. 
Wilkinson, W"m. tailor, 72, Happy alley. F P. 
Wilkinson, Siibal, mariner, upper end Happy-alley, do. 
W^ilkinson, Lydia, (col worn.) North-st. 
W illard, Julius, painter and glazier, Goodman-st. F. H. 
Willeis, John, professor of fencing, Bank-st. dwel. 44, 

N Fredcrick-st. 
Willetl, John, dwel. Union, store, 61, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Willey, Henry, baker, corner of Franklin and Green- 

sts W. P. 
Willey, Wm. baker. Great-York -st. near the run, O. T. 
Willey, Robert, carter, 46, Carolina-st F. P. 
Willey, Jonathan, mariner, lower end Queen-st. do. 
Williams, Frederick, cordvv. N. Howard near Frank- 
lin st 
Williams, Abraham, grocen corner of Lexington and 

Williams, Lewis, bricklayer, 6, corner of North and 

Williams, Nathaniel, F. mercht. 25, Bowley's-wharf — 

dwel. N. Charles-st. 
Williams, James, dyer. Concord st. near the Museum, 

dwel 25. S Charles-st. 
Williams, Martha, seamstress, 67, S. Charles-st. 
W^iiliams, Amos A. mercht. 8, Bowley's-wharf, dwel. 

N Calvert-st. extended. 
W^illiams, Benj 8c Geo meichts. 3, Bowley's-wharf 
Williams, Samuel, mercht. 10, do. 

Williams, Mrs Catharine, genteel boarding-house, 1 9, 

Williams, Nathaniel, attorney at law, office and dwel. 

48, S. Gav-st. 

( 190 ) 

Williams, EdclVj widow, 48, N. Fi*ederick-st. 

\V iilianis, Wni. N grocer. 77, M'Elderiy"s- wharf. 

Av iliiams, J^cob, chair manufactory, §7, Pratt-st. near 

lower bridge. 
WilUums, Owen, cooper, Whiskey-alley. 
Williams. Heniy, porter, do. 

Williams, L. widow, 2 l- Ruxtcii-lane. 
Willi-; ms. James, mercht fooc of Pctcr-s-bridge, Wa- 

ter-st dwel. K George-st O. T. 
Wiliiams Jdmes, accoiintc.nt, 19, Bank-st. 
Williams, Stephen, merchant, drygoo.l store, 169 1-2. 

Bhltimore-st dwel. German-lane. 
Williams Wm. accountant, 76, Front st. O. T 
Williams. Charles, sen. dyer, 33, Jones-st. near the 

Foot-bridge O. T. 
Williams, John, porter at the Union Bank, dwel. 28^ 

High corner of Htt-st. O. T. 
Williams. Jeremiah, blacksmith, Friendship-st- O. T. 
Wiiliams, John, mariner. 122, Bond st. F. P. 
Williams. James, rigger, Fountain-st. do. 
Williams, John, S. Thames-st near Mr. Biays*s. do. 
Williams, tapt. Richard, 93, Fleet-st. do. 

Williams, (col. worn.) 75, Albemarle-st. O. T. 
Vv'illiamson, David, gent. 21, South-st 
W^iliiamson, Peggy, (;ol. wom.) Burre-st. 
Williamson, John. carp. Welcome alley. 
Williamson, David, (col. man) shopkeeper, Camden-st. 
Williamson. Geo. M. D. 61, Pratt-st. 
Willis, Eiiz. upholstress, N. Charles-st. 
WJliis- John, rigger, 67, Apple alley, F. P. 
Willis, Joshua, ship builder, DeRochbruneVwharf — 

dwel. 60. Market-st. F. P. 
WiUis, Cornelius, snipc-rp. 33, Allisanna st F. P. 
Willis, Robert, pointer & glazier, 48, W. Wilk-st. do. 
Wilis, Francis, M & Co bookbinders, East-s't. Corner 

ot Cc.lhoun"s-ailey. 
Wiilms, Frederick, cordw Montgomery-st. F. H. 
W^ilmer, Henry, mercht. Bowley s-wharf, dwel. North 

Wilmer, Simon, mercht. dwel. East-st. 

( 191 ) 

Wilms, H. A. mercht. Germ, goods, 1 8 1 , Baltimore-st 

Wilson. John, curp. Mulberry aiiey 

Wilson, Thorn pi inter, 31, S. Gay-st 

Wiison, David, mercht 16 M Eiderry's-wharf. 

Wilson, John, labr. Montgoniery-st- F. H 

Wilson, Elizabeth, shopt^eeper. Mont.i^oinery-st do. 

Wiison, Wm. houbecuip. 76, Camden-st 

Wilson, Wm. Sc Sons, merchts. 105, Baltinu)re st. 

Wilson, John, grocer, 6, do. 

Wiison, James mertht- dwel. East-st. 

Wilson, Wm. jun mercht. dwel. East-st. 

WiUon, Wm. attorney at law, do. 

Wilson, John, plasterer, New-Church-street, near St. 

Paul s 
Wilson, John, carp. Dutch-alley. 
Wilson. Jolin, bricklayer, 22, Saratoga-st. 
Wiison, Jacob, accountant, corner of Saratoga and Li- 

Wilson, James, teacher, dwel. Hoolcs-iown-road, W. P 
Wilson, John, mercht S. Eutaw near German-st. 
Wilson, Djvid, mercht. dwei. 40, Front-st. O. T. 
Wilson, James, brici^iayer, 1 1, High-st. O. T. 
Wilson, John, plasterer, 35 Grecn-st. O. T. 
Wilson, Piiscilla, 59. Green st. O. T. 
Wilson, Felicity, (col. wom.j S Howard-st. corner of 

Wiison, Henry, mercht. corner of K. George and Still- 

house-sts dwel. cio. O. T. 
W^ilson. Ccspt. Dc.vid, K. George near Granby st. do. 
Wilson, Robert, grocer, 13, Bridge st. O. T 
Wilson, James, justice of the peace, ofR.;e and dwel. 

23, Bridge-st. O T. 
Wilson, Jatnes, china and feed store, Gough-st O. T. 
Wiison. Grecnbuiy, baker, Britton-st. O. T. 
Wiison, Hann..h, 95. Frenoh-st. do. 

Wilson, Sally, 60, Bond-st. F. P. 
Wilson, Wm. cooper, dwel. 43, Bond st. F. P. 
Wiison, Benjamin, g ocer, 7, Market-st. dwel. 11. 

Shakespcar-st. F. P. 
Wilson, Jolin, lumber mercht. 47, Markct-s^:. F. P. 

( 182 ) 

Wilson, George» shipjoiner, 22, Ann-st. F. P. 
Wilson, Joseph, cabinetmaker, Fountain-st. do. 
W^iison, Jane, widow, E. Lancasier-st. do. 

W^ilson, Thoniias, mariner, 55, W. Fleet-st. do. 
Wilson, James, fisherman, E. Bank-st. do. 

W^ilson, John, Dcvereux, mariner, Bank-st. near Hap 

py-alley. F. P. 
Wilson Robert, President of the Bank of Maryland, 

Wilson, Nixon, currier, 34, S. Calvert-st 
Wime, Jacob, blacksmith, 28, Lexington-st. 
Winand. Ja>ob, mercht. tailor, 149, Baltimore-st. dwel. 

30 1-2, Hanover-st. 
W^inchester, Wm Pres. of the U. Bank, dwel N How- 
ard, near Mulberry st. 
Winchester, George, attorney at law, St. Paul's-lane, 

corner of Chatham-st. dwel. N. Eutaw-st. 
Winchester. Mrs. Sarah, N. Eutaw near Fayette -st. 
Winder, W^m. H. attorney at law, New-church-st. neat 

the Court-house. 
Winemeycr, Caspar, brickmak. Hill corner Sharp st. 
W^ingate, Ambrose, miller, Bath-st. near the F. bridge. 
Winght, Levin, mariner, E. Luncaster-st. F. P. 
Winslow, John, blacksmith, 35, F. P. 
Winstandley Sc Dailam, drygood store, 13 Baltimore-st. 
Winstandley. Jno. carp, back of Sharp near Conway-st. 
Wlnstedt, Mary, 9, Lexington-stv 
Winster, Nancy, Busy -alley, near F. H. 
Winter, Robert, drygood store, Baltimore-st. 
Winter, Henrj'^, blacksmith, corner of Eutaw and Sara- 

Winwood, Thomas, grocer, corner of N. Liberty-st. 8g 

Wirgman, Charles Sc Peter, merchts. 5 3, N. E. corner 

of Pratt and Gay -sts. dwel- do. 
Wirts, Philip, cordw. 42, Light st 
Wisotzky, Frederick, piano forte tuner, Mulberry near 

Woelper, George, butcher, 40, George-st. F. P. 
Wolfertz, Mrs. boarding-house, 26, Albemarle-st. O. T. 

( 193 ) 

Wolff, John, Henry, saddler, 11, S. Howard-st. 
Wolff. Fredeiickj-M. D. corner Ltxington &: North-sts 
Wolff, Michael, biacksmiih. shop, corner of S. Liberty 

and Gernian-sts. 
Wolff, John, labr. 43. Waggon-: lley. 
Wolff, Samuel, pumpmaker, 42, Saratoga-st. 
Wolff, Diederick, carp, corner of S. Howard and Con- 

Wolff. Jacob, bricklayer, corner of S. Howard-st. and 

Woiforci, Levin, shipcarp. Argyle-alley, F. P. 
Wood, capi. John. Green st. W. P. 
Wood, Wm. H. coppersmith, 26, corner of S. Calvert 

and Bank-st. 
Wood, Wm. mercht and British consul, office, Second 

st near the Town-clock, dwel. Water st. 
Wood, James, shipcarp. 59. Ann-^t. F. P. 
Wood, Letitia, E. Lancaster-st. do. 

W^ooden, Richard, blockmakcr, 19, Queen-st do. 
Woodland, Wm. mercht. dwel. East-st. O. T. 
Woodrop, Ichabod, nailor, Liberty-st. 
Woods, John, grocer, next to 5, Second-st. 
Woods, Wesley Sc Wm. jun. 5c Co. grocers, 31, Balti- 

Woods, Wm. grocer, dwel. Vulcan-alley. 
Woods, Pierce, professor in St. Mary's-college, jNIuI- 

berry-st. near the Cathedral. 
Woods, Sarah, Green-st. O T. 
Woods, John, mariner, 3, E. Fleet-st. F. P. 
Woods, Moses, carter, 75, Aibemarle-st. O. T. 
Woods, Caufil, drygood and grocery store, Bridge near 

Union-st. O. T. 
V\ oods, Margaretta, 24, Strawberry-alley, F. P. 
\\ oods, Jno accountant. Office of Discount & Deposit, 

dwel. Hooks town road, \\ . P. 
Woodworth, Joseph, dvt r, 5 3 South-st. 
Woodyear, Edward, Justi e of the peace, ofiice, 1, Bal- 
timore st dwel. 21, Bridge-st. O. T. 
Woodyear, Edv/. G. attorn, at law, Chutham-st. next 2> 
Woolen, Robinson, coopershop, 56, South-st 

( 191' ) 

Woolen & DarringtoD, grocers, 102,Dugan's-\vharf 
Woolen, James, oakcooper, Mulberry, near North-st. 
AVore, Rebecca, widow, 32, Lexington-st. 
Workener, Henry, liveiy stable, N Liberty-st. opposite 

fire engine, dwel. back of 33, S.Liberty st. 
Workman, Wm. painter, Washington -st. F. P. 
Worrel, Thomas blacksmith, corner of Pitt and George- 

sts. dwel. 4, Allisanna-st. F. P. 
Worthington, Charles, mercht. N. Charles-st- near the 

Worthington, Abm. gentleman, N. Charles-st. near the 

Worthington, John, M. D. N. Calvert-st. extended. 
Worthington, Henry, saddler, 25, Bridge-st O. T. 
Worthington, Wm. G. D attorney at law, corner of 

Bond and Shakcspear-sts. F. P. 
Wray, John, innkeeper, 5 5, N. Gay-st. near Griffith's^ 

Wray, Wm. oakcooper, North-st. 
Wright, Samuel, commission mercht. 28, Cheapside. 
Wright, Robt. mariner, Montgomer)^-st. near F. H. 
Wright, James, J. dry-good store, 35, Bultimore-st. 
Wright, John, lumber merchant, dwel- Baltimore-st. 

back of No. 1. 
Wright, Abm. cordwainer, Franklin, near Eutaw-st. 
AV right, Joseph, do. do near Green st. 

Wright, Samuel, cooper, New-lune, A\ , P. 
AVright, Mrs Elizabeth, Liberty, corner ot Pitt-st. 0. 1\ 
Wright 8c Price, lumber merchants, lower end Buch- 
anan's wharf. 
Wright, Ivy, tailor, Liberty-st. O. T. 
Wroe, Everett, block and pumpmaker, lower end Ana- 

st. next to capt. Mezick's. 
AVroe, Absolom, grocer, 37, Happy-alley F P. 
Wyant, Peter, owner of Hacks, Hanover, rear Lom- 

Wyman. Bern, cordwainer. East, near North-st. O. T. 
AVynn, Michael, carp. French-st, do. 

Yager, Charles, cabinet-maker, W. Fleet-st. F. P 

( 195 ) 

Yam, Thomas* mariner, 62, Happy-alley, F P. 

Yandeil, t'iizHbeth, '"S ash Mci-ri house, Ann-st. do. 

Yates. ThorucS, auctioiieer, coiner of Albemarle an'ij 
Duke-sts O. T. 

Yates, Ann, mantiia maker, 132, Kigh-st O T. 

Yates, John ship chandler and grocer 15, Gcorge-st. 
F. P 

Yates. Joseph, mcrcht. dwel. next 25 3, Baltimore-st. 

Yearly, Ralph, H-irford -road. E P. 

Yciser, Jno. niercht dwcl. Holliday st extended. 

Yellot, Mrs. Mary. 10. South-st. 

Yerger, Jno. skin-dre^ser, 5 6, French st. O. T. 

Ye well, Samuel, carp Friendship-st do. 

Yewell, Jno. carp. K George-st near the run, do. 

Ye win. Henry, labr 60, French -st. do. 

Yoe. Benj. tailor, dwel Holliday-st. extended. 

Yoner, Jonas, drayman, Pearl-st. Vv . P. 

Yoner, Samuel, currier, dwel. Hanover, near Barre-st. 

York turn/like road Comfiany^ 6, N. Calvert-st. 

Young, Mrs. Rebecca, ships luid military colours ma- 
ker, 60, corner of Aibcmarle and Queen-st. O. T. 

Young, John, S nail manufacturer, Potter-st. dwel. Li- 
berty St. do. 

Young, John, carp. 10, do. 

Young, captain William, 147, Bond-st- F. P. 

Young, Suml A. ship carp. 10, Argyle-alley, do. 

Young, John, mariner. 51, L. Fleet st. do. 

Young, Larkin, carp. Eutaw-st. 

Young. Hugh Sc \^'m merchts. comer of Baltimore-st. 
and Forrest-lane. 

Young, Hugh, mercht. dwel Green-st. W. P. 

Young, Joseph, gentleman. 14 Hanover-st, 

Young, Nancy, widow, Hanuver-st. F. H. 

Young, Jno. Esq 43. S. Charles-st. 

Young, Saml. conveyancer. 25, Water, near South-st. 

Young, Robt. ^\ . grocer, 4, County-wharf. 

Young, Perry, (col. man) boot-cleaner, N. Calvert-st. 

Young, Miss Ann, 2, N Calvert st 

Young, Joseph, coppersmith, 70, Cumberland-row 

( 196 ) 

Young, James, grocer, 14, Market-space, W. S. 

Young, Jucob, sen Hill, near Hanovei-st 

Young, Charles, Sexton to the 1st Presbyterian churchj 

dwel. 2, N. Charles-st. 
Young, Sophici, midwife, 8, German st. 
Young; Nicholas, tordwainer, 13, Saratoga- st. 
Younker. Francis, fancy chairmaker, 12, N. E. corner 

of Baltimore and Harrison-sts. dwel corner of Pitt 

and Liberty-sts O. T. 
Yundt, Leonard, hatter, at the New Market, W. P. 

Zachary. Peter, 15 1-2, S- Charles-st 
Zane, Joseph, oakcooper, lower end Pitt-st. dwel. 30, 

do. F P. 
Zane. Peter, do dwel. E Fleet, near Fountain-st 

F. P. 
Zell, Barney, butcher, Pearl-st. W. P. 
Zeumer Augustus, confectioner, 34,. corner of Balti- 
more and Frederick-sts. 
Ziglcr, Wendel, butcher, S Howard-st. 
Zigler, Geo cordAvainer, 7, Harrison-st. 
Zigler, Henry, sen. ditto, 6, Union -st. O T. 
Zigler, Jno. jun. ditto, ditto, do 
Zimmerman, Jacob, wheelwright, Franklin, near Eu- 

Zimers, Michael, Eutaw-st. 
Zinsner. Fred Paca-st. < orner Whiskey-alley. 
ZoUer. Charles, H. M. D. 5 6, N Frederick-st. 
Zorm, Christian, plasterer, 90, Green st O. T. 
Zwisler, J^^mes gentleman, 7, Bank-st. 
Zwibler, Christiana, milliner, 135, Baltimore-st, 




James Madison, President of the United States, 

Salary, 25,000 Dollars. 
George Clinton, Vice-President, 5,000 

List of the Members of the Eleventh Congress. 

[Each Senator and member of the House of Repre- 
sentatives, receives a compensation of six Dollars 
per day, while attending in Session, and one day^a 
pay for every twenty miles traveling to and from the 
Seat of Government.] 


Nevj Hampshire. Nahiirn Parker, Kicholas Gilman. 
Massachusetts. Timothy Pickering, James Lloyd. 
Rhode Island. F. Malbone, Elisha iVlathewson,- 
Connecticut. James Hillhouse, Chaiincy Goodrich. 
Vtnnont. Steplien R. Bradiy, Jonathan Robinson. 
Neva York. Jolin Smith, Obadiah German. 
NewJerseij. John Condit, John Lambert. 
Pennsijicania. Andrew Gregg, ^Michael Leib. 
Dclaivarc. Samuel White, James A. Bayard. 

( 2 ) 

Mari/larid, Samuel Smith, Philip Reed. 
/Virginia. William B. Giles, Richard Brent. 
Kentucky. Buckner Thruston, John Pope. 
North Carolina, James Turner, Jesse Franklin. 
Tennessee. Joseph Anderson, Jenkin Whiteside. 
South Carolina Thomas Sumter, John Gailiard. 
Georgia Charles Tait William H. Crawford. 
Ohio. R.J.Meigs, \^one vacant '] 


New Hampshire. 

f)aniel Blaisdell, Nathaniel A. Haven, 

John C. Chamberlain, James Wilson. 
William Hale, 


Ezekiel Bacon, Ebenezer Seaver, 

Orchard Cook, William Stedman, 

Richard Cutts, Samuel Taggart, 

William Ely, William Bailies, 

Gideon Gardner, Jabez Upham, 

Barzillai Gannett, Joseph B. Varnum, 

Ewd.St. Loe Livermore,Laban Wheaton, 
Benjamin Pickman, Ezekiel Whiteman. 

Josiah Quincej, 

Rhode Island. 
Richard Jackson^ Elisha R. Potter. 

Connecticut . 

Epaphroditus Champion, Timothy Pitkin, Junr. 
Samuel W. Dana, Lewis B. Sturges, 

John Davenport, Benjamin Tallmadge. 

Jonathan O. Mosely, 

William Chamberlin, Jonathan H. Hubbard, 
Martin Chittenden, Samuel Shaw. 

( ^ > 

William Denning, Joha Nicholson, 

James En)otl, Peter B. Porter, 

Jonathan Fisk, Erastus Root, 

Barent Gardcnier, Thomas Sanimons. 

Thomas R. Gold, Ebenezer Sage, 

Herman Knickerbacker, John Thompson, 
Robert Leroy Livingston, U riah Tracy, 
Vincent Matthews, Killian K. YanRensellaer. 

€urdon S. Mumford, 

New Jersey. 

Adam Boyd, Jacob Ilufty, 

James Cox, Thomas Newbold, 

William Helms, Henry Southard. 


William Anderson, John Porter, 

David Baird, John R^ea, 

Robert Brown, Matthias Richards, 

William Crawford, John Ross, 

AVilliam Findley, Benjamin Say, 

Daniel Heister, John Smilie, 

Robert Jenkins, George Smith, 

Aaron Lysle, Samuel Smith, 

William Milnor, Robert WhitehilL 

Nicholas Van Dyke. 


John Brown, John Montgomery, 

John Campbell, Nicholas R. Moore, 

Charles Goldsborough, Roger Nelson, 

Philip B. Key, Archibald Van Horn, 
Alexander JVPKim, 


Burwell Bassett, ' Matthew Clay, 

William A. Bujvvei!, John Clopton, 


( 4 ) 

Joseph Lewis, Jiin 
John Lov^e, 
J. Stephenson, 
Thomas Newton, 
Wilson C. Nicholas, 
John Randolph, 
John Smith, * 
J. T. Roane, 
James Breckenridge. 


Richard M. JohnsoB, 
Matthew Lyon, 
Samuel M'Kee. 
North Carolina, 
Willis Allston, Jiin. Nathaniel Macon, 

Jolm Dawson, 
John W. Eppes, 
Daniel ShelTey, 
Thomas Gholson, Jun. 
Peterson Goodwjn, 
Edwiii Grav, 
Michael S wo ope, 
John G. Jackson, 
Walter Jones, 

Henry Christ, 
Joseph Desha, 
Benjamin Howard 

James Cocliran, 
Tslesheck Eranklin, 
.Sames Holland, 
Thomas Kenan, 
William Kennedy, 

Archibald M'Bride, 
Joseph Pearson, 
Lemuel Sawyer, 
Richard Stanford, 
John Stanley. 

Pleasant M. Millaer. [one not certain.] 
John Rhea, 


Lemuel J. Alston, 
William Butler, 
Robsft Calhoun, 

Robert Marion, 

Thorn. as Moore, 
John Taylor, 
Richard Winn, 
Robert Witherspooa. 

V'illiam W. Bibb, 
Howell Cobb, 

Dennis Smelt, 
George M. Troup, 


Jeremiah Morrow. 

Mississippi Terfitorij > 


George Poindexter. 

,). Poydras, 

Indiana Territory, 
Orleans Terrifori/. 


Secretary, Robert Smith, Salary 5000 dolls per. aoii 
Chief Clerk, John Graham, aad six clerks. 

Treasurij Dcpartmenf. 

Secretary, Albert Gallatin, 5000 dolls, per ann. 
Chief clerk, Edward Jones and 5 clerks. 
Comptroller, (jabricl' Dnvall, 3,500 dolls, per ann. 
Chief clerk, Nathan Lufi'borouo;h and 12 clerks. 
Auditor, Richard Harrison, 3000 dolls, per ann. 
Chief clerk, Patrick Farrell and 11 clerks. 
Treasnrer, Thomas T. Tucker, 3000 dolls, per ann. 
Chief Clerk, Samuel Brook, and 2 clerks. 
Register, JoseplfNourse, 2,400 dolls, and 15 clerks. 
Surveyor of public Supplies, Tench Cox, 2,000 dolls, 
per ann. 

JVar Department . 
Secretary, William Eiistis, 4,500 dolls, per ann. 
Chief Clerk, John . Smith, and five clerks. 
Accountant, Wm. Simmons, 2,000 dolls, per ann. 
Chief Clerk, Peter Hagner, and S clerks. 

Navxj Department. 
Secretary, Paul Hamilton, 4,500 dolls, per ann. 
Chief clerk, Charles W. Goldsborough and 3 clerks 
Accountant, Thomas Turner, ?,000 dolls- per §bif. 
Chief clerk, ThomasH. Gillis, and 8 clerks. 

Post Office, 
Post-Master General, Gideon Granger, 3,000 dolls. 

per aoD. 

( 6 ) 

Assistant do. A. Bradly,Jun. ],7oo dolls, perann. 
Chief clerk, Robert F. How, and 8 clerks. 

Director, Robert Patterson, (ofPhila.) 2,000 dolls. 

Treasurer, Benjamin Rush, 1,200 

Coiner, Henry Voight, 1,500 

Assayer, Joseph Richardson, 1,-500 

Refiner, Joseph Cloud, ' 1,500 

Engraver, Robert Scott, 1,200 

Assistant coiner? . j t^ i p • i, 

& die Forger ^ Adam Eckfeldt, 800 

Clerks, l at 700 

2 at 500 


Indian Department. 
The Governors of territories have a general sii- 
perintendance of Indian affairs, ex officio, within 
the limits of their respective territorial jurisdictions, 

Indiana Territory, 
Governor, William H. Harrison, 2,000 dolls, per ann. 
Secretary, John Gibson, 1,000 

Judges, Benjamin Park, "j 

Henry Venderberg, }> ],200 dolls, caeh, 
AValler Taylor, J 

Mississippi Territorij, 
Governor, David Holmes, 2,000 dolls, per ann 

Secretary, Thos. H. Williams, 3,000 
Judges, Thos. Rodney, 1,'200 

Francis X , Martin, 1 ,200 
Peter B. Bruin, 1,200 
Ad. Judge, Harry Toulmin, 1,500 



( 7- ) 

Territory of Orleans. 
Governor, W. C.C. Claiborne, 5000 dolls, per ann. 
Secretary, Thos. B. Robinson, 2,000 
Judges, Joshua Lewis, ^ 

John Thompson, > 2,000 dolls each. 
Geo. Mathews, 3 

Territorij of Louisiana. , 

Governor, vacant. 

Secretary, Frederick Bates, 1,000 dolls, per ann. 
Judges, John Cobiirn, -^ 

JohnB. C. Lucas, S- 2,000 dolls, each. 

Otto Shrader, J 

M.chigan Teiritorxj. 
Governor, Wm. Hull, 2,000 dolls, per ann. 

Secretary, Reuben Attwater, 1,000 
Judges, A. B. Woodward,^ 

James Witherall, M,C:00 dolls, each. 

John Griffiin, ^ 

Surveyor, Gen. J. Mansfield, 2,000 dolls, per ann. 
Clerks, 1 at 500 

1 at 450 

Illtno'is Territortj^ 
Governor, Ninian Edwards, f ,000 dolls, per ann. 
Secretary, Nathaniel Pope, 1,000 
Judges, J. B. Thomas, ^ 

Obadiah Jones, C 1,200 dolls, each. 

Alex. Stuart, 5 


At Steubenville. 
Receiver of Public Monies, Peter Wilson, 

Ptegister, David Hodge. 

Jt Marietta. 
Receiver, Levi Barber. 

Regioterj Joseph Wood* 

( 8 ) 

jit Chillicothe. 





At Vincennes, 

At Deh'ozt. 

Samuel Findley. 
Jesse Spencer. 

Nathaniel Ewiog. 
John Badolet. 

James Abbott, 
Peter Audrian. 
At Zancsville. 
Receiver, Isaac Vanhorne. * 

Register, Wylles Silleman. 

In Louisiana Terrilorr^. 

Frederick Bates, Recorder of Land Titles. 

In the Orleans Territory. 

Register, John Thompson, for the Western Pari, 

and Philip Grimes for the Eastern ditto. 

At Kaskaskias. 
Receiver of Public Monies, Elijah Backus. 







Michael Jones. 
East of Pearl River. 

Lemuel Yitnry. 
Nicholas Perkins. 
West of Pearl River. 

John Henderson, 
Thomas H. Williams. 

James Findlej, 
Daniel Simmes. 

Edward H. Taylor. 
Samuel Gwathuey. 
Canton in Ohio. 

John Sloan. 
Thomas G. Gibson. 

^ '^^ ■ ■■■■ J' 

( J5 ) 


Dolls, per annum* 
Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall, 

Salary, 4G0O 
William Gushing, S500 

Samuel Chase, 3500 

Buslirod Washington, S500 
Wm Johnston, Jr. 3500 
Brockholst Livingston, 3500. 
(Newly appointed) T. Todd, 3500 

Attorney General to the United States, Caeear 

A. Rodney, (of Delaware) SOOa 


David Sewall, 

Associate Judges, 

District of Maine, 

New Hampshire, 


Rhode Island, 



New York, 

New Jersey, 





North Carolina, 

Soulh Carolina, 








C. Judge, 





John S. SherburnCjlOOO 
John Davis, UOO 

David L. Barnes, 800 
Elijah Paine, 809 

Pierpoint Edwards,! 000 
M. B Talmadge, 1500 
Robert Morris, 100ft 
Ricl)ard Peters, 1600 
Gunning Bedford, 800 
James Houston, 150# 
Cy/us Griffin, ISOQ 

Henry Potter, 1506^ 

Thomas Bee, ISOQr 

William Stevens, 1500 
Harry Innes, 1300 

John M'Nai ry, 1500 
Charles W. Bird,- 150^ 
William Cranch, 20(ft 
Nicholas Fitzh ugh, 1600 
Allen B. Duckett, ]G0(* 


New Hampshire, 

DaTiicl Humphries, 





Rhode island, 



New York, 

New Jersey, 






North Carolina, 

South Carolina, 


East Tennessee, 

West Tennessee. 



New Orleans, 

Silas Lee, 
George Blake, 
David Howell, 
Hezekiah Huntington, 
David Fay, 
Nathan Sanford, 
Joseph M'llvaine, 
Alexander J. Dallas, 
George Read, jun, 
John Stephen, 
George Hay, 
Robert WicklifF, 
Robert H Jones, 
Thomas Parker, 
Wra. B. Bullock, 
James Trimble, 
Thomas Stewart, 
William Creighton, 
Walter Jones, 
Philip Grimes. 


New Hampshire, 



Rhode Island, 



New York, 

New Jersey, 






North Carolina, 

South Carolina, 



Michael M'Clary, 
Thomas G Thornton, 
James Prince, 
William Peck, 
Robert Fairchild, 
Peter Curtenius, 
Oliver Wayne Ogden, 
John Smith, 
James Brobson, 
Thomas Rutter, 
Joseph Scofet, 
Joseph Crochett, 
Beverly Daniel, 
Robert E. Cochran, 
Benjamin Wall, 
Washington Boyd, 



( 11 ] 

East Tennessee, Charles T Porter, 

West 'Tennessee, John Childress, jun. 

Ohio, Lewis Cass, 

Orleans, John Michael Fortier. 


The Suprme Courts. 
At the seat of Government, the first Mondays in 
February and August, annually. 


Eastern Circuit. 
For New Hampshire, on the 10th of May, and on 
the 2d of November, at Portsmouth and Exeter. 

Vermont, at Windsor and l^ennington, alternately, 
the 1st of May and 3d of October. 

Massachusetts, at Boston on the first of June, and 
20th of October. 

Rhode Island, on the 15th of June, and on the 15th 
of November, at Nev/port and Providence. 

Connecticut, on the 13th of /Vpril, and on the 1 7th 
of September, at New Havei],and Hartford. 

New Vork, at New York oti the 1st of April and 

Middle Circuit. 
For New Jersey, at Trenton on the 2d of April and 

Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia on the llth of April 
and llth of October. 

Delaware, at Newcastle on the 27th of April, and 
> ^-^vcr the 17th of October. 

Maryland, at Annapolis on the 7tb of May, and on 
the 7th of November atEaston. 

Virginia, at Richmond on the 2Sd of May and No- 

^^v-^,*;. ".; .^^i/ 


• . - • t • 

Southern Circuit. 
"For Kortli Carolina, at Wake Coiirt Houi^jb, or at 
• Raleigh the I'st of Juife,* and SOtli of November* ..\ 
South Carolina, on the 6th oi"!VI4y an^d Sjtii of Oc'- 
tober itt'Charleslon. -"/^ > , •' 

•tJeoigia, on the fOth of April anci the Sth -of. No* 
vem{jer at Savaantih and AugSat-a. ■.,■., ^ , ' 

When any oV th ^ sLbo v§^gx<d t^a^iS ^kpp^^^ to be ' oh 
Sunday^ the. coLirt/ i^ bpened>nibjie MQKtia^.foIiow- 

DisTRic'T eeu^TS. 

\ /-'-■ In MnineDislpiicI^-^ ■: \- ;^^,,\' . 
At Poj'tlanci/ther ihird'Tne^Htay-in- Juite' and: fir-'-* 
in December/ :anil at 'Faw-nalbarou^fi tbfe • /i^p^ ii: 
March. and September.. • ' .' . ^''*" * . " 

- ' .%r{..W^'^^ ji<^pshire, * /^ '';■'• 

. -At Portsmouth, tjle; third !I;nesi]ay/i}f March an'i 
September^ aiid at FiXeier, the rhij-H 'nfj^ne aixi D'e- 
cen^ber. '. \ ,' ' - ; . 

At \^^in4^orrand:/R^if!anr!^: _i:fesiir^t^^]^bday V 
Febr(J4t>^and,' Auga^ c;^rst in.May and No- 

veriiber.'* '' ^- .-' ">^i^- T "*' ' / - ^' ^ ^ ^< *» v 

At Sa^nl, iii,e-th(iHi ,i u e c. i lay ^m./M^r-cli-/ -^11(3 tJif 
sexjond ii>'Sej)tem$ei%iand at .Bg^l^u i he 'fourth Tues-' 
day in Ju«^, atid ihe./first in.'.JPecember. .•'•;,* 

At Newport' and vProWdeii^G, Ihe nrst'Mondays in 
February and Angust^^a^-ii! tile iirst;in;Mayii.nd N.o» 
Vember. ' .,'^ ..,'.'—'-- • 

-• • ' .* ConneclicTii. ^ '■'■'- ^ '- . ^ 

At Nevr Haven; tlie thiVd T.iiM^uy in February 
and August, and at Hartfofd ^filjk'd in May^and 
November. ^ . ' ' ^- ^ ■ i '■ '---l , . /s. /• 

. '€*i?i 




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